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Thursday, 24 January 2013

A bit of organisation

The thing about moving rooms, I've been able to re-organise right from the start, rather than  new stuff having to be fitted in around what was already there.
  I don't usually organise like this, I'll be honest, but I did realise how much time I was wasting, looking for stuff. And also how much stuff I was accumulating, simply because I wasn't using up scraps/couldn't find the right colour/forgot I even had!

So while I was moving into this room, I designated one of the drawers directly behind my desk to card scraps, having got ruthless and threw out the bits that really were too small to do anything with. I also figured if it was that close to hand, it would get used.
First off, I just put all the scraps into the drawer, then realised that didn't really gain that much- I'd still have to root about for what colour I wanted. Then I remembered some plastic document storage wallets I had (Poundland, I think), and put one of those in the drawer. Too tall! I couldn't shut the drawer.And it was absolutely crammed, especially when I put the white & cream scraps in. So back out it came, and I cut the bottom off it, put it back in and labelled up each division with a colour. I put the white & cream in the part of the drawer at the front. So now its all easy to get at, and I'm using them up, instead of keep getting out a fresh piece because I can't find the one I wanted. I did the same thing with brayered/sponged pieces too. Sorted them into three bags- brayered, sponged/sprayed and scraps of all of them.
And I'm making myself keep it this way- put scraps back etc- which for me is hard- I'm a naturally ' push the pile to one side' type of tidier, but the bonus is that I'm not hunting for stuff anymore,and I actually have a fairly good idea of what I have & where it is. I've also been labelling all my drawers, so maybe I've found a system that will work for me, instead of against me, for once.
 So far, so good, and a lot of scraps are being used up in the cards over the last few days.


Myrna said...

I have been on a roll with organizing my craft room too and have done something similar. Getting the scrap pile monster tamed finally. LOL

gardenpinks said...

Think scraps are what seem to overwhelm most crafters but you have cracked the whip and got them tamed now :) I do envy you your craft room!
Lynn x

Anne said...

I am still busy organising - need to label as well as can't remember which shelf has what on :-) Anne x #145

Krisha said...

Very good idea. I did a major deep organization last year, but have been thinking about those card size scraps and wanting to do somethng a little better, and I think your leading me down the right trail. Thanksa for sharing

Becky said...

Great idea! I am always reorganizing.