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Wednesday, 1 April 2020

WOYWW #565- The Still Hangin in there Edition.

Please tell me I'm not alone in not knowing what day of the week it is!  In fact, it's so bad now that the only day I know is Wednesday- for WOYWW and the day we need to put the bins out! So, it's time again to link up over at Julia's place, The Stamping Ground, and show your desk to the world.
Desk shot number one, tubs of punched out flowers, to help finish off another batch of UFO's.

This batch, to be precise.

One down, about 10 left to go. All made by die cutting cardstock with Tim Holtz Mixed Media dies, then backing them with some pre made backgrounds, mainly alcohol inked ones.
I've got a few backgrounds to stamp on here, extras from the weekends Christmas Card making.
 I've seen Eileen Godwin make these backgrounds, really simple, just mask off a strip of cardstock, and sponge or brush some inks into the space.Then add some stamping. Eileen usually does these as one layer cards, but I'm not actually brave enough to stamp straight onto my card base, so mine end up being matted and layered, but they still come out really thin, so good for posting.
The reason I had extra backgrounds- I started the Christmas cards using the tag stamp on the far right, then remembered I had those Celtic Candle pieces I'd glittered, and wanted something fairly minimal to go behind them. It also worked perfectly for the stamped red candles using Cardio stamps- Christmas by Candlelight.
 I'd expect the tag stamp is long discontinued, I don't even recall who made it, and the Celtic Candles was a red rubber stamp by Aspects of Design, also I think long retired, but there is a larger version, which I have but didn't use, and that one was available as a Woodware clear stamp last Christmas. And with that, I'm done. One quick message for Ali Wade, I have been visiting, but when I try to leave a comment, I get a message come up that seems to think it's a bot attempting to leave it. I think Neet was having the same problem too. I hope everyone is still well, and looking after yourselves.

 Which just leaves ...........And Finally..............., and again, you get a twofer this week.

Which is why I have so many UFO'S!!!!!!!

And this is most definitely true.😇


Helen said...

I think I'd struggle with the days were it not for work... but last weekend was a long couple of days! Did have a real chuckle at your final funny! Don't make your Christmas cards too quickly, you'll run out of things to do..!! Lots of love Helen #?

glitterandglue said...

Hi Shaz. Nope - you are most definitely NOT the only one. I even resorted to looking in my VERY empty diary the other day to try and work out what day of the week it was! Without a structure it's very hard, isn't it? I love that simple background - it is so very effective. Do you reckon your UFOs are going to run out soon? You are so incredibly prolific!! Adore those two "and finally"s - wonderful
Take care dear girl - look after that gorgeous hubby of yours. Stay safe. God bless.
Margaret #?

Sarah Brennan said...

Yep. I am keeping track as I work from home Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The Easter holidays will be interesting though. Fab cards Shaz. What will you do when you get to the bottom of the UFO pile lol? Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #?

Mrs.D said...

I have trouble remembering what day it is too.
I love the cards with the Tim Holtz dies, I have that die set, must have a go.
And you are making Christmas cards already, what will you do with yourself in October and November?
Bless you for sharing, keep sane
Chris #11

Lunch Lady Jan said...

The last And Finally made me laugh out loud!! I agree with it wholeheartedly ;-). You're doing so well getting through your UFOs and stash, the tubs of flowers are lovely! I am all at sea with the days too, like you said, only woyww and bin day to keep us on track!!
Hugs LLJ 4 xxx

gwen70 said...

Fabulous cards and so many, you have been busy. Stay safe xx

lisa said...

Morning Shaz
So far I'm managing to hang onto the days but I think that's got a lot to do with the fact that hubby is still going to work although he is home 2 days a week from now so no doubt I shall be confused from today.
You have been so busy, lots of great things going on. We'll all be ahead of the game and have our Christmas cards made by June won't we.
Have a good week and take care
Hugs Lisax #19

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Shaz, before I forget I'm having the same problem at Ali Wade's though I have no idea what a bot is! I've tried several times to leave a comment but it just wont let me. Loving the card collection and I know I should start some Christmas cards but using the cabin job as an excuse why I've not got round to it and the funnies....brilliant! Take care and have a happy and creative woyww, Angela x18x

Sue Jones said...

Ohh Shaz i LOVE love LOVE your cards! I have those Tim Holz dies too ( sitting in a drawer). Ha ha loving the quotes. Take care and Keep safe . soojay#21

Annie said...

Hi Shaz. Lovely to see you're getting on so well with projects. I'm so blessed for my crafts and this wonderful group we belong to...we have so much to thank Julia for don't we?
I'm even considering Christmas crafts.....now that really is getting seriously in need of something to do isn't it?
Stay safe and keep busy my friend.
Annie x #6

Diana Taylor said...

Goodness you really are steaming through your cards - well done you! They are all looking fab - I love the ones with the strip of delicate shading, they are so pretty and look great with the stamping on them - I do love that celtic candle on the green one. I know exactly what you mean about the days of the week, they are all beginning to meld into one another now.
Have a good week and stay safe and well,
Hugs, Diana xx #13

Lillianb said...

I think we are all the same not knowing what day of the week it is, if you plan to go somewhere then you know the days but not now, Great selection of cards and do love your twofers they are great,

Stay well and safe

Lilian B #9

Crafting With Jack said...

Lovely cards Shaz, and funny quotes too. It is funny about the days of the week, I'm glad it's not just me x Angela # 22

Marit said...

It sounds, and looks, comforting to make Christmas cards... they look awesome. I like the 'simple stripe' - thanks for your visit to my blog earlier. take care and stay safe dear! Marit #24

Julia Dunnit said...

Laughing at loud at the ‘voice of reason’! Donald Trump ought to have this on his forehead. I dont have UFOS, I have unstarted. My procrastination skills are unlimited! really like the sponged background strip idea, will certainly be copying that thank yoU! I LOVE the diamond corner die, definitely one of my favourites when I see it. I might have to give in and buy it, I’m pretty sure I’d use it. Which is why I dont buy many dies, and never on the spur of the moment anymore, I just dont seem to get the use. Not a problem for you dear gal, at this rate you’ll be ready for Christmas 2021 as well! Keep well. I know you’re following the rules but you make me anxious. I know it would be foolish, but it would be much easier if you were here so I could control your airspace!!

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Good Morning, what a beautiful grouping of cards. Thanks for your visit. Some rain today, but thankful for the 2 days of sunshine. Was so good to be outdoors. I too keep track of days by WOYWW, use to be Tuesday as the day my DH helps out in town. Thankful for this group and the fun shared. May you and yours be blessed and Stay Safe.

Lillianb said...

Hello Shaz. Just wanted to see if its you that has started to follow my blog, I would love to put a link to your blog sp can you please message me on my blog and If it is you I will pop a link to your blog on my blog, Thank you Lilian B

Shoshi said...

I don't usually have a problem with knowing what day of the week it is, Shaz. Despite the fact that I'm home all the time, I have a definite routine and do different things on different days. So not much has changed since the lockdown! I simply adore your die-cut cards with the lovely backgrounds behind, and the masked off strips too - so simple, clean and stylish! I've been meaning to design some cutting files to do something similar. Very versatile because you can add what sentiment you want, and you've got a very quick card made. You are being brilliant with our UFOs. Mine remain UF, I'm afraid... No self-discipline I'm afraid - and most of the time, insufficient energy!!

Thank you for your visit - so glad you enjoyed the kitty photos (mostly asleep this week! - what's new...) and our garden - things will brighten up again soon, and my hubby has bought some new plants to add some colour as well.

Stay safe and well, and keep smiling!
Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi x #26

My name is Cindy said...

Ha ha still laughing at the last saying! No I am having trouble keeping track of the days - binge watching Downton at the mo and last night there was a point when they were talking about the weekend and the grand old dame says 'what's a weekend?' Well that's kinda me at the mo don't know which way is up!! Everyone is so busy sorting their WIPS and using up their NBUS, it's really quite impressive. I guess crafters have the edge there. I am never brave enough to stamp straight on to a card either - and add a sponged background that and there is waaay too much room for error! Great to see you keeping busy, Stay well, stay safe, Happy WOYWW Cindy #20

Twiglet said...

lol I'd like to be the voice of reason one day!! Great cards there Shaz. I have a couple to make but I will have to get my fabrics out I think - paper and card don't work for me - I'm far too slap dash! xx Jo

Glenda said...

I find I'm having a problem with what day it really is. As I get older it was getting harder and now that I'm self isolating it really doesn't matter what day it is! I'm ok...really I am. Just a little stir crazy but this too shall pass! I'm loving all those lovely cards you have on display...they are going to be amazing!
Glenda #16

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

I'm definitely having the same problem with days although I do have dedicated care duty days that have now been condensed the long weekend really isn't the blessing that it used to be. Your doing a fantastic job of getting through those UFO's Shaz, you'll be into Xmas 2021 before long. Fab layouts but with the strip I too an very cautious to stamp right in.. we got time to be braver now.. maybe we should just do it, no one is allowed to watch hee hee!!
Take care of yourself lovely & thanks for more smiles @ WoywW Tracey #25 xx

Caro said...

I love all your cards, but those Tim Holtz cut out backgrounds are stunning as is the candle card. Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay well, With love & God Bless, Caro x (#17)

Catriona said...

Well done on all your stashbusting-your cards are so beautifully made. Hope you are well at this very strange time-we’re confined because of age and Norrie’s diabetes.

Lindart said...

I don't think that having all my stamps cleaned, all my projects done, and my desk cleaned and tidy would be a very good feeling...I like having things to look forward to to do! Our hobbies make this time of isolation far more bearable that the poor people who have nothing to do. I love the idea of making a whole bunch of card backgrounds, then coming back to them later. Yours are beautiful! Stay safe, and have a great week, Lindart #34

Heather Marshall said...

Hi Shaz, you have been busy with the flowers and the UFOs. Now that I'm a semi-professional watercolour artist (lol), I might try the masking but with watercolours. Well, when I have bought the correct tin of watercolour paints! I've not been losing track of the days, as I'm still working, just from home. I've been losing track of the time though - easily done! I really like the TH die cards ... when I'm next craft shopping I will look into them. Both "and finally" made me laugh out loud ... so glad we have this blog hope every week! Have a lovely week and stay safe and well, hugs Heather xx #33

Kathryn Frantz said...

Hello, Shaz! Nope! I can't keep track of what day of the week it is either! I'm getting more done than usual. I stay in my craft room all day which is not really much different than before. But, I have been more productive!

Everytime I come on your page, I notice the lovely Stampscape piece on the top right hand corner of your header. Did you ever do any tutorials about Stampscape stamps? I have some, but not used them much.

Happy Wednesday!

ChristineZ said...

Hey Shaz! First time commenting but I love your work, your designs and your And Finally cracks me up. We need your sense of humor right now. I live in central Kentucky US but the British/European sense of humor keeps my spirits up. Thanks so much for the ideas, enabling and being a bright spot in my day (follow you on Instagram as well). Cheers, ChristineZ

Stacy Sheldon said...

Hi Shaz, OOh I love the finished cards with the ink strips behind them. ( I will have to remember that some time) looks like it would be an easy way to do a stack of them for someday ) I tend to do big sheets and chop them up but, I really like all the white space that leaves.
~Stacy #29

StampinCarol said...

I have a large desk calendar that I mark off the days. Without working, church, etc. my days seem to run together. Anyway, that's a LOT of little flowers!!! Bet you used up a lot of scraps! Your cards are lovely! I haven't thought of Christmas yet. And your 2 quotes, what a hoot!!
Thanks for popping by and have a great week!
Carol N #27

paperwishesbyamanda said...

Those Tim Holtz media die cards are fab. Loved you last funny, the friend must not be a crafter! keep well x Amanda #37

sandra de said...

Now that is a gorgeous collection of cards and I think you turn UFO's into masterpieces with amazing regularity. I would dither and then throw it in the bin. I am having the same trouble with posting a comment to Ali Wade. Hope she reads your post. Stay safe and keeping making those beautiful cards.
Sandra de @16

craftyani said...

The only way I know the day of the week is by my tablets as I have them in a weekly named box. Love the Christmas cards wow you have been busy. Ani #1

Camilla Fisher said...

I have to check my phone every morning so I know what day it is; you're not alone by any means! I do like your sponged backgrounds. I will have to have a go at this. I bought some cheap make up sponges a while ago for just such a use. x

Belinda said...

I am so happy you said that. I too struggle knowing which day it is and it's flying by so fast. I remember oogling at your cards last week and saying I was inspired to make some and finish some that I started. Nope...it didn't happen. So keep it coming because I am truly inspired even if I haven't started my cardmaking engine. I am very close!!
I hope you are well my friend. Thanks for popping by.
Belinda #31

Neet said...

Aspects of Design - gosh that's a blast from the past. Bet between us we could come up with quite a list of retired stamp companies.
Wow oh Wow Shaz there are a lot of cards going on here. I love the ones with the corner diecuts and the lovely muted backgrounds, especially the blue/pink/lilac top right. Such a beautiful combination and so subtle. Good idea to do the strips as add ons rather than using masking - again some beautiful combinations of colour on them. I have a pile of cards that I did in a similar way but with a circle - but I was adventurous enough to use a piece of spare card with the circle cut out and I coloured inside it, if you follow. I suppose you could do that with the strips rather than using masking tape.
So many lovely cards to enjoy - thanks for sharing some of them on #Cheers - you have been really good keeping it up.
Stay safe and well both of you
Hugs, Neet 2 xx

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Love funnies.. yes never know that all tidy sorted feeling.. think Margaret does.. but I don't definitely.
Read this days ago but really struggle to comment since iPad so uncooperative with blogger.
Lovely cards.. yes do them as one layer cards, Shaz,I do. When mess it up just turn it over and use inside for topper design. Done that before.
Thanks for sharing, and may God bless you and all you love, and keep you well in these uncertain times. In God we trust.
Hugs, Shaz in Oz.x

{Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

Kyla said...

oh those sayings made me laugh!
I really do like the Tim Holtz die where it is only part of the page, I don't think I have one of those so may have to have a look round on the web :-)
Thanks for the tips on card blanks, bought them from 1craft1 online and turned up in a couple of days-brilliant service and now I have NO excuse (well apart from the pay the bills job) not to crack on and make cards!!

WOYWW #574-The More Stamping Edition.

I have indeed done some more stamping of those inked panels from last week. Actually, a few weeks ago, but only started using them last week...