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Wednesday 30 December 2015

WOYWW #343- The New Year Edition.

Hello folks, I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, and we both want to wish everyone a peaceful, healthy, happy and successful New Year.
Sad news this week for all us Metalheads, with the death of the great Lemmy from Motorhead. The man had a voice that sounded as though it was raised on 60 Marlborough and a bottle of JD a day! The band urged fans to play Lemmy's music loud and "have a drink or few", saying: "Celebrate the life this lovely, wonderful man celebrated so vibrantly himself.
"He would want exactly that."
 Apparently, he only had his cancer diagnosis two days before he died, and I read that it was in his neck and brain.
 So I will indeed be having a JD and coke, or two, for the great man tonight.
Now, onto more cheerful things:
This awesome frame was a gift from our own super talented Debbie (Tattered Rocks).

There is so much detail in it, and just how glittery is that? Here's a close up:

Debbie, it's fabulous, we love it. Thank you so much.

Marg, (Silvercrafter) sent us this, a card mounted onto a canvas board. The detail is amazing, so many hours of work gone into this. Again, thank you Marg.

Youngest son Mikey bought me a Hobbycrafts gift card, so Monday saw a trip there. As you can see, a few bits and pieces-some card blanks, a couple of paper pads that were on sale, a nice silver and white dotty ribbon, a stamp saying ' Keep Calm and Craft On'- I can see that getting some use!. A date stamp, which was really cheap, only £3.50. Closer look at the paper packs here:

I like the 8x8 size, very useful, and the pack below only has a couple of really Christmassy papers, the others I can use all year. Love the owls (left) in the bottom right corner!

Still not a big fan of Hobbycrafts, they seem to be reducing the stuff they carry for stamping/papercrafting everytime I go in. They have loads of art materials, scrapbooking, knitting/sewing, beading and even cakecraft, but stamping etc seems to be getting edged out.It seems like they are trying to carry a bit from a lot of ranges, and it ends up a bit lacking, I felt. I think they could do with opening up some communication with stamp manufacturing companies, especially here in the UK, and get some more brands stocked.
 So that's me for now, I'll be around to visit later on, have a lovely Wednesday folks. Link up with Julia, over at The Stamping  Ground, and come play.

Wednesday 23 December 2015

WOYWW #342- The Christmas Edition

Hello everyone, and here we are, Christmas week, the day before Christmas Eve. So a pre-festivities amble around the desks of the world, overseen as always by our own Shining Star, Julia, at The Stamping Ground. 
No desk pic here,as it's buried under packages and wrapping paper, 'cos I'm that organised I'm still wrapping pressies! Most of you will be highly amused by the fact that Doug wrapped all mine on Sunday night after I'd gone to bed- because he does nights, he has a nap Sunday afternoon, then stays up all night- and had bought paper especially for the job, all with glittery features on it. Result? 1 sparkly Hubby, and the floors all have a lovely glittery shimmer to them! And for once, it's not my fault.
 So I'm posting up a Christmas banner, to wish everyone who visits a warm, happy and peaceful Christmas, with lots of good friends, food and drink!
 Normal service will be resumed next week, with the pre- New Year Edition.
 Have a Happy, Happy Christmas, from both of us, with lots of love, and many, many thanks for all the support you've given us in the last year.

Wednesday 9 December 2015

WOYWW # 340

Again it's Wednesday, and time to meet up at our Julia's, over at The Stamping Ground. Another week closer to Christmas, and it's officially ok now to panic.Don't know about anyone else, but despite all the stress and problems of the last year, it seems to have absolutely flown by.
So, to the desk. Main desk is still in the process of the same Christmas card I showed you last week, so I thought I'd show the desk behind the desk, as it were. The plan was that it would keep some stuff close to hand, and that it would be useful for laying open folders of stamps on, stuff to dry, and so on.
Not exactly a pretty sight, is it? Dumping ground for all sorts of stuff. Envelopes in the front are waiting to be opened, some are stamps bought in the Black Friday sale that Visible Image and Indigo Blu had, the other holds last months Tim Holtz colour.Some colouring books,and a pack of cards and envelopes. The easel is the one I usually photograph my cards on, in front of that and a pack of envelopes to go with the cards I'm making. Offcuts of black card on top of a tub of foams for the blending tools.There is a basket with acrylic blocks for stamps in, and the wooden rack at the end holds embossing powders. Along the back, the DIY holder for my markers, which is now also home to my DI markers, as now they won't fit in the original tubs. A tub of mens shaving brushes, which double as duster brushes. A few stacks of mini drawers which hold all sorts of little odds and ends. The purple box holds my Card-io stamps, there is a black box next to it with my Gorjuss girl stamps in, and the black box underneath holds my Visible Image ones. Just visible at the top of the picture, some hanging trays from IKEA, which hold various sprays. And if you think that's bad, be grateful I'm not showing you the table I use for my cutting station! At the moment, it's buried under all the Christmas pressies bought online, and a few other odds and ends.All this will get put away, but probably after Christmas, as the one problem I have at the moment is needing to be in two places at once. I need to be in my craft room, getting stuff done, on the other hand, I also need to be downstairs to answer the door when said stuff ordered online arrives. Due to my surgery, I'm still walking with a stick, and it takes me a while to get downstairs if the doorbell goes, and usually by the time I've got down, they've given up and gone. So I've taken to staying downstairs until after Doug gets up, which isn't a problem, I'm just doing what I can manage in the time I've got. Nothing in my room is urgent, anyway, the Christmas cards are almost finished, the rest will get done when it gets done.
Thats me for today, just going to finish with a bit of enabling, lol. Country View Crafts are running an Advent Sale, every day from the beginning of December till Christmas, with different things on offer every day, so don't miss out.

Wednesday 2 December 2015

WOYWW #339

Well these weeks are just flying past, aren't they? Here we are, in the first week of December, and no, I'm not even slightly ready. Can we get it put back by a couple of months? But still, it's our weekly meet at Julias place, The Stamping Ground, to see what everyone is up to.
Photo taken Tuesday night, a hive of activity, which is my excuse for having a desk buried in stuff.
 I'm using peel off greetings on my cards- not because I don't have stamps, I do, but I have a stupid amount of peel offs bought back in the day before I really got into stamping, and they are just standing on a shelf in a binder. So I want to get them used.
This is the finished card-I ended up swapping to a Versamark pad and gold EP, as I found that unless I cleaned the stamp every second or third time, the pigment ink was building up and blurring the detail.
And thats my offering this week- I'm getting shorter and shorter with these posts, have you noticed? It won't last, lol. See you all later, have a great week.

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