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Friday, 4 January 2013


Well, the splint is off at last! The shoulder is really stiff, but I have exercises to do and some physio coming up.
 Got a copy of my x-rays yesterday (blimey they were expensive!), so here is what I did. You can see the bit I broke off circled. Wouldn't believe such a little piece of bone could be such a nuisance. Apparently it is still knitting, all the stiffness is because it has been held in one place for four weeks.  Best way to describe it is, have you ever lay reading, leaning up on one elbow with your face resting on your hand (own up now, we've all done it!)- you know how you can't actually move your shoulder for a few minutes, and how painful it feels? Well thats what it feels like. Not much in the great scheme of things, I know, and I really consider myself lucky, because it could have been far, far worse- I had a mug in one hand, a plate with cutlery on in the other, and our living room has an open fire in it, with a tiled base, which  my head landed about 2" from. Fortunately, I missed the tiled base, neither of the crockery pieces broke, and the knife & fork landed well away from where I did. Signed off work for another four weeks, to get the shoulder mobile again, and give the bone time to heal properly, but the doc said he will see how its going in two weeks. At least I can start gradually using the arm again now, so a bit of crafting may be closer than I hoped. Funny thing is, trying to type with two hands at the moment, and my fingers keep falling over each other, lol! And I still have my mouse on the left, which actually feels 'right' for me now- how weird.


MaggieC said...

Didn't see your post last night when I was blogging in the wee small hours. So glad things are on the mend for you, and I am sure you will soon be back to near normal. After I broke my wrist, I found there were certain thing I had had to change and then I could not work out how to change them back again - so silly, how can six weeks in plaster change the habits of a lifetime? xx Maggie

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ah Shaz, let me repeat what my mother who had multiple surgery hips knees, shoulder, feet, hands, elbows surgeries/ replacements:

PHYSIO is the key to get it right properly you must do them even though they are a pain in every way.. thinking of you and praying for you in it, Shaz in Oz.x

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Shaz have your still the splint? I had mine afterwards when broke my right arm and used it for sleeping for a while afterwards, so I did not hurt it in sleep..
Sleeping is the hardest with my wounds too so find immobilising it helps, even if strap it some way, but need to be careful with that..the splint would be best, just while you are not using it..love Shaz.xx

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that you are well and truly on the road to recovery now. I understand the reading with head under chin bit - I never learn :)
As Shaz of Oz said do as the physios say and it does help :)
Hope the stiffness soon leaves and that it won't be too long before your shoulder is fully mobile again.
Lynn xx