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Wednesday 27 July 2022

WOYWW 686 - Time for a catch-up

So it's been a little while since I posted on the blog, I am really conflicted when I do as I feel I am diluting down Sharon's amazing crafting posts, and in return making her informative content harder to find as a result.

Especially as I am not sharing crafting content, my posts are more of a journal entry if that makes sense? (yes, I know I am overthinking it) 

Anyway, with that said;
I owe it to those of you that are not on social media, a catchup of sorts to show that I am doing 'OK', and what I have been up to.

Picture heavy post incoming

Let's just say I am doing better than I was, but I am still not 'me', I am on a journey trying to discover who I am, I am not going to lie it is scary.

Anyway, this is not going to be one of 'Those' feel sorry for the 'widower' posts.

OO the planter, check this out :) 


I do dirt now, it looked happy until we had that heatwave, I have had to cut it back a bit since this picture.

I have had a fair few low points, mental health wise, I am sure that is to be expected, so, I am busying myself with concerts as I battle through it.

Music keeps me sane, numbs the pain a little for a while, it is my 'escape', I know that without it, I would not still be here.

And so, I have attended some concerts & festivals, a fair few of them in fact, some with my awesome siblings, others on my own, I also have a fair few lined up for the coming months and into next year too.

Stone broken & The Fallen State concert

Younger bro Rob

Breaking bands' festival - Stoke Prior (Bike and Car)

My little brother Tim and beautiful niece Olivia

Download festival - Donnington park

Little sister Ellen, me, the youngest bro Tim, sister-in-law Jen & younger brother Rob

Hammer and Tong festival, Sheffield (proper out-out on the bike)

Annabelle, the lead singer from the band Circus66

Rock stock - Rock against cancer - Victoria bikers pub, other side of Leicester (Bike)


My little bro Tim kicking my ass big time at pool between sets.....big time (Hustler) 

A really close friend's 50th birthday party was held at his house a couple of weeks back, this was harder than I thought it would be, the last time the group gathered was a barbecue this gathering had not been back together since before lockdown, so I felt out of place and completely 'lost' without Shaz by my side. 
It really is bizarre, just exactly how lonely you feel surrounded by your closest friends, it is hard to describe.

This weekend just gone (24/07/2022), I organized for the siblings with motorcycles to do Biker Down Training at the Henley in Arden fire station, that is me on the right, my younger brother Rob to my left (centre), and my youngest brother and his Girlfriend Amanda on the far left.

The training was a short course on how to deal with a bike accident if you come across one, or involved in one, it is not a first aid course, it is how to deal with the scene itself. 

A First aid course will follow as well as advanced motorcycle training is on the cards.

Yes, I have tied my hair back, OMFG is it a nightmare to get knots out when your hair has been flapping around at 70mph for a while, ask me how I know.

So that was my extremely late and extremely picture heavy check in, head over to our Julia's at the stamping ground and check in on actual crafting being done.

My and finally was a gift from one of my students, and it is on a desk ha ha ...

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