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Friday 31 December 2021

A year in review


A lot has changed over the last 12 months, I think it is fair to say that this year has not been our/my best “when two become one” it was never going to be really now was it!

My life this is hard to do, how the fk do you guys do this every year? anyway, this may prove to be beneficial to me.

So then, things that I am grateful of, things I am proud off and things to look forward to in the 2022. 

So let’s start with grateful

My family & friends
You have all been my rock and I love you all dearly, losing Shaz was hard on all of us, and still is, she will always be a part of our lives, so thank you all for the check ins, the meals, the time and the chats.

Music has always been a huge part in my life, both the live scene with concerts and the digital one, It is music that have kept me sane this year, a large home with just my own noise is kind of hard you know?
Being able to see bands this year despite covid, bands who’s members you can call friends has been important to just get me out the house, a reason to travel again; ‘The fallen State’, ‘Ashen Reach’, ‘Mallen’, & ‘State of Ember’.

While at the same time this year I discovered some new ones, as tends to be the case with live shows; ‘Mad haven’, ‘Ethryfield’, ‘ Raven breed’, ‘Haxen’ & ‘Dead man’s Whiskey’ you guys N’ gals rock!

Things I am proud off in 2021
I am proud of my accomplishments at ‘Netcom Training’ to see my students flourish when they leave us is kind off hard to put into words, rewarding does not come close, to say it feeds my ego would be some what of an understatement.
So yes I am incredibly proud of my accomplishments at work.

Passing my motorcycle test.
This has been on my bucket list for about 30 years now, but as Shaz and I went everywhere together (work and play) and she refused point-blank to get on the back of a 2 wheeled motorcycle I could not justify the cost of the lessons etc as I would not buy a bike if it did not get used.

 So, this one, this one was for me! thank you RMT in helping me with this, this meant so very much to me x

Things to look forward to in 2022 

(This one I thought would be difficult, but it seems that is not the case at all)

Come spring I plan on spending time on two wheels, visiting friends all over the UK and in time in Europe too, being able to travel further afield for concerts and attending more ‘last rides’.

Live music
This stands to reason, there are new albums being released, so new tours that will follow, and lest not forget festivals. 

On a side note, I have made bread and butter pudding using Sharon's recipe two times now and both times it came out perfect, oh and a few days ago trifle as was traditional every Christmas Shaz would make at least one.

Sharon's Bread and butter pudding recipeOne trifle with double angel delight

It stands to reason I wish you all the very best of health for the coming year, do the things that make you happy, tell loved ones that they are indeed loved, and capture moments on video not just photographs, memories may fade  or indeed fail you, but pictures & video can last forever.
 (terms and conditions apply, you may lose data if you don't back them up, just saying)

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