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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

WOYWW #479

There has been crafting done, lol. Post below has Triple stamped Christmas cards in, and the one below that has a couple of cards for the Christmas Club challenge, Winter activities.

One thing I like about triple stamped cards is that it provides a use for a lot of the smaller stamps that sets always contain, and then often never see ink.

Currently on my desk is a mountain of cards that need inserts stamping and adding, along with envelopes. I keep telling myself I should do all this at the time I make the card, but rarely do. So that's a work in progress.
They've all been cut to size, so just need to get stamping now.

 Bought myself an ATG gun. I use a lot of those Stix2 tape runners, especially for adding inserts, and sort of realised I can buy a refill for one of these, which costs about the same as a tape runner, but is way longer. My only complaint? It's PINK!!!!
 It would have been nice if there was another colour choice, any colour would be better than this, but they only do this particular size in this, so I'm stuck with it. Can you guess it's my least favourite colour?😡

Realised it's only 5 weeks till the crop, so I'm also getting stuff sorted out that needs a new home. As a heads up, I'll be bringing my dies as usual, so pack your cardstock.😊 All the details are available on Julias blog, if you've not done one before, do just jump in at the deep end and come say hello.

 I have cards to get down to over the next few days- Beloved Hubbys, as it's our birthdays next week, and my daughter is 40 on the 17th. In fact, from this Sunday on, for 9 days, there are two family birthdays every day- we have a real pride of Lions here.
 Limping a little today. Managed to twist my ankle on the stairs this morning. Fortunately, I only slipped a couple of steps, but have a twisted left ankle, and a bruise on the back of my right thigh where it rubbed on the stair. Only me, rofl!

And finally..........( I think I may already have achieved this though!)

So that's me for another week, I'll be seeing you all over at Julias place, The Stamping Ground, for this weeks desk fest.


Helen said...

the funny could apply to lots of deskers I feel..... hope your bruises go down soon. Well done on the crafting. I have added one or two layers to my journal pages but otherwise.... nada. waiting for the cooler weather which finally seems to be arriving. we shall see. Have a great week. Helen #?

Neet said...

Well, you have been in the wars, hope that the ankle starts to feel ok soon, if not get it checked.
Lovely cards on your desk, you really have taken off with this triple stamping - might have to revisit them myself as they do look good and I haven't done any in ages - think I can still remember how. Must confess I rarely do inserts, no reason as it is easier than mis -stamping on the inside of the card.
You could have had my atg gun - I rarely use it these days having found stuff I made and used it on falls apart with time. Just a heads up to be careful if making something other than a card. Of course it could just be a batch of tapes that didn't really work.
Hugs, Neet 1 xx
ps see you at the crop - exciting!

Claire said...

My kids already say this :D
Great desk shots - you've been soooo busy!
Happy WOYWW :)
no. 5

Sarah Brennan said...

Morning Shaz, hope the ankle isn't causing you too much hassle. Happy birthday for next week (and Doug too). I must get a birthday card made for my twin as it's our birthday in two weeks too. Loved your triple stamping video! Have a good week. Sarah #8

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Oh Shaz, hope it is just a little twist and bruise! Take care.
Love those layered cards especially the snowflake one & you are so right about those smaller stamps, it's a great way to use them.
I'm looking forward to hearing and seeing what you all get up to on the crop, August always seems to wizz by for me.
Happy WOYWW & enjoy putting those inserts in.
Tracey #6

Julia Dunnit said...

Gawd Shaz, be careful! It’s usually because I’m too busy being distracted that I manage this sort of domestic accident...do as I say, not as I do!! I have a pink ATG gun too, again, not by choice. But to be honest, when I read your post, I had to look up and see what colour it is..i dont even think about the colour, it’s just a really useful tool. I read Neet’s comment with interest...not encountered a problem like that myself. Mind you, till 3M closed it’s website, I have used 3M tapes. Stix 2 now do tapes that fit so likely that’s what I’ll use next. Can’t believe it’s only 5 weeks till Crop..gad..I must extract a digit and make some plans!

Diana Taylor said...

Wow, I love your cards Shaz, I'm staggered by the amount you have already made. The triple ones are beautiful and definitely an idea I want to try. The bluey-green bauble card is stunning - I just love peacock colours.
Hope your ankle recovers soon, you are so lucky it wasn't a break.
Have a great week,
Hugs, Diana x #13

Hazel said...

Georgeous triple stamped cards. Oh, I'm with you about doing the inserts and envelopes and bagging ... at the beginning of each year I make a resolution to do them as I go ... but it doesn't last for long. I've got a pile that needs doing - not just the ones that you can see on my desk today. As for the tape gun, I have the yellow one - I'd willingly swap for the pink because that's what I would have liked, but wanted the size of the yellow one. Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a good day - Hazel, WOYWW #15 x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Ha! I think we're already there living life disgracefully and to the max - there's no time to waste, so I don't!! Your pink gun made me laugh, hopefully it'll grow on you cos I know how much you detest it, lol! So glad you hadn't broken your ankle but it's so easy for these thing to happen huh - be good and give it a bit of rest. Love those triple decker cards, am amazed at how neatly they're lined up....
Hugs LLJ 9 xxxx

Caro said...

I love your Christmas cards and the funny is exactly what I want to be like when I get older! I have to confess your comments about the pink gun did make me chuckle - it looks useful even if the colour isn't great. I hope your ankle recovers quickly. Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely week. Caro x (#14)

AliWade said...

Happy WOYWW. Gorgeous cards, as usual. I have ordered some gems and Christmas card pad from Create & Craft (used up the points on my account), so will be making some simple cards this year. That tape runner looks so satisfying to use. I don't do enough crafting now to justify it - and I have a supply of the usual tape runners to last many years (bought a big pack when they were on a super sale price). Ali x #16

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

A great group of cards. thanks for stopping by. Wishing you all a great time celebrating birthdays. Happy Birthday to You especially. Hope you can all have one day together. Have a great day.

StampinCarol said...

Hope you heal quickly from your bruises and ankle! I know that pain as I ended up at our emergency room from mine a couple years ago. And I hope you all have most wonderful birthday celebrations! Congrats on the ATG gun, I've had mine about 15 years and it's red. That's a great pile of cards! Thanks for popping by and have a GREAT week!
Carol N #19

Elizabeth said...

Hi Shaz, more lovely triple stamped cards. And they are a great use of those tiny filler stamps that come with lots of sets. I wish I could say I'm good at putting inserts in cards but more often than not I forget. I've been thinking about buying an ATG gun - I've been getting through far too many tape runners recently. I remember that ATG guns were yellow but haven't seen that colour around lately. Pink's not my favourite colour but I like it better than yellow. :) I thought that with 4 birthdays in August, 3 in the first 10 days, I had too many but you beat me. I'll be thinking of mine as a pride of lions now too. Sorry you've hurt your ankle - hope it's better quickly. Apparently, most accidents that happen in the home are from falls down the stairs. Enjoyed the funny - I have no idea what people think of me ... it doesn't bear thinking about so I don't! Have a great week. Hugs, Elizabeth x #26

PS: My hubby is keeping a countdown to the crop too.

My name is Cindy said...

Oh dear, slip on the stairs - easy done!! Hope it feels better soon. So many cards can't take it all in!! Been thinking about an ATG gun for ages, be interested to see how you find it (if you can get over the pink - maybe you can customise it?) Not gonna make the crop again this year, we are away soon after but it's just a tad too far. Can't face the drive or the train journey!! Happy Wednesday, Cindy #20

Jackie Elliott said...

Hi Shaz, Just a thought why not use alcohol inks to colour you ATG gun in your favorite colours? Hope your ankle heels asap.

Paper Wishes said...

I love your card stacks, so satisfying to see them piling up. The old lady saying is great I would like it on a stamp! Thanks for your visit and comment last week. x Amanda

Jan Ltc said...

A very happy WOYWW.
Have a great week xx Jan 34

Heather Marshall said...

Hi Shaz, ouch for the twisted ankle - hope it gets better soon! The triple stamp cards look great - I will definitely be trying them! I did look at the tape gun but bought a pack of 6 tape runners instead! Maybe when they run out I will revisit the tape gun! I'll await your feedback first. I'm looking forward to the Crop. Not booked in at a hotel, will probably drive down and back same day, well Mr M will drive maybe. Have a lovely week Heather x #33

Anne said...

Hee hee Shaz you make me giggle. You are so well on with cards for Christmas, I've not managed one! Hope ankle recovers soon. I have a pink tape gun, I love mine lol!!!
I agree re getting old!!! I like to think we will make the crop, I enjoyed it so much last year. I need to look seriously now at dates !! Anne x #4

Angela Radford said...

Hi Shaz, I had to smile at the comment you made over at mine about using the ribbon or let it go. I feel the time is right but I wonder if it's my age that is telling me it's time to de-clutter Lol! I've managed to do something to my shoulder which has been giving me jip today hee! hee! you've got to laugh or you'd cry, what are we like! Thanks for the visit to mine, have a great woyww and a happy crafty week, Angela x12x

Lindart said...

HI Shaz! well, I think we know what you are up to - your chin in cards! You've been very busy! Sorry about your ankle, hope it feels better soon. I have that new gun of yours, it's great, but I have to watch the you tube video every time I change the tape! LOL! Have a great week, Lindart #25

Shoshi said...

Love the funny, Shaz! Lol! It reminds me of the poem "When I am old." You certainly are busy with your cards. I've got the same pink ATG - I started off using those little tape thingies but they were so expensive and not refillable, even if very convenient to use. I use x2-sided tape quite a bit and have that down to a fine art now and it's quite quick to use. It all depends what I'm doing. I don't care that it's pink! I think they ought to offer a choice of colours though. Would yours be black, by any chance?! Sorry to hear you've twisted your ankle. That's a major pain, literally! Hope it gets better soon.

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #32

pearshapedcrafting said...

I love your triple layer cards Shaz! Well done for getting ahead with your Christmas cards too! Sorry I haven't been a good visitor - I will catch up eventually! Not sure whether will get to the crop but it's on my calendar!! Hugs, Chrixx

Sharon Madson said...

LOL. Funny old ladies! I think that is what my Hubby thinks about me! Love your triple stamped Christmas cards. I like this technique, but never thought of it for Christmas! Thank you for the idea! Also, I didn’t think of using the little images with the large image! I am kind of dense , I guess! Thanks for sharing, and also for your visit this week already! #29

Christine said...

Smashing post .... distracted by going to view your videos. Good job done there ... really interesting and I think you have cracked layer stamping for me now. Thank you.
Hope your ankles feeling better now, rest is the only thing.
Love the funny .... so me as well!!
Christine #35

Twiglet said...

Love the funny! I'm heading that way! Hope your aches and pains are on the mend - so easily done! Happy birthday to all - a busy few days for you but lovely too! xx Jo

Kelly said...

I love triple stamp stamping. Sadly, I have the same issue with getting the insides of cards done. I just know one week in November is going to be all about stamping the insides.

I love my ATG but I've found I use a liquid mono-adhesive more than anything. Can you cover that pink in Washi-Tape? hehe Creative Blessings & Hugs! Kel #18

Shoshi said...

Thank you for your return visit, Shaz, and I'm really glad to hear your ankle is on the mend. I agree with you - I was glad we discovered Ruby was getting out through that window - I had completely forgotten about it and I would probably have left it open all night! A bit tired after all that cooking, and today I've been felt making! Just a whole lot of little felt balls for my scarf which I have now finished knitting.

Shoshi x

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