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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

WOYWW #476.

Isn't it crazy how fast these weeks are flying past? Seems like only yesterday we were linking up at The Stamping Ground for last weeks WOYWW.
 There has been a little crafting- I cut a batch of cardstock to make some Triple Stamping cards, and have finished one so far.

Had a bit of a nightmare figuring out the dimensions, but got it sorted eventually. I had them written down- somewhere- but no idea where they are now.

In other news, I bought myself a new present- a Silhouette Portrait 2 digital die cutter.

 Went with this model as it's A4, so sits perfectly where my old one used to go.
 I also used the opportunity to have a go at a You Tube video with the unboxing (below).

 So far, we've discovered that the fluorescent lights in my craft room cause a flicker to be picked up by the camera, so while I've got good daylight I'm ok, but as the light gets less into Autumn & Winter, we need to figure another solution. Anyone doing You Tube videos who has an answer, I'd be really grateful.
 Last week Twiglet mentioned a Craft Fair being held in their area, and after looking it up on Google maps, I discovered it was only about an hour and a quarter away, so we had a day out on Saturday to meet Annie(Wipso), Jo(Twiglet) and Tilly Tea Dance.
Jo, Annie & her Hubby on the left, and I'm standing behind Max (Tilly Tea Dance), who is Jo's daughter, and who makes the most amazing wet felted/embroidered pictures/brooches/ pendants, as well as teaching the subject too.

Needless to say, I fully intended to buy one for the wall in my Craft room- then Hubby decided I needed a couple of small ones too to go either side. Lack of symmetry sends him twitchy, lol.

I also bought a Brooch to pin on my backpack, and another of the little sheepy pictures for my DIL's birthday present.
They really are fabulous- I love the sheep!

We had a fab afternoon, we spent a couple of hours with Annie & Hubby over lunch, just chatting away.
This is the wonderful thing about meeting WOYWWers- you are chatting like the old friends you are right from the word go.

Lots of different crafts to see, but this little guy wasn't a craft, he was part of the display from a Photographer taking Disney Princess type photos of youngsters.

This gigantic dragonfly was at the entrance to the Leisure centre, which also had a lovely cafe and a garden centre on the site.

As it was such a gloriously sunny day, the sunlight through the wings was beautiful.


Did someone say Garden Centre?lol.
 I'd actually had plans all week to visit a local one  on Saturday, as I'd removed some of the stragglier plants from the planters, so wanted something to replace them with.
 They had a nice selection here, so that was two birds with one stone.

We are having another day out this weekend, this time to Farnborough Airshow. As we work in the Aerospace Fastener Industry, our company always gets some reduced cost  tickets, which they hold a draw for, for all those interested. And Doug won one of the pairs of tickets,so thats what we'll be doing on Sunday.

And finally......................................


Sunday, 15 July 2018

Unboxing the Silhouette Portrait 2.

Right then, after much trial & error- mainly user error!-, I've done my first You Tube video.
I bought myself a new digital cutting machine, the Silhouette Portrait 2.
So here is my unboxing video. Not very exciting, lol, but I'm just sort of testing the recording out.

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

WOYWW #475

Well, I've been struggling to craft this week, I admit. My craft room gets really, really hot- it's in full sun for most of the day. Like being in a sauna, and I hate being that unbearably hot. I had cards to do for the Christmas Card Challenge, and like an idiot, I would decide to heat emboss in this weather, wouldn't I?

Lots of heat embossed sentiments, and then the sentiment & the matt layer were die cut.
 The ones on the far left are a Spellbinders die, Lacy Squares.

This one is the Stitched Rectangle die I bought a while ago from The Works.

These are a Spellbinders die- Labels 4, in two sizes, large & small. The two sets give you a narrower border when combined.

Same die set, just a swap in the orientation.

The actual cards are in the post below, and I'll blog the making later in the week.

I'm still being good and making use of embossing folders!

I've got a few Embossed backgrounds left, and a few of the toppers too.

The only purchase this week, a box of 40 sponge daubers.

And last week I forgot my 'and finally', so here it is back..............................

Leaving my link at Julias place, The Stamping Ground. If you've not joined in with this blog hop, which we do every Wednesday, baring our desks to the world, then go along and add your link. We'd love to come and visit with you.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Christmas Card Club Challenge #14- White on White/smidge of colour

Well, I'm sorry to be running so late, but my craft room is unbearably hot😱 It gets full sun from about 11.00am onwards, and it's like a greenhouse in there. And we all know fans and papercrafts do not play nicely together! I've taken the liberty of combining Christines challenge this fortnight, with another I missed due to holidays- Carols' Sentiment as the Focus' theme.
 I've used a lot of my Christmas embossing folders again- and made 19 cards!

 For my 'smidge of colour', I used gold, silver, red & green embossing powder, and matted that onto matching foil card.
This sentiment is from  a Hobby Art set called Winter Wishes. The red embossing powder is by WOW, called Primary Burgundy Red.
 The green is an old one, called Moonglow two-toned Embossing Powder, and this green is called Fiddlehead Fern & Green Blue.
The die used for the shapes is the same in both these cards, just a different orientation. Its from Spellbinders, and is called Labels 4, in two sizes, large & small.
 The two separate sets combined give you a smaller border than just using one of them.

This sentiment stamp is by Circa Design,XM-VS-62.
The embossing powders are the same in all the cards. The gold & silver detail powders are both by Stampendous.

Another sentiment from Circa Design, XM-VS-13.
 Matted this time onto card die cut with a Stitched Rectangle die set I bought from The Works.

Yet another Circa Design stamp,XM-VS-10. Some were die cut with the Spellbinders Large Labels, some with the Stitched Rectangles. All the matt pieces were cut with the Stitched Rectangles, as the largest Labels die was used to cut out the sentiment.

And the final group, this stamp is from the Hobby Art set, and the die is Spellbinders Lacy Squares. I've had this for ages, but it's the first time I've gotten round to using it.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

WOYWW #474

Hi folks, isn't this weather incredible? I mean, us Brits haven't seen this much sun for more years than I care to remember. Not doing a lot for mojo though- makes you feel very can't be asked.
Leave your link over at Julias place, The Stamping Ground, and we'll be round for a visit. 
 However, I did finally get all my ATC's corralled into pockets in a 3 ring binder.
And I have one more year than I thought, I've been swapping them since Birthday number 4.

 A quick pic of one page from each year.

Year 5

6th Birthday


Came across lots of names that I haven't seen on the list for a long time too.

our 8th Birthday swap

And finally this years swap. So next year we hit double figures!

This page in particular brings back memories of a lovely WOYWWer, who is sadly no longer with us. The card in the centre right is from Janet Fairythoughts, back on the 4th birthday celebration. That was the first WOYWW crop we went to as well.

So not only are these gorgeous artworks to celebrate our blog hops anniversaries, they give us permanent reminders and memories too.

Found this set of Alpha stamps on my travels on Monday. A place called Flying Tiger, and cost £3.

I found a box of die cut Poinsettia flowers I hadn't put together, so I got those done, and added seed beads to the centres.
Easy to just grab now for Christmas cards.

While I was doing the last bunch of Christmas cards, I found some really tiny- maybe about a centimetre across- Poinsettia flowers that some one must have sent me in Happy mail. They were with some really small Deer.
  One was this size, one a tiny bit bigger. If anyone knows what die set/ punch was used for them, I'd love to know.

 So that's all the crafting that's happened.

Doug spent Sunday in the garden building some trellis. A few weeks ago, we decided we wanted a couple of fan trellis for the fence. Went to B&Q, and had a look. HOW MUCH!
 He realised he could buy a couple of packs of wood- which ended up making 2 trellis, and leaving enough for half of a third, for less than the cost of a single fan trellis.

So, he was building some more, but bigger, for a Passion Flower we have planted. Yes, I know they get enormous, but we have 150 foot of fence down that side of the garden, so I think we're good.

These are the result, and for the same cost as one single panel, but this way he could build them to fit the fence better.

And the Passion Flower is clearly happy with it, as today it opened it's first flower.

 This yellow plant is a herb, Rue, which does amazingly well every year, despite getting cut down almost to the ground every winter.
These are all in the small front garden.

 A Lavender bush also doing well. I was a bit worried it wouldn't do so well this year, as normally I cut it back in Sept/Oct, but couldn't risk any gardening that time last year, so it didn't get done till Spring.

Troughs full of Violas, Pansies,Lobelia and Petunias.

 A big round planter with Violas, Lobelia, a Fuchsia and a Pelargonium.

This Pale Pink Cabbage Rose is a climber, and on the kitchen wall. It's called Spirit of Freedom. The flowers are huge, and really densely packed with petals.

And a window box & hanging basket, also on the kitchen wall.

A gift from Julia on the window sill! It normally lives on the patio table, but that's down at the moment, while Doug was building, and also so he can pressure wash the decking to paint it.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

WOYWW #473

Well, I don't know about where you are, but here in the UK it's blisteringly hot. Possibly not as hot as you, but you have to remember we Brits are used to an average one week of sunshine a year, somewhere around Easter, so this is most unusual for us. 😁
Meeting up over at Julias place, The Stamping Ground, ready for this weeks desk-a-thon.
On my desk this week, is another ATC arrival, this time from Kelly. Lovely card & ATC, thank you so much Kelly.

And, talking about ATC's, I think it's high time I sorted them all and got them into storage pockets.

This mountain of ATC's go all the way back to our 5th Birthday, and include the Halloween special we did one year.

The cards that so many send with their ATC's are there too, so I think this job is long overdue.

Over the weekend I made a few Christmas cards, for the Christmas Card Club Challenge .

Following the sorting of my embossing folders, I decided it was time I made more use of them!

While I was die cutting, I cut some Bauble shapes from foiled card, then I've added detail to them with texture paste, stencils & glitter.

So that'll be another project to finish later in the week.

And finally.........................

I particularly love the Bee description!