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Thursday, 18 March 2021

The live stream linky and info

 So I have scheduled this to go live at 7pm the eve of my wonderful wifelets funeral service.

Where possible view it on a single device please as it is capped to 400 simultaneous log-ins (we had it increased from the standard 150) so please do not share this out.

Also be aware that if you log in early and there is another service running, or the previous one is running over, be respectful and log back out again, this also is true at the end of our service, another follows on at 11am.

Take a note of this info as I may well remove it on the morning if I remember to prevent us from crashing the system.

Website linky click me

Username Zawe6942

Password 602702

The service will begin at 10:15am so grab your tissues, coffee and cake it you have some ahead of time

For those that are interested in the lead up to the service it will be as follows 

The hearse will arrive at our road at approximately 09:25  director will then get out of the hearse at 09:30 and lead the hearse past our house on foot, pausing so shaz can see the house from the outside for the last time (more on that later), the two limos and other cars will tag in behind at this stage.

From here we will head down to where we worked, arriving at approximately 09:45 where our previous colleges will be stood out to watch sharon off  (so love that they didn't bat an eyelid at this request, Sharon loved her job, we both did) we will be using the works entrance to turn around and head back out again.

From here we will be heading to the Redditch crematorium arriving around 10:10 am, the Director will then pop in and ensure all is ok before leading us ready for the service to begin at 10:15.

Due to social distancing Sharon's awesome glitter coffin can not be carried in by us, instead it will be wheeled in.

Shaz is holding her paper bouquet, and is as ready as she can be, her makeup, hair and outfit are beautiful, she is wearing her favourite necklaces, and bracelets too.

When it comes to the ashes, Shaz is coming back home, to be with me where she belongs, I have picked out a wonderful urn; I understand that this is not for everyone, but I am not ready to completely let go just yet😭 maybe in time, but that time is not going to be any time soon xxx

Here is a pic our our beautiful Shaz xxx


Tomorrow's order of service in case you wanted to print it.
Click me

We can't not have a funny, this one would make Shaz howl..


BJ said...

Hugs Doug. Clicked on the order of service link and it gave me a request for access button which I clicked so hope I'll be able to see it in due course.
Hugs BJ xxx

Elizabeth said...

Hugs, Doug. Thinking of you both. Elizabeth xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh that funny is SO potentially true! It’s four years since my Dad died Doug, and he’s quite comfortable in a nice box on the shelf in my sisters house. We have no plans to ‘do’ anything with him, my sister isn’t ready and that’s fine by me. There should be no pressure for you to do anything with Shaz but have her at home, as you say, where she belongs.

Helen said...

Wishing you the strength to get through tomorrow, just wish we could all be there to give you a big hug. Will be tuning in and thinking of you. Take care. Hugs. Helen xx

Christine said...

Thinking of you all.
Peter is at home with me. I talk to him often .... can't bear being on my own without him.

Annie Claxton said...

Oh yes that is the best And Finally for sure. We kept hold of my husband's ashes for years until the boys and I felt that the time was right to let him go, so you just do what is right for you Doug. We'll all be with you in spirit tomorrow, it sounds like you've arranged the most beautiful send-off. Love and light, Annie C

Joan said...

Hope you'll feel our virtual hugs surrounding you with love, strength and peace. We are all here to support you Doug. You even made me laugh through my tears with your funny at the end.

Hublet said...

link is sorted now folks

Aimeslee Winans said...

Doug, I hope you and yours have the most peaceful day tomorrow. Shaz would like you all to be at peace with that which no one could control. The service plans and order look lovely. Godspeed and safe journey, Shaz, I'm so happy I knew you! <3 xoxo

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

I managed not to cry until I got to the funny - that kind of got me - how silly is that? - I totally understand your decision with the urn - that's what I would do as well. You'll know when it's time to let go... xx

Mrs.D said...

Of course you should have Shaz home with you, if that is what you want and she would want. Bless you for including so many of us in Shaz's last public appearance, will be praying that everything will go as planned and you can remember her and her great presence in every situation.
Love and hugs
Chris (Mrs D)

Lynn Holland said...

Thinking of you all today. Lots of us will be with you virtually with full hearts.
There was only a day separated me from Shaz in birth day. Mine being 13th august 1955.
Bless your beautiful girl Doug and you
Lynn xxx

Kyla said...

thinking of you all today xx


Lisca said...

Thinking of you today Doug.
Thanks for the link. I have just watched the funeral. It was beautiful. That lady really spoke well and did Shaz justice. It was a fitting ‘send-off’.
RIP Shaz

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

What a perfect send off you gave Shaz's spirit, allowing her to fly. It could not have been bettered. Doug, you will never forget the happy times you shared over many years. Never be afraid to talk about her, and more importantly to her. While you do that, she will always live on in your heart. On a personal note, I owe a lot of my crafting life to taking strength from Shaz. She inspired me to start my own blog, and I learned a lot of brilliant techniques from her, for which I will always be grateful.

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Now I know that Shaz would have loved that funny though I'm not sure that the last person standing will know where to put it all Lol! Hugs, Angela xXx

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Sorry, Doug, I’m a bit more than a day, too late to have watched live ... tried to work out how to subscribe to posts but my brains failed me and not popped over often enough. Love that last funny, Shaz would too, and your photo of your darling wifelet is truly beautiful, it was touching to read all the attention to detail that you paid in all, Doug. You’ve been each day in my prayers, especially as the first twelve months are the hardest. You just think it’s okay then something will totally undo you.
Thanks for staring your Shaz with us all. Very precious.
Loads of hugs ahd prayers, Shaz in Oz.x

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