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Saturday 22 October 2016

Card-io Christmas take two.

So, as promised the second batch of cards, this time with some heat embossing thrown in.
One thing I learnt in this try out, is don't use a pearl coated card base!
 As I was using up off-cuts to do these - go me!- there was a variety of cardstock used. Some plain stamping card, and some pearlescent.
 The background stamping on the plain card dried out just fine, and I got the effect I wanted. The stamping on the pearl card however just flatly refused to dry. Despite being left overnight, and getting a blast with the heat gun for good measure, the greenery still picked up the EP.

 I'd used dye based inks, along with some Versafine, so fully expected no problems. Oh well.

So some have heat embossed greenery as well as the accent stamp.

As you can see, I did one with some Poinsettias, one with Baubles, one with a mix of the two. Another had Pine cones, and the last two had holly berries.

Versafine Crimson Poinsettias and Imperial Purple Baubles.

Baubles in Versafine Habanero,Imperial Purple and Majestic Blue.

Versafine Crimson on the small Poinsettia, and Ranger Dye ink Classic Cherry on the large one.

Crimson Versafine for the holly berries on this one
 on the right, and Classic Cherry for the one on the left.

Archival Coffee for the pine cones, two different ones from two sets.

It occurs to me that I could use this to make some Birthday Cards with, using different sets. And I will use plain stamping card next time, so I can repeat the heat embossing elements.

There are a number of sets of these stamps in the Card-io/Majestix line which are very close to the RST stamps I used, such as the Poinsettias, the Baubles and the Holly & Berries. I actually prefer working with the transparent Card-io stamps to the red rubber on wooden pegs of the RST.


misteejay said...

What beautiful cards Shaz and well done on using up some of your bit & pieces (even if it didn't go quite how you planned.
The colours and the effect are wonderful.
Toni xx

Kyla said...

Oh check you out.....how organised are you!!!!? They look lovely.

Barb said...

Still very busy Shaz! Your cards are absolutely beautiful and I bet you really enjoyed making them. What a lovely selection of stamps and colourways. Barbxx

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