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Wednesday, 25 March 2020

WOYWW 564- The Locked Down Edition!

Well, here we are, in lockdown. Hoping you are all safe and well, along with your families. We've been being extra careful for a few weeks, to be honest, as I'm in the high risk group. Dougs been going out for any shopping, and it seems like at last, the panic buying is tailing off, as he could get bread & milk in Tesco yesterday afternoon, instead of everywhere being sold out before breakfast! So, our safe space as always, visiting desks around the world, courtesy of Julia over at The Stamping Ground.
Todays desk, working through as many of my UFO's still, as I can finish up. Will be taking a break from them for a few days, as this weekend another Christmas Card Club is due, and I almost missed the last one, lol.

These are the cards I've managed to put together from the various wallets they were stored in.

Two using Sweet Poppy stencils, and foiled afterwards, both on Brusho backgrounds. Found some old vellum with dragonflies on, to back the card on the left.

The top two are using a very old Stampers Anonymous stamp, Classic, which is a wood mount, but I think it's available as a cling mount now, in one of the sets.

The other card uses stamps from Crafty Individuals.

These are a stamp by Indigo Blu, called Bicycle, which was stamped 3 times, overlapping, with 3 generations without reinking. Inks sponged over the top. Covered with a sheet of Double sided Adhesive, then sprinkled with Glamourdust.
 The flower is a die by  Heartfelt Creations, called  Delicate Aster.
 A background stamp by Phill Martin, called  Birthday Cloud, and I did the same with these as I did with the Bicycle ones.
 The front is an old Cuttlebug Embossing folder, Scroll Frame, and I cut out the blank oval with another die. Hard to see the sparkle in these though.

Two Eclipse cards using the same stamp.

Slowly making a decent dent in the UFO's, as I'm being really good and not starting anything new until I've used up a considerable number of them.

This is the next batch I'll put together.
All trimmed down and matched up, just need to stick them down.

I end up with so many UFO's as I have a habit of making a large batch of something while I have the stuff out, then either run out of ideas, or just get bored with them!

And now we get to the Enabling part!
Some new stamps from Lavinia, a Tim Holtz Layering stencil, and 4 new colours of Alcohol inks.

And that's me for this week, which brings us round to ....And Finally, and this week you get a Twofer!

First off, a reminder for all in the UK that it's Clocks Forward this weekend.

And one for all us crafters everywhere, it really made me laugh when I saw it.

P.S. Our Neet came up with a fab idea to Brighten Our Days on Facebook- every day, post a pic of something you've made. It can be anything at all- crafting/baking/even gardening, and can be something new, or something you did a while back. Feel free to join in, help us beat the doom & gloom on FB.😀


Neet said...

Love the marvellous array of cards you have made Shaz, always a pleasure to see what you have been up to. Glad some of them made their way onto #Cheers on Facebook, thanks for being a loyal supporter. The bicycle ones particularly caught my eye, what a lovely idea.
Great shopping too, love that stencil and, well, what can I say about the L stamps? I think I will be sending for some more soon. Just wish the postage wasn't so heavy.
Have a good week in lockdown and stay safe and well.
Hugs, Neet xx

sandra de said...

Hello Shaz, that is an amazing collection of cards from UFO's. What a clever girl you are and good to hear you have been staying at home I laughed myself silly over "guide to putting your clock forward" Dear Hubby cannot comprehend that he should just leave his phone alone. I will explain that it's magic and then he might get it. Stay safe and keep crafting.
Sandra de @6 i think

Helen said...

You always have such an array of cards! Hope you are staying safe - I have been trying to do an online shop... managed to get onto the site this morning (I never do it normally) and some items in the trolley but no delivery slots... so will probably have to go out at some stage (I am self isolating from what I thought was turning into a cold but hasn't really, but still working from home anyway) although am ok for a while.... Happy WOYWW

Sarah Brennan said...

Glad to hear that you are keeping safe Shaz. Love how you are getting through the UFOs. Keep safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #10

craftyani said...

Glad you are being sensible and staying indoors lucky you have Doug to shop for you. I love the bicycle card. Know what you mean about UFO's. Have a good week and please stay safe. Ani#4

Lillianb said...

Hello Shaz, What a lovely lot of cards you have there they are lovely. Stencil I think you will get a lot of use out of I know I would, great stamps, Thanks for the funnies,

Lilian B # 13

glitterandglue said...

Hi Shaz. Great selection of cards today. Well done you. Was laughing loudly at the two "and finally" pictures. Does rather remind me that I have a cupboard of unfinished symphonies - as John called them... no chance of funning out of supplies here, either!
Glad you are keeping well - very sensible to really hunker down and not go out too much.
Take care dear girl. God bless you both
Margaret #8

Julia Dunnit said...

Am super impressed at all the FOs now! It’s because you do the R&D, enjoy the making of many variations and then don’t wanna see it for a while. You are definitely a ‘developer’....and get me, I’m not even a trickcyclist! I have to admit to some panic buying yesterday....scrapbooking stuff. And then I saw your funny and thought OMG, that really is me!! Yesterday Bart got in from work at about 530 and I was cutting and sticking. He said ‘don’t you get tired of doing that?’.....and I laughed and laughed. Then pointed out that the house is ‘lived in’ and the garden needs attention because I do not ever get tired of cutting and sticking!

Glenda said...

What a huge lot of cards you have made my friend! I love, love, love the bicycle card and yes, I recognized the Wild Aster flower! I too have used them to grace the cover of my latest mini album shown this morning. I too am in a high risk group and self isolating here. But I do have an acre of ground that is fenced that me and my "girls" can roam in. Stay well!
Glenda #18

Twiglet said...

Yes - laughing uncontrollably here too! Except wool - I seem to be using loads of it so I may have to buy online instead of my local wool lady who has had to shut her small business. Keeping cheerful of course - as long as we keep well we have absolutely nothing to complain about. Your cards are really lovely Shaz - I bought a few at the crop last year and it's always a pleasure to take one out of my stash to send to a friend. Keep safe. xx Jo

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I think all the deskers are in the same hysteria, I don't think we'll ever run out of stash to play with while self isolated, lol! It's good to see the variety of cards you've been working on, I like the penny farthing stamp!
Hugs LLJ 2 xxx

Sue Jones said...

Wow those cards are gorgeous! My supplies will NEVER run out - not that it stops me from ordering more and your new supplies are yummy - do have fun playing with them.
Take care . Love Soojay #21

Annie said...

It's good to hear you are safe and well in this mad world we live in. I'm sure us creative folk will find it easier than most to fill our time and there is no chance I will run out of fabric but I am really enjoying dipping into it and sewing for pleasure.
Stay safe and keep crafting.
Annie x #15

Debbie Rock said...

Well look at you! Number 1 in the linky-list thing!!!!!
Fab cards but you had me at Tim Holtz layering stencil ... I am usually had at the mere mention of Tim Holtz & just seeing his stencil was tingleworthy! Much love to you my dearest. From Debbie (sorry, no idea what number I am) xXx

Camilla Fisher said...

Love your 'And finally...'. The first time I had a smartphone I changed the time manually like I'd always done with my previous mobile phones. Couldn't work out why I was 2 hours out! xx

lisa said...

Hi Shaz. Glad you are staying safe and well and enjoying your isolating. We will all have so many things made over the next few months we'll be disappearing under it all won't we. Love all the cards you've made and especially those new Lavinia goodies. the flowers are scrummy and ones I have my eye on too.

Love your funnies, especially the car clock, it takes me about a month to remember how to do mine....still won't be a problem this time. By the time go out in it next time we'll probably be changing them back!!!!

Stay safe

Lisax #25

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Shaz, if it wasn't that I'm busy sorting the cabin I would feel guilty seeing all the cards you've made with the UFO's so that's my excuse though I must say I am finding stuff 1.Stuff I've forgotten I had and 2. That I didn't know I had!it's amazing! I love the bike cards that's a lovely stamp. The new stamps and the stencil all look useful, Tracey never stops coming up with great designs. Pleased you reminded me about changing the clocks, I knew it was soon and for once it shouldn't be such a big deal as I still seem to be on French time since we got back so I've been going to bed earlier and getting up earlier. Wishing you a happy, creative and safe woyww, Angela x3x

Crafting With Jack said...

Hello Shaz, that last picture made me laugh out loud :) An amazing selection of cards! So is the idea to post to your own FaceBook page? I had better get creating! I could get on to Julia's today so here is my link: https://craftingwithjack.blogspot.com/2020/03/woyww-564-and-getting-slammed.html

Diana Taylor said...

Your doing a grand job there Shaz! I love the bicycle card, not just the stamp but the beautiful effect you achieved with the Glamourdust - both clever and gorgeous. I think the crafting funny is so true for probably all of us, I'm looking on this period of isolation as a chance to create some clear space in my studio - of course I'll probably fill it right back up again but at least it's showing an effort!
Have a good week, stay safe and keep crafting,
Hugs, Diana xx #22

Linda Simpson said...

Hi Shaz, what a busy bee you have been. I will be getting in the craft room from tomorrow. I have some videos to make and want to get some colouring and other projects done now that we are on Lock down. Stay safe.
Linda xxx

Belinda said...

Shaz I love looking at your cards. I am reminded of my Brushos looking at your first batch of beauties. I, too have a tendency to start a batch of cards, lose steam and tuck them away. You are inspiring me to go find some to complete.
I am well, being a crafter and an avid reader makes this homebound situation not so bad so far. I will never (as your cartoon says) run out of supplies or books so I have enough to keep me busy until the gardening season arrives.
Stay well, my friend!
Belinda #33

Kathryn Frantz said...

Hi, Shaz! We are on lockdown or self isolation too!
Love your info on the time change! We are normally 8 hours different from you, but it really throws me when I’m trying to catch a FB Live and it’s this time of the year!

Stay safe and keep crafting!

StampinCarol said...

We're in semi lockdown. Allowed out for groceries or meds. I do have to go to town tomorrow and get parts for my husband's work (farm equipment mechanic) so hopefully no problems getting there and back.
You are really on a roll with your UFOs!! Great job!
The stencil and stamps are pretty cool!
Arizona doesn't change clocks but most of the United States does. So for 6 months we're on Mountain Standard Time and 6 months we're on Pacific Daylight Time. Gotta remember which time we're on when we call kids in both time zones.
Love the 2nd quote!! Yep, definitely!
Stay healthy and safe! Thanks for popping by!
Carol N #28

My name is Cindy said...

Hello Shaz! Thanks for the visit, I got tempted out to the garden and have only just got back. I'm pleased to see you are powering through those UFOs and getting lots done.! I have at least three boxes ofthem, and if I don't make a dent in them there is something seriously wrong although this sunshine is severley hampering my craft time as I would always choose to be in the garden if I could. Love to Doug, keep safe, keep well, Cindy xx

Shoshi said...

Your cards are fabulous, as always, Shaz! I particularly like the bicycle card - a most imaginative use of an unusual stamp which makes and interesting abstract design. I've got that Stampers Anonymous stamp somewhere - I must look for it. I bought it years ago and I am not sure I ever used it! I haven't seen it recently so I hope I haven't lost it. I'm glad you've got Doug to help you with getting shopping - you and I are so fortunate in our hubbies aren't we!! Mine has been topping up the shopping for me too, and I am glad that the panic buying seems to have fallen off a bit now.

Keep safe and well, Shaz, especially with your lungs.
Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi x #35 (a bit of a latecomer this week!)

Caro said...

Gorgeous selection of cards. I am glad that you are keeping yourself carefully away from everyone and keeping busy. Take care of yourself my friend. With love and God bless, Happy WOYWW. Caro xx (#15)

Mrs.D said...

Well done for working on UFOs, I haven't got that far yet, but it will come! Love those Lavinia stamps and the bicycle card.
Chris #11

Dorlene Durham said...

Glad to hear you are staying indoors. YEs, the buying frenzy has calmed a little where we are too. Some people just went nuts and left the rest of us with very little. We’re ok though. Stay safe and healthy. Dorlene #32

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Oh Shaz you've been so busy, well done on getting through so many. Great makes especially love the SA cards. Very funny and finally's as if we crafters ever run out.. if only we could turn some of it into bread and milk hee hee!!
Stay safe lovely & sorry i'm a little later than intended, had an update issue.. Hugs Tracey x

Little Dorrit does... said...

Hi Shaz.
I'm so impressed by the number of cards you've managed to complete, and they're all so beautifully constructed. I especially like the bicycle designs, and the blue dragonflies card too - I have a weakness for anything involving dragonflies!
The And Finally Twofer made me laugh. Both so very true. The only panic buying I've done was to order a pack of multicoloured wool roving before all the shops shut, to feed my current needle-felting obsession - I don't have the mountainous stash to fall back on with that like I do with everything else!
Stay safe and well.
Amelia #36

Elizabeth said...

Hi Shaz, like you I'm on the high risk list and in isolation for what seems forever now! Sad but true, it's a great excuse to catch up on all those UFOs that are the result of our experiments. I'm so impressed with the number of cards you've made and they are all lovely. I particularly like the cards made with Phill Martin's birthday stamp. I enjoyed the funnies. Still chuckling at the craft stash one - im not worried about running out of anything except the glue tape rollers - no glue, no scrapping. Belated WOYWW hugs to you and Doug. Elizabeth x #27

Shoshi said...

Thanks for visiting, Shaz, and I was very amused to hear about your mum's cat having kittens in her wool box! Typical, they usually choose in appropriate places lol! Glad to hear you two are coping OK and managing to get the shopping. I saw this today which might amuse you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9ZGspVjw9I Amazing how generous people can be, isn't it!!!

So glad you like my latest Celtic knots. I like the textured background ones best, too.

Shoshi x

WOYWW #574-The More Stamping Edition.

I have indeed done some more stamping of those inked panels from last week. Actually, a few weeks ago, but only started using them last week...