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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

WOYWW #478

And just like that, it's Wednesday again! Another WOYWW with our lovely Leader, Julia, over at The Stamping Ground.
Well, we had rain at last over the weekend, and it was just what the gardens needed. Came down in the right intensity too- heavy enough to soften the ground and sink in, without any flooding.
 There has been some crafting, there's a little video about inkpads and heat embossing in the post below, and I've finally got a video for a triple stamped card that I'm happy with, which will probably go up tomorrow.
Stamping, and the use of an embossing folder too.

Had some time cleaning and tidying, sorting out draws, and starting to put stuff together that needs a new home, in time for the crop.

Took myself out for a walk around town today, and popped into The Range, to have a browse. Came out with this stamp, I thought she looks so Goth, couldn't resist.

On the subject of buying stuff- and I know this will get me into a lot of trouble, lol- I had an email this week from Handy Hippo crafts store. She is closing down the business, so has a 30% off sale running right now. It'll run for 10 days, then go up to 50%, then finally 70%. Code at the moment is HIPPO30.
 Been and had a look, and she has a huge amount of stuff- inkpads of all sorts, including Distress & oxides, Archival, Memento.  Card blanks, cardstock, tools, Embossing powders & folders, Dies,Stamps, the whole caboodle. And she has a Clearance section where the stuff is already marked down  by 40,50 & 70%, and they are included in the 30% off as well. Lots of Memento inkpads in that section. Well worth a look to see if there's anything you'd like. Even two or three brands of the Stamping platforms on there.

Doug got round to putting up  the pictures on my wall at the weekend. The three sheepy pictures I bought from Tilly Tea Dance, and the bottom one is a piece made by Debbie Rock( Tattered Rocks).

I have 3 white walls, and one that is papered in a black glittery paper in my craft room, so the art is going on the chimney breast wall.

On another subject completely, I was getting really irritated by Pinterest lately. It seemed my main feed was constantly being flooded with stuff I had no interest in, hadn't searched for, either on there on on the net in general. Been going on for weeks. I had about a fortnight of Paleo diet posts,a week or so of Quilling and Iris Folding, and no matter how much time you spent clicking 'Hide' there were still more the next time you visited. Last straw was a few days ago, when my feed was full of posts about the Periodic Table of Elements! Literally dozens of them. I mean, really?
 I mentioned it on SCS, and a lady there told me something I hadn't spotted. Along the top of the main feed page, on the right hand side close to your picture, is now another button- Following. If you click that one, what you get is a page with stuff from people/subjects you have followed on Pinterest. Much more useful, and less annoying. I admit I like the change to Pinning now, as a suggested Folder appears over the image if you click Save, and you can navigate to specific folders right there, no more new box opening up.
 So there we have a lit, a bit of helpful info, and a dose of enabling as well, lol.
 And finally...............................

Just remembered, a HUGE Happy Birthday to our lovely Lunch Lady Jan today. XxXx


Helen said...

I don't use Pinterest although I did create an account (can't remember my log in details) and yet I am still bombarded with pins they're sure I am interested in......
Your artwork looks great on that wall, glad Doug got it put up for you.
Have a great week. Helen #1

AliWade said...

Happy WOYWW. Such a pretty card. I will go and watch your videos later. I always say that I must make some videos, but then I remember that I hate being in front of the camera! I have seen a feature on the Procreate app which records every step in the design and you can play that back. Might share some of those eventually. Most of my craft room is a neutral colour, but one wall is bright green. I loved the colour when I saw it in the Dulux booklet, and I still remember our building contractor saying that the first coat of paint had gone on the wall and it was definitely green! Ali x #7

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

How I laughed at your dusting quote Shaz, seems i've been fooled many a time during those extra sunny days. Good to see the garden's have enjoyed last weekends rain they really did need it.
Your layered card is so beautiful, looking forward to when I am able to access video's again but not holding any hope on this darn laptop.
Your Tilly purchases look fab upon your wall.
Happy WOYWW Tracey #3

Mrs.D said...

Morning Shaz,
I certainly agree about dusting, been telling OH that for nearly 50 years but he still thinks I ought to do it.
I love that triple stamped card, beautiful!!
Thanks for the tip about Handy Hippo, shame, she is one I rely on, will certainly have to visit.
Chris #9

Annie said...

Thanks for the tip on Pinterest...I must go and check it out now. The pics look fab on the black wall.
Annie x #16

Sarah Brennan said...

Love that triple layered card Shaz. I have never thought of combining embossing and stamping like that before. I know what you mean about the Range. I popped in the other day and ended up with £20 worth of card blanks, mixed media pad and a paint brush. Have a good week. Sarah #19

Claire said...

Oh, I'm a sucker for Gorjuss stuff - they have a lot at our local The Range, I only visit when I have birthday/xmas pennies to spend :)
A very happy WOYWW to you!
Claire no.6

Neet said...

Just thinking I need to link to various things in your blog post. So handy to have the note about Pinterest tucked away somewhere and then there are the links to your video's that will be a valuable resource. All in all Shaz, I have so enjoyed your post full of useful information - plus I love love love the card you have at the top - triple embossing just became even better than before with the addition of some dry embossing. So clean and not simple at all.
Hugs, Neet 4 xx (that was my attempt at it not being a clean and simple but yet it is with its white space, but it isn't simple - should I just call it a day with my try at explaining?).

Frayed Round The Edges said...

Such a pretty card, all those layers. Love the dusting quote, I need to print that off! Karen 26

Lillianb said...

Happy WOYWDW Love the card and the stamp.

Lilian B #13

Marit said...

Thanks for the tip about Pinterest, haven't spend much time there lately but I will remember your blogpost when I need it! Thanks for stopping by my blog and your idea about colouring the plastic in front of the window.. yes, I thought about it myself too but the coloured light would infect my art making, so I better keep it natural. It IS a great idea to do such a thing on windows in the bedroom or something... Happy woyww! Love from Holland, Marit #23

Diana Taylor said...

Your triple card is beautiful, and I'm glad you got your tutorial done, I'll keep my eye open for it.
The artwork looks stunning against the black wall, I bet the added glitter on the wallpaper makes it look spectacular - I love the idea of glittery walls!
Thanks so much for the info on Handy Hippo, I've occasionally used them in the past so shall hop on over there and see what they've got.
Hope you have a great week,
Hugs, Diana xx #21

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Hi Shaz thanks do much for popping over and your card is gorgeous love the combo with embossing too. Think I have that folder?
I never or rarely use feed on pinterest. I use my boards and do searches and that is it. Use it regularly though.
Thanks for enabling suggestion. Very tempting esp inks.. but will refrain. Love dusting smiley.
Hugs Shaz. X #25

Sue said...

Hi Shhaz, Always sad to hear when a craft is shop is closing.

Like the Goth girl. The Range can have some fab stuff.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sue #14

Hazel said...

Love the dusting quote - lol! And love the layered stamping. Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a good day - Hazel, WOYWW #15 x

Cheetarah said...

Gorgeous card Sharon and thats for the tip for on the craft sale going on there. i am not a huge fan of pinterest but glad you got the annoying problem sorted. Happy WOYWW xox Cheetarah #30

Elizabeth said...

Hi Shaz, my sister would love your funny this week! The women in my family are allergic to dust but hate housework too ... what to do? Ignore it says my sister. :) I love your card - the combination of embossing and stamping is not one I've seen before. I will have to watch your video. that black wall is dramatic and the artwork looks fab on it. Interesting about Pinterest - glad to say the feeds I get are aimed at my interests - heaven knows what I'd do with the Periodic Table! Have a great week. Hugs, Elizabeth x #31

Julie Forest said...

Hi Shaz! Lovely layered card!! And your art wall looks fab! What a cute stamp you found. I like that stamp line, as well, getting the goth-y vibes. Happy WOYWW! Julie {#32}

Kathryn Frantz said...

I always enjoy your posts and I always learn so much! Happy Wednesday and thanks for sharing

Shoshi said...

I have to confess to being a Pinterest addict, Shaz! I've always had stuff in my main feed that wasn't particularly relevant and I haven't noticed much difference recently. There's always more than enough to pique my interest, that's for sure! I must check out that new button, though.

I love your funny this week! Brilliant. I also love your gorgeous black wall which really shows the pictures off to perfection. So glad you liked my cats, also against a black background - we've got a tall shelf unit in the sitting room and all the ornaments on there are orangey coloured which is striking against the black.

You are the world's worst temptress for cafty internet bargains... Now I am going to HAVE to visit Handy Hippo and see what they've got! I've had stuff from them in the past and I'm sorry to hear they are going. I always loved the name!

Thank you for your smashing comment and I'm really glad you enjoyed my post this week.

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #10

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Lol, thanks for the birthday wishes and the gorgeous hare card that came today - you know me sooooo well :-D. The new pics look great hanging up and only you could have sparkly black wallpaper!! Those layered cards are gorgeous, I'm full of admiration for how you get the embossed pattern to line up over all the layers. Skill. It must be your engineering skills!!
Hugs LLJ 8 xxx

StampinCarol said...

Great information about Pinterest!! I love having that option!
Your card is Gorgeous!! Love all the layers!
Sad about a store closing.
Your pictures look really cool! Never seen a black glittered wall before.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great rest of the week!
Carol N #29

Heather Marshall said...

Hi Shaz. That card ticks so many boxes for me, I will definitely watch your tutorial! Dare I look at the Handy Hippo sale? What if they have stuff I need? Oh dear the temptation! Lol. Love the dusting quote - how very true it is! Have a lovely week Heather x #34

Angela Radford said...

Hi Shaz, loving the Video. I haven't been in the Range for a while which is just as well as I always end up spending money and I'm sure I don't need any more stuff at the moment, actually for the next ten years probably Lol! Have a great woyww and a lovely crafty week, Angela x17x

Carmen Wing said...

That is a really helpful hint about pinterest as I have been having a similar problem! Thank you.

I am not going to check out the sale as I have just spent far to much in the Cowling & Wilcox sale, went a bit mad on the Winsor Newton brushmarkeers. Oops.

Hope you have a lovely week.
Carmen x #35

Twiglet said...

The pics look fab and thanks for the link to Tilly! I was going to dust but don't think I will bother now!! xx Jo

Jackie P Neal said...

Such a lovely summery card!!
I get what you meant about Pinterest, thanks for the tip...those other ads are so annoying!
Thanks for your visit! and glad to hear about the rain- we have been getting as much!
Happy #WOYWW
Jackie #28 xo

glitterandglue said...

Hi Shaz. Only a day late!! half the church came round yesterday, so life got a bit manic!!! Love, love, love that card. It's so beautiful. I did some triple stamping cards a few years ago - will need to refresh my memory, as they are just SO impressive. Like the "and finally" - must keep my eyes open, as I dusted yesterday... Thanks for visiting - I tend to agree - "What do they teach them in school these days?" to quote Professor Kirk in The Lion the witch and the wardrobe!!!!!
Take care. God bless you both.
Margaret #11

Christine said...

Thanks for your visit earlier ....
Love those triple stamped cards ....
My goodness, you do have a super lot of stamp inks..... so neat and tidy as well, mine are all in a margarine tub!!!
Enjoy the week
Christine #22

Stacy Sheldon said...

HI Shaz, that is good to know about pinterest, ( I have been avoiding that site for the most part it irritates me so much anymore I only look at my own boards where I saved something to wish lists haha)
I love that you combined the stamping and the embossing on the top card a lot too. Stacy #36

Annie Claxton said...

hehehe love that quote, also Well Jell of your glittery black wallpaper in your craft room AND very much loooking forward to seeing your YT videos, I will be checking out your channel later this evening when I get home :o) Annie C #12

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