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Wednesday 19 November 2014

WOYWW #285

Someone, somewhere must be hoarding Thursdays to Tuesdays! Seriously, another week gone already? So here we are, back for another WOYWW, courtesy of Julia over at The Stamping Ground.
My desk for this week has nothing going on at all. Nada. Nowt. But I did realise, looking at last weeks picture, that when I showed the stamps I bought, pretty much none of them were visible. Bit pointless really. So I thought that as my desk was bare, I'd lay them out and show you.
Some bare trees from Inkylicious, and a flock of birds. A Christmassy sentiment, and a stencil that I'm hoping will be useful.

A few more of my favourite Visible Image stamps.

These sentiments, available in two sizes, appealed to me, from Bee Crafty.

These from Card-io, some of you may remember the Rubber Stamp Tapestry stamps from  a few years ago? The ones on little wooden pegs? Now they do clear stamps, and clear acrylic pegs to attach to, if you want, or you can use small acrylic blocks. I saw her demo some fabulous Christmas cards with them, and to add colour, instead of sponging she used a dry baby wipe wrapped around her finger, which I intend to try out.

This Clarity set looked like it would be a useful addition for scenic stamping.

And lastly, I could not come home without some Lavinia stamps- love those funky toadstools.

 Final item is something I forgot about last week, as it was still inside a bag.
 Glitter. How could I miss that?

Some nice orange shades, which seems to be sadly lacking in glitter colours, although there are quite a few in the Barbara Trombelli range. A nice variety of purples- you can never have too much purple, I say. And the obligatory black.

One or two thoughts on the NEC- its getting smaller every time I go, I find. And there are less stamping companies attending every year. Quite a few of the big names were noticeable by their absence this time round, and a lot of others had much smaller spaces than they usually do. Looks like Hobbycrafts is pricing people out of taking part.
  So that's me done, I'm not working tonight,(Tuesday) I'm absolutely shattered. So glad this is my final week of treatment, its getting to me now. I was quite wiped out over the weekend, I slept till midday on Saturday, then went back to sleep at 3.00 till 6.00, and was back in bed by 10.30, and slept till midday on Sunday. All I've been thinking about since I got up is going back to bed, so that's where I'm off now. Only 4 more treatments, and until at least Thursday, when I see the Oncologist, I'm off the Chemo tablets. One of the side effects you are supposed to tell them about is getting sore hands/feet, and for the last few days the balls of my feet have been quite sore. Like when you've been wearing heels for too long? Or had the seam of your socks/tights under the ball of your foot? Anyway, I phoned them and told them, and I've not to take any more till I see Dr Sothi on Thursday. And I also now have 6 weeks worth of Vitamin E tablets to take for it!

Wednesday 12 November 2014

WOYWW #284

Another week, another Wednesday blog round up over at The Stamping Ground, chaired by Head Desker Julia.So on the desk this week are my purchases from Hobbycrafts at the NEC last Saturday. Had a smashing day, especially getting to meet up with Linda B and Ali H, along with some other members of their scrapping group.
As you can see, a selection of stamps- Lavinia, Visible Image and Cardio in the main. Saw the lady on Cardio's stand making some amazing Christmas cards, and using dried out baby wipes to add the ink, instead of sponging. Very effective, and looked really easy, so I shall be trying that out. A few new ink pads, Tim mini blending tool pads,low tack tape and some background sheets also from Lavinia stamps. There is also some packs of black and white leather effect card under the tape.

On the other desktop, 3 Sweet Poppy stencils, two Christmas ones and a Thistles one, which appears to be hiding. A set of Tim Holtz snowflakes, and some Memory Box bauble dies, which one of the stands was selling really cheap.
 The rest of my room is gradually getting back to normal, I've got everything put back on my desk, and have a few drawers to put stuff away in yet.
Running update, I now have only 9 days of radiotherapy left, thats gone by really fast. Oncologist was very happy with me last week, and said that if I still feel ok this week, I don't need to wait and see her, I can just see her next week, and she will organise the CT scan for 6 weeks time then. Works Occupational Health Nurse was also happy, and said she recommended that I continue doing half shifts until my treatment has finished, and gradually go back up to full hours after that. Which I am happy with, I do find that I tire easily- thats how its affecting me, lack of stamina. I can't do anything for as long as I used to be able to.  I am really glad to come home at 2.00am at the moment. Apologies to those I didn't get round to last week, Thursday was a long day, with treatment and having to see the Oncologist, as well as the Works Occupational health lady, and it was early hospital appointment, so had little sleep. Lost most of Friday catching up on sleep! I shall be doing better this week, lol.

Wednesday 5 November 2014

WOYWW #283

Morning folks! To be honest, my desk is a mess this week. No crafting, as there was a bit of furniture building, and new PC building going on. Which meant the removal of all the stuff from my old PC desk, so that could be disassembled, and the new one built. We got me a slightly smaller desk from IKEA, as my old one was rather huge. It also meant I could fit in another couple of Alex units by the desk- well, you can't possibly have too many drawers, can you? So this is what my room, and workdesk, look like right now.
Everything moved and piled in one half of the room.

This was the corner where the old desk used to be:

Hubby getting ready to construct- I'm still banned from lifting, and to be honest, I felt really worn out all weekend, just seemed to move from sitting down in one place, to sitting somewhere else. Which is why nothing as yet has been put back, my energy levels were on the floor!

New desk put together and in its corner. Now I just have to put stuff back.
 Did get two new drawer sets, and a new chair. My old one would collapse down every so often- most disconcerting, lol. Nice shiny new PC all built, thanks to Beloved Hubbys tech skills. Still have to put everything away!
 By today, I am half way through my treatment, it has gone quite quickly. Didn't go in to work Monday night, as I still felt tired, but was feeling a lot better last night, so went back.
  So that's my show and tell for this week, keeping my fingers crossed my energy levels stay up, as I've booked a ticket for the Hobbycrafts show at the NEC, I shall be going on Saturday, as Thursday and Friday I have my treatments, so they are out, and Sunday I will have time to recover if I'm tired. Anyone going Saturday, give me a heads up, and we'll meet up somewhere. Which also means I need to get my stuff sorted and put away, as I need to find the ticket I printed off!

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