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Wednesday, 3 March 2021

WOYWW but its the last one.....

Welcome back you lovely lot X

So here is a dilemma I faced the other day, you see I asked the lovely Annie to make me some bears, not just a few either as we are a large loving family.

So I did what anyone would do and think, right I need a thank you card. 

Shaz made large amounts of cards, and kept them in a large box all sorted with index cards so you could find them ( I know right how organised is that?) , anyway when I go into box to get a card out there is just the one thank you card left.

Now I know what some of you are thinking, it was meant to be.

But for me I was in a dilemma, this was Sharon's last thank you card, and it was sealed down, how could i open it and use it, I wanted to save it....

So conflicted I take it out the box and take it downstairs, staring at it willing it to somehow multiply, but alas it did not. So still unopened I went to bed, the next morning the bears were due home (they may need a lift, it's a long walk and they only have short legs) so I needed to make a decision.

I could almost hear Sharon mocking me "the cards are to be given, not kept, you keep received cards not unsent ones"  

Anyway I open it and to my dismay, there is no stamp on the back?, It is sealed you unfinished? WTF, this cant be right!

I can't hand this over like this, it has to have a stamp on the back, Sharon's handmade by ShazSilverwolf, it was not there...

Slow down, yes I did but let me tell it.....

Now I am not a stamper, so I could really stuff it up, right, couldn't I?

This is the last of its kind, there will be no more of these made by my wonderful Wifelet, and I am about to deface it.

The decision was made, the next challenge was to actually find the stamp, it had to be close to hand as surely it was in constant use, so a draw maybe, on the desk possibly.

And it was, but OMG the ink, wtf does she need this many ink pads for, ink is ink right, I get the different colours but come on... Really?  

There is just so much of it!

So with shaking hands after looking at the colours on the table, at the bottom of the pile is one that compliments the colour on the front of the card, it’s a "VersaFine Clair  - Warm Breeze" and I am now looking for Sir Tim Holt's stamping platforms, (look I am a noob ok , don't judge)  Shaz had at least 3 of them in this room ........somewhere......But I can’t find them.

I am going to have to free hand this bad boy

The time is ticking and i need to be on the road, so the stamp gets peeled off and stuck on the acrylic stamping blocks, cleaned with the baby wipe and dabbed dry on kitchen towel and I practice until I am happy.

Jobs a good one, I did it and it looks kind of OK, not wonky, not as defined as I would like, but I did it, go me!

I close the ink pad, dry it and think, but there are other things on that sheet, and the top needs something. Like the newbie I am, I open the inkpad upside down and end up with ink on my finger.

Does this make me a crafter or clumsy ?
                                                         answers in the comments below

I then balance it out with little crow, and dragonfly that was with the set, (had a smart and stuck them on opposite ends of the long thin acrylic block, g
ive them a quick dry with the warm air gun and take it down stairs feeling like Shaz is just grinning at me all the way down stairs.

I did not think to take a picture of the back of the now finished card, but i am Sure Annie will be sharing it ..

For actual proper bona fide, qualified crafting head over to the queen of the deskers at the stamping ground  and check out some more crafty goodness from those that actually know what they are doing.

Another gratuitous picture on our way to Tenerife back in 2016

And that just leaves the and  finally ...

Note to self type much less ha ha 


Helen said...

oh Doug you are a sweetheart! How very thoughtful of you to finish the card like that . I think you made a great choice of ink pad to do so too!
I saw the bears Annie has made you and they are adorable. take care. Helen #5

Annie said...

I’m chuckling here Doug. You tell the story so well. I love my card and it’s it pride of place on the mantle shelf. Thanks so much.
Annie xxxx

Julia Dunnit said...

You’re absolutely right Doug, the cards were made to be sent. However, my dilemma would have matched yours. My American friends send cards that they don’t write in...they include words on a post it note or something like it so the card can be used again...or saved. Annie will save it for sure! Love that you got ink on your fingers, and that the stamp platform even crossed your mind, good grief, I can’t remember the last time it crossed my mind to use one! If you felt small sense of achievement with that bit of stamping then yes, you’re a crafter, no denying it. And if you heard a voice in your ear rendering instructions...that was Shaz, and she’s very pleased with you!!

BJ said...

Oh my, had me laughing and just seeing you sort through the ink pads. So glad you got this sorted and shared your tentative exploits into the crafting world. Hugs BJ#13

Mary Anne said...

Oh Doug! You are a natural comedian. Such a lovely story you have shared and I will bet we ALL can clearly see (and hear) your lovely wifelet as she whispers "Well Done!" from above. So glad you are sticking with us - you are every bit as much a part of WOYWW as Shaz was and I look forward to future looks at your crafty evolution. Big hugs and lots of love,

Happy desk hopping' day!
Mary Anne (1)

Susan Renshaw said...

Lovely funny story!!
And that 'And finally' is so apt!

Susan #2

glitterandglue said...

Morning Doug. Oh my - I am, sitting here laughing so hard. You are most definitely defined as a crafter!!!!! Believe me when I tell you - We have all been there, done that - and most definitely got the teeshirt. Usually smeared with ink, glue... You really are great to be doing these posts. Well done young man. I trust you now have the little bears safely, and the card has been delivered.
Take care of yourself. God bless.
Margaret #4

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Shaz would definitely be saying... send it, it's what I made it for. So glad you added the handmade my Shaz it's a special touch. Now you've been bitten by the stamping bug I can see you wanting to try some more.
Another lovely photo of you both, happy memories too.
Stay safe & take good care of yourself Tracey #14

Lunch Lady Jan said...

What a wonderful post, all the emotions rolled up into one lovely package but you did make me laugh out loud when you realised how many ink pads she had, they are ALL completely necessary (that’s the Crafter’s Law!) I think you were brilliant using the proper tools too, she really was checking your work out over your shoulder.
Hugs and love to you,
LLJ 8 xxx

Lynnecrafts said...

Oh Doug, you have such a talent for writing! I was there with you and your desperation to get it right but it was so funny as well.
Sending hugs to you
Lynnecrafts 11

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

This was very endearing to read, Doug - and I'm sure Annie will treasure that very last 'Thank You' card forever. The little bear looks ever so cute - "they only have short legs" LOL - Take good care of yourself xx zsuzsa #22

Lisa-Jane said...

Oh my goodness Doug, she would be so proud of you in so many ways, just for this one card. I'm glad you sent it, I bet you have so many other lovely things she has made to keep close to you and this was certainly deserved - those bears are something else aren't they?! Stay safe and keep smiling, Lisa-Jane #7

Stacy Sheldon said...

awww, this is fabulous :) You are really good with words and drew me right in. :) Thanks for the smile. ~Stacy #28

Diana Taylor said...

Oh Doug, you really had me chuckling, what a way with words you have. I really felt your dilemma but you made completely the right decision, Shaz made her cards to be enjoyed by others. I also had to laugh at the And Finally - very true and a lovely way to end the post.
Take care of yourself,
Diana xx 20

Twiglet said...

A wonderful post Doug - you could never write too much for us. It was so lovely to hear that you felt brave enough to tackle that little job. Without doubt you would be getting a bit of guidance from the chief crafter! Annie told me about it and was so pleased that you gave her the card - so special. As a non card maker - I wouldn't know where to start - unless it involved a bit of stitchy, knitty stuff! You are a gem and funny too - we all need a giggle to keep us going these days. xx Jo

Sarah Brennan said...

You absolute start Doug, both for posting and finishing off the card using the handmade by Shaz stamp. Definitely a crafter - I bet you could feel Shaz looking over your shoulder every step of the way so no chance to mess up lol. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #3

Felicia said...

Doug, my heart was skipping a beat the whole time I was reading this! I just knew you were going to find something from Shaz in that box!! You are the sweetest guy and we can all see why Shaz adored you! Blessing to her still! The bears are a brilliant and precious idea! And I am sure you did Shaz's card justice!! Your antics were quite funny and sound very much like all us crafters!! I think you are definitely in by proxy! :) Shaz would be proud! Love the photo of you guys and.....the "finally!" Blessings to you Doug. Take care and stay healthy! :) Felicia #26

Spyder said...

A Lovely post Doug, I think Shaz left that there, slightly unfinished, knowing you'd need a card and would have a go at adding the final touches. So you are now definitely a crafter and a very good blogger and story teller too! Take care, stay stafe. Happy WOYWW((Lyn)) #16

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oooh! Now you've got the ink on your fingers....Shaz would be so pleased you used her card!
I have some photos on my old phone that I am still trying to find a way to get off! I will send them via Whatsapp to Neet who is on Face Book assign as I can! Every thing I've tried so far has failed!
Take Care, Chrisx ( and Tony)

Crafting With Jack said...

Lovely to have you join us again and well done for getting your fingers inky :). That end picture is so typical of my craft room. I do try and get it all back in every now and then. Angela #17

Caro said...

Oh Doug, that is brilliant! Well done you. Sorry I'm missing in action again this week - we have building work at ours and every evening I am having to move things round the house to make way for the next thing! I hope to be back next week. Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. Caro xx

Catriona said...

What a star you are to finish the card that Shaz had left there just for you-great job! The bears are all beautiful and the people who received them will love them. Thank you for posting. X

Anne said...

Doug, you rock!!! That is brilliant. Love the story and the bears are fab. I think you should make more. Hjgs Anne x

The Hardy Stamper said...

What a lovely post! Well done Doug - you do know that you will now have to get your own stamp saying "handmade by Hublet Doug"! Shaz would be so proud of you.

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Doug, seen the bears they are gorgeous. I am quite sure that Shaz would be really pleased with them and bet the family are. Hope you have another creative week and a happy woyww, Angela x19x

Crafts in the Command Center said...

Such a special post. The fact that you had to have paid attention to her work over the years is so special. Sounds like you did a great job and we all get ink on our fingers no matter how careful we are.

The memory bears are a wonderful way to keep her near loved ones. Dorlene #30

StampinCarol said...

Oh my goodness but you had me cracking up. You did a great job and yes, Shaz would be proud! I think we all can call you a crafter! And inky fingers is a true sign of that!
Love the bear.
Carol N #24

Marit said...

Thank you Doug, Shaz will be so proud of you - she knows you made all the girls from WOYWW smile and that's exactly what she always did! Big hug from Holland!

Heather M said...

Ah Doug, the memory bears are lovely, and how appropriate for Shaz's last thank you card to be given to Annie. Well done on finishing it off - Mr M wouldn't have known where to start to add a stamp to the back - but would have likely echoed the "WTF are all these inks???" Shaz was an amazing crafter, and I have learned so much from her and this blog (I am made up you are keeping it going), and then I can keep coming back to pick up tips. I still get inky fingers now, and I've been doing this 4 or 5 years now (a newbie compared to some, I know). Big hugs, Heather xx #25

Shoshi said...

This is brilliant, Doug! Well done indeedy with the stamping! You're a real pro! If it had been my hubby, he'd have got it crooked (like all the DIY he did in the early days of our marriage until I learnt better and stopped him - everything hung at a jaunty angle till it fell off lol!), and probably left the lid off the ink pad. To a non-crafter, why we need soooo many colours really is a mystery beyond solving (ink is ink, right? Well... there's ink, and then there's... ink!). Also, if it's available, we want it. If it's available and Shaz has got it and has shown us how to use it, we want it even more!! My hubby is very longsuffering about all my stuff, as I have to be with his toy boats that he plays with with his lovely 90-year-old ex-RN commander friend! He's been up in the garage working on his latest one and putting gun turrets on it all this week - his friend wants to shoot the swans!

The memory bears are brilliant. It's such a lovely idea.

I hope you will continue to grace us with your presence on WOYWW and that you might try your hand at some other things too. You've obviously got a talent for it!

Sending loads of love and hugs and so many fond memories of Shaz.
Shoshi x #21

Joan said...

Well done for putting the finishing touch on Shaz's card. The ink on your finger officially makes you a crafter. It's only when you make a beautiful card, go to move the ink pad out of the way when it's finally finished and end up dropping it on top of the card.... ink side down... that you move on to the clumsy part. I excel at clumsy!
The memory bears will be treasured by all who receive one. So very thoughtful of you and such a wonderful idea.

Lynn Holland said...

Eeh you had me chuckling there Doug. You’re as crackers as your lovely Shaz
Lynn xxx

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