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Remembering our beloved Shaz

 While I could have made this a post, I figured posts can often get lost so I would make this a page instead.

So early this week I received an email to say that Sharon's ash into glass along with the video from her funeral where now ready to be collected, So an appointment to collect them was made for lunch-time today.

On the way home I called into Webbs for wild bird food, then waitrose as I was passing, got home made and ate lunch (pastrami salad sub/roll) washed up then opened the ash into glass.

I immediately remembered what I had asked to be engraved into the base of it, it was a message that Shaz had wrote inside the last Christmas card she had made for me, this I am not going to lie , got to me. 

 The card, I am sure you will agree is another Shaz masterpiece. 
I may be a little biased there though 😀

The paperweight I am not going to lie,
 is stunning! you can see the sprinkling of ash around the black (like I would have chosen another colour) swirl in the center, that is what those specks are, we are looking at Shaz in this image, along with some bubbles. 


Onto the video, afterall, that is why you lovely lot are here, your not here to listen to me waffle.

So the video is an unlisted Youtube video, which basically means you won't find it by looking for it, and that is how it should be.
In some countries it is blocked due to the songs that are being played, I have contested the block on the grounds of its context and being unlisted and not monetized but i doubt i will get very far.

You may if you wish watch the video on YouTube by clicking on it, then selecting the option at the bottom when you see the YouTube icon.


Unknown said...

What a stunning paper weight 😍 sooo delicate in design beautiful xx

Annie said...

What a beautiful paperweight and I have to say the funeral was just perfect....so Shaz
Annie x

Twiglet said...

Your thoughtfulness in the creation of that wonderful paperweight is yet another demonstration of your deep love for Shaz and a beautiful reminder of that lovely lady. Thanks for sharing it with us Doug. xx Jo

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