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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

WOYWW #437- The Escaped from Hospital Edition.

Yes, I'm finally free, and hopefully will stay that way. I'm so sad at missing the crop, and all the people I'd have met for the first time, but fingers crossed another chance will come along soon. I'd gone to the GP on the Friday evening, but he couldn't find anything wrong, but I spent Saturday lay asleep most of the time on the sofa, and Sunday, apart from getting up for a shower, I spent in bed. I knew something was wrong, but not what, so I kept my appointment on Monday to see my Oncologist at the local hospital. Who took one look at me, standing there with sweat literally running from me, and told me he wanted to admit me. Which became even more important when he got a nurse to take my blood pressure and it was 88 over 63! Considering they've been treating me for High Blood Pressure for two years- regularly 200+ over 120+- was a bit of a shocker. Straight away got me a wheelchair, told me to sit, and stay sat, as he didn't want me hitting the floor face first!
 Turns out I had a UTI/Sepsis incident, and have had two weeks of IV antibiotics, which have gone a considerable way to helping. I still have some infection in the flap of skin that was created after my bowel surgery, but they are trying to get me seen by someone at the QE for that, as the level of surgical expertise involved is way above theirs at the local hospital.
 One really odd thing, as I said, they'd been treating me for High Blood Pressure for two years. They took me off my BP meds 10 days ago, to get my blood pressure to come up, and it's now sitting at what is a perfectly normal reading, and has been for the last week. Go figure!

So, the photos of my desk are as they got left two weeks ago,all my purchases at Art From The Heart waiting to get put away, which I will do over the next few days. I'm not showing photos of the rest of the room, as I have stuff to put away I'd packed to bring to the crop, and it looks a complete mess right now.
 I also spent time thinking about crafts while I was stuck in my hospital bed, and one thing I did manage to come up with was a couple of plans for Art Journaling. I've wanted to dip my toes in this for a while, but was at a bit of a loss for how to start- ideas, themes and so on. I decided that I can do one that concentrates on different techniques, for starters.
 For a second one, the idea came in a bit of a convoluted way. Someone on the ward had a radio playing one morning, and one track- an old 80's one- that got played was Ian Dury & The Blockheads Reasons To Be Cheerful, (Part 3). Which I took as a brilliant idea for an Art Journal- Reasons to be Cheerful! So, having a notebook, I started jotting down ideas, setting out pages alphabetically with Reasons.  So still an idea in the bud, so to speak, but coming along nicely.
 Huge thank you's to everyone who sent me good wishes on Facebook, I did read them all.
 Looking forward to this Saturday, when I'm off to Amelias Creative Crafts, to do a workshop with Eileen Godwin. She's on the DT's for Lavinia Stamps, Sweet Poppy stencils,Designs by Ryn, and now Visible Image, and has a very distinct style and use of colour I love. Plus, back in 2010 when I first started blogging, Eileen was one of my first, if not the first, followers, and encouraged me greatly, so I've wanted to meet her for a long time now. So I'm really psyched up for that, there will be photos next week!

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

WOYWW #434- The After Tim Holtz edition!

So, back in the land of reality, after a fabulous workshop at Art From The Heart, Harrowgate, with Tim Holtz & Mario Rossi.

A wonderful time was had by all, and 4 hours just flew by.
 At the end, we got goodies to rake away with us- the two stencils we used were made especially for the workshop, so won't ever be available to buy.

 Top left is an Apron, and bottom left is a bag for 'putting your thoughts and ideas into'. Those things we jot down on a bit of paper, then promptly forget what we did with them.

All those came in this bag with the Creative Chemistry Live UK Edition on, and our lanyards.

Next came a folder, with refill inserts, to store all our tags from the lessons in. Plus the specially printed badge for the front.

The folder itself, & inserts are available to buy, and a great way of storing tag samples.

  A notebook, to write thoughts and ideas in.

Again, this is available to buy as part of the regular Idea-ology range.

Final gift was a piece of 'Good Luck' jewellery from the Assemblage line.

Finally, I took my Compendium of Curiosities, and Distressables books with me, just in case I could get them signed. And sign them he did, quite happily.

Everything was so well organised, and both Tim & Mario took time with people, making them feel they were an important part of the day, it was a wonderful atmosphere.

I'll do another post later in the week on all the tags, and I'll bring them to the crop with me.

Even taking time for a silly photo!

I'm feeling much better this week than I did last, by Saturday, the worst of the side effects were easing off, which I was pleased about. Didn't expect them to shift quite so fast.I am still tired, but I think Sunday was such a long day, so accounts for some of that, and I have a really painful butt, as I sipped over in the bathroom on Saturday afternoon, and landed firmly on my rear, so it feels bruised.

Anyhow, I'm done, bed is calling. I'll be round during the day today. Hugs to everyone.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

WOYWW #433- The Zombie Edition

 It's the Zombie edition, 'cos that's exactly what I feel like. Morning are ok, I have enough energy then, but as soon as I get into the afternoon, all I want to do is sleep. I sit down for 5 minutes, and when I next open my eyes, it's 3 or 4 hours later. I also felt quite sick this afternoon, but fortunately I still have some jars of Crystallized Ginger from last time, and that stuff is bloody marvellous. I had 3 or 4 pieces, and I was fine straight after.
Good job I like Ginger, is all I can say.
 But, if being a bit tired is the worst of the side effects, then I'm counting myself lucky. The tiredness started on Sunday, so it's roughly on course for when it kicked in last time. So what else have I been doing? Well, there were these 3 cards for the Christmas Card Club challenge.

Then I got a box that's full of Christmas Papers out, to sort through.

 Mainly 8"x8" pads, and some other odds and ends in there.

And a box full of Christmas Cards I want to put into cellophane bags later.

And I think that's all there is from me. So, I'll be linking up at Julias place, The Stamping Ground later on.

This coming Sunday is the Tim Holtz Workshop at Art From The Heart, so there'll be pics from that next week.

And this is definitely me right now. 😀

Oh, and I also have to say that it wasn't BJ who put me onto the dies a couple of weeks ago, it was Elizabeth (Silverscrapper).  Just blame the  useless brain cells!

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Christmas Card Club- #19 Penguins & lots of Sparkle.

Well, I'm finally back,even if a little late for this week.
Every time I sit down to have a little rest, I wake up 3 or 4 hours later! But if thats the worst side effect I get from the Radiotherapy, I'll count myself lucky.
 I started these on Saturday, doing the stencil paste, and I used a Sweet Poppy stencil of a Penguin Snowglobe.
 I intended to make the black one all glitter, but due to poorly functioning brain cells, I mixed the Black Glitter with Black paste, instead of Translucent, so it's really hard to see that its glittery in the picture.
Its matted onto Black glitter card, and has black Happy Christmas Peeloffs in the corners.
 I used 6"x6" card bases, and the card is covered with a sheet of paper from a pad I picked up at Happy Stampers last year, called Jingle all the Way.

 The top two cards are both done with Hot Foil, one in Holographic Gold, the other in Holographic silver.

 The backing paper here is from a really old Christmas Pad, it might have been Dovecraft, not sure. Then the image was matted onto Silver Glitter card.
In the corners is Seasons Greetings, in a small peeloff again. I'm trying to use those up too,lol.

Final one of the three is this one.

This time the backing paper is one from Craft Creations, with Happy Christmas printed across it in gold,on an Ivory paper.
 It's matted on Gold Glitter card, with tiny peeloffs.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

WOYWW #432

It definitely feels like wednesday gets here faster every week, so, over to The Stamping Ground, where our lovely leader, Julia, is waiting with her Linky List for everyone.
 As I've been having a sort out & tidy, my UFO box has now expanded to two boxes, a lot of which are recent techniques I've been trying out, just waiting to be made up. So a start has been made, all the scenics, and the dragonfly images are now matted and some are having ribbon added.

For most, I'll leave them without a sentiment for now, so I can add whatever is needed at the time.

Thanks to BJ last week, who posted some dies she'd bought from The Range, and I loved the Bee ones, so I paid ours a visit in the hope of finding it. And I did, along with some bats, a cat and a hot air balloon.

Imagination crafts had a special over the weekend, with I think it was 15% off, so I bought three.

I think those Christmas trees will look great done with the Hot Foil. And the snowflake one will be good for a background.

Right, now I'm going to tell you about a place I found over the weekend. A number of people over on SCS had mentioned Aliexpress, and cheap dies. Mentioned it to Beloved Hubby, and he said it's basically the Chinese version of E-Bay.
If you like dies- and who doesn't- they have thousands, at ridiculously low prices. And free shipping, from China. All the American ladies who'd used it said they'd had no problems with orders, or cutting quality, so I had a browse.

 Just look at those prices- less than £3 a time.

And not only dies, but Embossing Folders as well. Apparently they also have a huge selection of clear stamps, but I haven't explored that yet, but again, there were favourable reports for them.
 I'll also mention something else, you can see along the top of the first screenshot something called 'Give as you Live'. I came across this a while back, and basically you register, choose a charity you want to benefit, and then when you shop at a few thousand online stores, a percentage of what you spend is donated to your chosen charity. No cost to you at all, you pay the same price as always but the company donates the percentage. Amazon are a part of it, E-Bay, Argos, B&Q, Crafters Companion- there are, I think it said, two thousand online participants. With Firefox, it puts a button on your toolbar, and you can add stores you use to your list from their pages, and it also pops up with the 'Give as you Live' banner when you visit any site affiliated with them. I know it's a tax deductible thing for the stores, but I thought it's a great way of donating, without it actually costing me any more money.
I had my fourth treatment on Monday, and my fifth and final one is today. So far, apart from being a little tired, I've had no serious side effects, so fingers crossed. Plus, my arm seems to FINALLY be getting better, it's still not right, but it's way less painful than it has been.
 And Finally.............this is totally true!

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

WOYWW #431

Definitely not a lot happening this week. I was late visiting some people last week, thanks to a dodgy shoulder. I'd had it for a couple of weeks, and thought at first I'd pulled a muscle at my exercise class. When it didn't get any better, I went to the docs, and he said I'd got inflamed ligaments, and that had trapped a nerve. Can't tell you how painful it was, a bit like having sciatica, but in my arm. In the end, after about 15 mins at the pc, I'd have to go and sit on the sofa, where I could rest it on the arm. Seemed to be the only thing that eased it a little. He gave me some anti inflammatory pain killer gel, and I found out I'm not supposed to use or take anything with Ibuprofen in, due to the COPD. But it finally seems to be working, as it's definitely not as bad as it was.
So, as and when, I've been occupying myself by sorting out all my paper pads & stacks. There are loads I haven't used, and most likely never will, so I'm having a de-stash for the 'Free to good home' table at the crop.
 The fake credit card at the front is one that came through the door on some junk mail,so I kept it to add to my collection for spreading glue/paint & so on.

I did treat myself to some new Lavinia Stamps, love the fern fiddleheads.

Had my second Radiotherapy dose today (Tuesday), and my 3rd one is on Thursday. All good so far.

And so on to my 'and finally'.......

Talking of the crop, I'll be bringing my dies as usual, so remember to pack your cardstock! 24 days to go. 😀😀

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

WOYWW #430

Whats on your Workdesk Wednesday, hosted by our lovely Julia over at The Stamping Ground, as always. Mine? Not a lot, to be honest. Just the stuff I've been working on over the weekend.
 Another bunch of Stencil Paste & Hot Foil pieces, all of which are in the post below this. Tim Holtz layering stencils this time.

I did some sheets of foil on some scrap card, so I could try die cutting it for sentiments, and that worked fine too.

So now I have to turn a load of these pieces into cards, which will happen over the next few days..
 But for now, I think I've foiled pretty much everything I can, maybe do some more when I've used up all these.

Not much more going on,  Thursday I have my first Radiotherapy treatment, and if the plan he spoke about goes as planned, it'll be three more next week, then one on the Monday after, and all done.
 After that, I have the Tim Holtz Workshop to look forward to, followed the week after by our Crop meet in Llandudno.

And finally...................

Monday, 28 August 2017

Hot Foil- Part Four, and the last for a while!

So, the last and final post on this subject for a while, until they start appearing as cards, anyway. Just for reference, the first three parts are here: Part One, Part Two, and Part Three. 
This is also a bit of a round-up post, as the experiments using the Dreamweaver Pastes is also here.
As Julia commented, I'm now almost foiling anything that stands still long enough! But, I did have a thought that it would probably be nice if I could have some foiled sentiment die cuts. To that end, I took some card off cuts- see, I'm being good and using stuff up- ( yes, I know I'm making more stuff that will need to be used up, but that's a minor quibble). Anyway, card offcuts- and spread them with a thin layer of stencil paste.
 Now, as it seemed a waste to wait for the laminator to heat up, just for a few strips, I also made a whole pile of other stencilled sheets, using Tim Holtz layering stencils. As you do.

It doesn't need to be very thick, just an even coating. I reckon you could even do this by brushing it on with a foam brush.

There are two with white paste on white, using Christmassy stencils, and two small ones using some of the Mini Halloween stencils.
The rest are using black glossy paste.

So, first up are the plain strips.

Done in an assortment of colours- an advantage to getting some of the foil sample packs- and means I should be able to cut sentiments to match most card bases.

 The test now, of course, is will it die cut?

 To try it out, I chose a small die, as I thought that would probably be the hardest test for it. This die is from Crealies, and they have a lot of really useful sentiments in this size, and at a very reasonable £3.75 each.
I cut it from the green foil, as one of the images I did the other day was a Holly Wreath, so I thought this would be used on that one.
 The result? It cut through fine, and just simply pushed out of the  base.
 It even cut out the tiny dot for the 'i'.

So that's going to work just fine, and of course if you wanted to die cut a larger shape, like a layering piece, for instance, you could always foil it after cutting.

And back to those pieces I'd done with the layering stencils.

From the left the stencils are: Lace,Latticework & Mosaic.

 Blocks, Flourish & Trellis.

Gothic, and two done with a new Stencil called Splash.

 Here, the central one is Mosaic, and the two either side are another newish one called Flames.

Oh, one thing, you may sometimes find, especially with an intricate design, you need to 'burnish' it a little, to get any stray extra bits of foil off, like you get with Gilding Flake. I just used a stiff stencil brush, and that worked fine.

Skulls & Halloween words from Mini Stencil Set #23.

The last two, called Snowflakes & Holly Bough.

And now on to the Dreamweaver Embossing pastes. I had a feeling these were not going to work as well,as they are a much drier paste than the Sweet Poppy ones, not entirely down to how long I've had them. They were always quite a thick paste to spread, whereas the SP ones are gloopier, for want of a better description!
 As you can see the foil only stuck in odd patches, which does give a nice distressed look, but worthwhile only if that's the effect you wanted. I'd used a Copper foil on the guitar, and a silver one on the Copper Paste.

 Here I used Gold foil on the white paste, and Silver again on the Black.Of them all, the Black has the driest consistency, and definitely gave a poor result.

Last one, and a Translucent paste with a holographic foil.
 So overall, this doesn't work as well with Dreamweaver pastes, as it does with the Sweet Poppy, although of course it's possible that the age of my Dreamweaver pastes may have had some bearing on the results.

Finally summing this up- It's fun and very easy, especially as you can do it with just an Iron.
Foils are widely available, just don't buy the TODO brand, it won't work the same.
You can layer foils, if your piece is bigger than one sample sheet of foil, the only foil that will stick is the one in contact with the paste, so any overlap will not affect the result. You can trim off any excess  'good' foil, after you've peeled it off, and keep in a tub for later use.
 Any paste not covered with foil WILL MELT & stick to your folded paper carrier sheet. Apparently, you can avoid this by covering any uncovered areas with Vellum, according to the MINC site. You could, I think also use the clear film sheet you peel off the foil,if you put it on upside down, as I found that didn't stick, lol. Watch out for any paste on the back of your piece you intend to foil too, or that will melt & stick. We all know how I discovered that, don't we?


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