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Friday, 3 February 2017

Day 3 Doug's log: star date 02/02/2017.16:00

Part one

So I arrived just before 9 this morning and shaz has been doing well, she had already had her breakfast of toast and was sat in her chair, she as all washed and changed . I brought with me he owl bag with her reading glasses so texting should be easier for her . Also brought in a large packet of bourbon biscuits for her (brownie points in the bag, you can never have too many).

Shaz looks to be being moved off hdu this afternoon sometime as all her vitals are ok .
The drain in side is bubbling away indicating that the lung is not sealed as yet, they don't seem at all concerned about that though. It will seal itself in time.

Pain management seems to be up and down  a little at the minute, but she is controlling it herself with the magic button.

She said she didn't sleep all through the night due to failed attempts at tossing and turning causing her pain from her shoulder. So she is more tired this morning than yesterday.
Lines wise she only has the one in now and this is for the magic morphine button.

We have just met the surgeon that did the op , he said they are happy that they took it all out . They have taken half the lung as the left hand side is decided into two sections. As she has emphasima her lungs are very thin so she will notice the loss but in time she will adapt and it will become normal to her.

It is now lunch time so I will leave her to eat her dinner and I am off to get some myself.

Part 2

I have just returned to find that she has just gotten over a a panic  attack  caused by the pain in her shoulder as she couldn't control the pain and the breathing at the same time.

Well I finally got to the bottom of what happened. shaz in her infinite wisdom and lack of patience decided that she fancied a nap. Her nurse of the day Daisey was busy with another patient so she decided she could manage to get to the bed herself.  In doing so she triggered the pain in her shoulder again, this unfortunately affected her breathing thus triggering a minor panic-attack . It took a fair while to calm down enough for her breathing to return to normal after that.
  She is now comfortable and snoozing waiting for her dinner.

A point of note Sid has not been active at all so far so she has been given some laxatives this morning.

At this point I am not sure if the planned room change will happen?


SumBunneh said...

Thank you for the updates... naughty Shaz.. not wanting to put anyone to too much trouble in helping her... hopefully she will be more patient and more able to ask for help now she knows the consequences x

Keep strong.. love is with you both xx

cuilliesocks said...

Thanks Doug for taking the time to let us know how Shaz is getting on. What a pity about the panic attack, but she is comfortable now, Kate x

Annie said...

Tell Shaz from not to rush things. She has all the time in the world and doing too much too soon will just put her back a day in her recovery. There's no rush to move either....one room is pretty much the same as the other 😂 slow but sure will win the race....but I'm not suggesting she enters any races just yet either. Love and hugs to you both.
Annie x

Mrs A. said...

Thanks do much for the updates. Shaz is a fighter that's for sure but must take it easy. No rush. You seem to have everything under control even blogger! hugs Mrs A.

Zoe Tant said...

Thanks for the update and glad she is ok if a little too adventurous. Send our love and get well wishes. Zx

Rainey's Craft Room said...

You are doing a great job of keeping us informed of Shaz's condition and supporting her recovery too, she's a lucky lady and we all send her get well wishes. Make sure you look after yourself too.

Carol said...

Thanks for the updates. Hope Shaz continues to recover and takes thing easy. Crafty hugs Carol x

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