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Saturday, 4 February 2017

Day 3 Doug's log: star date 03/02/2017.06:45 (Part 3)

A little late and disjointed but it will have to do, as i am typing this at a little after 6am

A little better lunch time  , still wheezy, they tried her with a mask on but that doesn't work so well she gets a little claustrophobic in it . That then triggers a panic attack so it comes back off again. They have put the normal one (prongs that go up the nose) but as she is wheezy it tends to make her breath through the mouth so gets no benefit from the oxygen . I have got her calmed back down again now as her blood pressure went through the roof 2300/174 and the monitor was bleeping like mad . She was snoozing on and off this afternoon then she started having more panic attacks due to the mask. On top of that we think she has picked up the start of an infection so they will be starting her on some antibiotics and take a sample.of the crap she coughed up. 

tonight they have sent in a physio to help with her breathing due to being unable to cough up the crap on her chest causing her to panic a little, all the vitals apart from blood pressure are fine oxygen with either mask on is between 96-100% even with the weezyness.

Nurse just gone in with the physio to try and get the lines in so i have stepped out for a coffee (and help clear my head) and go back half hour later but they cant get a vein good enough to get the line in so i come back out, I quickly text her kids and Daughter and ask her sister to pass on a filtered message to her mom 

 end up with one in the foot, my head is fried 

They have given her a local anesthetic patch to place on her shoulder that last's 12 hours this evening that will be coming off at midnight.

Shaz is saying that this is the last time she is coming back in as she cant deal with this

It is now 22:45  I am staying for a little longer then I will shoot off but I doubt I will be getting much sleep. She is still on hdu as they won't be moving her yet as the one to one care won't happen in a normal bay. 

I leave at 23:15 and i am struggling to comprehend the turn off events.

Its is now 7am ad time for day 4


Unknown said...

Just been reading your latest , shaz is a fighter and so are you ,your my son so that stands to reason lol . Just keep on doing what your doing and shaz will be back home ,just give her a gentle hug for me , love ya both xxx

Sandma's Handmade Cards said...

Thinking of you both and hoping that Shaz will soon turn a corner and start to feel much better. It's awful seeing someone you love in so much pain but it will make things so much easier, knowing that you're by her side. Thanks for the updates and wishing you both the very best. Sandra x

Hublet said...

Managed to get here before 8 this morning and Shaz is much more stable this morning , they are keeping in hdu today . They put her on a machine.last night that has a mask on it to help open the airwaves for her last night and she managed with it ok. The ops were ok this morning from what I could see. Although her blood pressure is elevated. I have been here a little over an hour so just came down stairs for a coffee.

The pain it the arse is the 45 minute journey each way, still it can't be helped as this is the place for the kind of op she needed. XxxX

Oh and I just had a cooked breakfast too

SumBunneh said...

Hang in there Doug... these setbacks are part of the healing process and best that they are happening in hdu than anywhere else.

It's so hard when Shaz panics from the very things she needs to help her.. but that is Shaz and she will adapt and get stronger x

Is there anywhere you can stay closer? We can't have you wiped out and catching something xx

Elizabeth said...

Thinking of you both Doug. Hope Shaz turns the corner today, she is such a fighter, and will soon be out of the HDU. Hugs xxxx

Rita said...

Sounds as if you have both been through the mill. Shaz is strong, so you be Brave and keep bolstering her up. A new day and hopefully tomorrow's update has better news. Sending positive vibes to you both. Hugs Rita xxx

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

oh Doug I so feel for you and Shaz.
I was in IIntensive Care Unit or ICU as we call it here for five days not long ago, it was very touch and go with emergency surgery and massive internal infection and I felt how Shaz felt.
I remember the nursing sister saying to me in my semi conscious state "Well do it for those that that love you!" So I did. My oxygen level were always low too.
Am praying for you both and all who look after Shaz, and sending hugs, too. Keep your chin up Doug, praying you're switching off enough to get some good sleep.
Shaz in Oz.x

Neet said...

Hi Doug
First of all some love for you. Shaz is very lucky to have someone love and care for her as you do. (Vice versa too, I know)
So sorry to hear about these panic attacks. Perhaps as she grows stronger they will disappear, let's hope so.
Now please give her lots of love from me, tell her I am thinking of her often despite being in America and so tired early evening.
Thanks for keeping her blog going for all of her friends, you are a gem!
Hugs, Neet xxxx

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