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Wednesday 19 December 2012

WOYWW #185

Still nothing on the desk other than dust, and my new room is coming along nicely, so I shall post some pics in the next few days. My arm seems to be getting better, just more of a nuisance now.
  So as it's the last WOYWW before Christmas, I'm sending this Christmas greeting to all my WOYWW friends, old & new. Time to head over to our own Mother Christmas, Julia, at The Stamping Ground, and have a looksee at everyones desk. Hope you all have a woderful, peaceful and Happy Christmas, and maybe we'll all meet up again on Boxing Day, mince pie & glass of wine (or Baileys) in hand, to catch up with old friends.

Wednesday 12 December 2012

WOYWW #184

First things first,I had my gorgeous Angel from Jozarty, as part of her Angel swap. I had it a couple of weeks ago, but waited to post till most had arrived with their new owners. Here she is, on my mini easel stand at the moment- still trying to hide the dust layers,lol.
Second, thanks to everyone for their good wishes- and the lefthanded typing is coming along famously- I can now use all five digits :).
 I am also somewhat surprised to discover just how many body parts want to get in on the action whenever you sneeze/cough/laugh!
 Here we are then, at the weekly snoop we all know & love, thanks as always to our own Julia of The Stamping ground. Computer based stuff is about all I can do at the moment, so I am using the time to tidy up all my folders (now I know why I kept putting it off), watch some Stampscapes vids, a few other tutorials and stuff, been poking around galleries-getting all sorts of great ideas and I can't do any of them!
I also can't do anything on my new room, so Beloved Husband is having to do it all, as well as pretty much wait on me hand & foot, and go to work. So I hope he knows just how much I appreciate him, even though  I am not exactly the worlds best patient!

Here's what he's been up to so far:
 After all the walls & ceiling were plastered (not by hubby), a few days wait for them to dry out,and then the painting started.

 This has to be a first for me, White walls,lol.

That has all dried now, and next job was laminating the floor, and today he has started putting the new doorframe & skirting boards in.

If all goes according to plan, that will get varnished on Friday and the wallpaper put on the chimney breast wall over the weekend.

 So in theory, he will be putting the furniture together early next week.

Well, thats my round up for the week, it'll be a few more yet before there is anything arty or crafty appearing on my desk, unfortunately. Have a great week, hope you've all got your Christmas shopping finished, I can't believe how close it is!

Tuesday 11 December 2012

Odds & Ends

A few more boxes to help satisfy my storage fetish!

Some more bits & pieces from Riverside beads- they have so much must-have stuff for embellishments, and yes I know it's supposed to be for jewellery making!.

 I also got a pack of Lavinia Stamps ready made backgrounds to try out.

Some really cool mulberry type paper, which I thought would make some great rosette snowflakes with the Tim Holtz die.

And I forgot these stamps in the other post, all by Paper Artsy.

Some stamps from the NEC

Well as I can't actually do any crafting, I thought I would post up some more things I got seduced by at the Hobbycrafts Show at the NEC in November.
Some Tim stamps, I felt a need for some words for my card making, it is something I really don't have much of, and these were selling cheaper than usual, I suppose because he has new releases out.

These clear stamps are from Kaisercraft, and are really very cheap, but they print well.

I don't think I ever go to the NEC without buying some more stamps from Lavinia stamps!

I loved this stamp- from Cardio. Many of you will probably remember their Rubber Stamp Tapestry 'peg' stamps, well, now they do clear stamps too. This snow-globe just seemed to have so many possibilities, and not just for Christmas.
These were some of their samples, which they kindly let me photograph.

I love the stamps from Inkylicious- these birds & branches will be great for a few projects I (still) have in mind.

Birds are clearly a bit of a theme- I love the gothic look of the Raven stamp from Crafty Individuals, and I have seen some great cards done using the 'Birds on a Wire' stamp.

Last ones are from Dimension, they used to be called Dimension Fourth. The skull attracted me straight away ( no surprises there then), the guitar will have a number of uses, and they had a beautiful sample on display using the leaf flourish stamp.

Thursday 6 December 2012

The Tale of the Injured Shoulder continues....

Well here I am, freshly splinted! Got a phone call yesterday afternoon from the hospital, and as soon as they said who they were, I knew they'd found something on the x-rays. I didn't for one minute think they'd phoned to ask how i was :) .The Doc that phoned said they review all x-rays the next day,and was very apologetic that the Doctor who had seen me did not see that in fact I had chipped a bit off my shoulder blade!To make matters worse, I have chipped off the bit that the tendon attaches to, so I now have a splint to keep the arm in a suitable position for the piece of bone to reattach itself. I'm signed off work for 4 to 6 weeks, I have to go back in 4 weeks for an x-ray to see how its mending. On the plus side, at least the splint comes in black :)
  And my left handed typing is getting better, I can use up to four fingers at a time now, but I can't always guarantee that the letters are in the right order, or even the right ones, so there's a lot of proof reading going on :) Thanks to everyone for all your good wishes, I think there will be a lot of blog hopping and You tube video watching over the next few weeks,as I now can't do much at all. I also just made a really helpful discovery- if I put my mouse on the left instead of the right, life is so much easier.Doh! I think I should be very close to ambidextrous in 6 weeks time!

Wednesday 5 December 2012

WOYWW #183

Good Morning to all WOYWWers, courtesy as always of the fantastic Julia at  The Stamping Ground.
    Just a pic of the room now fully plastered- and this morning I am really glad I am not in the same condition. I am also discovering that typing with one finger, left handed at that, is a very time consuming process! Due to an attack of stupid last night, I am sat here with my right arm in a sling. So here is the story:
 As you all know we are decorating what will be my new craft room. Well, last night I stopped what I was doing, made our lunch for work & cooked dinner. Put said dinner out & called Beloved Hubby for his, took my plate & mug of coffee into the front room, so we could sit & watch something while we ate. Didn't turn the light on first, as I intended to put my plate down on the stool, and go to the light switch. Completely forgot that there was a pack of 9ft long skirting board lay on the floor along the back of the one sofa, hadn't got the light on so didn't see it in the dark, and fell over it. Would have been a better landing had I not had my hands full and fell straight down, arms out in front of me, 'cos like an idiot I was STILL holding onto the plate & mug.Knew as soon as I landed that my right arm took the brunt of the fall, Hubby thought I had probably dislocated it. After an evening/night spent in A&E, and x-rays,because the first assessment nurse thought I had either dislocated my shoulder, or fractured the upper arm, it turns out I have sprained my shoulder/ possibly torn ligaments. I have some record breaking bruises,only to be expected, I'm the sort of person who bruises if you look at me hard,lol. Amazingly, the plate & mug came out unscathed, so I can vouch for the toughness of Ikea crockery, by the way. In fact the only thing broken is my attendance record at work- first time off sick in 10 years. So there is a bit of a picture shortage this week, I can only use my arm if I keep it right up close to my body, which sort of limits the options a bit.
 So I shall be getting round as many people as possible, but I apologise in advance for what will be very short comments, as I am not the worlds fastest typist at the best of times, and lefthanded, one finger- well, I'd probably only be a quarter of the way round by next week, lol.Its really annoying how you always manage to injure your main hand/arm- if it had been my left I landed on, I would be at work, and could carry on doing most things- although Hubby did have to help me get dressed this morning- I did comment to a friend  that its possibly the first time he's had to put a bra on me! Have a great Wednesday everyone.

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