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Wednesday, 27 November 2019

WOYWW #547- The 'I'm in my craft room' Edition.

Indeed, and here is the proof. Finally made it up into my craft room. As you can see, an almighty mess from stuff just being dumped or left out as I hadn't got the energy to deal with any of it.
 But I did finally get to sort out the stuff bought at the NEC, so let the Enabling commence!

First off, some loose glitters, some foils, and the big roll is Double sided adhesive sheet, someone was selling it in a variety of sized rolls, this one looks to be about A4 in width.

A few stencils, dies and stamps from Sweet Poppy.

The octopus is new, looks a bit like a Kraken, I think. Very large Dragons Eye stamp.

A few new stamps from Lavinia, they've had quite a few releases lately.

A stencil and number stamps from Honey Doo, both outline & solid. They've had a Black Friday 20% off sale this week, so will be a few more stamps to share next week.

 A new heat gun, a dual heat one from Wow! My hairdryer type is good, but they're not really meant for heat embossing/melting stuff, more for drying, so the hotter heat of this type will help prevent a lot of warping of cardstock!

Some glitter cardstock, the non shed, die cuttable type.

And lastly some of the fab 'oil on water' type cardstock. And that was it. As you can see, very little was actually bought.

So, moving on, something I wanted to share, as I think it may interest those who do Mixed Media work, or shadow boxes/ filled jars etc.

  My eldest son Ant had been working on these a few weeks ago, I've just kept forgetting to include them in my post.

What he did was to take some of the tiny seed type fairy lights, then around each light stem he moulded a 'stalk' using Translucent Silicone Sealant, the sort you'd use in a kitchen/bathroom.  After the stalk had set, he moulded a mushroom cap from more sealant, then stuck the two parts together with a tiny dab of silicone when the caps were set.

The white ones are 'as  is', the green have had a little ink/paint added to the silicone. When it was all fully set, he's mounted them onto pieces of bark picked up on local woodland walks. Pictures don't do them justice, they look awesome in real life.
So, running late today but finally done, I'll pop over to Julias place, The Stamping Ground, and leave my link in a minute.

But that brings us round to this weeks ....And Finally, and theres more than one for you here. Came across these amusing Garment washing Instructions!


Lunch Lady Jan said...

It''s soooo good to see you in the your craft room - and what an amazing space it is!! I've never seen it before and wow, you have the most wonderful light in there. No wonder you make such brilliant things! Lovely new stash, I particularly like the long stem with leaves in the Sweet Poppy selection. But Ant's lights...O.M.G. Is he selling them?? They'd be wonderful at Christmas time...all year in fact!
Hugs LLJ 7 xxx

Annie said...

Sooooooo good to see you well enough to get into the craft room....and what a fab space it iss too. Wonderful amount of new stash....love the large dragon eye best. What a talented son you have too....I wonder where he gets it from? ;-)
Annie x #10

glitterandglue said...

Hi Shaz. It is indeed good to see you well enough to be up there in your craft room - and what a fabulous light space it is too! I'm sitting here on my landing having been in fits of laughter at your "and finally" - especially the last one!!!!! Oh dear - I do wish there was someone here to read it to and share it with - I'm still chuckling 5minutes later!!!
You found some great bits at the show - and now you are back upstairs you will be able to make good use of them all. I found some of that watermark card at the show I went to over in Lincolnshire the other week - it's just beautiful. I'm still at the stroking it stage, not used any yet!!
Take care dear girl. God bless.
Margaret #3

Catriona said...

How lovely to see you back in your craft room. Your son’s work is amazing-I’m always in awe if people who can think so creatively. Hope your health continues to improve. X Catriona

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Looking at all this I'm guessing you might be feeling a bit better so big smiles from me. However, looking at your craft room scares me a bit....no a lot actually as I realise that organising my new cabin studio is a massive job. I think I may need to consider the wall shelving fairly early on as they allow you to have things you use regularly on show and easy to reach. This is a much bigger job than I thought and I need to get it right at the beginning. I absolutely love the toadstools they are such a clever idea and your collection from the NEC. I got a dragon's eye stamp myself at the NEC but from a different company but not got round to using it yet. Love the wash labels too, very funny. Wishing you a lovely woyww, hopefully creative when you feel in the mood. Hugs, Angela x15x

Neet said...

Shaz - where on earth do you find those "and finally's"? These washing instructions are fabulous! Thanks for the grin!
It is good to see that you are well enough to be in your craft room (where you belong - miss seeing your lovely work when you are too poorly) and what a lovely bright airy room it looks to be.
Fab shopping - the dragon's eye looks good an is probably what interests me the most although I do like the other things. You'll have to let us know how you get on with that heat gun.
Have put alerts on my phone for my tablets and it is working, not been too bad today and learning also to stop when I get a twinge or two rather than waiting for it to get bad before I give in.
Hugs, Neet 9 xxx

Christine said...

Love your room and so pleased to know you are back and feeling well enough to craft.
Your son is very talented....
Those labels are wonderful,I think the first one is for my youngest !! lol
Take care
Christine #21

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Lovely to see you back in your craft room Shaz - and what a room it is! I must show this to my hubs because he thinks I have way too much stuff. Great new goodies - I especially like the mandala stencil - it will be great for foiling. Your son is super creative to come up with the mushroom idea! I like anything that lights up! So cool and the labels are funny too! Glad to see you're doing so much better! Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa #20

Kathryn Frantz said...

I do love your room. It looks so organized, even though you feel it isn’t.
Your son’s sculptures are wonderful! Intriguing. Great for ambiance.

Got several laughs from the washing instructions. I guess I have never really paid much attention to those.

Happy Wednesday!

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Welcome back into the wonderful world of your craft room Shaz, it's good to see you sat there. Do not trouble yourself with putting away things, just stroke all that's new for a while longer. It will all find a home at some point.
You really did come back with lots from the NEC, you did much better than me. I'd have brought that double sided roll if i'd have seen it, I use lots for mounting embroidery. I'm trying not to look at the sales as we are supposed to be saving as a family BUT.. you know how it is!
Enjoy it all Shaz it's good to have you back in the seat. HUgs Tracey #4

Helen said...

I was reading this on the phone at work but couldn't see the pics well enough so coming back now... love the new goodies - and it must be like a whole new bag of goodies unpacking them now after your unenforced absence! Glad you've made it to the craft room.
thanks for stopping by - cards are made here, just not written.... lol Have a great week. Helen #2

Diana Taylor said...

So lovely to see you back in your craft room - I bet that feels good despite what you call an almighty mess - it just looks inviting and ready for some creativity to me!
I love the little toadstool lights your son made - what an amazing idea, they are fabulous.
Thanks for the 'And Finally' giggle at the end - really made me laugh!
Have a good week and I hope you get to enjoy your new goodies,
Hugs, Diana x #16

Aimeslee Winans said...

All is well now. Shaz is in her craft room and enabling us, heehee. Good to see you there just take it easy! xoxo

Sarah Brennan said...

Laughed out loud at the washing instructions Shaz. Those pieces by your son are amazing. So glad to see you have made it back into the craft room, even if only for some sorting. Carry on enabling lol. Happy belated WOYWW. Sarah #8

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi dear dear Shaz so good to see you WOYWWing again, did read last weeks post last week but did zero commenting, as zero share time. Still can’t believe did it all such answer to prayer, my shin is a right royal pain but I must be patient, not getting my good sleep but resting lots and reading.
Hope pray that you’re well.. for you, was interested in your oximeter as that’s what I’ve trouble with I’m often in very low 90’s when in hospital, but never checked at home.
Ohhh the goodies Shaz... yummo!!
Love most of them, sweet poppy are a great brand, but dont see them much here, have thing for stencils at moment too they’re nice, I’ve a good Roll of tape here too they are great, and last ages.. great collection from NEC and last week’s JOY set too . I’ve only bought myself one thing for Christmas. Might get looking do need some gold stencil paste. Will see.
Love the funnies esp the bad good washing method, take care dear Shaz... your son Any is incredibly clever those lights are absolutely wonderful!!!
Thanks for Sharing, God bless, hugs Shaz in Oz.x #14 I think

{Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

Lillianb said...

Happy belated WOYWDW

Thank you for your visit to me blog,

You sure have some nice new stash to play with, and love your son’s sculptures are amazing,

loving those washing lables

Lilian B #13

Glenda said...

I have had you on my mind girl and I'm so glad to see you back in your craftroom! What lovely "stuff" to play with and I know you will be enjoying it all soon!
Happy WOYWW and Happy Thanksgiving!
Glenda #17

Camilla Fisher said...

Glad you're home again. Love the washing instructions! x

Stacy Sheldon said...

Hi Shaz, Ooh YAY its so great to see you are home but, you know those fairy light mushroom pieces are stealing the show here, in this round of show and tell. :) I am really curious to see what you are going to do with the dragon eye stamp too. :) ~Stacy #23

Julia Dunnit said...

I’m so late I’m going to meet myself next Wednesday, sorry! Happy to see you made it to the top of the house, just hope you felt like doing a little when you’d made the effort to be there! Great shot of your room, wonderful amount of daylight - and frankly, chaos it is not, I had to go back and look again to see why you thought it was a mess. Such wonderful light in there. I like your purchases, the heat gun is of interest...I have a 15 year old hair dryer type that really ought to have a back up these days, I will be bereft when it goes pop anyway, but without another in the house it will make my teeth itch - it would be that one time I am super desperate to use it for something AMAZING! Stay on the recovering side dear friend, and take it all at a pace that suits recovery.xxxxx

Julia Dunnit said...

OMG I forgot to say about the mushroom logs...I bet there’s a nicer name for them....they are stunning. What amazing patience and a wonderful idea. Is it to be a mass production item for sale? Asking for a friend.

Joan said...

So happy you are back home again and slowly feeling better and gaining strength. Can't wait to see what you do with that large dragon eye stamp. I really love what Ant has created. They're stunning and oh, how I wish they could be shipped overseas. I would purchase one in a heartbeat. I don't know where you find your "and finally" funnies but they always make me laugh.

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