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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Day 7 Doug's​ log: Star date 07/02/2017.19:10

Just a quick post to bring you all up to speed as i am just about to eat my dinner before going to work.
Shaz was moved onto the ward today (Bed 1Bay 5) She has all the lines out now even the one in her foot. She is still on oxygen at a flowrate of 2 and then are going to be leaving it that way for tonight (unless the nightshift doctor feel changes it) tomorrow they are simply taking her off it to see how she copes. Sid is still fine too ;)
Release it could be tomorrow but more likely Thursday.

That's it from me as my dinner is going cold lol


cuilliesocks said...

This is good Doug, Shaz is going in the right direction, Kate x

The Hardy Stamper said...

Good news! Thanks for the update Doug.

Cardarian said...

Good news! Thinking of you both everyday and wishing it all goes well. You are both brave and lovely people! Love and hugs to both of you Cardarian

SumBunneh said...

Yay!! Go Shaz go!

Christine said...

Good news, (((hugs))) to you both.

Rita said...

Thanks for the update Doug. Every day you will see an improvement. It really is good to hear, although even when she Comes home, take it gently with her. I know what we women are like. Sending Hugs to both of you. Rita xxx

glitterandglue said...

Hi Doug and Shaz.
This all sounds good. I'm really pleased.
Praying for you both.
Love to you.

Barb said...

Really good news. Enjoy your dinner. Barbxx

Elizabeth said...

Good news yesterday on Shaz, hope it's even better today. xx

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