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Friday, 19 March 2021

It's all about the bird, family and loved ones today x

Today Shaz rejoins the wheel, to be reborn once again, bringing happiness and love to peoples lives once more, we always joked that we somehow managed to get off the wheel in different places hence our age gap, this appears to be history repeating itself again, but we will be reunited once more in another life, in another time.

Today should not be a sad day, it should be a day of remembrance, a day not to be filled with regrets, but instead a day to remember the times we spent with her, the concerts, the crafting, the holidays, the family gatherings, the silly times,  a time to reflect on the joy that was to know shaz.

To remember Sharon's smile, a smile that radiated and made you feel loved, it was magical, and it reached into your very sole.

I have tried the best I can to give shaz the best send of possible under the current circumstances, I know I will be fretting over things I may have forgotten, and Shaz will be shaking her head in dismay, but I honestly can't think of anything else that needs to be done except to not be late, yeah lets not do that as that would be kind of bad.

I fully expect to be in bits today, making the arrangements has been a bit of a welcome distraction for me (I had no idea I was such a control freak), but it has allowed me to fuss over my beloved wifelet for a while longer, that is until she is home with me once again.

Some shout outs:

I am not going to list you all as I am a bloke with a poor memory and don't want to offend anyone x

My family I love you all dearly, and thank you for being there, for rallying round when I needed you, for keeping me fed Rob & Jen I love both dearly for that, meals on wheels rules ha ha  xx

Annie you have no idea how many times the bear has been held tightly (the seams are fine) thank you and for just being there for the chats when I didn't know I needed them, today i have in my pocket an extra rosette to hold, and i will be offering them out to her children to hold too xx

I would like to thank all of the staff at Co-op Funeralcare, especially Emma who has been there for us each step of the way, and for ensuring things like Sharon's hair is dyed and her pillow is sprayed with her sleep spray & for bearing with me as I fussed over the order of service, and Neil for taking the time to walk me the logistics of the day itself including the cars etc

Kate (funeral celebrant), we have chatted back and forth, over todays service, I know you will do Shaz proud today.

My only disappointment is not being able to include all my family due to the restrictions on the amount that can attend the service, It is so unfair that we can't have all the family and friends here, 30 people sounds a lot, but it really, really isn't.

We will celebrate the life of Shaz once this lock down ends, the issue then will be finding somewhere big enough 😁

We had some new lovely cards arrive, they are stunning thank you, as have been arriving over the last few weeks, I also opened the door to find roses on the matt.

So raise a glass or two, eat cake if you have it and remember our Shaz x

Until we are together again my wonderful wifelet, rest in peace xx 

14/08/1955 - 13/02/2021

Flickering candle

now & forever, always & eternity
I will love you



Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Glad I caught this post before my work day begins.
Thinking of you all today Doug, Shaz will be shining down on you all sprinkling her glitter. You've kept everyone connected during the hardest of times.
Today is the day where people come together in many different ways to share the love and life of our lovely Shaz.
Take care and hold those precious memories close to your heart. Tracey x

Annie Claxton said...

I'll be thinking of you and Shaz and your family today Doug, you're doing an amazing job, she would be so proud of you. Hope all goes smoothly for you and hope the sun is shining. Annie C

dutchess said...

I will be thinking of you all day...xxxx

BJ said...

Thinking of you all, lovely service.
Just seems so fitting to be watching at my crafting desk with my candle.
Love and hugs, BJ

Annie Claxton said...

It was beautiful and perfect Doug, thank you so much for allowing us all to share it with you XO

Helen said...

Doug, it was just perfect, I wish you could have had everyone there you wanted, but thank you for allowing us to attend virtually and share this sad day with you. Rest in Peace, Shaz, may your smile light up your next adventure. Take care, Doug. much love. Helen xx

pearshapedcrafting said...

Very moving. Thank you for letting us attend virtually. May Shaz Rest In Peace, no more pain now. Take care, hugs, Chris and Tony

Morti said...

Thank you for making it so that we could all be there and join in. It was a wonderful ceremony, and resonated with me - a heavy metal, pagan crafter. A fitting send off, and I’m sure she was not shaking her head in dismay but instead smiling happily upon you and everyone there.

Until we can all meet again in person, take this family’s love with you and have peace in your heart, for you are as much loved as she was.

Morti x

Joan said...

Thank you for sharing this with us. A beautiful service for Shaz. Keeping you and your family close in my thoughts.

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Doug. By the sound of the comments everything went well today. I would love to have been able to join you virtually but I have been otherwise occupied again with my mum this week. I never had the chance to meet Shaz apart from the Zoom meeting we had but over the years that I've been part of WOYWW I've learned what a lovely person she is always willing to help others and full of life and fun and it was a pleasure to have known her. Luckily for us she will still be there in a way as I know I will be back to visit her blog again and again, so her memory lives on. Who knows maybe we will see you take over the desk space. Sending Love and hugs, Angela xXx

Twiglet said...

Well Doug, you certainly did a wonderful job in celebrating Shaz's life today. Every little detail - music, poems, photos and such heartfelt words and messages made it a very memorable occasion. You did her proud and she will without doubt be "still smiling" and forever with you. You know where we are if you need us and one day we will have our chance as a bunch of WOYWWers to remember together with you and to celebrate our crafty friend. Now, take time for yourself - but be assured, you are not alone. xx Jo

Annie said...

Thank you for asking us to be with you today Doug. You really did Shaz proud today and I’m certain she was there with us smiling down on you for your efforts. You know we are always here if you need a piece of cake and a hug.
We feel very honoured to have called Shaz a friend.
Annie x

cuilliesocks said...

A wonderful celebration of Shaz's life Doug. Time for yourself now and I'm sure your lovely memories will sustain you through this very difficult time, Hugs Kate x

Anne said...

Doug it was just perfect. I feel honoured that I could be 'there'. Hang in there, be kind to yourself, Shaz would want that. Hugs Anne x
The rules are very hard re funerals and I feel your pain ( we could only have 15 at mum's last year)

The Hardy Stamper said...

Such a beautifully written, heartfelt post and I have tears in my eyes again now. The funeral service was perfect for Shaz and it was an honour to be there, albeit virtually. Doug, your attention to detail was very evident and is a true testament to the love you both shared. May you take comfort in the fact that you made your wifelet's last journey very special. Rest now and let your family and friends surround you with love.

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

I agree with everything that everyone has already said. It is sad that we could not all get together in person, but you should be so proud of what you achieved for today. I am certain that Shaz will certainly be proud of everything you have done. Perhaps, when Covid allows, we could all get together in person to pay tribute together to Shaz, with cake and cups of tea and coffee. There is something else to plan for, something that celebrates her life and our memories of her. xxx

Hublet said...

Could not agree more Maggie, once this lockdown ends and we can be sure everyone will be safe, I will book a hall and we will celebrate sharon's life, there will no doubt be much cake harmed, will also crop too I know Annie has plans for that too x

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

I just tried to use kinky but it wanted my to login I tried and did not work, that’s okay as your post is beautiful Doug, honouring your live fir your beautiful wifelet.
Loved Maggie’s suggestion and know you will do it well,.. soon, when all the Covid hooharr settles down. So hard for you all, the last funeral I went to had restrictions too, it was 50, as you say 30 is not many.
Every blessing Doug, sending bloggy prayer hugs too, Shaz in Oz.x .
PS Thanks so very much for sharing. I had a few weeks of unwellness so hadn’t popped over when you shared for WOYWW last, for which I’m sorry.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Trued to use “linky” not kinky, sorry fried brain! And “honouring your love for your beautiful wifelet.” I’m sorry I did not read it through.
Shaz in Oz.x

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