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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

WOYWW #450

Right I'm Back!lol. MIA last week, so I'm here again to link up with Julia at The Stamping Ground for another tour of Desk Duty.I was doing some colouring in my books last week, and after dumping a lot of felts and markers that had run out/dried up, I ended up using some coloured pencils in an Art set from WHSmiths I'd been bought as a Christmas pressie a few years ago. I actually found I enjoyed the pencils much more than I expected, plus you don't get the bleed through issues you get with some markers, so I invested in a set of Prismacolours from Amazon.  I've been watching You Tube videos on blending & shading with them, and they seemed about the best at a reasonable price point.

I also bought another couple of Christmas stencils from Sweet Poppy in their  sale, I was very taken with the bauble one, as I'd seen some Christmas Cards  made using a rubber stamp in the same sort of lay out. I think these will look amazing done with the foil & laminator technique.

I'm actually starting to feel more like crafting, now that I seem to finally be getting beyond this blasted cold/cough/chest infection.
So much so, I have three new cards put together, the top one just needing a sentiment. I shall stamp a greeting onto cardstock and die cut, as I really should have done any heat embossing before the gluing down stage!
 Mind you, maybe I'm making work for myself- they don't have to be heat embossed really.

A quick bit of back info on things mentioned in the past few weeks- first, the Groovi Grip. I've put this onto my rulers now, and also onto my Stix2 layering thingy. It works like a dream, the ruler stays put with just the slightest pressure from your fingers. I also discovered it's not actually sticky, it's a static cling. So once you smooth it down, it stays put, but if you want to take it off, there's no icky residue to get rid of.
Second, the Versafine Clair Fallen Leaves Brown. I emailed Tsukineko, and told them what I was seeing, and asked if I had a faulty pad.
This was the response I got, admittedly very fast, in fact the next day. 

To inform you the conclusion, the Fallen Leaves you bought is not a faulty pad.
 The Fallen Leaves is blackish dark brown and when there is a lot of ink on the pad, it look blackish.
Especially when you just opened the pad, there is plenty of the ink on the pad, it may look more blackish.
 And, it may affect the color a little depend on the type of paper you use.
 The color sample of the labelling on the Fallen Leaves is not exactly the same as actual color.
 We appreciate for  your understanding and hope to continue to choose our TSUKINEKO products for years to come.

 So I replied, as this didn't really address the issue I had, which wasn't the colour of the inkpad, but rather the colour it stamped out at. I also asked if they were planning to put a colour chart on the website.
Thank you for your email and precious opinion.
 We will pass your opinion to our product development department and take your opinion into account in the case of next product development.
 As to the website, we are planning to add the color chart of Versafine Clair, but the details such as time has not been decided yet.
 Thank you and best regards,

I  have to wonder if they have had this ink tested by stampers before release. I still don't see any brown in it at all. I did email Lavinia Stamps, to let them know what I was seeing, in case anyone else had a problem. They tested it out and agreed that yes, it does not look brown at all, although they could get a brown impression with a second generation print. I think it may need to be coated cardstock, as on my bog standard plain card, I'm not seeing that.

 Talking of ink, another Black ink that may interest people.
When I did the TH workshop, he mentioned the 4 colour Archival inkpads the designers had all brought out. He said that in his, the black part of the pad wasn't the original Black Archival, but in fact a Black Soot Archival. He also said it wasn't available as a separate pad- won't be surprised to see that change in the near future- but that you could buy a blank Archival inkpad, and an Archival Black Soot reinker, and make your own. From the demo he showed us, the original Archival Black has clear Purplish tones, which the Black Soot doesn't have. So, it was out of stock for quite a while at Art from the Heart, but I now have one, and will be inking it up and testing it out soon.

 Had the follow up from the scan, and they seem happy enough. They're happy it's not grown, and may be smaller, so they will monitor it and I get another scan in 3 months.
And finally.........................

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

WOYWW 448- the First in 2018

And a Happy New Year to everyone, as we start off the year the way we mean to continue, with a meet up at Julias place, The Stamping Ground.
 I've been having a sort out of things I need to get done- and tidying my die cuts was well overdue. I took this storage idea from Diana, at A Velvet Moth Studios.
 You can buy these storage pockets in all sorts of size permutations, (mine came from Amazon) making them perfect for storing something like this. They range from coin sized holders, up to A5/postcard size pockets, as they are intended as storage pockets for things like Trading Cards, currency, postcards etc.

Some more die cutting happening- it's one way to use up scraps of cardstock to big to throw, but too small for use 'as is'.
 On my other desk, I've sorted out the pack of card fronts made with Mixed Media dies, and hopefully I'll get those made up into cards over the next week.

In other news, a couple of posts down is a post about Versafine Clair inkpads. If you haven't seen them yet, they seem to be like the original Versafine, but coming in a wider range of colours. The new black is really good, I'd say even better than the original.

Had my CT scan on Saturday, and have an appointment to see the Radiologist on the 9th, so fingers crossed.
 I think I may finally be getting rid of the cough/cold I've had for what feels like the whole of December, I know loads of people have had it, and it really does linger.
 And finally...............

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Favourite projects of 2017

Well, here we are, at the end of another year, and as I've done for the last few, a shortish roundup of my favourite projects of the year.

This is just a couple of cards made using the Tim Holtz Mixed Media dies, backed onto a coloured or patterned paper. Found this was a great way to use up some of the mountain of backgrounds made using things like alcohol inks/blended sheets/Brushos.

Also great for  patterned papers that I probably would not use on their own, maybe too busy, or the design too large.

 On to one of my favourite stamp companies, Honey Doo, who have lots of lovely images, mainly, but not entirely, florals.

I stamped the image on white cardstock, then stamped again in co-ordinating vellum, and cut out the flowers. Added a few gems/pearls for a little bling.

Completely outside my comfort zone with this, I decided to try a bit of  Mixed Media to alter the cover of a Birthday Book.

This one was a 7" square canvas, made for my Son Ant for his birthday. I think I added some drips to it, but forgot to take a final photo.

One of my absolutely favourite stamp companies, Stampscapes. I have about another 10 or so to mount- it's amazing what you can achieve without the Internet for a few days!

This had to be my most loved technique of the year.

Julie Rose, (Amber Rose Crafts), a DT member for Sweet Poppy Stencils,did a post about using Heat Transfer foil with Stencil Paste & a Laminator, and I was hooked.
 You can buy (expensive) machines to do this with, but a cheap laminator works just as well.

Most of these still need to be made into cards, and are currently in my UFO box.

Final part of my post, is two fabulous workshop days I had this year.
Just as we were boarding the plane to go on holiday this year, Art From The Heart announced a weekend of Tim Holtz workshops!
 I knew I had absolutely no chance of booking from Kos, so was not a happy bunny. Then I had a brainwave. My lovely friend Debbie Rock-(Tattered Rocks)- is a huge fan of Tim, and I hoped she would want to book too. Could she book me a ticket as well? After a bit of a nightmare for her- AFTH had a huge server collapse issue with so many people trying to book- she amazingly got us both booked on.

Doug had to strongarm Debbie into this photo- she's a bit camera shy, but we both knew she'd regret it forever if she didn't have a pic with the man himself.

Both Tim & Mario were lovely, friendly & down to earth.

He even signed all my Distress books at the end! Debbie & I had a blast, although at this point I was actually coming down with Sepsis- I had no idea!

  My second workshop was a local one, at Amelias Creative Crafts, in Studley. This one was with the lovely Eileen Godwin, a lady I've wanted to meet for years, in fact as long as I've been blogging. She was one of the very first visitors to my blog, and to get encouragement from a complete stranger was amazing.

Eileen is as lovely and friendly as she looks in this pic! She is such a talented crafter- she's on the DT's for Lavinia Stamps, Sweet Poppy, Visible Image & Designs by Ryn.

The lady on the left in the blue apron is Julie Rose, the one with the laminator technique, so was great to meet her too. And do you remember the Glitter Girls, with the embossing boards? That's Kathy standing next to me. I understand they sold the company, and she now crafts for fun.

Two of the projects made with Eileen.

With Tim we made a series of tags using various products and techniques.

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Versafine Clair- A New Inkpad in Town.

So, I'd seen these on Lavinia stamps website- I've not seen them anywhere else yet, and I do know that we in the UK have them before they've been released in the USA, which is a novelty. A discussion about them there a couple of weeks ago prompted me to get some, to see how different they were to our well known and much loved Versafine pads, as people were wondering if this means the original will be retired.

 These were the three I chose, called Nocturne, which is Black, Fallen Leaves, which looked like a Dark Brown, but more on that later, and Twilight, which was a Dark Blue.
  The pads are slightly smaller, and with a completely removable lid, not the hinged type.

 The full range is 24 colours, which is a lot more than are currently available in the original range.

To return quickly to the lid, it fits over the pad, leaving a gap between the top & bottom of the pad, which I do think means extra care will need to be taken to ensure they are closed properly, as you won't be able to tell just by looking at it.

Looking at the info on the back of the pad, it reads exactly the same on both.

" Pigment ink for Fine details"

 'Longest lasting Pigment inkpad available.Perfect for using watercolours to colour stamped images'.

From that, it sounds as if there is no difference in the inks. One lady on SCS who phoned the manufacturer to ask about the difference was told the new one has a slightly longer drying time, but I didn't see any noticeable difference myself, but obviously cardstock can play a huge part in that aspect.

I used 2 Lavinia Stamps to test, the Witch for a solid image, and the window for one with some detail. I also reinked my Onyx Black to give a fairer comparison against a new inkpad.

Comparing the Onyx Black and the Nocturne, I felt the new one was slightly thicker, and gave a really good coverage of the stamp. On this try out, I'd actually say the new one is slightly better, and although it seemed thicker, still gave a good result on the detail stamp too. But it definitely seems blacker, especially on the solid image.

Next onto the Fallen Leaves, which on the pad cover looks distinctly like a dark Brown.

 But, as you can see, it doesn't look Dark Brown when stamped. It just looks like another Black to me. The image quality is just as good, it's just not the colour I expected from the lid.

 Last one I chose was Twilight, a Dark Blue.
 It is a dark Blue, and very similar to the lid colour.

 When I opened it, the pad actually looked Purple,  but that vanished on inking the stamp. Again, a good solid image, and all the detail of  the window was picked up too.

 The new & old pads side by side. You don't get the little fabric cover with the new ones. The pad itself seems to be the same construction as the original, nice and firm.

I found no difference in the ability to heat emboss with it, it works just as well as the original Onyx Black.

 Summing up, my personal opinion is that these are just as good at least, and maybe slightly better than the originals. Just be wary of the lid colours- that brown needs some improvement in the lid colour, it's very misleading. And with plenty of new colours, I can see these becoming as firm a favourite as the originals.

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

WOYWW #447- The Nearly New Year Edition.

A little bit early, but wishing each and every one a Very Happy,Healthy and Peaceful New year.
 Probably like most, there hasn't really been any crafting going on, so just a couple of pictures of Christmas pressies  for this weeks meet up at The Stamping Ground, where Julia is no doubt attempting to keep us in some sort of order!

First, say hello to Batcat! One of a whole range of plush toys, all with a bit of a dark theme.

A couple of colouring books from Beloved Hubby, full of lovely images.

And a set of four cards to colour in too,all art work from Anne Stokes.

Followed by a very interesting looking bottle of gin!

And finally, as the January sales are upon us.................

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

WOYWW #446- The almost Christmas Edition!

Indeed, a huge Merry Christmas to all my WOYWW buddies, wishing everyone a Happy and Peaceful Christmas. Last but one link up of this year, over at Julias Grotto, The Stamping Ground. 
MIA last week, for which I will mainly blame Beloved Hubby having Monday off!  Made me think Tuesday was Monday, and so on. He had yesterday off too, so I've been reminding myself all day that it is Tuesday, not Monday.
 Not a huge amount on the desk, to be honest. A few purchases, the Pram stamp I bought- and ended up using- from Stamps by Chloe, as the Clarity set only turned up last weekend.
The TH stamp set was from Country View Crafts, and in her Advent sale.

I did make another purchase from Clarity- that 'Groovi Grip'. I saw it mentioned on Barbara's blog- you  attach it to the back of a ruler, and when you press down, it stops the ruler sliding. It's transparent when you peel the backing off. Thought it was worth a try out, as slipping rulers really annoy me.
 Two A4 size sheets for £4.16. I often prefer to trim my cardstock & borders after stamping, rather than cut to size first, and depending on what size of border I want, usually prefer a ruler & scalpel.
These stencils came with the original Baby stamp order, I thought the Bell & Bauble would look good with Christmas scenes in. The Holly one was a special being added to orders in the Gray Friday sale, I expect it will get a general release next year.

And finally, the completed Baby card, I'll do a post with it over Christmas.

So, I'm done.Only a couple of presents left to buy, and all the cards are posted.
Which reminds me, a huge thank you to everyone who has sent us a card, we really appreciate them.
 Doug breaks up on Friday until the 2nd of Jan, and being on earlies this week, means he finishes at 10.40.
 Have the rest of a lovely week,and I'll see you next week for the Nearly New Year Edition. 🎄🎄🎅🎅🎄🎄

And finally......


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