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Monday, 28 January 2013

Ink Colour Sample Ring

I came across a thread on SplitCoast Stampers Forum the other day, posted by RachelRose,about making a Distress Ink Sampler. So, in my current mode of organising, I thought that sounded like a good idea. Once or twice in the past, I've been caught out by a colour not being quite what it looked like on the lid- with the Distress ones, I think Chipped Sapphire looks quite Purple on the lid, but is more Dark Blue in reality. I thought this also might encourage me to use different colours, rather than just my 'go to' ones.

I found out a pack of little tags I'd bought, WHSmiths, I think. I dabbed each tag on an inkpad, smoothed the ink over with a (gloved!) finger, then stamped on top of that with the same colour using a little stamp. I'll get slightly different results on different cardstock, of course, but its quite a good guide as to what to expect.
 I was going to put them on a ring with the strings, but they dangled too much, and tangled up. So I cut all the strings off, and threaded them onto the ring again.
Each one has a little label on the back with the name.
Adirondack inkpads are the ones where I find a few look quite different to the colour on the lids, or what you might expect from the name, so those were next.
 I only had half a dozen tags left by now, so I cut some strips of glossy card about the same size, about 2"x1". I inked them exactly the same, thin snipped them to a tag shape, and punched a hole in each.
 To my eyes, of these, Mushroom looks quite Grey on the lid, but on card is definitely Brown.

Pesto looks Green on the lid, and although there is a green tinge to it, its definitely at the brown end, more like a Dark Khaki.
You can tell how long I've had this- its one of the flip top lids!

And Pebble- lid looks Grey, but it's more Brown.

So I had both threaded onto rings, but didn't feel they had enough room to move about, so went foraging to see if I could find anything slightly bigger.

 Found what I needed, lol. If you look closely at the 'ring' , you'll see its actually an old hoop ear-ring :).

 Both sample rings, labels on the back, hanging on their ear-rings! Thats the biggest job done, as those are the pads I have the most of. I just have a few oddments of others to do now- a few Ancient Page & Vivid, and some assorted dewdrop pads


Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Mm Shaz dont have anywhere near as you but think this would be still a good idea for the ones I do have; about six (distress) and eight (Adirondack) of each ones you have done. As you say not true to lid - thanks for sharing..Shaz in Oz.x

Kyla said...

Oh, some serious ink organising! I know I should do this.......I must add it to my list :-p


Anonymous said...

One day when I have lots more ink pads I shall do this - notice I said 'when'?:) This is a great idea! Similar to what some folk do with their die cuts. You are certainly sorting out your crafting area Shaz.
Lynn x

Alison Scott said...

Great organisational ideas with all your hard work. Sill be 'borrowing' a few of them. ;-)

MaggieC said...

That is another job on my lengthening list. You could adapt this idea to keep track of ribbons without having them out in the open and susceptible to dust gathering. by the way, those flowers you have probably got taking up space would be very much welcomed by Merlin. That was the first thing she went for in the stuff I took her yesterday. xx Maggie

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

WOW - what a great idea for the inks. I'll never do it of course, but I think it's an ACE idea.

Happy WOYWW.

Sarn xxx