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Wednesday 24 February 2021

The Hublet gets the hang of posting edition WOYWW

Where to start, I think it best if we choose the thank you's as it kind of makes sense to do so, or at the beginning as that may be best? 

Nay I say let us start with a picture and work our way from there :)

So this is an image of get well cards, yes we had some arrive while shaz was in hospital, and because I stayed in there too, I arrived to find them in the letter rack as my brothers and sister went through the house tidying and removing some of the medical equipment etc which I was thankful for none of the equipment was thrown away, it was not an issue to find them honestly xxx
Now this picture is a collection of all of them, including the care package Shaz mentioned in an earlier post.

A Shaz post would not be right without more images, so here is one of the cards (and Cake, there is always cake?)

Special shout out to Annie for the cake, honestly that is 2 slices consumed not one large one and only by moi, and my life is it nice, seriously nice xx
Talking of Annie Sharon's Beautiful wedding dress and cape are now with Annie for some of her Memory bears  they managed to drive themselves their all on there own, no lock down rules were broken or dented  to get them there or the aforementioned cake back home to me.....honest guv ;)

So now onto the rest of the thank you's I have read (but not always replied) I would be here forever if I tried, but I have read them all (Sharon was well loved), each and every comment, some made me smile, laugh or cry which was expected so thank you all for each and every one, they have kept me going and are helping in keeping me sane.

Shaz was a member of many private Facebook groups (too many to list), I had no idea she was so involved in some of them (not surprised this is Shaz after all) dang she was/is so respected. the love and respect that poured from them was heartfelt, thank you xxx

Now for the sh!tty sad part, lockdown!!!!!

Due to the human malware crisis we are in, even if you could travel (which most can't) we can only accommodate 30 attendees, now we do still have a small amount of spaces left, so if you are midlands based and would like to attend please get in touch e-mail me here Clicky and provide a link to where you and Shaz have commented on your own blog to weed out the crazies (the cookie kind not the crafty kind ;) if I have a slot it's yours but please note there are currently 4 left and i really want to fill it will crafters as crafting and crafters kept her going when the going was tough x

Time for another picture, this one though is from my desk, or one of them at least, and what I am working on.

Well on the left hand screen I have a folder containing loads of pictures, some I have had to scan in as we kind of pre-date digital cameras. 
You should  recognise blogger on the right hand screen, below it is an Amazon show 5
Front and centre is the project I am working on, a slideshow to music using the pictures we (or others have taken) over the 28 years we have been together.
Screen 4 the little one underneath is a YouTube playlist I am working on of favourite songs we both loved, along with three used in the project. 

As for the funeral it is looking to take place at the Redditch Crematorium on the 19th march at 10:15am and it will be broadcast, once I have that link I will of course share it with you lovely lot. The stream can support between 100-150 simultaneous views so please only watch on one device as i don't want it being taken off-line, so I think it best i figure out a way to get it you rather than simply post it in here, that is unless someone wants to be the one to share it?

Post Covid we will of course crop, and morn Shaz properly, at least one of Sharon's siblings would also like to attend,  of course I will be still attending the crops as you are my extended family too x.

Going to call it there for this one as its dragged on a bit, well done on staying with and reading up to now :)

as a reward a random sweet photo taken back in July 2007 on Crete 

I have this scheduled to go live at 6 am, and if I am up I will do the linky too, if not I will do it later, if you want to see some actual crafting for that you will have to go elsewhere I am afraid, so check in with our own queen of the desk Julia at the stamping ground and take a peek at what is going on. 

And that just leaves the and finally...

Monday 15 February 2021

An end of an era

I write this with a broken heart, that only time can heal

My beautiful, wonderful wifelet Shaz (Silverwolf) passed away peacefully in the early hours of Saturday morning (13/02/2021) she was not in any pain, she simply drifted off to sleep never to wake up again. possibly the best outcome we could ever have wished for and a way most i think would want to go.

I had been blessed to have met my soulmate while I was quite young and eventually married her. We both loved each other deeply, we had planned on spending eternity together, but apparently, eternity in our case was just 28 years long.

All those years were always filled with love, laughter, and friendship, we had our hardships like most couples but we never fought with each other, even despite the difficulty we endured over the last few years.

Shaz found an extended family in the crafting community, it was a passion of hers, a talent that I was incredibly proud of her for, she like yourselves could see the finished project even before starting it, in the same way a sculptor can in a bucket of clay. Shaz was also known as the enabler, for her ability to hunt out bargains and test them against brand products and reviews of them. I dare say many a penny or two may have been spent as a result of one of her post by not only Shaz but also yourselves :)
Shaz was never selfish with the knowledge she gained from countless experimentations in the search for results she was looking for, in fact she would often document it and share it online for others to benefit from, techniques learned were always shared.

Looking back, there are very few pictures of my wonderful wifelet not smiling, and of those when she wasn't, it was often substituted with a grimace of sheer bloody determination the glass was half full, it was seldom half empty. I am going to sign of with a few pictures of our Shaz with some of you wonderful crafters who I also like to call my friends too.
You welcomed me into your crafting community, and never once did I feel left on the side-lines despite not being a crafter myself, for that I thank you.

This is possibly my favourite picture of us, and yes its a few years old, but we have always felt the same about each other.

Please raise a glass to our Shaz (preferably a GnT) but what ever your preferred drink is fine, as we remember...

A Wife, Daughter, Mother and Friend, Fountain of knowledge, Enabler, and of course, the love of my life
Rest in peace xx
With love as always
Doug xxxx And a finaly

Sunday 7 February 2021

Pain what pain?

Where to start ? 

First of thank you to all the best wishes, your kind words mean a lot, last time I looked there were 17 comments now we are over 50 xx

Sharon's first Chemo session went well, due to the type of chemo she is at risk of loosing her awesome hair, so we have opted to try the ice cap treatment, this meant they would need to protect the scalp and hair with a generous helping of pre conditioner.

The chemo took longer than we both had anticipated, but they did take wonderful care of her.

Now here's the thing, when you can't get up two flights of stairs to where the shower is you improvise

So out comes the  single air bed, and a quick Amazon order for a hair washing bouncy castle thing and hey presto, the easiest stress-free way to wash someone's hair while they chill out in front of a fire.

This was not a small feat for Shaz to get down onto the floor or back up again, but I think it's fair to say she felt so much better for it x

Post Chemo, now this was where things went down hill, not as a direct result of the chemo,  but more of a result of the blood test they did, 

You see Sharon's haemoglobin levels were really low, so they had arranged for us to come back the next day for a transfusion of 2 units (did not know what a unit of blood was before now, apparently about 450-500ml) anyway, during the transfusion there were concerns over Sharon's blood pressure not coming up which I can understand, it makes sense, when you add something like air to a tyre you would expect at some point the tyre pressure would rise?

Brooksie logic, I can follow this, "consequently this get Shaz here for 09.10am, so we can start it off" actually meant we won't be starting until 10.30, and we will continue anyway. 

During some of our calls back and forth Shaz comments that she thinks her flip flow valve may have been left off on her urinary catheter (has a leg bag for long times between toilet visits or hospital stints) as she feels wet, she checks the valve and all is fine, so she ignores it (big mistake as we will find out later)

Sorry where was I?  Oh, yeah the down hill bit...

So eventually I pick Shaz back, and I can smell Iron, and something else that we kind of expect due to how long she has been out for (we would have changed her pad at least once, maybe twice by now) but this has not been done, at all. In fact, I ended up setting a reminder every 3.5 hours to wake me to change the pad throughout the night as it had been burning her (her bits glow in the dark they had got that sore) Sudocrem needs to come in larger tubs as the 400g only last a few days, and it does not stick to extremely burnt skin I have found.

As a consequence of the fissure, and the (sinus the opening on her posterior) a hell of a lot of the blood had simply been escaping into her tummy, and flushing her out on its way through, continuing to do so today only to a lesser extent.

Her tummy was hard with the pressure, she ended up backed, and 2 days later after vomiting a few times, 2 days after the chemo started (the next day after the blood transfusion) we are back at the same hospital to remove the chemo pump, we mention the issue we had when we left and the now constant need to keep changing pads and that the blood was running out of her but...

So apparently i don't do maths?   1+1=3 then, I always thought it was 2 but nope....

The blood transfusion is not the cause (according to the doctor I spoke to, it's her other blood levels that are causing it)
The ward we were in had no actual abdominal doctors (chemo ward) there was nothing the doctor could do about it, (nor did she offer to examine her) but instead berated us for not calling the help number in the book, or going to A&E  and offered to call ahead to them and instructed us to head over to there which we did.

Now bear in mind this is a day later so when we were seen by the doctor at A&E within 10 minutes  I might add (much more impressive) we had just changed her pad an hour or so before, this meant the doc found no issues, he did give her IV antibiotics and glucose to bring her potassium levels down, and let us go home again.

Shaz has been fine but weak since, she spent a night on the sofa to gain her strength and then managed to get up to bed, which is where she has been since. She is eating OK, and hates the word hydrate lol

But she has started to get some crap on her chest that she is struggling to shift, it never quite comes up enough to cough it up, so she is elevated a little in bed with extra pillows to help her sleep.

It is so sticky though, it is a side effect of the chemo and the medication she is on, so I am monitoring it.

Shaz is still extremely positive as am I we have to be, and your encouraging words really do help.
I think the post is long enough, possibly too long, I just want to keep you as informed as possible without writing it in book/diary form lol

As for the title of the post, pain is fully under control, it just means Shaz is sleeping most of the time, this we are going to address/ballance.

Much love to you all from the both of us xxx

Can't end without a silly

And finally (shaz would be displeased if I forget this)

An End of an era

An end of an era

I write this with a broken heart, that only time can heal My beautiful, wonderful wifelet Shaz (Silverwolf) passed away peacefully in the ea...