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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

WOYWW #472

This week has been mainly organising, with a bit of crafting thrown in. I'm still working on those pics from last week, but as for the rest, I can't show it yet. I'm doing some Christmas Cards for the Christmas Card Club Challenge due this Sunday, and on a birthday card I've been asked to make for a friends girlfriend. So I'm afraid the organising will have to suffice. First off, I decided my inkpads needed a sort out- you'll see why that was a mammoth job in a minute.
This wooden unit was built for me by Beloved Hubby, well over 10 years ago, when I first started stamping. He built it to house my Wooden stamps back then, and it measures 31/2 feet by 3 feet.

He also built me a smaller one- 2 feet by 18 inches, to hold my inkpads.I unmounted the vast majority of my wood mounted stamps, the only ones left are the really big ones on the very top shelf.As my inkpads had outgrown their previous home, - thanks to Tim Holtz, in part, and all the colours in the Adirondack line-they took over the stamp shelves.
 And yes, you are quite right- no-one needs that many inkpads. But Need is the wrong 4 letter word, it should be WANT, lol.  But I've restrained myself with the Oxides!

This is after organising. The bottom two shelves are dye inkpads.Next one up is pots of Colour Cloud inks- which I was gifted, unused, and I've yet to give them a go- then the next shelf has Staz-on/Memento & Clear embossing pads, including Versamark. I did throw out those horrible Staz-on Opaque pads. Next are pigment pads, with white inkpads on the far left. My Brilliance pigment pads are on the next shelf up, along with some tiny wood peg alpha stamps , and a few other really small stamps.Top shelf now has gesso/mixed media stuff. The Brilliance, as well as some of the pigment pads, I've had for as long as I've been stamping,and the only ones I've had to re-ink are the Encore Gold & Silver.Right underneath the bottom shelf are three Multicolour pads, and two boxes containing Cats eye pads, and the Dew drop type pads.


 Then I decided I'd sort out my Embossing folders, so now I have the Christmas ones in a separate tub, so it's easier to get to the others.

Popped into Hobbycrafts on Sunday, while Hubby was in Webbs Aquatic section getting some plants for the fish tank.These box frames were half price, £3 for the smaller ones, £4 for the larger. Not a great deal of anything else though, well not to me, anyway. The papercrafting is getting smaller every time I go in, and the stamping is now almost non existent.Plenty of  stuff for other crafts though.

Had a lovely surprise delivered by the Postie this morning.

From our lovely Debbie (Tattered Rocks). She hadn't been able to join in the Birthday swap, as she hasn't been well, but sent me this. 

A beautifully decorated box, containing an ATC, a little note and a bunch of blank Black ATC cards!
 She knows me so well.๐Ÿ˜

Well thats me almost done, I'll be adding my link over at Julias place, The Stamping Ground, and I'll be seeing you all later.

And finally................................

I saw this on Facebook during the week, and it made me laugh.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

WOYWW #471

And another Wednesday rolls round, faster than ever it seems. Time to visit Julia at The Stamping Ground, if you're new to this, Julia has pages at the top of her blog that tell you all about this blog hop, and also all about the September crop.Despite spending the weekend at Download, I managed some crafting at long last on Tuesday, stamping onto some Brusho backgrounds I made a while ago. Which also means I'm making a dent in the UFO box, so that's a bonus.

Not totally finished yet, need to add some colour to this one, and then trim them all down. I'll probably add some foliage to them too, along the tops, after trimming.

I've used a technique with the Brushos I got from Eileen Godwin- less is more! I think I prefer that for overstamping.

We had a great weekend, and I'll put a few more photos at the end, so you can just skip those if you like.
Friday and Saturday were dull and overcast, but dry. Sunday was gloriously hot, in fact I came back with a better tan than I got from a week in the Canaries!

They have viewing platforms with seats for those that are disabled, which is great, as I'd never be able to stand all day like we have in the past.

This was Sunday, and as you can see, I needed to put my sunnies on. Just hadn't bothered yet, lol.

 Quick bit of enabling next- Eclipse tape. If you've not heard of it, it's pretty much like a roll of Post It notes, but the whole sheet is lightly tacky, so you don't have to try and get as much of your image as possible onto the edge with the sticky on. It's 10 metres long, and 6" wide, and the masks are reusable, just like Post it ones, so the roll should last for years. Available from Amazon.

And finally......................

The Download pics:

Smoke rings in the sky from the pyros from the band in the first pic, Avenged Sevenfold.

 The amazing Axl Rose from Guns N Roses ........

And of course Slash- the most incredible guitarist.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

WOYWW #470

And the ATC swaps are still arriving! So much amazing artwork involved in them, thank you so much to everyone who swapped with me.If you've never joined in with our regular Wednesday Blog Hop, then pop over to Julias place, The Stamping Ground, and leave your link. It's fine here, we don't bite! While you are there, have a look at the info page about this years crop, in September, in Llandudno again. All you have to do is turn up, chat, eat cake, and a spot of crafting, if you want to. ๐Ÿ˜€

From Dolores (Cardarian), and our Beloved Leader, Julia.

From top left, Suzanne Alexis, Christine (Bishopsmate), Sylvia (Little Treasures) and last but not least, Jo,( Twiglet) who had already swapped with me, but as I was her PIF, she sent me another. Inside a fab card featuring the work of her daughter, Max, otherwise known as Tilly Teadance. Tilly used to join in WOYWW, but if you are new and have never seen her wet-felted work, go check out her blog.

Onwards, then. No crafting this week, I've been busily organising for our upcoming weekend-
yes, we're off to Download again. Friday to Sunday. Fingers crossed the rain stays away, but for headliners  Avenged Sevenfold, Guns N Roses & Ozzy Osbourne,  I'll tolerate a soaking.

A subject came up on SCS, about how to line up Oval dies on your card face and get them straight, or to line up your dies to cut from the centre of your card front/panel. Someone came out with an idea so simple, I think we all sat there feeling dumb!
 Here it is:
Die cut your oval shape, then fold in half lengthways. Open out and fold widthways. Then mark the folds. Now put the diecut back into the die, and mark the four points on the die. If you mark your card front lightly in pencil, dividing it in half lengthways & widthways, you can accurately place your die to cut,or if you lightly mark your die cut oval to place on top, everything will be straight.

I just cut mine out of scrap paper to demonstrate, but you could actually have a template the same size as your card front, and use that for accurate placement. Works with circles too. One thing I did notice is that the Nesties Scalloped Oval is not symmetrical- you can see on the die markings I made, so it would be wise to mark the top of the die & die cut.

One final thing I keep forgetting to add in, we had a follow up from my last scan (back in April) a few weeks ago, and to be honest, we expected the best result we'd get would be that it hadn't changed in size. However, he said it had shrunk since the scan in December, and it was now half the size it was a year ago, when I first got referred to him. Back then it was 5cm, now it's 2.5. So, way better than we expected, and he was happy to refer me back to my local Oncologist, as he didn't see any need to keep going to the QE. It'll just be monitored with regular scans.

Just quickly hopping back to ATC's- Kim Young sent me one, with a stamp on it that featured a Solar Eclipse. I'm always hanging on to interesting looking stamps, so I still had it, when Kim told me that if you warn up the stamp it changes.

And this is what is revealed when you do- how clever is that?

And finally...................................

I'm sure that applies to most of us too-I'm just amazed our home HAS that many safe places!

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

WOYWW #469

Good Morning everyone, I hope the weather is good wherever you are. This is the post-birthday edition, and as such, features a whole bunch of Birthday ATC's. Stop off at Julia's place, The Stamping Ground, for all the links, and also information at the top of her Blog about this years Crop in Llandudno, in September. If you've never been- you really will enjoy it, it's a fab day of chat,cake,Coffee & Tea,chat, Cake,Crafting,Dinner,chat, Cake- you get the idea?

This one arrived before the Birthday, and is from Nikki. Included some of her fabulous artwork, and bits of ephemera. As well as a host of gorgeous stamps on the envelope!

Nikki also produces the fab birthday badges for our blogs every year- this years 9th ones are available on Julias blog, if you missed them on Nikkis last week.

Diana's (Velvet Moth Studios) came in a beautifully decorated matching envelope, Heathers in a little card, as did Annie & Jo's( Wipso & Twiglet), with a lovely little verse.

Margaret (Glitter& Glue), LLJ, Sarah Brennan, Helen (Stamping by H) and Cindy. Awesome little cards with them too.

Kim Young, Neet (Hickydorums) and Angela (Felix the Crafty Cat). Angela also included some pieces of ephemera, and some die cuts!

Kyla was actually my PIF, then she sent me one in return, along with some fab pieces of her backgrounds.  Love the moths on the envelope too!

Zsuzsa (Inkydinkydoodle)  also included some goodies in her ATC, which came in a gorgeous envelope of handprinted paper.

Thank you so much everyone, for the swaps, and the amazing goodies so many of you included. I need to up my game next year, clearly! ๐Ÿ˜€

In other news, how many of you ladies, and I'm pretty sure it will be mainly the Brits, and ladies 'of a certain age', lol,- remember the PG Tips Tea monkeys from (a lot of )years ago?
My late youngest brother was crazy about them as a small child, and they once ran an offer to buy a toy version, which was actually quite large- probably as tall as your average 2 year old.
 Anyway, this pic, which my niece took a few days ago, is of her daughter playing with it now. 47 YEARS LATER!  Yes, that's how old it is, and it looks pretty much the same now as it did when Darrell got it. They don't make toys like that anymore.
The real monkeys from the ads used to live at Twycross Zoo, and I remember my Dad taking us there a few times, so Darrell could see them.

Did a little gardening over the weekend, and this old fashioned Aquilegia, I think they are called Grannys Bonnets, were very much flavour of the day for the bees! They were loving them. I also have some in white, and two shades of purple, and they are quite shameless about spreading their seeds all over the garden, which I rather like.

I also made some Christmas cards for the Fortnightly challenge, and they are in the post below.

And finally..............following on from last weeks Viking revelation............................

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Christmas Card Club #11- Christmas Trees

Hello everyone, and I hope this finds everyone well. This fortnights challenge is from me, and is for Christmas Trees- Indoor or Outdoor.
I've used both options, and the first one is a card I case'd from one I saw Gina K of Stamp TV make, using one of her own stamp sets.
My tree is froma set by Indigo Blu,called Winter Wonderland. The hills were sponged with torn paper and Archival Cornflower Blue ink.
 The sentiment is from Phill Martin, Scribbled Christmas Petite set.
 A few baubles added to the tree with Red & Gold Stickles. The embossing folder used for the mount piece is from Crafts Too.

 This is a Sweet Poppy stencil called Mistletoe tree, and was done using home made glitter paste.
 Some half pearls finished them off.

Another Sweet Poppy stencil, Snowflake Tree, this time in silver glitter paste, and a few acrylic gems for some extra sparkle.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyones take on the theme.  I missed the Christmas Wreaths week, while I was on holiday, and the next one, Sentiment as Focal Point, due to a burst water pipe- not indoors I hasten to add, but a lot of upheaval nonetheless. I'll be trying to catch upon those challenges, as I have many wreath stamps and dies I'd love to use, and the Sentiment one is a style I've been meaning to try for a long time.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

WOYWW #468- The 9th Birthday Edition!

 Indeed, a HUGE Happy Birthday to us all, but especially to our amazing leader, Julia, from The Stamping Ground, whose baby this blog hop was, and who has kept it running for so long.
 Looking back on my blog, it looks like my first join up with WOYWW was back in January 2011, which was week number 84! I was doing terrible posts back then, lol, no info on what I'd made, no labels, nothing. (Hangs head in embarrassment). But, as I blogged I learnt, especially from other blogs, so I grew. I only started my blog as Beloved Hubby kept telling me I should- I saw no reason anyone would be interested in what I did, and tbh, looking back at early posts, I would not have blamed them, lol.
 But here we are, in my case 7 years later and still going strong. And we still get new people joining in, which is lovely, and there are a number here who have been visiting for many years, so whether you are an old friend or a new one I'm always happy to visit everyone  pretty much every week.
 So, onwards then. All my ATC's are in the post Tuesday afternoon, apart from my PIF, of course. I've already received 2, which I'm not opening till Wednesday. What else has been happening? I'm not sure if I've already shown you these, the medallions I die cut and layered.

Managed to get them in a patch of sun so you can see the sparkle from the Foil & Glitter.

Visible Image had some new stamps & stencils released last week, so a couple of each fell into my basket.

In one of my planters I have a Goth Petunia!

At Christmas, one thing Doug & I bought each other was a DNA testing kit. Due to me being on antibiotics for weeks, we waited till I was off them to do the test.
 This week we got the results back,Doug posted the results on FB a few days ago, but for those who haven't seen it, you may be interested. Dougs was exactly as he expected- mainly English with about a quarter Welsh-his Dad came from a Welsh family.
 But mine- WOW! was mine a surprise!
I'm a Viking! And given that the Vikings invaded pretty much everyone else on their World Tour, that explains the others as well๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€ So, go me.๐Ÿ˜ˆ  If you need any invading & pillaging, you know who to call. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

               And finally...............