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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Update on sharons op

This will be a series of copy and paste updates from my own blog so as not to screw anything up lol

So today (now yesterday) we arrived at 07:30 and checked in and then proceeded to hunker down for the wait to be called.

I have to say shaz does not seem as nervous as she was last time but then like last time  she is on tranquillisers to take the edge off.

mini update

We have been given info that she won't be going down until this afternoon so we are in for quite a wait by the looks of it.

News update still today 01/02/2017

Sharon went down at about 14:20, I have just had dinner . So now it is time to play the waiting game.

Tidbit of info , the surgery is called a frozen wedge it is where they go in as keyhole and take out what they can and sent it for sampling upstairs. They will get feedback this way on if it is a cancer and if so if it is either a primary lung or a secondary bowel. We are all hoping for a primary as the latter would imply the bowel cancer had not been fully removed, and intact had spread.

If they can removed all of it while performing keyhole then they will, however they may need to convert to open if they feel they can't be sure to remove it all.

By the way I hate the formatting of the blogger ap, it is a nightmare to do anything with it.

right update , just a quick one mind as it is five to twelve at night same day

Shaz came out of surgery and was in HDU she is groggy as you can imagine , the Epi is out and has been replaced with an IV morphine drip . I am unsure at this time as to if they successfully identified and removed the lump via keyhole as none of the nurses could really tell me anything , so i left at 11pm , messaged everyone i could think off and updated Facebook. quick blog update to let you all know whats what . My plan is to get a few hours kip and be there in time for when the consultant does there rounds between 8-10 am.


SumBunneh said...

Hope you manage some rest Doug x

Neet said...

Thanks so much for the update on Shaz and how she is faring. It is 7.15 pm here in LA (am on holiday) and I hope you are fast asleep and I don't waken you with a ping for this comment.
Stay well yourself Doug and give Shaz my love.
Neet xxxc

Sharon Koole said...

Thanks for the updayes. Thinking of Shaz and family.

Sharon K

April Story said...

Thank you for the updates. You and she are in my prayers.
April #49

Helen said...

thanks for the update, hope you get positive news when you go back this morning. give Shaz our love. xx

Sue said...

Sending heaps of positive healing thoughts and hugs to you both. Hope you get good news today. Sue

sandra de said...

Thanks for keeping us in the loop. Praying and sending you positive thoughts for the best outcome for our lovely Shaz.
sandra de

Kathyk said...

FINGERS CROSSED they have been able to take all they need to ensure Shaz' recovery.


cuilliesocks said...

Hi Doug and thank you for the update on Shaz, positive thoughts being sent her way, Kate x

Gibmiss said...

Glad Shazam is doing ok... thanks for the update...
give her my love
Sylvie xx CCC ....