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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

WOYWW #385

So here we all are again, another week closer to Christmas! Time to meet up at Our Julias' place again, The Stamping Ground, for another desk fest.

Lots of stuff on the desk this week, a pile of UFO's front left and a whole bunch of stamps strewn around. Card-io ones, to have a play with.
 I love the cards that are made with their stamps, some gorgeous scenes. Anyhow, I decided that I wanted to practice a bit before committing anything to card. I was going to use an Art Journal for it, then remembered I have plenty of note books around that would do the job. A stack of Adirondack inkpads, a canvas with some ink on ready for another project.

This was the 'desk behind the desk', before I tidied away!

 I can't recall the lady's name that does the demo's at craft shows, but she creates some fabulous scenes, using a dry baby wipe to apply the ink with.
 EDIT: Thanks to Neet, who told me her name is Wendy.

Just getting a feel for applying the ink, creating landscapes and placing images.

This is another of her techniques, multiple impressions of the same stamp, without re-inking, to create a frame.

Also trying stamps from different sets together.

This one I extended the frame to create an oval.
 A few more sheets practice, and I may be ready to give it a go on a card.

There are some more Christmas cards in previous posts, and an Anniversary card for Beloved Hubby, as well as a 'just for fun' Halloween card in the post below.

Still no news on any appointments, I've rung his secretary again yesterday, and she was going to speak to him when he got out of surgery, then call me back today. This is getting on my nerves now, to be honest. Should all have been over and done by now, including the surgery!


Helen said...

how annoying that they are keeping you hanging around like this! hope you get some answers - and dates- soon! Great practice with the card-io stamps; they are such fun aren't they? I can't remember her name either but she creates great pictures with the stamps. Helen #?

Neet said...

Try not to get too angry Shaz, it won't do you any good. Different story with me yesterday. I rang the consultant's secretary yesterday and she could not have been nicer. Apologised for it having taken so long (a month) but explained the consultant had been on holiday for two weeks and she now had a letter to send to me. She typed it out and then rang me back and read it out. Now how good is that?
Anyway, I will put you out of your misery with the name of the demonstrator - she is called Wendy and is a lovely person. I have several of her stamps for doing the multiple impressions but am not very good at doing those which is why I probably do not spend a great deal of time at her stand - and yet she is a good friend. Yes she does some fab stuff with the landscapes. You have obviously got the knack as you are showing fab results yourself.
Hugs, Neet 2 xx

okienurse said...

Great looking stamped scenes. Love those stamps! Sorry to hear you medical issues aren't getting resolved very fast. Hang in there maybe they will surprise you and call tomorrow! Have a great week! Vickie #11

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I love ht spared back simplicity of those Christmas cards - the one with the stag is my particular favourite. They're the ones I'd buy in the shops. You look as if you're really enjoying that technique, it just comes across.
I'm so sorry to hear that you still have no news - funnily enough, I was going to text you today to ask. How frustrating for you to be left dangling like this. Sending you a big hug.
Hugs, LLJ 10 xxxx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Blooming auto correct....I love the PARED back simplicity....!!!!

glitterandglue said...

Hi Shaz. I, too, love those Cardio sets - use them a lot when batch making Christmas cards. Looks like you have quickly got the hang of them, though, as your "practise" pieces are beautiful. Well done.
Have been missing a few weeks as I endeavoured to get my brain together - appointments? What have I missed - trust you are still well - you look great when I see you in photos with other WOYWWers. I trust any necessary appointments will soon come through.
I really want to thank you for that amazing card you sent me - it was so lovely, and the words you wrote were beautiful. Daughters were duly impressed so many folk had sent to me whom I had never even met! What a WOYWW family we all are.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #6

Vicky Fisher said...

love all the scenes you've created. Looks to me you are ready for the cards. Happy WOYWW Vicky #9

Barb said...

A lovely busy looking desk Shaz. I love your winter scenes. Beautiful work. Barbxx

Chidkid said...

Fab practising! Coincidentally I used a pine cone stamp set this week too. Thanks for inspiring me to use it again. Elaine no 16

Anne said...

Hi Shaz. Sorry you still waiting re the medical stuff - not good. Hope you get news soon. Love the scenes/card ideas. Anne x #23

scrappystickyinkymess said...

Oh I love that! Nice to see you are still up to your experimental ways! I am also hoping might make the WOYWW crop. Better tell Julia :)

I've been so out of touch I must read back for a bit :)

hugs and Happy WOYWW!
Mary Anne (24)

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Those are great test pages Shaz and will look marvellous on cards! It's always a good idea to test something before doing it for real - though your test pages look pretty darn real to me! Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa #22

sandra de said...

I think those practice sheets are worth framing... very nice.
sandra de @28

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi Shaz, sorry no news yet, VERY frustrating indeed, I get that!! Thanks too for popping over and your lovely comment.
My first Chinese die arrived this week, a feather set, love it but takes four weeks to get to Oz, don't know where they go, the funny thing was the address is Malaysia though all his posts say China.
Wonderful images you've created in your book sample, I do love your craft room it's so organised puts mine to shame. Praying for you each day, off to peek below too.
Shaz in Oz.x 30

Sharon Koole said...

Hope you get appointments set soon - has to be annoying! Love the card techniques. They look really beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Sharon K #34

misteejay said...

Sorry to hear you are still awaiting news about appointments etc. - so frustrating.
Your 'play' has produced some lovely results. I'm sure you'll be producing some fabulous cards using these designs.
Toni xx

Shoshi said...

Lovely busy desk, Shaz, and some great stamp combinations. So sorry to hear you still haven't got your appointment sorted out - it's very naughty of them to keep you waiting like this, and I hope that your chasing up will do some good.

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #41

Lindart said...

Great idea to try a few designs before committing them to cards, and you ideas look great! I think I will have to try this rather than making cards I decide I don't really like. Also it encourages use of stamps one often doesn't use - I tend to go to the same stamps every year, even though I have about 100 Christmas stamps!Have a great day! Thanks for sharing - Lindart #43

BJ said...

Super card-io scenes, their stamps are so versatile. Thanks for the visit BJ#21

glitterandglue said...

Hi again, Shaz. Thanks so much for visiting and filling me in a little. I do so hope you get your appointments through speedily. I hate pestering the authorities and medics - but sometimes it is the only way. I trust all goes well for you, and everything proves to be nothing... if you see what I mean!
God bless.
Margaret #6

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Shaz,

Great practice with the stamps! I do like the oval with the deer.

Doctors - I'm not a fan. I hope you hear from them soon and get dates written in stone (so to speak).

Happy WOYWW!

Hugs, Kay (44)

Angela Radford said...

I always love to visit you as there is always something new to see. Pleased try not to get too upset I'm sure everything will happen soon it's just upsetting when no-one keeps you informed about what's going on, I wonder how they would feel if it was them in the same situation. Thanks for the visit to mine, have good crafty week and great woyww, Angela x 17

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh you're good at the scenes, I'm afraid they defeat me a. It, that clever Wendy makes it look really easy! Annoyed on your behalf over the consultant surgeon thing, this limnology just isn't good enough . (((Hugs))))

Sue said...

Hi Shaz, Loving your pages. You could always stamp onto a bit of card and then stick that to the card. I sometimes use the same colour of card, but also use a different colour.

Hope you hear from the consultant soon. Can imagine you need things to be sorted.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sue #15

Heather said...

What great techniques! I'm getting so many ideas and inspiration from seeing what everyone is working on this week. I'm gonna have to try my hand at the multiple stamp frame, it's so pretty! Have a great week! Heather (waywardgypsy) #50? #51?

CraftyHope said...

Very cool cards and techniques you're using on them. I really like the frame you're creating around the images. I hope it comes together for you soon!
Hope #45

Christine said...

Thanks for your visit earlier, I am printing out images from my scrapbooking file on the PC for the cards - I'm not much good at colouring!
You're doing a super job with the Cardio Stamps.
Have a good week
aka Bishopsmate #20

Stacy Sheldon said...

Oooh that is just brilliant to put it in a book. ( I tend to use the back sides of things that end up getting tossed) ( hey, I just started saving my "masks" with my stamp sets lol I am slow on the uptake of some things.. so, I think gathering the ideas in one place is a really great idea :)
~Stacy #48

StampinCarol said...

I hope you hear soon from your doctor and your surgery is schedules soon! I hate waiting, too, but there probably is a good reason. Love your "frames"!!! Your pictures are so cool! I still have to make some Christmas card sets for people at the store where I teach. They're just not at the top of my priority list yet. Hope you have a good week!
Carol N #42

AliWade said...

Happy WOYWW. I think you are ready to start making cards with those stamps. I particularly love the circular frame. Hope you hear from the surgeon soon. Ali x #27

Kathyk said...

Lots of festive projects under way this week .. Happy WOYWW

No. 33

StampedbyChris said...

Hi Shaz! Isn't it funny how doctors make us more stressed by not saying anything! I just don't think they get it sometimes. Your notebooks are really a great idea. I use scrap paper then throw it away, but I like this idea better. UFO's...lol...that's what I call my unfinished stuff too!
Chris # 31

pearshapedcrafting said...

I love your practice pieces Shaz! You are going to be creating some beautiful cards! Sorry to read of the Dilly Dallying surgeon! Hugs, Chrisxx

Bernice said...

Those scenes are fantastic - I will have to look up that technique though I doubt if my attempts will look half as good as yours!
Bernice #28

Nikki C said...

What a great idea to create a layout in a book to see if you like it plus it will inspire you later on. Hope it all gets settled for you soon hugs Nikki 7

CraftygasheadZo said...

Hope they get the appointments sorted soon. Wonderful stamping going on. Dry wipe inking sounds fun. Take care Zo xx 29

LisaDV said...

Hope you get some answers soon. Great technique. I love the oval one with the deer so much!!! Also looks like much activity in crafting, and that's always a good thing! Happy WOYWW week! LisaDV #35

Diana Taylor said...

You've got some beautiful ideas going on there - I love the pine cone garland. Thank you for the advice about the red Distress inks - I think I shall have to invest in either the Candied Apple or Festive Berries.
I hope you get your appointment sorted soon, and thank you for the visit to mine earlier,
Diana x

Magic Maggie said...

Dear Shaz (hope you don't mind me being familiar!) Anyway....I love your stuff, cos' I have a lot of the same (especially Lavinia, Card-io, Sweet Poppy etc.,) and I love how you keep coming up with new ideas. I'm glad someone gave you Wendy's name, I remember it by storing my Card-io pictures under the heading 'Wend-io' (sad I know).
Maggie (Yorkite)

RosA said...

I do like those landscape scenes, particularly as they are Winter themed! Turning too warm here :(
Hoping your appointment etc gets sorted out asap! Very frustrating. Keep making art!
RosA 54

SusanLotus said...

Great winterpages! And I really admire how you organized your desk and manage to keep it tidy.

Have a great weekend!
and Thank you for visiting me!
from SusanLotus nr 32 WOYWW.

Marit said...

Because I'm late with my woyww-visits, I had the opportunity to see/read your last post too: marvelous Christmas cards! I especially like the pine cones stamp... wow, you're talented in combining stamps and making cards! Have a wonderful Sunday, love from Holland, Marit #24

Morti said...

Whoooo..... you've been rather prolific of late, lady! Stamping like your life depended on it! Fab work, I have to say. Love the All Hallows Eve Abstract - where's the graveyard stamp from?

Thanks for stopping by this week - I'm a bit late getting here!

Morti @40