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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

WOYWW #356

I hope everyone had a good Easter, although the weather wasn't anything to get excited about, but then that's Bank Holidays for you.Talking of Easter, those of you who know me on Facebook will have seen this, but those who don't have a look in your local store for Cadburys Egg & Spoon packs being sold off.
The reason being, you get two very small spoons with them, which are perfect for sprinkling glitter/micas/embossing powders etc. Added bonus- the box is great for storing those egg shaped blending sponges in. The eggs are rather nice too!
And onwards. Mine is more of a 'Whats IN your workdesk' this week, the reason being something I spotted on Pinterest a while ago. A lady had made some sectioned storage for her  Stickles/reinkers etc.  It caught my eye, as I'd already got fed up with mine sliding all over the place whenever I opened the drawer, and there were always just too many for one size of storage box, or too few for the next size up, bringing me back to square one.
What she had used was plastic canvas, and created dividers for all her bottles, making the sections the right size for the bottles. I'm sure you've all seen the cardboard dividers in boxes of wine for instance in supermarkets- well this is done exactly the same, by cutting part way up each strip, then arranging them together.

There was quite a bit of mess made in the process, this is one of the tidier shots!

This is what the drawer looks like after the dividers have been put in.
One thing I like about these IKEA drawers is that they pull out far enough that you can access stuff at the back of the drawer.

 Distress Stains- I've only bought colours that really speak to me, and if I do get any more, I can move a row of the Adirondack re-inkers back.
 I coloured some stickers with each colour, then punched out a circle for the lids. For the Adirondack re-inkers I used small circular dot stickers, and just coloured them with a bit of ink on a cotton bud.

The next drawer up now has the Distress Re-inkers in, plus all my random re-inkers. Versafine/Archival/Marvy/ some embossing ink reinkers, those horrid Staz-on white & pastel ones, plus some for the black/brown Staz-on pads.
Just looking at that space, I'm wondering if I can re-jig it a bit, and get my Brusho's in there too.
 The DI's have the same small dot sticker on top of each one. It's not perfect, but it works.

This is the top drawer- at the front Stickles, then some Liquid Pearls. Following that are alcohol inks.
 I'm thinking that if I moved the random re-inkers to the top drawer, I could definitely get my Brusho's in that drawer.

Mind you, I'm working on doing the bottom drawer at the moment, to hold spray inks. I don't have a vast number of those, so I may have room in there for them. We'll see.
This is a slightly messier shot, mid flow. I must admit, it's rather pleasing to see so much colour when I open a drawer!
 Well, I hope you all have a lovely Wednesday, and we'll all meet up at our lovely leaders place, The Stamping Ground, and leave her a virtual hug.


Helen said...

Love the new picture on the blog header! the drawer tidy is a great idea - just need some drawers now! Take care, Helen #?

jill said...

What a cool idea using plastic canvas to make a draw tidy . I can remember when plastic canvas was all the rage & everyone was making tissue box covers & coasters.
Jill #6

Lynda Beazley said...

Wow Shaz what a great idea and so neat and tidy. Pinterest is fab isn't it but way too addictive! I'm off now to buy those eggs!
Have a happy week
Lynda B 9

Nikki C said...

Like how your drawers all turned out all neat and tidy easy to find what your looking for and lots to choose from too hugs Nikki 2

Neet said...

My goodness Shaz you have been busy tidying up your drawers but what a fab look you have there. I just wish I could steel myself to throw away lots of stuff I have not used in ages (read years there) and make room for the stuff that is everywhere it shouldn't be.
Hugs, Neet 11 xx

Vicky Fisher said...

wow, great organizing! My son adores those chocolates, he eats one every night before bedtime. I jut thrown out a bunch of those spoons, didn't think about that, will keep them in future. Happy WOYWW Vicky #8

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I love the header pic too! I know where that is!!😊💖. What a brilliant sorting out of the drawer, it looks fab. That would make me happy each time I opened it, seeing all those rows of gorgeousness!
hugs, LLJ 12 xxx

Chidkid said...

OMG..I'm in love! 😍 That is awesome! Where did you get that canvas from? Elaine no. 19

Diana Taylor said...

What a great idea with the plastic canvas, and great seeing all your colours in one go. It often feels like I spend more time sorting and organising than actually creating! I think I might give the plastic canvas a go as it seems the best idea I've seen in a long time - thanks for sharing!
Have a great week,
Diana #24

glitterandglue said...

Morning Shaz. Just love that picture at the top of your page. Fabulous one of the pair of you!
Wow - I am in awe of the hard work you have put in this week to organise all those little bottles. They look great in there - organised, yet showing off all that glorious colour. Well done you!
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #21

Annie said...

I am seriously impressed with your drawer dividers Shaz....brilliant idea. love the new header pic too.
Have a great week.
Annie x # 13

Cara said...

Wow, you put my organising to shame! Do the dots stay on the top of the reinkers well? I need to do something to help me identify mine. Happy Wednesday!

Mrs.D said...

Shaz, that drawer organizer for Stickles and re-inkers is amazing, are you going to market it, you could make a lot of money from that, except it was someone else's idea.
I was amused when you said you only bought colours that 'talk to you', with that number the conversations in your home must be deafening.
I might just nip down to the supermarket and see if they have any more of those spoons left, I will probably have to eat the free eggs that come with them, what a sacrifice.
Well done
Chris# 20

glendabrooks.blogspot.com said...

Maybe you could come visit me and do my re-inkers! I love this idea but I'm afraid I'm not patient enough to try this! But it is a great tip for sure! Glenda #30

Sharon said...

What a great organiser idea! I love Pinterest. You can find some wonderful ideas over there. It looks like it must have taken a while to do.

Yum to the chocolate - American chocolate just isn't the same. Mum always laughs as I stock up when I come home.

Sharon K #42

Diane Futrell said...

What a great idea. I'll have to check my stores. Plus I LOVE chocolate!!!
Have a great day.
Diane - WOYWW #34

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Wow! That is a brilliant idea! I'll look for that plastic canvas - it would be great for stenciling as well! I bought those eggs for my son - the vanilla filled ones - I'll see if I can rescue the spoons! Happy WOYWW! Thanks for visiting earlier! zsuzsa #26

StampinCarol said...

What an unusual use for plastic canvas and so clever, too! Love how you got your stuff organized! Hope you have a great rest of the week!
Carol N #43

Lisca Meijer said...

Wow! You have been busy! Whjat a great solution for storing your little bottles. It must have been an enormous job cutting it all to size and putting it all together. Well done you! Kudos!
Thanks for visiting already,
Happy WOYWW and have a great week

My name is Cindy said...

I love how you rationalise the need to buy those chocolate eggs....but upcycling is all the rage! Love those dividers - I am often doing things like that myself, I have a cardboard dividing system for my promarkers in an old plastic detergent box (thinking about upgrading to a cat food box as they are a bit squarer) and I love cobbling together storage from bits and bobs. TFS Happy WOYWW Cindy #27

Laura said...

It's all looking very organised and smart at your desk!
I must have had an orange flavoured pack of eggs a few years back - the little spoons are constantly used.
Thanks for the brusho info... going to have a jolly good play!
Happy Desk day!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I love you! You have just solved my Copic marker box problem. The box has these limp baskets in them that have to be full otherwise they flop over. To be full you have to own almost every freaking color.... but if I made new plastic canvas dividers I could subdivide by color and even change things up if I ever go on a marker buying spree. I'm excited to have this knowledge. Did you cut slits to hold your dividers together where they meet?

Your drawers are looking awesomely organized. So easy to access what you need. Color me green with envy!
PJ #54

Tracey said...

FAb photos Shaz & lots of great ideas :o)

Peg Robinson said...

Hi Shaz. Clipper storage idea. You know I always like things organized even though I don't keep them that way. Happy Wednesday Peg 56

Bernice said...

Wow - now that's organized!! Great job. Thanks for visiting earlier - yes I do go over to the NEC in November as well - the two days out I treat myself to each year!
Bernice #15

Kim said...

Your drawers look great! The upkeep (yes, putting the bottles away) would probably drive me nuts...as proven by my stencil organization..but it does look so good when done! Congratulations!!

sue jones said...

Loving that idea and may have to give it a go! It looks so good.thanks for the visit earlier - Have a good week . Soojay xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Brilliant work! Worth the effort you've made for sure. I'm the same with the distress stinks and inks - I've only bought the colours that speak to me, doubt I'll ever have a complete set! Love the new blog header picture.

Stacy Sheldon said...

first off I love the new header photo and WOW the drawers look Super! :) ( I have multiple little bitty drawers with them packed in tight) but, that is such a cool idea if I were to ever get a proper desk. (someday) :) tfs! ~Stacy #64

Angela Radford said...

Those dividers are amazing, I really must pop back and have a better look. Bit late today as I've been out walking.... yes walking not crafting, so trying to catch-up a bit.
Thanks for the visit to mine and happy woyww, Angela x 25

Pen Sunshinepen said...

Morning Shaz, nice to meet you via Stamping Ground. Wow what a fantastic idea.

Crafty hugs Pen x ~29

lisa said...

Ohhh, I think I have drawer envy, Shaz, these dividers look brilliant. You have everything to hand and easily identified. I love it. I think I need to get myself organised, I have stuff all over!!!
Love that you buy the Easter eggs for the crafting possibilities!!!!! Great excuse!
Hugs Lisax #48

BJ said...

WOW those plastic dividers are excellent and not only thinking outside the box but also OF the box is eggcellent. Thanks for the ideas, need to stop my stickles/liquid pearls falling over (i keep them upside down), now I have a plan. Thanks for visiting me BJ#49

Laura said...

Hi, Shaz, those egg & spoon sets are adorable. How can you resist a chocolate treat and a practical crafting solution in one? Your drawers look mesmerizingly organized and colorful. Happy WOYWW (a day late) and thanks for your visit! ~ Laura #62

AliWade said...

Happy belated WOYWW and thank you for your visit yesterday. What amazing storage and such a huge selection of stash. I would be like you if I had not stopped shopping a couple of years ago! Ali x #18

CraftygasheadZo said...

Looks fab. Great way to store paints. Pinterest is a wealth of ideas - I tend to look for new ideas for tattoos!! Lol Take care. Zo xx 41