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Wednesday, 31 March 2021

WOYWW 617 - guess whos home?

 Well it has been a busy week since my last post, I did try and do so crafting but it didn't go as well as planned, more due to a lack of direction than anything else, but more on that later.

As the title of the post reads, yesterday/today was a special day, despite a hiccup which I am sure the keen eyed may well spot (I will point it out later) there is a special significance of today's date,  and I will cover that with a story later, for the desk this week I give you all back our beloved Shaz, I brought her home today (yesterday as you are reading this scheduled post) in the urn i chose, its ceramic piece with a fitting title called  "Always Together" and when I look at it I see Shaz as the one on the left, can't explain why xx

In the back left we have some peacock feathers in a case Shaz has had sitting there for forever, joining them is the black and burgundy wedding bouquet, salt lamp in the opposite corner that I bought many moons ago I believe around the time she was diagnosed.
Picture on the right is a very early one of Shaz and her eldest son Ant, that picture has also been on that unit for as long as i can remember.
Front and centre is the cast iron rose I bought for her during her stay in hospital from back in October 2015 (who says you cant take flowers into hospital these days)
The sleeping fairy on the left I believe her Son & Daughter in-law bought for her many moons ago for Christmas, this had been sat on the book case, so I brought it in to keep her company. 
There is also a mini bottle of Sharon's perfume she carried with her in her handbag too, along with a picture from a wedding we attended some years back.
By the way the funny shape thing on the right that kind of looks like an onion (what Shaz called it) is an essential oils diffuser (uses tap water and drops of essential oils to make the room smell nice) bought back in 2017 to help us relax linky they work really well.

So for the keen eyed you may have picked up on the DOB being incorrect, (for those that didn't I bet you just went back and checked 😁
Somehow they put the 11/08/1955 instead of  14/08/1955 (I checked the order and I got the date correct), I have e-mailed them to let them know and I am waiting on a reply, I did not fully unwrap other than to take it out of the very large pacing box to check that it wasn't damaged in shipping from the Netherlands before taking it to the co-op funeral care, still in the box to keep it safe.

I may have to the get the dremal and gold paint out and modify it myself as I can hardly ship it back now with Shaz inside it, although she might quite like the road trip😄.

Too many words, need another picture to break it up. 

Here is one of kind of failed, saved, failed, leave to one side and think about piece I was working on.

The background came out ace until my colour choice was not right ha ha 
the wolf stamp tried to hide the wrong colour choice, then the Lavinia Stamps pebble stencil, I may have gotten carried away with......just a bit, but we live and learn..

Doo feel free to go look at some crafting, some non failed or just better rescued crafting over at Julia's Stamping ground, I do try and comment on peoples blogs, but not as much as I should,  I am struggling for motivation and time, time; where does that go? plus this week I am back at work.

Well let's end on that promised tale, but this is not just any story, this one is our story (feel free to skip over this to the and finally if you are pushed for time) 
This ladies and gents is a tale of Chivalry, Suspense, Daring and Romance, but I warn you its a lot of words so if you are comfy lets begin.

 I first met Sharon at her place of work, she the manageress at a Kwik save  supermarket on a rough estate not far from where I lived, I had worked part time at another store, and transferred there to work full time when one came up.
Sharon's eldest son also worked there and over the next almost 3 years we had gotten really close, (Ant and Shaz already were of course but you know what I mean) we went to works do's  had the same taste in music, got drunk and did karaoke, that sort of thing. 

So the main stock delivery for Kwik save would arrive on a Monday morning so Ant and myself would stay until midnight to re-stock the shelves, then Shaz would come back and let us out and re lock up before going back home. 

Shaz didn't drive, so she caught the bus or walked everywhere, when she split from her husband a year before this saga's time-line she lived over 2.5 mile away, this meant catching the bus at midnight in a rough area.

So at midnight, Ant and myself would walk her round to the bus stop to ensure she got on it ok, this went on for a while, but it didn't sit right with me,  you never knew who would be on the bus that time of night, (insert chivalry here) so I offered her a lift home, convinced her even, I hated the thought of anything happening to her on the bus or when she walked the last part at other end.

She agreed and this made me feel a whole lot better, I would drop her off outside her door, and after a few times (insert daring here) I would joke one of these days I will be invited in for a coffee and drive off. Sharon's answer was, maybe or something like that (insert suspense here), 

Random pic warning

This went on for a while, until one fateful Monday night on March 30th 1992 (well the morning of Tuesday 31st, but that's being technical)

It was foggy, really foggy almost eerily so, we pull up out side the house, I was about to say "one of these nights I might get that coffee" when she invited me in, So I found somewhere to park and in I followed her in for that coffee, i follow her though the reception room at the front of the house to the dining room.

So with coffee made Shaz decides she was going to go and take a bath (odd for this time of night but Shaz was not normal either) we had sat in the dining room next to the kitchen, the bathroom was on the end of that and in dining room.

Against the wall was a free standing real fire (insert romance here) I figured I would light the fire so it would be warm when she got out the bath.

Then I hear Shaz squeal then laugh,  her cat comes running out soaking wet, it had managed to fall in the bath,  so I am sat drying it off with a towel I had found when shaz comes out in a silk dressing gown and sits down next to me, we sit and watch the flames for what seemed like forever, at some point she leans on my shoulder.
I remember cassette player playing as she did not have a TV , I forget what was songs where playing now, its not relevant, as all I can hear is Sharon's rhythmic breathing, and how it is slowly changing against a backdrop from the crackle of flames .......

And that kids is where I am leaving it, the rest is for me to know and you to guess at

It is most definitely just one of many wonderful memories that I will cherish forever.
Today/tomorrow would have been our actual anniversary that we became an item, it is why it was so very important for me to get her home for today xx

Apologies at the long post peeps, just had to share the story 

An finally....


Sarah Brennan said...

The perfect spot for Shaz Doug. I think the one on the left looks as if her head is tilted back and she is laughing. I do hope you get the birth date sorted to your satisfaction. What a lovely story about how the two of you met and got together too. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #9

Helen said...

what a lovely spot for Shaz, and a great story of how you got together. I hope you get the birth date sorted, how annoying it is wrong. Take care and stay safe. Helen #10

Catriona said...

Thank for sharing the story of how you and Shaz met and describing all the pieces of precious memories on the dresser top.Hope you get the date of birth sorted but I think it’s been done in the continental style rather than the was we write it? Et Shaz is having a good laugh about it though. 💕

Twiglet said...

Such a lovely post Doug - you tell the story so well - that girl really did make her mark wherever she went! Don't worry about not being able to get round the desks to reply. We don't expect it and we are just glad you are joining us and sharing your crafty activity. I love that little "Shaz" corner with all the bits and bobs special to you both - perfect spot for that beautiful urn. xx Jo

ukmaryanne said...

What a lovely story, and a lovely spot for Shaz to sit. Shame about the date but it will get sorted I hope. When our son died I remember being devastated that the date on the mass cards was wrong - all I could think was his life had been so short and they robbed him of a day. Like all things, it passed, but in the early days, with everything so raw, it was more than an annoyance. She might enjoy the road trip but I can't see you letting her go...again. Dremel it is then, and with your new-found craftiness growing in leaps and bounds, you will manage it beautifully I'm sure. Don't be so hard on yourself - the card is not as bad as you seem to think. Keep at it.

Desk hopping on a sunny day!
Mary Anne (1)

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Great story Doug, I enjoyed reading about some of of your history together. I’m sure that you’ll be able to alter the dates, you can turn your hand to anything. I hope that going back to work will help put some routine back into your life, and so another day passes.... I wouldn’t worry about commenting, we all understand.
Hugs LLJ 2 xxx

Lisa-Jane said...

Oh goodness, that's a lovely story and I'm glad she made it home for the anniversary of your first coffee ;-) I love the urn, it's so different, but what a pain that they've done it wrong. I don't know if her ashes are loose inside it if you can transfer her if they send you a replacement? I hate it when companies get things wrong like this, especially in the circumstances. Stay safe and keep smiling, Lisa-Jane #3

BJ said...

Beautiful story .... sigh.... BJ#13

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Oh Doug what a beautiful heartfelt post, thank you fir sharing all those wonderful memories, precious indeed. Thanks also for taking the time to comment on my post I write about our dear Shaz, I really appreciated knowing that you read it at the time and totally understand why you weren’t able to comment at the time.

That urn for Shaz is perfect and if you needed to change a number into a four, the best you could chose is a one.. so doable if you’ve a steady hand and the equipment to do it!
You sound like you’ve both in hand.
Loved all the treasures around too and their stories.
I actually loved the perfectly coloured piece you’ve made, I think a bit of light black sponging around the edge would ground and frame it. When doing that sort of light edge sponging I often practice before doing on actual piece. But well done! Love that pebble stamp.
And loved funny too. Very apt!
Thanks for Sharing, God bless and keep you safe, and all those you love, hugs Shaz in Oz.x

{Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

Neet said...

The start of your love story sounds like the intro to a romantic film. Thank you for sharing.
Love the urn you chose, what a beautiful way to have her close. That is certainly a lovely corner in the home that you have chosen to surround here with some of the things that meant so much to her.
As for your stamping, well, that is fine and remember we all learn the whole time no matter how long we have been doing it. Learn through watching others, think of the people Shaz liked and watch their videos and she will guide your hands.
Hugs, Neet 12 xx

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

How awful that they made a mistake with her birth date - and obviously you can't just ship her off - what if she goes missing - doesn't bear thinking about! Your best bet is to turn that 1 into a 4 (perhaps take it to a professional engraver?) - it should be quite straight forward and the company should give you at least a partial refund for making a mistake. Loved reading the story and the fact that it's your anniversary today made it all that special. What a beautiful display of meaningful mementos and it's lovely to see a photo of Shaz when she was younger! Take care, Doug. xx

Annie said...

No need to worry about visiting and commenting ...it’s just really good to see you joining in each week. I love your Shaz corner....you’ve put a lot of thought into making it perfect. Good to hear you’re getting back to work....another step along the road.
Annie x #14

cuilliesocks said...

A beautiful story Doug, so romantic, and yes you very very chivalric.
You've given Shaz a lovely spot to sit in and what a beautiful casket.
A gorgeous photo of her too. take care of yourself Hugs Kate x

Shoshi said...

What a beautiful, moving account of how the love developed between you and Shaz, Doug. And the urn - I have never seen one so utterly beautiful! It is exquisite and Shaz would absolutely, absolutely love it. So nice to have so many treasures on the shelf as well. I have a special shelf in my office upstairs, with Dad's precious things on it, that meant so much to both of us. It's such a lovely special thing to do - objects are so much more than just mere things when they have so many memories attached.

I love your wolf card! You shouldn't keep pointing out the defects! You are really good at this and it's so brilliant that you are doing it!

We all understand if you don't get to visit and comment on our blogs. Just be content to know that we are all here, all rooting for you, all so appreciating and enjoying your posts. You don't need to add pressure to yourself by feeling guilty about it!

I had the hernia support pants lady visit me today for another fitting (18 months since the last ones, which are now not doing the job properly) and I told her about how Shaz had supported me through my illness, and what a special person she was. The lady was quite moved. She was a nurse before she joined the company, and she sees a lot of cancer people and understands only too well what it's all about.

Shoshi x #20

Julia Dunnit said...

Fab post Doug, wonderful coffee story.....I’m thinking a warm bath, a hot drink, a romantic fire and a comfortable shoulder....enough to make a gal fall asleep! So sorry about the wrong date on the Urn, I do agree with you that it would be a difficult thing to do a transfer to a new, corrected one. I think the wolf card was going well. I know what you mean about feeling direction-less, but that’s actually a state you will find yourself emerging from at some point. At some point, meanwhile, distract, play, experiment. I hope that’s what Shaz would tell you!

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

That's a beautiful post Doug and thanks for sharing it with us. Hugs, Angela x21x

StampinCarol said...

Though I only knew Shaz as a desker I can see her in all those items on the case. Your story is very touching. Thanks so much for sharing.
Carol N #24

The Hardy Stamper said...

What lovely memories - thanks for sharing them. Shaz' shelf is perfect too (shame about the date on her urn).
I like your card and think you are doing incredibly well with your new found hobby!
Lynn x

Anne said...

A beautiful post Doug, I teared up.Thank you for sharing how you met etc. Love that photo of Shaz.The urn is lovely and hope you can get the date sorted. Take care. Anne x 29

Susan Renshaw said...

Lovely post Doug from beginning to end.

My daughter's birthday is 14/08.
Susan #18

Felicia said...

Doug, this was a fabulous post! I love her sitting area! She looks right at home with the surroundings! I love salt lamps and I have SEVERAL diffusers, which really do set the tone for an atmosphere!! This is just a beautiful little spot for her and I know she is smiling down upon it!! Your story is so sweet!! On of the things that I automatically pulled out of that story was that you wanted to have fire for her when she got out of the tub to be warm!!!! What an amazing gesture....daring chivalry or not.....it just says a lot about your character and probably just one of the many things she loved about you!! You are so sweet to share a little peek into your lives and I know you hold all those memories dear!! And finally....Google is my best friend! LOLOL Happy Easter weekend Doug! Blessings, Felicia #25

Morti said...

Ahhh. Such a nice post. I think I get you when you see Shaz as the one on the left.

It’s a shame about the date but I reckon you can sort it out...

Had to laugh really hard at the “and finally” this week. My jobs the same, just swap out IT and put HR in its place.....

Morti x

Lindart said...

Hi Doug, what a lovely story! Memories are to be remembered and cherished. I love the little alcove where Shaz now resides. Your wolf card is lovely! I'm sure the next one will even be better. Have a great rest of the week, and Happy Easter! Lindart #28

Stacy Sheldon said...

well, reading is my top past time so of course I read every word. and you have left my heart smiling :) Thanks for that. ~Stacy #26

My name is Cindy said...

Read every word. I love that you have taken so much care to create a space for Shaz and every item has a story or memory. It speaks to me so much of your love for each other. I do hope you get the date sorted somehow - I don't think you'd be willing to let her go on a road trip!! Thank you for sharing your special story, it was absolutely lovely. It's so nice to know that Chivalry, Suspence, Daring and Romance still survive in the world. Keep crafting, can't wait to see what you get up to next! Have a good week, Love n hugs, Cindy #23

Spyder said...

Perfect...in everyway, a lovely romantic story. a lovely place for Shaz and I have tears and that bear made me laugh. Ho[e Easter weekend was good for you. Stay safe, keep crafting! (Your make looked ok to me, by the way) Happy very Late last weeks WOYWW!? ((Lyn))#6

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