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Saturday, 4 February 2017

Day 4 Doug's log: Star date 04/02/2017.13:07

Mini update

A much better morning so far, shaz has been comfortable but She had very little sleep during the night so is very tired .
Still extremely wheezy though. Bloods this morning have been fine with the exception of glucose being a little out, so the really nice male nurse is referring her to someone for it.
The nurse said after the wash that the Physiotherapist was going to pop in to see her then she can go into bed for a nap, this however took forever to Sharon's dismay.

Anyway a very little walk then into bed she went, nebuliser has just been done and she is currently in full nap mode with the odd little cough.


Annie said...

Thanks so much for the update. I hope they will let her heal and recover in her own time. Some things shouldn't be rushed. Sending you both big hugs,
Annie x

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the update Doug. It sounds like Shaz is picking up now and you sound more upbeat too. More hugs - you can't get enough hugs at this time xx

Neet said...

Hoping that Shaz is on the road to recovery now. Remembering the traumas of the previous op and holding her dear in my heart in the hopes that this time she will be fine and recover well.
Love to you both
Neet xx x


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