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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

WOYWW #484- The After Crop Edition.

Yes, it's the after crop edition, and a fabulous time was had by all.  From a lovely lunch supplied by Margaret- glitter&glue- to an extra special WOYWWer joining us- ShazinOz!
 I'm sure many of you have seen all the fab pictures posted by LLJ, who blogged it after the event, and I'll add a few at the end of the post. It's a bit photo heavy, so apologies ladies.

Some of us made ATC's, and others had something different to share. 😀
 These were the ATC's I made.

Instead of colouring individual cards, I cut down some Brusho backgrounds to ATC size.

 Larger image here, so you can see the stamps used.
  The stamps I chose reflect the feeling of WOYWW, I think.

 Across the Miles is from a Christmas sentiment stamp, and that's in honour of all the WOYWWers around the world.

 Let us be Grateful.... comes from a set by Chocolate Baroque, called Words of Gratitude. The word Friends came from a stamp block I bought many years ago at a craft fair. The WOYWW used up some more peel offs, and I finally added a couple of acrylic gems to the butterflys antenna.

ATC's & tags from the croppers.Clockwise from the left, ShazinOz, Sarah Brennan, Neet, Jo ,Chris (Mrs D),Christine (Bishopsmate),Margaret, and Heather M in the centre.

LLJ had spectacle cases as her swap, and Annie (Wipso) made a gorgeous tiny bear with his own little poem.

The case is now keeping my glasses clean on my workdesk, and the little bear had a fridge magnet on his back, so as my PC unit has a magnetic backboard, that's where he lives now.

There was a raffle, where we get to choose our prizes, and my choices were a Memory bear made by Annie- with a WOYWW tag!- and a little bound notebook, which I have just realised I forgot to photograph.

Annie said if she'd known I was going to get him, she'd have made him black, lol. But green is probably my second favourite colour,😀, and he's just gorgeous. So thank you for making him Annie. 😉
 I have to find him somewhere to sit where he can see the goings on, but not get inky!

ShazinOz gave everyone a little bag of goodies she made up. And no, I haven't eaten the chocolate yet!

I took colouring to do, as the amount of time spent crafting can usually be counted in minutes, rather than hours. Well- consuming all that coffee and cake, and all that chatting doesn't do itself you know! So it was something I could stop & start easily. And I needed some practice. Okay, a lot of practice. I took my Prismacolour pencils, as I hadn't actually tried them yet, I also took a selection of Promarkers, but to be honest, I loved the pencils so much, the markers never saw daylight.
 I was amazed how easily a blended look can be achieved with them, I've never, ever got results like this with markers. But that may improve with more practice.But I really loved the results here, and I can see me doing a lot more colouring in future.

This has nothing to do with the crop- I saw these in Poundland last week, a BIG bag of sequins, in a copper and a bronze colour, and will be great for shaker cards, amongst other uses.

Last week I showed those Wedding photos, and mentioned that Rich had carved the bench they sat on. It was hard to see much of it in that pic, but here it is.

And so, on to the roundup of crop photos:

Everyone looking very industrious- don't worry, it didn't last.😁

Annie,Jo & Shaz,Elizabeth & Hubby, LLJ, Mrs D,Sarah and Christine.

 We had a lovely weekend with Annie & Jo & the Hubbies, as we all stayed in the same Travelodge.

LLJ and the spectacle cases, and Sarah.

                                   Sarah again.

 Shaz & Shaz!
 Front row from left: Heather M, Neet and Chris (Pearshapedcrafting), and the two Shaz's again.

Team DougnShaz (Thanks for that Elizabeth!) and Shaz

The traditional group photo.

And the menfolk, without whom most of us would not have got there.There were another two, but they'd sloped off to a footie match, lol.

I'm sure you'll get lots more photos from the others, we all had a fabulous day.  Join in the blog hop by leaving your link at Julia's place, The Stamping Ground,and keep your eyes peeled for announcements for next year- maybe you'll be able to join us, meeting up with all these crafting friends is just the best. AND we raised almost £170 for the two charities being supported too!

And finally...........................

I forgot to say, we're off to the Netherlands this afternoon, so I'll visit as many as I can before we go, and I'll catch up with everyone else as and when Internet access allows!

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

WOYWW #483

Well here we are, Crop week at last! Mind you, I think this whole year has passed by almost in a blur! Have to get the suitcase packed, as we're staying in Llandudno Friday & Saturday night, coming home Sunday.  Also have to put together everything I'm bringing, I've decided to go with colouring, as I spend more time chatting than crafting anyway, so I have that to sort out.
 I'll bring my dies, and also all my envelopes of card & paper offcuts, so if you forget card, there will be some available.
Then it'll be packing again, as we are off on holiday to the Netherlands next Wednesday. Driving down to Dover, ferry across to Dunkirk,then up to Tilburg for 3 days,then on to Amsterdam for another 3,back down to Bruges in Belgium for 1 day, then back to Dunkirk for the ferry back to Dover!
But, to the desk! Tickets have arrived for Happy Stampers!
 You may remember a couple of weeks ago, those TH Snowflake dies I bought? Well, on closer examination, they actually work with a couple of stamp sets, as the dies only cut out the basic shape- note to self: Read the pack next time!
 So, I had to get the stamps!

Visible Image have a summer sale, so I got the two stencils, and a Snowflake stamp set I meant to get last year.

 Bought 3 round acrylic blocks from EBay- cost me £7 for the 3, which I thought wasn't bad at all.

Yes, I know, I don't need inkpads- but I saw Eileen Godwin using these IZink inks, and was amazed at the vibrancy of the colours. But I was good, and resisted rushing off to order some. Until I came across them, whilst looking for something else, and found out they only cost £1.50. So, yes. I did. I went there.

These are the colours I bought, this pic taken straight after I'd swiped them on the card. The thing that really amazed me with Eileens video, was how vibrant the colours stayed, (even though she used water with them,) after they had dried.

This pic was 4 hours later, so totally dry. And they look exactly the same as when they were first laid down.

Finished another big batch of the Mixed Media die cards.

Now, I came across this subject on You Tube, quite by accident, but it seems really useful, so I'll add the links here. Apparently, a lot of people are switching out their cutting plate, especially if they have become very marked and bent, and using one cut down from a Self Healing Cutting mat in it's place. I think there is some change in the sandwich, but I haven't watched them all yet. However, the ones I have seen all report that not only does it work well, they are actually getting a better cut from those dies that normally cause problems. And it's way cheaper than keep buying replacement plates, which is always a good outcome.
 Anyway, here you go:        Link 1,          Link 2( Gemini)    List of all videos  

Spent Saturday evening at the Wedding Reception of some friends, Rich & Ellie. Ellie is a hairdresser, and has her own salon,and she and my eldest son were at High School & college together, so I've known her for a lot of years.  Rich is a guy who works in wood, and also forges the tools woodcarvers use,so both very 'hands on' in their work.

 If you enlarge the photos, you can see Rich's buttonhole more clearly. It's carved from wood! Just sort of shaved down to create petals.

He made the bench in this photo for the ceremony.

The cake was made to resemble Silver Birch logs- and they had an AXE to cut the cake with!

Ellie is a real 'Live life to the Full' person- she likes to learn new stuff, and a couple of years ago, learnt to play the Double Bass. So she joined the band for a while during the day.

Bit of lens flare in this pic, but it's me, My DIL Becky, Granddaughter Merlin, Eldest Son Ant and Grandson Mortimer. He's off to Leicester Uni at the end of September. Told Merlin she's getting far too tall!

And finally.........................
Courtesy of FB!

So, I'll see lots of you on Saturday, and everyone else, I'll see you next week! Link up at Julia's, The Stamping Ground, and come see what we get up to. 😀

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

WOYWW #482

Yep, there you go. No warning, just hitting you with a messy desk shot. Mind you, you ought to see the table behind me, lol. WOYWW is here again, so leave your link over at Julias, The Stamping Ground, and you too can visit desks like this. 😀

 I decided that using up some UFO's today was in order, so hauled out an envelope full of these:

A whole bundle of Mixed Media Die cuts, that were going to make some fast cards.

Pretty much only needing trimming to size, and then a sentiment adding.

9 cards so far, and quite a few more partly done.

I do love these dies, they are great for using for any type of card, so even a last minute card can look really fab.

A wedding card made from one of these is in the post a couple back, and Morts birthday card and it's jazzed up interior is just below this one.

Had a very productive Sunday, as inspiration struck for some ATC's for the crop, and I got them all made the same day. Go me!

Sunday also involved a visit to Tesco, where I saw these 'Cosmic Colour' Sharpies, for a couple of quid, in the Back to School promotion.

Sent of for our tickets to the Happy Stampers Festival on October 6th. I've put the link there for anyone curious. It's held at Port Sunlight,and is a great show that's all Papercrafting. There is a list of those taking part on the link, as well as the address to buy tickets, which have to be bought in advance, there are no on the door sales. But the really fab thing is that the tickets cost £2.50, and the parking is free, either in the adjoining, but quite small, car park, or the surrounding roads. It's a really nice show, and there are always a few WOYWers there.
 Less than two weeks now to the crop, and I have been putting quite a lot of crafting books and other stuff into a box , ready to go looking for a new home.
 I'll be bringing my dies, as usual, probably my embossing folders, and my Cuttlebug. I expect someone will have a Big Shot about their person as well. So bring your cardstock- I'll also bring my envelopes of off cuts to be used up.
 We've booked into the Travelodge in Llandudno town for Friday night & Saturday night, then travel home on Sunday.
 Well, I think I'm done, that only leaves
 And Finally..................................

Monday, 27 August 2018

18th card with a Silhouette cut

 Apologies straight away for a slightly blurry pic! I didn't look at the photos before it was signed and sealed, and the glitter embedded in the cardstock seems to have confused the camera a little.

The main panel was cut with my Silhouette Portrait 2, using a file I downloaded from a forum called UKScrappers. It's a free to join forum, where you can always get help & advice about using your machine, and once you have been a member for a month, you have access- for personal use only- to the cutting files uploaded by members.
The front panel was cut from some glitter card. It's not totally glittered, just lightly sprinkled into the background card, then this was matted onto silver glitter card, then another piece of the same black glitter card as the panel. All mounted onto a 7" square card blank.
 The 18 key added at the bottom is one of the plastic ones you can buy to decorate cakes with, but are great as an embellishment on cards. I found them in gold and silver colours, and there are ones for 21, weddings congrats etc.
 For the insert, I jazzed that up a little.

The numbers are from a set by Dovecraft, and this exact set isn't available now, but an almost identical one is. They've just changed the font slightly. I also cut the numbers from a post-it mask, so I could overstamp.

To do the overstamping, I used two sets, this one from Visible Image, called Rays of light.  This is one of the original packaging, it's still available in the new range, but comes with more stamps now.

This is one of the 3 Stampin Up stamps I own, lol. No idea if it's still available though. It's called 'It's a Celebration.'

For the numbers and greeting, I used Versafine Clair Nocturne.

I masked off the numbers, then overstamped with the 'firework' stamps using Metallic Blue & Purple inks from Encore, then heat setting with Crystal Embossing Powder.

 When I stamped the sentiment, I realised the stamp was badly made and the 'Happy' part of the sentiment was not straight! I resorted to a scalpel to separate the two parts of the sentiment, and cut a new sheet for the card.
 As I have other Happy Birthday stamps that are 2 parters, I'm not unhappy to have another that I can mix and match size/fonts etc.

 A bit of surgery, and I had an acceptable impression.

The top image is after I split them, the bottom one is the wonky before image.

I gave this side the same treatment with the firework stamps, just remembering in time to leave room to write in it!

Not sure if you can see here, but I've trimmed the 3 outer edges with a deckle blade on my trimmer, leaving the fold edge flat.

Which I suddenly realised was a mistake, as it's a top fold card, so a retrim was in order!

And that's my finished card, received now by the Birthday Guy, our Grandson Mortimer. That's also the last of the Leo birthdays for this year, as his falls on the 23rd of August, Leos final day.