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Wednesday, 28 April 2021

WOYWW 621 - Inquest time is nigh

 So I honestly can't remember if I shared this news with you lovely peeps or not, but well,  as the title may well indicate we have an inquest into the cause of Sharon's passing, the date of said inquest is/was yesterday (Tuesday 27th April 2021).

So no desks to share this week, in its place, I will share a picture or two instead, I hope you all don't mind? 

 I am writing this post on Tuesday and have it scheduled as I normally do (as long as I remember its Wednesday) and to think I Teach IT ha ha and forget the days of the week.

So, the elephant in the room is well, the elephant in the room isn't it? 
A part of the process when someone with such a complex history as our Shaz who was undergoing treatment even if palliative towards the end which is what the last chemo was.
None of us know if this will help give us closure but what we did know is it needed to take place. 
On a personal note I was unsure if I was going to be back to square one with all the what-ifs all over again? 
 After all, my wonderful Wifelet passed a little over 10 weeks ago now (I know right, it feels like a week or two at most) so a lot of suppressed emotions are boiling all over again 😩. 

The paperwork that the coroner's office sent out  about a week of Sharon's passing included some stressful content to go through, time lines to remember to be able to build a picture, details to re-live, questions and concerns to raise etc all of which I did parallel to arranging Sharon's funeral only to be told that it will only be to decide on some very specific outcomes.

This is not me fishing for virtual hugs, I am sure you all know me better than that, it really is just the fact of the matter x

So the inquest is set out to ascertain the following


Why (this is the only part they were undecided on)

But that is all done now, 

Sharon's passing is registered as a complication of the treatment she was receiving, sepsis, which was  brought about as a side effect of chemotherapy for her now very aggressive cancer, it was explained far more elegantly than that. 
Cancer is a natural occurrence, a mutation that occurs when cells replicate some are more aggressive than others as was the case with Sharon's, at the end there was simply no treatment that could cure or slow it down, slowly at first but then rather rapidly towards the end it took over until it won.

Anyway let's lighten the mood with a gratuitous picture of our Shaz doing something else she loved, Road trips and Coffee, taken in 2015 on one of our road trips, this was taken in Margate

By the time you see this, this chapter will be behind us, and we all need to try to move on, 

That is how it is supposed to work right?

I came out of the inquest with very mixed emotions, wounds that had started to heal, while now a little smaller had just had the scab ripped back off, so I am kind off broken again!

Baby steps Doug,

Baby steps

 Changing the subject now 

The garden is now clear, not quite the blank canvas yet, but with the help of my brother Rob who popped round on Sunday it is very almost there. 

Saturday I felt rough, guessing it was either the Covid jab from the day before or I have been overdoing it a weeeeee bit ripping the ivy down on Friday right after getting stabbed in the arm, possibly the later or maybe a combination of the two? 

I am so not used to this manual labour malarkey!

After all, the heaviest thing someone working in IT lifts up is a piece of hardware or their cup of coffee.

So I have some fence panels to repair and some more rubbish to move, the rubble in the foreground will be eaten up by the concrete base and footings, this week will mainly the the design/planning time and no doubt a lot of reflection.

I even came across some pictures from back in 2004 from when that part of the garden looked really  nice, we were younger and fitter back then, we kind of all were ha ha

         Let me know if you want to see one of them?

So that was more of a WOYPW - What’s On Your Plate Wednesday which sounds more like a Facebook post showing off the meal you are about to eat than anything craft related, but, I digress again.

 So for the real thing head over to our Julia's Stamping ground and share yours  for What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday  

Which just leaves... and finally...

Wednesday, 21 April 2021

WOYWW 620 - Jungle, what Jungle ?

 Well its that time of the week again, and boy do I ache, so what have I been upto this week, well pretty much more of the same, I have been taming the wildlife garden over the weekend (not really, I have been beating the overgrown jungle into submission) and also I have been doing some more practice with the engraving and well work.

So for my desk this week, will be just that . the 

So For those curious, we have an old router , a cisco switch, a mini patch panel, a cable tester, a toner/probe, a cable map tester, continuity tester and you can also see both cameras in the shot, the overhead one and the one I address the students with when I am demoing/teaching at this desk.

So the garden

Shaz will be laughing at this because she knows what i say when it comes to gardening, the tedious side like weeding I really don't enjoy.

Does anyone enjoy weeding? is that a thing?

I digress again,  the standard joke is that "I don't do dirt"
I dislike having dirty fingernails or getting bitten by mozzies (don't see the appeal to it) don't get me wrong I am more than capable of it , I just wouldn't choose to do it as a job, or hobby, etc.

So let me remind you of what the 150ft garden looks at the bottom of it, this is the same picture as I shared last week.

Now, I work at a desk all day, I drive everywhere and the heaviest thing I lift is shopping bags, and yes I bend my knees, you only have one back.

So when I started this two weekends back, I sort of had an idea of what the outcome should be.


My life!!!

Am I sore this week, the journey is one born out of  blood sweat and tears, but it is also very much a labour of love and apologies...

The latter due to some of the plants Sharon wanted to keep are just not possible. 

I did move a variegated holly bush and cut right down some climbing roses that may come back. 
But the rather large elder was far too far gone (back left of the original picture), as was a rather spindly magnolia that was more dead than alive (not really visible right in the original image picture. 

These will simply be replaced at some point, I need to draw up a plan and map stuff out, but essentially a summer house will be at the bottom and a low maintenance memorial garden in front of it.

So this weekend coming will be removing the rubbish, taking stock of the condition of the fence, and replace panels if needed, remove the ivy from it and maybe make a start on treating it then draw up a plan as I will have a blank canvas.

To give you context as to the length of the garden those steps you see next to the shed and the tarpaulin sheet protecting the cement mixer, that is roughly the midpoint, so to run power down to the summer house wont be cheap either.

The shed will of course go as the tools will go into the summer house as I will partition it off.

As for the engraving, well that is getting there too, I resorted to using a head mounted magnifier to bring me a little closer to the work piece which really helps
Oh and I get my first jab this friday lunch time, better late than never right? 

So thats my desk and garden for this week, head over to our Julia's Stamping ground and share what you may have been working on.  

Cheeky picture of Shaz and I waiting t see Guns N' Roses

That just leaves the and finally...

Wednesday, 14 April 2021

WOYWW 618 - the hublets desk

 Well its that time of the week again, and I very almost didn't blog as I haven't done any paper crafting at all. What I have been doing instead is working, working towards my career as an IT teacher, so my desk this week is just that, my desk, but not the one you have seen before I don't think, you see, I have an additional desk that I use for demos, where I show students tech, what the stuff is and how it works, they will typically get an areal view from an overhead camera out of shot bringing in the camera for close ups. 

The view behind the image is unfinished decorating from a couple of years ago for the hall and stairs I never got round to finishing. 

The desk is set up for this mornings class, we are about to go over networking hence the cables and things laid out to hand. This stuff will get swapped out for the evenings class as we going over hardware with them. So yes, two classes, one at 09:30 -12:30 and then 18:00 until 21:00 it is keeping me busy again and i feel its what I need right now.

But, while it has not been used for that I have put it to good use, we have had a dremel for many years, what I didn't own was the long flexible shaft for the extra control, nor did I have the stand the dremel is suspended from.

The reason I made the purchase is of course who else could I entrust in the correcting of  the mistake on Sharon's urn? 

So that cup you see in the image is what I have been practicing on, it dawned on me as I was lay in bed (mithering) as you do, and had a eureka moment, that lettering in white would be ideal to practice on.

The cup was destined for the bin as the one side of the handle had came away.

So I am learning to engrave (still not quite happy with it but I have a lot of time to perfect it) I can't actually see that well extremely close up. 

You would think being long sighted and short sighted would cancel each other out?

I digress...

So I feel another purchase is on the cards, a hands free magnifier for that super intricate stuff 

The metallic sharpies I have had for years but I feel the tip is too fat, (the artist that made the mistake is sending one over and I have had a partial refund and apology) I have come to the conclusion that the ink they used was the gold and not the bronze.

OMG that used to be a garden

So no paper crafting as yet, I am not sure when I will have the time either as I need/wanted to work on the garden so I can do a memorial garden. We had planned a while ago to sort the bottom of the garden (the jungle) so that we could sit down there and just relax.

Believe it or not this are the same area a few hours and many scratches later, all that shrubbery (love that word...Shrubbery) was mostly bramble, it all got shredded not burnt, in fact anything that was live did, only the dry stuff got incinerated.

At the very bottom of the garden will go a rather large workshop/summerhouse/shed with a large pathed area in front of it and a nice water feature.
or at least that is the plan.

Anyway that is it from me, its late and I need to get to bed (yes I am typing this the night before) don't we all?

So thats my desk, do head over to our Julia's Stamping ground and share yours for Whats On Your Workdesk Wednesday  

Random pic of the bird, this from 2014 Kos

So that just leaves the and finally..

Wednesday, 31 March 2021

WOYWW 617 - guess whos home?

 Well it has been a busy week since my last post, I did try and do so crafting but it didn't go as well as planned, more due to a lack of direction than anything else, but more on that later.

As the title of the post reads, yesterday/today was a special day, despite a hiccup which I am sure the keen eyed may well spot (I will point it out later) there is a special significance of today's date,  and I will cover that with a story later, for the desk this week I give you all back our beloved Shaz, I brought her home today (yesterday as you are reading this scheduled post) in the urn i chose, its ceramic piece with a fitting title called  "Always Together" and when I look at it I see Shaz as the one on the left, can't explain why xx

In the back left we have some peacock feathers in a case Shaz has had sitting there for forever, joining them is the black and burgundy wedding bouquet, salt lamp in the opposite corner that I bought many moons ago I believe around the time she was diagnosed.
Picture on the right is a very early one of Shaz and her eldest son Ant, that picture has also been on that unit for as long as i can remember.
Front and centre is the cast iron rose I bought for her during her stay in hospital from back in October 2015 (who says you cant take flowers into hospital these days)
The sleeping fairy on the left I believe her Son & Daughter in-law bought for her many moons ago for Christmas, this had been sat on the book case, so I brought it in to keep her company. 
There is also a mini bottle of Sharon's perfume she carried with her in her handbag too, along with a picture from a wedding we attended some years back.
By the way the funny shape thing on the right that kind of looks like an onion (what Shaz called it) is an essential oils diffuser (uses tap water and drops of essential oils to make the room smell nice) bought back in 2017 to help us relax linky they work really well.

So for the keen eyed you may have picked up on the DOB being incorrect, (for those that didn't I bet you just went back and checked 😁
Somehow they put the 11/08/1955 instead of  14/08/1955 (I checked the order and I got the date correct), I have e-mailed them to let them know and I am waiting on a reply, I did not fully unwrap other than to take it out of the very large pacing box to check that it wasn't damaged in shipping from the Netherlands before taking it to the co-op funeral care, still in the box to keep it safe.

I may have to the get the dremal and gold paint out and modify it myself as I can hardly ship it back now with Shaz inside it, although she might quite like the road tripπŸ˜„.

Too many words, need another picture to break it up. 

Here is one of kind of failed, saved, failed, leave to one side and think about piece I was working on.

The background came out ace until my colour choice was not right ha ha 
the wolf stamp tried to hide the wrong colour choice, then the Lavinia Stamps pebble stencil, I may have gotten carried away with......just a bit, but we live and learn..

Doo feel free to go look at some crafting, some non failed or just better rescued crafting over at Julia's Stamping ground, I do try and comment on peoples blogs, but not as much as I should,  I am struggling for motivation and time, time; where does that go? plus this week I am back at work.

Well let's end on that promised tale, but this is not just any story, this one is our story (feel free to skip over this to the and finally if you are pushed for time) 
This ladies and gents is a tale of Chivalry, Suspense, Daring and Romance, but I warn you its a lot of words so if you are comfy lets begin.

 I first met Sharon at her place of work, she the manageress at a Kwik save  supermarket on a rough estate not far from where I lived, I had worked part time at another store, and transferred there to work full time when one came up.
Sharon's eldest son also worked there and over the next almost 3 years we had gotten really close, (Ant and Shaz already were of course but you know what I mean) we went to works do's  had the same taste in music, got drunk and did karaoke, that sort of thing. 

So the main stock delivery for Kwik save would arrive on a Monday morning so Ant and myself would stay until midnight to re-stock the shelves, then Shaz would come back and let us out and re lock up before going back home. 

Shaz didn't drive, so she caught the bus or walked everywhere, when she split from her husband a year before this saga's time-line she lived over 2.5 mile away, this meant catching the bus at midnight in a rough area.

So at midnight, Ant and myself would walk her round to the bus stop to ensure she got on it ok, this went on for a while, but it didn't sit right with me,  you never knew who would be on the bus that time of night, (insert chivalry here) so I offered her a lift home, convinced her even, I hated the thought of anything happening to her on the bus or when she walked the last part at other end.

She agreed and this made me feel a whole lot better, I would drop her off outside her door, and after a few times (insert daring here) I would joke one of these days I will be invited in for a coffee and drive off. Sharon's answer was, maybe or something like that (insert suspense here), 

Random pic warning

This went on for a while, until one fateful Monday night on March 30th 1992 (well the morning of Tuesday 31st, but that's being technical)

It was foggy, really foggy almost eerily so, we pull up out side the house, I was about to say "one of these nights I might get that coffee" when she invited me in, So I found somewhere to park and in I followed her in for that coffee, i follow her though the reception room at the front of the house to the dining room.

So with coffee made Shaz decides she was going to go and take a bath (odd for this time of night but Shaz was not normal either) we had sat in the dining room next to the kitchen, the bathroom was on the end of that and in dining room.

Against the wall was a free standing real fire (insert romance here) I figured I would light the fire so it would be warm when she got out the bath.

Then I hear Shaz squeal then laugh,  her cat comes running out soaking wet, it had managed to fall in the bath,  so I am sat drying it off with a towel I had found when shaz comes out in a silk dressing gown and sits down next to me, we sit and watch the flames for what seemed like forever, at some point she leans on my shoulder.
I remember cassette player playing as she did not have a TV , I forget what was songs where playing now, its not relevant, as all I can hear is Sharon's rhythmic breathing, and how it is slowly changing against a backdrop from the crackle of flames .......

And that kids is where I am leaving it, the rest is for me to know and you to guess at

It is most definitely just one of many wonderful memories that I will cherish forever.
Today/tomorrow would have been our actual anniversary that we became an item, it is why it was so very important for me to get her home for today xx

Apologies at the long post peeps, just had to share the story 

An finally....

Wednesday, 24 March 2021

WOYWW 616 - So where exactly does stuff go in here?

Well it is wednesday again, so that can only mean one thing , "Tuesday is behind us and we are one day closer to the weekend", and while that is true it is the one day a week that the crafting community shares what they have been up to on their desks, now that may or may not be some actual crafting, What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.

This week I am afraid there has been no crafting, I am sure you can all understand as to why, but that does not mean craft related stuff hasn't been achieved.

Shaz had a load of tubs of stamps and stencils all over the shop in different tubs for either projects she had planned or projects she had completed, So today I have been mainly dealing with finding homes for all the stamps and stencils, Stuff and Things.

The binder is labeled Lavinia 2, it is reputed to store all the fairy houses, animals and trees etc.

So at the top of the desk you will note the lavinia stamps, they all look new and unopened, but they have all been listed in onenote (Shaz listed everything she ever bought including pictures) One note is something I am getting more and more familiar with as I have started using it for work. 

If you need something to keep yourself organised to prevent you buying duplicates i highly recommend it.

So what else have I been upto? 

I have been in contact with a womans refuge and I am awaiting them getting back to me with regards to some of Sharon's clothes (not the fancy stuff), things like leggings, socks, smalls and plain tops etc

Believe it or not she does have some plain stuff too!

I know right πŸ˜‚ but it is true.

Things that can do some good and I won't feel a loss, baby steps and all that x

Ok so we are going to talk about the elephant in the room, the eagle eyed among you may have done, and those are the new stamps on the right of the desk too,  caught red handed.
What can I say? 
Well my excuse is LOOOOK at them trees, just LOOOOK at them!

So we have the Tree of Hope & the Tree Of Courage, then the sentiment one is called Magic Surrounds us 

Your welcomeπŸ‘

They will be used with a future project I have whirling around in my head, just need the skills to pull it off, the choccy in the bottom, yeah I got that,  pretty sure I can manage that without trying πŸ˜‹.

Anyway, that is our desk covered, what is yours like? head on over to our Julias for a link up and share what you have been up to.

Cheeky holiday snap, this one is from Kos in 2019, from the last working windmill on Kos, the tour guide said to pop your hands in the air, so we both did, Shaz let go of her walking stick to do so, this resulted in it falling to the floor ha ha  

so that just leaves ....

Saturday, 20 March 2021

Thank you all

Sharon's family would like to express our sincerest thank you to everyone that had a hand in making yesterday as special as it was.

Whether you were able to attend in person or in spirit by watching the live stream, knowing you were there in one way or another meant the world to us, we could and did draw strength from each and every one of you.

An extra shout out goes to the company we both spent a combined total of around 40 years between us working at, while its company name has changed as few times over the years its core values has not.

The reason for the shout out is that when I contacted Andrea in HR to let them know of Sharons passing, I mentioned that we will be including Howmet fastenings (formerly Arconic, formerly Linread Northbridge) as part of the route to the crematorium, then I kind of cheekily asked if there was any way they would allow Sharon's work mates come out to see her off.

Now remember we are in a huge pandemic, and most companies have a  portion of staff on furlough!

Without hesitation Andrea was like leave it with me we will make this happen, and they did, even some of those that were on furlough travelled from home to be a part of it.

So when we turned in to the road and I saw just how many colleagues lined both sides of the road it filled me with so much pride and warmth, words can not articulate how huge that was so Andrea, Todd and Paul thank you for making that happen and for each and everyone of our former colleagues xxx 

Picture from 2008 with Shaz (Right), her youngest son Michael (above her) and I am on Michael's left. 

This morning, it was time to open the collections box that stood by the remembrance book, inside it was a little under £100 so I rounded it up and doubled it, when you consider that just 29 friends and family were in attendance that is amazing thank you all.

So £100 went to wolf watch (I removed my email addy from the image below as I get enough spam) x 

And £100 went off to Cancer research too x

Due to the way gift aid works, I had to put this down as a personal donation rather than a collection or they would not benefit from the 25% extra funds they would get from HMRC as a tax incentive, this is something we would always do.

Another cheeky picture...
This one from 2015 when we went out for a meal at christmas with work mates

Any finally ...

Friday, 19 March 2021

It's all about the bird, family and loved ones today x

Today Shaz rejoins the wheel, to be reborn once again, bringing happiness and love to peoples lives once more, we always joked that we somehow managed to get off the wheel in different places hence our age gap, this appears to be history repeating itself again, but we will be reunited once more in another life, in another time.

Today should not be a sad day, it should be a day of remembrance, a day not to be filled with regrets, but instead a day to remember the times we spent with her, the concerts, the crafting, the holidays, the family gatherings, the silly times,  a time to reflect on the joy that was to know shaz.

To remember Sharon's smile, a smile that radiated and made you feel loved, it was magical, and it reached into your very sole.

I have tried the best I can to give shaz the best send of possible under the current circumstances, I know I will be fretting over things I may have forgotten, and Shaz will be shaking her head in dismay, but I honestly can't think of anything else that needs to be done except to not be late, yeah lets not do that as that would be kind of bad.

I fully expect to be in bits today, making the arrangements has been a bit of a welcome distraction for me (I had no idea I was such a control freak), but it has allowed me to fuss over my beloved wifelet for a while longer, that is until she is home with me once again.

Some shout outs:

I am not going to list you all as I am a bloke with a poor memory and don't want to offend anyone x

My family I love you all dearly, and thank you for being there, for rallying round when I needed you, for keeping me fed Rob & Jen I love both dearly for that, meals on wheels rules ha ha  xx

Annie you have no idea how many times the bear has been held tightly (the seams are fine) thank you and for just being there for the chats when I didn't know I needed them, today i have in my pocket an extra rosette to hold, and i will be offering them out to her children to hold too xx

I would like to thank all of the staff at Co-op Funeralcare, especially Emma who has been there for us each step of the way, and for ensuring things like Sharon's hair is dyed and her pillow is sprayed with her sleep spray & for bearing with me as I fussed over the order of service, and Neil for taking the time to walk me the logistics of the day itself including the cars etc

Kate (funeral celebrant), we have chatted back and forth, over todays service, I know you will do Shaz proud today.

My only disappointment is not being able to include all my family due to the restrictions on the amount that can attend the service, It is so unfair that we can't have all the family and friends here, 30 people sounds a lot, but it really, really isn't.

We will celebrate the life of Shaz once this lock down ends, the issue then will be finding somewhere big enough 😁

We had some new lovely cards arrive, they are stunning thank you, as have been arriving over the last few weeks, I also opened the door to find roses on the matt.

So raise a glass or two, eat cake if you have it and remember our Shaz x

Until we are together again my wonderful wifelet, rest in peace xx 

14/08/1955 - 13/02/2021

Flickering candle

now & forever, always & eternity
I will love you


Thursday, 18 March 2021

The live stream linky and info

 So I have scheduled this to go live at 7pm the eve of my wonderful wifelets funeral service.

Where possible view it on a single device please as it is capped to 400 simultaneous log-ins (we had it increased from the standard 150) so please do not share this out.

Also be aware that if you log in early and there is another service running, or the previous one is running over, be respectful and log back out again, this also is true at the end of our service, another follows on at 11am.

Take a note of this info as I may well remove it on the morning if I remember to prevent us from crashing the system.

Website linky click me

Username Zawe6942

Password 602702

The service will begin at 10:15am so grab your tissues, coffee and cake it you have some ahead of time

For those that are interested in the lead up to the service it will be as follows 

The hearse will arrive at our road at approximately 09:25  director will then get out of the hearse at 09:30 and lead the hearse past our house on foot, pausing so shaz can see the house from the outside for the last time (more on that later), the two limos and other cars will tag in behind at this stage.

From here we will head down to where we worked, arriving at approximately 09:45 where our previous colleges will be stood out to watch sharon off  (so love that they didn't bat an eyelid at this request, Sharon loved her job, we both did) we will be using the works entrance to turn around and head back out again.

From here we will be heading to the Redditch crematorium arriving around 10:10 am, the Director will then pop in and ensure all is ok before leading us ready for the service to begin at 10:15.

Due to social distancing Sharon's awesome glitter coffin can not be carried in by us, instead it will be wheeled in.

Shaz is holding her paper bouquet, and is as ready as she can be, her makeup, hair and outfit are beautiful, she is wearing her favourite necklaces, and bracelets too.

When it comes to the ashes, Shaz is coming back home, to be with me where she belongs, I have picked out a wonderful urn; I understand that this is not for everyone, but I am not ready to completely let go just yet😭 maybe in time, but that time is not going to be any time soon xxx

Here is a pic our our beautiful Shaz xxx


Tomorrow's order of service in case you wanted to print it.
Click me

We can't not have a funny, this one would make Shaz howl..

Wednesday, 17 March 2021

WOYWW 615 - my YouTube history is just wrong now

 Ok so I have a ways to go when it comes to doing this blog justice, but I am trying, and when I say I am trying I know shaz is grinning and agreeing with me as I type this.

Well as many of you know Shaz and I have a shared facebook account, we only started it in 2009 when we got married as everyone was uploading photos from our wedding, now you may be asking why am i bringing this up? 

Well it's simples πŸ˜€

I see all the craft posts, just like Shaz does, and all the new stash that are due out, and quite often I will tell shaz what I think will look cool and say she must have it, well that kind off hasn't stopped. 

Which means I kinda, sort off, did a thing...again 

So above the cutting board we have a bunch of distress inks used on the back ground
Wilted Violet, Chipped Sapphire, Frayed Burlap, Iced Spruce & Blueprint sketch.

The "One day At A Time" stamp just had to be bought

The "Rose Corner Stencil" (can't see a name for it, but it is the new one)

What can I say, the Clock and sentiment, and the stencil had to to be bought, the smaller was more of a free shipping filler but I liked the sentiments.

Well that could only mean one thing, videos, I watched the facebook video for Honey doo Crafts launch for the new stamps (after the fact), then went to Youtube on how to do some of the things I wanted to do with them, and more importantly the type of stock for stamping on Lavinia Stamps (Quality Card Multifarious Smooth and Supreme 20x A5 330gsm). 

I did make a mistake with the stamping towards the end by placing the stamp on the card upside down, when I flipped it round the it took some of the background away.

It was not the reason why I added the spiral stamp, I just felt it needed a little something there.

The spiral stamp is from a set called "Winter Solstice 71" from a company called Non Sequitur which I believe are still going under De-stempelwinkel Linky not a cheap set but a pretty cool one.

For the clock I used a versafine Clair - Nocturne ink, for the stencil more ink from Versafine Clair, this time "Shady lane" for the foliage & "Glamour" for the rose heads.

I also tried my hand at embossing, now I know what your thinking, and you would be right, thats a full on gallop.

Dang it, that is not as easy as it looks ha ha, nor is it easy to mask and use half the stamp when not using the stamp platform. 

That was my second mistake, my first was not to try it on a scrap piece first.

My third mistake was not putting enough embossing ink (is it ink?) on the stamp then you have to go back in and do it again (I digress) well lets just say the bottom part of the text is wonky and leave it at that.
Anyway head on over to  the Stamping ground for some more WOYWW goodness, but from some  real crafters, crafters that possibly plan and practice before commiting to the final project? 

Anyways, as is usual in my posts, a snap of us, this one was taken at Download festival  back in 2015 

That just leaves the and finally...

Check back tomorrow for the live view link for Sharon's funeral, I will be scheduling a post to go live at 7pm with all the details on it.


The funeral is Friday 19th March at 10:15

Friday, 12 March 2021

So I may have done a thing

So after coming back from a visit to see Sharon lunch time, ( needed to take over the flowers her Son and Daughter in-law made) I decided I needed to spend some time in her room.

So after finishing some chores I headed up stairs.

Now lets just be clear, the day before I had selected a few stamps I liked the look of and thought would work well together, but I had no time-frame in mind as to what, when or even if  I was going to do anything with them, it was just a well "it would be nice to see if I could", sort of thing, if that makes sense?

Anyway I had picked out the following Visible Image stamps (and a few others I did not use in the end) 

Ahead Of Our Time (for the spiral)
Immortal Love Set ( for the word "Love"  &  "is Forever")
Heart Inkognito 
Create It!  (for the large crackle)
Believe in unicorns ( for the clouds)

I then went to pick out some inks, yeah that went well, I watched a video on how to create a background (I said I was a noob) and, well, lets just say I tried to use a non water based ink one with water spray, and it did not go so well.

So I swapped to these Distress inks on the left of the picture, all by Sir Tim Holtz
Wilten Violet
Fired Brick (kind of went overboard with it)
Frayed Burlap
Old Paper
Dried Marigold
Tumbled Glass

With the background kind of done, if a little heavy on the Fired brick, I figured what the hell and got to work with the stamping platform, laying the clean stamps on the card where I wanted them, then closing the stamp platform to allow it to pick up the stamp, then adding ink and closed it again.
Pressing down firmly BUT gently at the same time (I have this thing resting on the Tim Holtz glass cutting mat, there would be hell to pay if I broke it (possibly literally).  

Anyway the inks I used for stamping are by Dew Drop

Nautical Blue  (Memento) for most of the back-groundy stuff like the Spiral, the Heart and the Crackle 
Grey Flannel (Memento)
for the clouds
Graphite black (Brilliance) for the text   
Ignore the VersaMagic Perfect Plumeria from the image as it was not used.

I didn't think to take any pictures of the back ground creation as I figured it was going in the bin, it was not until I started to use the stamp platform and add some layers to it i decided I was kind of happy with it, for a first attempt, I am quite happy with it.

The text is not as straight as I would have liked, now its not on the image in this shot but I added clouds to cover up a mistake in the centre of the image.

 I basically added a feather but did not like it, used a colour that I thought would work, so I over stamped it in the final shot below using the clouds from the believe in unicorns set.

So I then stuck it to a burgundy piece of card using that proper cool DST tape gun ( how cool is that bad boy?), trimmed it to give a border (Cough er twice as I stuck it down wonky the first time, so I had to do it again) but don't tell anyone, it's our secret  ;) 

Moving on...

I had thought about adding some ribbon or something on the right side of the image, then thought better of it (just learning to walk this game, not ready for marathons just yet) and trimmed it off instead.

Not only that..

I would have to find it, and it is anyone's guess as to how long that may take...

So my first ever card is done excluding the sentiment that goes inside, So I know what you are thinking...

"will there be more ?" 

I think so... in fact I know so  :)

Simply because Shaz has spent over 25 years collecting all the stuff and things she has in here, it would be almost a crime to break it up!

And because if you read the post below I kind of ordered a stamp as I have a project in mind for it.

So that has got to deserve a picture of Shaz looking happy

We can't very well sign off without adding the 
 and finally....

Wednesday, 10 March 2021

WOYWW - organising stuff and things edition

Another Wednesday which can only mean one thing, its time to visit our Julia at the stamping ground for another "Whats on your work desk Wednesday" So head on over the the Stamping ground for a view of some actual crafting.
As the title says, there hasn't been a lot going on, other than loads of organising, but with that said, take a look at the desk this week

Well, I take no credit for any of this little lot, we have more beautiful cards, if you look carefully in the top left hand corner, you will note I found the Sir Tim Holtz stamping platforms and dug out the large and medium one.
At front and centre we have 2 beautiful Bouquets in black and burgundy, the one on the right is Sharon's original bouquet she put together for our wedding 12 years ago now. 

On the left is one that Sharon's Daughter in-law and eldest son  Anthony worked on, this is (with the exception of the ribbon)  is created with all natural materials,  so paper flowers and wooden BBQ skewers etc.

I had this vision of having Sharon cremated holding the wedding bouquet, but with what it was made from I needed a plan B as plan A wasn't happening.

So a request for a duplicate with some minor differences, a flat side so  Shaz can have it lie flat on her chest

What an incredibly amazing job they have done on them too, they even have glitter on the leaves x

I kind of also ordered a stamp too for something I want to work on, I am a noob when it comes to ordering stamps so if this is a clone or copy please let me know. Clicky me
I could have looked through all of Sharon's binders but that would have taken forever and lets face it, I am not getting any younger.

So yes, watch this space I hope ..

A cheeky shot of Sharon with one of her Granddaughters (Merlin)

And that just leaves and finally...

An End of an era

An end of an era

I write this with a broken heart, that only time can heal My beautiful, wonderful wifelet Shaz (Silverwolf) passed away peacefully in the ea...