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Wednesday, 14 August 2019

WOYWW #532- The Birthday Edition.

Mine and Beloved Hubbys, that is. Yep, same day. Does sort of rule out the chances of forgetting,lol. Not a lot being done, still feeling stupid tired, although the breathlessness is improving. So, I'm afraid I have nothing to show except a teeny bit of enabling,😀.
The Sizzix die & embossing folder  are from their still ongoing sale, the Stamps by Chloe die set does have a stamp set to go with it, still waiting for that.
Also came across this happy looking snowman, by Two Jays. I do have a couple of snowmen stamps, but one of them looks decidedly sinister!

Trust me, there will be more serious enabling to come- Tim Holtz/Stampers Anonymous have new stamps out, there is a fab Skeleton Leaves one, and Toadstool clumps, and Lavinia have new stamps coming out on the 22nd, with loads of dragons amongst them. Really hoping I'll feel more like crafting soon, have lots of things I want to do, just completely can't be bothered right now.
Leaving my link over at Julias place, The Stamping Ground, as always on a Wednesday.

Which brings me to the health update. Saw the Oncologist on Monday, and to be honest, he was a little surprised by how it's affected me, as apparently these problems crop up more often with people having the IV and tablets version. So, here I am, keeping to my 'Don't be normal' system.😉
He suspects I may have some tiny blood clots on my lungs, as the breathlessness & tiredness came on suddenly, rather than gradually. He knows there  are no big ones, as nothing showed up on the chest x-ray, but he said tiny ones often don't show on them, and he's organising a specialist scan to check. He's also given me some blood thinning medication- anyone know those pre-loaded syringes you have to jab in your tummy?- so I have those to use twice a day for two weeks, just to be on the safe side, and we're having a treatment break while he gets to the bottom of it. He also said they start the IV dosage at 100%, but they can cut that down if  it seems to much for the patient, so when we restart it'll be a reduced dosage.

Which just leaves...................And Finally................................................................( and will most likely not contain a single vowel!)

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

WOYWW #531- The Blatant Enabling Edition.

I have to admit the truth, this is definitely the most  Enabling edition ever. Totally because I have been so totally crap for the last week, I've literally done nothing but read, watch craft videos, and a bit of colouring. After spending most of last Wednesday in A&E, having nebulisers, along with some IV antibiotics & steroids, everything was too much effort. The breathlessness has just- marginally- started to improve, and hopefully the tiredness will lessen a bit now. I still feel yuck, but the good news is that this weeks treatment has been put off, and I get to see the Oncologist on Monday morning, because as I feel right now, there's no way my body could tolerate another treatment. The effect is cumulative, and two have totally wiped me out. So we'll see what Monday brings.
 Anyway, the enabling!
  An online trip to CraftStash got me these goodies.  Four new to me Oxide colours, a set of Christmas stamps with a really nice script, and some dies. The Christmas sentiment ones are all in the £3-£4 range, and you get the words, underline and shadow dies.
 I saw a card done using the bauble die in gold on white, and it looked stunning.

Flipped them over here so you can see what you get. The words are 1.6cm high, or  ⅝", and the longer words are 11-12 cm, the Noel is 3.5.

And that really is all there is from me this week. As always, I'll be leaving my link at Auntie Julias place, The Stamping Ground, and visiting you all later on.

Which just leaves..............And Finally.....................

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

WOYWW #530- The Extreme Enabling Edition!

Indeed, due to me struggling somewhat this week- finding myself very, very breathless just moving around the house, I have done very little but sit at my PC and shop!
 I have to say that the Enabler got Enabled last week- Thanks Helen (StampingbyH)- who showed a  this fab stamp set from Paper Artsy, as well as the coloured wings from Lord Tim.
 As usual Wednesday means WOYWW, so I'll be popping over to leave my link with our Fabulous Leader, Julia, over at The Stamping Ground.

Speaking of Tim, these also happened to fall into my basket. I do love masks- except clown ones, they're creepy- and as well as the large ones, you get lots of small sizes too. And I can never have too many bats. Ever.

Occasionally, thoughts of Christmas cards wander through my mind, so this edger/cover type may well come in handy. That'll be some real fast cards.

Not newly bought, but thought I'd give you a better view of the Chocolate Baroque house stamps I've been working with.
This one is called English Cottages.

This one is Townhouses. Both come with an assortment of extras- trees/shrubs/signposts etc.

This is where I'm at so far, after they're coloured, I'm going to blend in some pale blue for a patch of sky behind them, and them maybe some footpath & lawn up to the house.

I've been doing the colouring with that set of Zenacolor II pencils I bought and showed you a few months ago, and for a real 'budget' price, they perform really well for what I want.
 And so I'm done. Second Chemo finished, and apart from it causing extreme breathlessness this time, not too bad.

Which just leaves..................And Finally................

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

WOYWW #529- The Goodbye to Erika Edition.

Writing this on Tuesday evening, and today was the day we said our goodbyes to Erika.
It was a lovely celebration of Erikas life, many tears were shed, and many happy memories shared.
 The Crematorium is newly opened, and is a beautiful building, in a woodland setting, which she would have loved.
 You can see from the picture what a lovely tranquil setting it is, and get an idea of how many people came to her funeral.
 It literally was packed, with people standing at the sides and back, as well as all the seating being full.
Everyone we spoke to said the same- everyone liked Erika, it was impossible not to. She was so warm and open, and lived life to the full. She is going to be so very missed by all who had the good fortune to have met her, and those who got to know her through her love of crafting, both in real life & online.

She was a regular at Pauline Butchers Inky Workshops, and one of the other group members made up this collage, which was at this weeks Workshop, so Erika was still with them. Pauline brought it along to the wake.  We also were given a small bag containing a handful of wild flower seeds, which we were asked to scatter anywhere we liked, so people would see them flowering, and smile. That way Erika would still be making people smile even though she's not with us anymore, which we thought was a lovely idea.

After we left the wake, we met up with our Amazing Leader, Julia, in a local Costas for a drink and a catch up. We had a couple of hours of fun and laughter, and a break from the heat in the air conditioned Costas. It was an incredibly hot day, mid 30's I believe.
 So, the reason you're here- my desk.
I stamped out some house images, from a couple of sets by Chocolate Baroque I bought a few weeks ago, and have been playing around with my coloured pencils.
 Slowly but surely getting them coloured.

I freely admit that this week I'm falling down on the job of Enabler in Chief! Haven't actually bought anything for a week or two, so I'll have to try harder for next week. 😀

Second chemo this Friday, the first one seems to have gone OK, not been ill or anything, so fingers crossed.

Which just leaves.....And Finally.......

Quick Edit: Ian posted on FB today- the Funeral Director counted the guests at the funeral- 155! That says everything about her.

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

WOYWW #528- The Not a lot Happening Edition.

And there isn't much happening, I'm afraid.
 Feeling very 'can't be bothered at the moment. Not ill, apart from a dry mouth driving me nuts, but what's that in the great scheme of things? Just very can't be asked.
 So I'm afraid today I will be mostly enabling.😉Follow up from last weeks Sizzix Sale mention, my goodies arrived. Lots of great bargains there, many half price, or even way less. Still on, by the way. The BS Caddy, for instance, £4.50, instead of £17.99. And anyone thinking about getting a TH Sidekick, now's your chance, they're £22.50 on there, which is half price. (Page 4, I think, lol).

My Gnomes stamps, from Chocolate Baroque arrived, called A Tomte Christmas.

Someone on FB posted a pic of this stand available on Amazon, for holding those PF, or the cheaper version, brushes. Comes flatpacked, you just have to put it together.

I'll be a little late visiting some people, as I have a Diabetic Eye Test Screening mid-morning, which involves drops that blur your vision, so will be a while before I can see clearly enough to type, I expect.
 And I'm done here, now. Leaving my link over at Julia's place, The Stamping Ground, and I will gradually get around to everyone.

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

WOYWW #527- The Post Holiday Edition.

.....Aaaand we're back! Had a great week away, I'll add a few photos at the end. Back to our regular Wednesday meeting over at Julia's place, The Stamping Ground.

 First up then, the desk shot. Actually shots, as I can't get it all in in one. Not that its a huge desk, but only have a couple of feet between that and the table along the wall behind me, so I can't stand far enough back.

A stack of ATC's started before we went away, for some swaps within one of the Lavinia stamps groups on FB.
All pretty self explanatory- a pot of paint brushes, my cauldron!,the twirly boxes full of stuff and things.

The UFO boxes- yes, they multiplied- a few finished cards. babywipes,microfibre cloth, a Corner Chomper, mini Tonic guillotine, which is identical to the one that's the TH/Tonic one, except for the colour. It cuts perfectly, which, as the Tim one is Black & White, rather annoys me, lol.

Now, I have some new Chocolate Baroque stamps on order, the Gnome ones, but they're not here yet, so that'll be next weeks enabling!😁.
But, in order to maintain my reputation, I will tell you that Sizzix UK currently has a huge sale going on, with loads of their own, and Tim Holtz, cutting dies/embossing folders, and some stamps at really excellent prices. So, I'll just leave that there.😉

Above are a couple of things I brought back for my windows- they're Good Luck charms, and intended to ward off the Evil Eye originally.
Now this pic has a story behind it. When we go on holiday, we have a challenge to buy each other gifts, but they must not cost more than 5€ in total. We did it twice this time.The cat is sweet, as are the tiny penguin & pig.
 The Island shape soap is made from Goats milk, but the funny one is the donkey shaped soap- it really has Donkey milk in it! Who knew that was a thing?
I'll probably be late round today, as I have a hospital appointment at 9.10 to have a PICC line inserted in my arm ready for my chemo, the first treatment is on Friday morning. The PICC line stays in for the next 12 weeks, but is a much better way to do it than them having to find a willing vein every couple of weeks! Having had chemo once, my veins are rubbish- it's a bit like trying to get blood out of a stone- and as for trying to get anything into them well, that's a whole other story.
 So, that just brings us round to .....And Finally........

True Dat!

And now for a few holiday pics, so you can skip past and carry on visiting if you want.😊

There was alcohol involved- regularly,lol. After all, hydration is important in hot weather.😎

 This one above shows the only working traditional windmill in Greece.
 Amazing scenery from up in the mountains.

A very silly, cheeky parrot in one of the beachside bars.

And these last screen shots from Google maps, show how much of the Island we covered on the Quad. I can also say, with clear & definite knowledge, that many things classed as roads by the Greeks, and Google for that matter, use the term in the loosest possible sense. Mainly meant there wasn't actually any trees growing in it! The orange dots in the top right mark out Kos town, where we were staying. Most of the south side of the island is only accessible via boat.

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

WOYWW #525- The Holiday Edition!

Yep, next week we'll be MIA, as tomorrow we are off to Kos for 10 days. So I'll get around to as many people as possible who have joined in at The Stamping Ground, all kept organised by our lovely leader, Julia,before we go in the morning.

On my desk for this week is a card made to send to Ian, Condolences for Erika.  The stamp set is new this week- I'll show them further down- from her beloved Visible Image,  it was the words that went with this set that made me feel they were perfect for this. And it had to be colourful, as that was Erika too. The image was heat embossed, and I used an Encore Metallic pad that has 4 colours across it- pink, purple, blue & green.

Also on the desk some ATC's for a swap in one of the Lavina Stamps pages on Facebook. The backgrounds are as far as I've got for now, so they'll get finished when we get back.


And now for my regular Enabler part of the post 😀😇😉.

First are 4 new Visible Image stamp sets, there are more in this release, but these were the ones that got my attention.

Popped into The Works earlier in the week, and got these two dies.

I have one like the circle Happy Birthday, but it doesn't have stars in it. The other says Wedding Day. Also from The Works, this paper pad. Suitable size for smaller cards, notecard size, and the sort of colours that will work fine for masculine cards. And I think thats pretty much it from me, apart from wishing Helen (StampingbyH) a very Happy Birthday today.  Which just brings us round to......And Finally.......................................

Made me think of Debbie Rock (TatteredRocks) when I saw this.

Saturday, 22 June 2019

Cards using Paperbox cardstock.

So, full disclosure. A few weeks ago I had an email from the people at  Paperbox.They wanted to know if I'd be willing to make some cards from their cardstock, and blog about them. I've bought their cardstock before and always been happy with the quality, so I was ok to do that.

They sent me some cardstock and paper, in mainly pastel shades.

There was also a sheet of non shed glitter card in silver.

The first card I chose to make used a cover die featuring hearts, which I die cut from a sheet of Pale Pink Pearl card. It looks a little paler here than it actually is, I'm finding the contrast from the TH mat does that to colours. I also cut a matching sized sheet from the Silver Non -Shed Glitter card to go behind it.

I matted the two sheets together, and mounted them on to a topfold base card, notecard size, which is roughly 5¾x 4¼. I create that by cutting an A4 sheet of cardstock straight down the centre, lengthways.

 To finish it off I die cut an Anniversary sentiment from the Pale Coral Pearl card. I cut it 3 times, and layered them up for some extra impact.

This card would be great for Weddings & Engagements too, as well as Valentines day, and you could change up the colours for the occasion.

Next up I made a simple Birthday card, again using die cuts, and these are great for a fast card when you need one quickly.

  Again this uses a cover die- I *think* this may have been from Papertrey- but I've had it a long time. There are many similar dies available though.
 I cut it from the Non Shed Glitter card, and it cuts really easily.
 One tip here, I've used non shed glitter card before, and it seems like the glitter is a plastic type of coating on the cardstock. Now what we call 'cutting dies' don't really cut, as they have no sharp edge. They sort of 'crush' their way through cardstock, but with any sort of acetate/plastic/ plastic coating, in places they can stretch it rather than cut. I've found that when you have pieces to poke out, it's better to push them through from the front, then if any parts are still attached, it won't pull the parts that remain away, leaving bare cardstock. Go gently, and it's all good.
 Back to the card, and I found a piece of alcohol ink background in my stash, so I added the die cut- for this I use Multi Medium Matte applied with a fine tip nozzle- then cut it down to the same size as the die cut.
 To the back of this I added a piece of fun foam to give the card a little dimension. I mounted it onto a card blank made from Pale Blue cardstock.
 The sentiment is from Elizabeth Designs, and is a nice big sentiment that works well on this type of card. I cut it 3 times from pale blue card and layered them up using the Matte Medium, which I also used to add the sentiment to the card front.

For the last two cards in this segment, I switched to Baby cards.

 All the small die cuts were cut from the Glitter card, then colour added with Promarkers. This is a great way to make your embellishments match your card, as the Non Shed Glitter Card takes colour from Alcohol Markers, Alcohol inks, even your Distress inkpads really easily.

You do need to give it a little drying time though.

All the dies were bought from The Range, they have a huge selection of small dies, all priced at £1, so they are well worth a look next time you visit.

Starting with the boy card, I took a 5" square card blank, and covered it with some Gingham Vellum from my stash.
 Next I used the  Pastel Blue Matte card and the Aquamarine Pearl card to die cut two sizes of Stitched Squares, (The Works).

 I layered them up using double sided tape.
To the backs I added a small square of fun foam to add some dimension.
I mounted them to the card front with DST again.

Two shades of blue were added to each die cut, then I mounted them using Matte Medium.

For the girl card, I used a different patterned paper for the front, and as it had a heart design, I used some Stitched Heart dies to  cut the layers.

This time I used Pale Pink Pearl and Pale Coral Pearl.

The images were coloured the same way as the boy card.

I will do a few more soon, as I still have cardstock left, so look out for Part Two!

So, I can say that the cardstock has been lovely to work with. The colours are good, and the quality of the cardstock is excellent. It's a good weight, and suitable for folding into card blanks, or for matting and layering. They all die cut beautifully, even the Non Shed Glitter.
 I'd also add that they have a huge range of finishes and colours, and also do swatch books of the various cardstock groups, which is a great way to see what you are ordering before you buy.

WOYWW #532- The Birthday Edition.

Mine and Beloved Hubbys, that is. Yep, same day. Does sort of rule out the chances of forgetting,lol. Not a lot being done, still feeling st...