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Friday, 25 January 2013

Too Sweet not to post.... and Friday Smile

Happy Friday everyone, lol. I know this picture has nothing to do with crafting, but I wanted to share it.
 How could anyone resist that sweet little face? And he's asking so nicely.
 I know lots of people regard Squirrels as vermin, but I think they are such beautiful, clever creatures.
We have then in our garden often- the downside is we've had to buy all metal bird feeders for the garden, as the squirrels chew through the plastic ones! Don't want 'squirrel-proof' ones, I love to see them, watch them playing in the garden, especially when they have youngsters.
 I took ShazinOz's advice too, and posted this to Annies Blog, for the Friday Smile.


MaggieC said...

We have to wire our feeders to the poles, otherwise the little horrors steel them, running down the garden with the feeders in their mouth. They also chase all the birds of until they have emptied whichever one they want. They clear the fat feeders easily in less than a day. The only thing that stops them is when we let the dogs out. If they were red squirrels I would feed them happily, like the ones on the Isle of Wight. Sorry, Shaz, they are not my favourite. I would rather have the birds. xx Maggie

Becky said...

So cute!

Myrna said...

I'm with you, they are cute.
We have 2 or 3 that come visit our house most days. One of them has been brave enough to come when I call and takes his peanut out of my hand. He is so soft and gentle and once missed the nut and nibbled my finger but it was so gentle. I think he was in a hurry.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ah so cute think the red squirrels are cute but it is the grey ones that are introduced I think?? and perhaps we should not hold that against them as long as they dont affect the native life?
The only place saw red squirrels was in Finland, love Shaz.xx

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Oh and Shaz thought that you should link this to Annie's Friday smile too..


it is till open...
and this does make you smile...
and meant to say the St Andrews Cross spider is quite small the body is smaller than small fingernail.. but so delicate and pretty I think.. not at all scarey!! love Shaz in Oz.x

Annie said...

What a fab pic. I have birds too that ask to be fed :-) Thanks for joining in .
A x

Gill Edwards said...

im with you in loving squirrels but we dont see a lot of them near us sadly, such a great photo though, who could refuse?

Elizabeth said...

Irresistible :) I just adore the expression on that squirrel's face. It rather reminds me of the fledgling in the trailer that's been running recently for Africa - melts the heart :) Elizabeth xx

JoZart said...

i too must admit that they are just gorgeous creatures. We bought a the metal bird feeders sold especially to be anti squirrel only to find one day that two has squeezed in through a less than 2 inch mesh cage and were cheerfully stuffing their cheeks. I was worried incase they ate so much they would be too plump to escape!
Smiling as I leave you !!!
Jo x

Di said...

If you have red ones Shaz - like this one - then how lucky! They are adorable :) Di xx

Caro said...

Very cute indeed.

Julia Dunnit said...

Ha! This made me smile Shaz! How cute! Love your stampscape 'esperiment' in later posts, and your DI colour swatch...my word you're a busy craft gal!