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Sunday 10 October 2021

Wedding anniversary pride


Wedding Anniversary 

Exchange of rings

12 years ago today in the presence of our loved ones Shaz and I exchanged rings and vows, it was unusually warm for the time of year.

The vows we exchanged where the traditional ones, we had thought of writing our own but decided against it, those vows we honoured, not because we felt bound by them, but instead because we lived by them for the previous 18 years, we loved, honoured, respected and trusted each other unconditionally.
The faithful part goes without saying, we where the love of each others life and always will be, on reflection we had a relationship that you often only see in movies.

I am not going to do step by step account of the day or the places we have seen over the 29 years we had together, you have all seen and followed along over the last 11 years on this bog and via the Facebook posts.

I spent the days leading up to today dreading it, losing sleep over it, waves of grief coming back all over again wondering how I should feel, especially if someone was to wish me/us happy anniversary because, well, quite simply it isn't or wouldn't be with her physically here with me.

But, now that we arrive on this day I don't just feel sad, lost, and miss her with all my being, but I also feel pride that Shaz chose me, blessed that we was able to spend the time together that we had. I also  have the love of my family and friends, while it is not the same as i always had that, it is enough.

My blog posts are often too wordy, or two picture heavy so I will leave it here with a new And Finally 

This is a video clip I found from 2010, my brother had arranged a 60th birthday party for my mom at his house, I was waiting in the lounge for Shaz to get ready so we can leave, I had our camcorder at the ready as I was going to to record the evening and give it to my mom as a DVD ( I did, I am thankful that I did as there are many great videos of us together in it) anyway back the video below.

I have no idea why I did, but, I decided to video Shaz as she entered the lounge, she saw the camera and well, check out her reaction to it....

And finally ...

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