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Monday 29 October 2012

Tim Holtz Embossing Diffusers & Cuttlebug

  IMG_7222 w
   A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I had bought these, the new Tim Holtz Embossing Diffusers. You have probably seen, like me, the DIY versions that people have posted on You Tube, and they looked like a really cool idea. So when I saw these, I thought they had to be worth a try. This has #1 on it, so I assume he will be bringing out some other shapes somewhere along the line. What you get in the pack is 3 frames, for want of a better description, and the 3  inserts that are cut from them. A large oval, a small long oval and a circle.IMG_7221 w So effectively you get 6 options for changing around what you can do with your embossing folders.
  To try them out, I used the large oval. The idea is that you get an un-embossed area with the frame, or just a small embossed area with the insert. You can stamp into the un-embossed area, or even double emboss-adding a different texture to that blank area.
Now, I did have a look around the net to see what sandwiches people were using with these and the 'bug, as Tim obviously uses a Vagabond in his demos. I did find a couple of different sandwiches for the 'bug, neither of which worked in my machine.
If you've had your 'bug a long time, you will have a good idea what will fit through it, and what won't. To  those who are not so familiar with their machine, NEVER, EVER try to force a sandwich through- you WILL break your 'bug. Err on the side of caution and start with a really thin sandwich, and gradually shim up till it will go through with reasonable ease, and produce a good embossed piece. Better to throw away poorly embossed cardstock, than a Cuttlebug! The sandwich here worked for mine. It may be too thick, or too thin for your machine. One video I saw the lady used an A plate, B plate, folder with cardstock, Diffuser, then B plate. Went through her machine perfectly, and came out well embossed. This sandwich was WAY too thick for my machine, but hers was fine with it. So be warned!
According to Tim, the Diffuser replaces one cutting plate, and as for embossing folders I would usually use A plate, B IMG_7223 wplate, folder & cardstock, then B plate,I put one B plate aside, and my sandwich was:
         A plate,
         B plate,
         Folder & cardstock,
Like I said, this worked just nicely in my 'bug. The first time I tried it out, I discovered that its a bit difficult to get the folder/Diffuser to stay where you want it to- so I recommend low tack tape to hold everything together while you feed the sandwich through.IMG_7198 w
The first piece I did was with one of the Tim Holtz Alterations folders , Retro Cirque set. You can see my sandwich on the left.

This is what you get- an embossed piece of cardstock, with a central oval panel left plain. Meaning you can stamp onto it, or use it as a base for a matted piece of stamping.


You don't get a crisp outline around the emboIMG_7201 wssing, by the way, it just sort of fades out.

       So now, the oval shape that is cut from the frame. Its layered up exactly the same, on top of the folder, and this time you definitely need the low tack tape to hold it in place- otherwise the minute you try to feed it, it slides everywhere. You have lots of options as to where you place it, or the orientation, as it just sits on top.
IMG_7205 w

I'm just going for the central oval here. I also tried feeding it through upside down, just to see if it made any difference- it doesn't, Embarrassed smile.

IMG_7206 w

So here are the two pieces together- the top one is the frame Diffuser, the bottom one what you get with the Oval. 

IMG_7207 w
IMG_7216 w        The thing Tim demo'ed with this is that you can place one type of embossing with the frame part of the Diffuser, then another type within the plain area using the oval insert. This time I have used the Swiss Dots folder, with the Diffuser frame for the first bit.           The first embossing.Looking through my folders, I found one that I thought would go perfectly with this:   

IMG_7224 w
  IMG_7225 w        I tried the frame over it, and it does indeed seem like a perfect fit. It's a Sizzix folder, by the way.  This was layered up exactly the same as to get the embossed oval with a plain frame: Folder with cardstock, Oval Diffuser on top.IMG_7217 w

IMG_7218 w


 Its not too difficult to get everything in the right place, as you can see enough through the folder to place your design.  As you can see, lots of tape this time, I really didn't want it to move at all.                    
  The oval plate just puts the pressure on the words in the folder, and adds it to the blank area. The three pieces from the various combinations.
IMG_7220 w


BJ said...

was at WOYWW178 but glad you left it an open link as I found this and it looks really cool - BJ #35 and Cuttlebug owner.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting Shaz and thanks for sharing with us. I think I might have to add this diffuser to my wish list :)
Lynn xx

SandiL244 said...

Thank you. This is the first written/picture (non-video) instructions that actually made sense. Just expanded the uses for what I already own. Need to keep my eye out for these. Sandi

Unknown said...

Thank you Shaz, I have several of these and I haven't used them, now with your great instructions, I will be able to do so. I love your site and all of your very pretty work.

Darnell said...

I just got a set of diffusers on my trip to the Midwest and really appreciate the tutorial, Shaz!! Thank you so much! Hugs, Darnell

Steffy said...

Thank you so much for this Tut I had wondered if these diffusers would be worth adding to my stash after seeing this that answer is YES

Hanna said...

Thank you for taking the time to post this in such detail. I've been away from paper crafts for a while and I'm catching up. I did not know about diffusers; I love the idea of combining two different embossing folders. In the past I've just layered sentiments on top of background embossing. This is so much more elegant. Thanks!

Lenoria said...

Thank you for the instructions on these. I have set #2 but haven't used them yet. I love the combo you used with the "thank you" folder and the advise on using a lot of tape! I think I may get these out and play and relax a little. Thank you!!

Pumpkin Hill Stampers said...

Oh thank you. This technique finally makes sense to me. I have read instructions before, but never truly understood, until I saw your post!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial.
I'm going to have to have my Big Shot close to the computer so I don't
mess up. Again, thanks.

Katrina said...

thanks for posting this tutorial...now I get it...I have tried them several times but it never worked...regards

Katrina said...
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Patrice said...

Haven't come across these yet. Just saw a link to your blog on Pinterest. Thanks for sharing the info. Off to look at more now :) x

Kaye McGrath said...

Thanks for sharing your tutorial. I was given these as a gift and I really haven't got around to trying them yet. Feeling all inspired now :)

Unknown said...

Hi,it is so sorry, but when I try to understand your explanation, I only see black rectangles, without any design.
So sorry. But thanks to show some things on your blog.

gerard from Belgium.

marlah24 said...


Evelyne Moran said...

I use my A plate then embossing folder with diffuser then one B plate on top. It secures everything better.

Zulita said...
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Zulita said...

Gracias, al fin podré utilizar mis difusores, me gusta mucho tu explicàción...

janet said...

I have these, and used a nesting circle etc to add a crisp edge to the clear area -just put it through using a rubber mat to emboss rather than cut . It was much neater.

Greta said...

Found this post through Pinterest & glad I did. I tried my diffusers once & gave up, but now I see it isn't supposed to leave a firm outline. I'll have to try again & see if I like it with another embossing folder. The double embossing example you did is really neat!

gilli said...

Thank you for this information. I have read directions before but could not quite get it. With your very clear directions and you photographs it all becomes clear. Now to try it

Barb Finnical said...

Wow, that is very cool! I have never heard if them before. Thanks for the post!

AnnieFanny said...

I’ve had this Diffuser set for years and never really understood the concept! That you for sharing!

Unknown said...

I also purchased a set of the oval diffusers this year and has the exactly problem you had with the diffusers. The oval cutout slid away from the machine and the large diffuser was too thick to go through. I watched many videos on Youtube and they seemed to work without any problems, there was no mention of using masking tape to stabilize the diffuser. Your tutorial using sticky tape helped and I also used used crease pad on top to keep things in place. Thank you for sharing your experience with the diffusers. It was most helpful.

Judy Louey from HK

Suddenlysue said...

Wow, thank you ! I bought these and never figured out how to use them. I just gave up and put them aside. I found you on pinterest :) when I saw the length of your explanation I was going to skip it but I read the comments and decided to carefully take the time and read your blog. It was so good and easy to understand and your pictures where great. Thank you so much for sharing your crafting skills.

Megha Choudhary said...

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