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Monday 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween

                                              Happy Halloween, or Blessed Samhain to everyone.
Been playing with tags this weekend, inspired partly by my Tim Holtz stamps ( I'll post those later), partly by the tags I saw on BetteK's blog, Tattered Rocks, and partly by what I discovered I could do with my Silhouette cutting machine.
The thing is, this tag uses one stamp- the cobwebs.That comes from a background set by Tanda Stamps- Background Set No.2.
Everything else, the witch, bats, negative webs and Biohazard sign are masks cut from acetate on my Silhouette, using 'Dingbat' True-type fonts.You know when you get one of those 'lightbulb' moments, and think ' I wonder if....'. Seeing the flourish type masks that Tim uses on some of his tags, and remembering that I had some fonts with flourishes in I thought it was worth a try. As soon as I realised it would work, I was off hunting down more Dingbat fonts.
Now I've got all sorts- Clocks, keys, Halloween,Birds- you name it, theres a font containing it. Good sites are: Dafont,  1001 fonts, Urbanfonts,   Dingbat depot, and   Pickafont.   

There are probably loads more, but these sites are definitely ok, as far as spyware/malware are concerned.

I almost never got round to making any tags, I got so carried away cutting masks, lol.

This is another tag in progress I will post later, but you can see the mask I cut out next to the tag. The best bit is, I get a positive & negative mask! I bought my acetate from Staples, its actually called  Transparency Film for inkjet printers, or for copiers. I have used both, and they both work fine.They cost about a tenner for a box of 100 sheets, which is only 10p a sheet! I also use it for stamping on, glittering etc.

Wednesday 26 October 2011

WOYWW #125

Morning all! Actually, its evening while I am writing this, as its Tuesday night, but I go to work at 6.30, and my brain couldn't cope with typing at that hour.
    A few odds & ends on my desk this week- a set of Tims stamps, which I have been meaning to get for ages. I am so going to play with these at the weekend.

Here are a few Wedding Stationery samples I have been busy with- I am trying to build up a portfolio of designs. These use some fabulous paper I bought  few years ago, which you can put through your printer, then sprinkle with embossing powder. Great for the monograms- I really need to find some more now though.

Last thing is a box of white & gold ribbon in various sizes, which I have bought off e-bay. Definitely the place for ribbons, especially if you want quite large quantities.I've been getting 30/40/50 yard rolls, for what I would pay for 3 or 4 yards locally. You can also see a sheet of the stickers I put on the back of my cards, another monogram, and there is a broken Quartz crystal bracelet waiting to be restrung.
        Well thats me for this week, fairly short & sweet, I shall post this first thing before going to work, then start visiting tonight when I get home. Then again, it may be tomorrow, as today (Wednesday) is my Daughter in laws birthday, so we'll be going to see her straight after work.Have a great Wednesday everyone, and if you are new to this, hop over to the Fantastic Miss Dunnits, at The Stamping Ground, and show your workdesk to the world.

Wednesday 12 October 2011

WOYWW #123

Hi Folks, I'm back! Had a busy couple of weeks, and last week we went to Cornwall- love that area. Didn't get the best of the weather, but had a nice break all the same. So a few pictures for you:
This one is taken from the rocks at Tintagel, below the castle ruins. To the left the cave you can see is known as ' Merlins Cave', as Tintagel is claimed to be the birthplace of Arthur, the Once & Future King.The pic on the right is from inside the cave, looking out.

                                      This one is of St Michaels Mount, taken from Penzance.

These next few were taken on a day at Paradise Park, a bird sanctuary in Hayle. ShazinOz will recognise this- its the Frogmouth she posted a pic of recently! They also have some small mammals, and these Red Squirrels were gorgeous! Really tiny compared to the greys.Shaz will recognise this Kookaburra too- they are so funny when they start 'laughing'.

Cornwalls emblem is this Cornish Chough- a little like a blackbird, with a long red beak. This pair had been hand-reared at the park, and were so tame, they came to the wire and were quite happy to be stroked! How cool is that?

Yes, I do point out to Beloved Husband that he is going grey, and he says I gave them to him!

This Celtic cross is a War Memorial- I thought it was gorgeous, but then I adore the Celtic designs.

          Final holiday pic, and this has to be the strangest, but  coolest pub sign ever!   The Bucket Of Blood, in Hayle, Cornwall.

 Back to my Beloved Husband, this week was our second Wedding Anniversary, and this is the card I made him. I went back to the Black & Burgundy theme for the wedding for my colours, and the stamp is by Inca,1052i, Love Poem.


    And this beautiful card is made by Silvercrafter, Marg, from her & her husband, Geoff. The inside is just as gorgeous as the outside, as you can see.

 I have to say, no-one could have better co-in-laws- we consider ourselves exceptionally lucky not only to have a wonderful Daughter-in-law in our family, but to have Marg & Geoff as fellow parents-in-law! So thank you both, we love you!

Well, thats me done for this week, I shall post this up before I go to work, and will be back to visit you all later. Have a great Wednesday.

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