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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

WOYWW #407

It's not a pretty sight by any standards, I agree. Detritus of  a Christmas card making session there, see the post below, for the latest challenge. Use two patterened papers was the brief. As you'll see in a minute with the next couple of photo's, not a difficult thing at all. Two? It could have been a hundred & two and I'd still be sorted.😈
 Also to be seen is the practice piece from my white inkpad review (below the Christmas card post), and one of the pieces I was doing that prompted the review. You'll see, it does all tie together when I do the card making post.

So, patterned papers then. This is an A4 RUB, and holds 6" & 8" pads, and a couple of tall thin pads, along with a selection of odds and ends.

This is a 12"x12" RUB, holding 12" square pads, 12" papers,some random sheets of paper & cardstock, and a couple of envelopes, one  with scraps and the second with spare stamped images in.

So thats how the 'getting down the patterned papers project' is coming along. Maybe in a couple of extra lifetimes, I may get close to the bottom of the boxes.

On another note, I've ordered our tickets for Happy Stampers, so thats all booked now and looking forward to that.
For anyone who has been thinking of getting the TH Tonic stamping Platform- the cheapest place I've found it, still pre-order to ship Mid April, is here, Crafts World Online. £26.49, and free shipping.
 Next bit of news, saw the surgeon last Friday. The nodule in my lung was a secondary from the bowel cancer, not a new primary. They are happy it, and plenty of surrounding tissue was removed, and are happy with me enough to discharge me from their care back to my local surgeons & Oncologist. He will organise a full body scan in the next few weeks, and it's basically just back to monitoring me now.
In other news, it seems my type two diabetes seems to be behaving well with the tablets I've been given, had two blood tests now and they are quite sure that's what it is, still puzzled as to why it just literally popped up straight after this surgery. I have to have a fasting blood test this week, then next week get an appointment with GP to get told all the do's and dont's. Although the diabetes nurse who came and saw me in hospital said it's just a case of sensible eating. Have a biscuit or two, just don't eat the whole pack. Have a couple of sweets from the tin, not the whole tin. That sort of thing. And my Mum was diagnosed as type 2 about 30 years ago, and has managed hers with tablets and sensible diet, so don't really forsee any problems. So I'll be linking up with Julia at The Stamping Ground,and coming round to have a snoop around the desks of shame a little later.


Helen said...

I think we all have boxes of patterned papers like you... a friend is doing a craft purge which should inspire me (but terrifies me..) and has at least that many AFTER!! But we still keep buying it.
Glad you got the news from the surgeon - hope that they did indeed get it all out and the scan shows the same in a while. Glad to about the diabetes, as it sounds you won't have to use injections to control it... Happy happy then! won't be doing Happy Stampers this time, but hope you have a great time. Helen #??

glitterandglue said...

Morning Shaz - great shots of all your Christmas stash - teehee! Don't we all have similar boxes filled with similar?! I'm sorry the nodule was a secondary - I do trust that they did indeed get everything - and hope the scans will show all is well for you. Odd isn't it, how suddenly things show up - diabetes... but if it is controllable by diet, then that's great.
Take care, dear girl. God bless you both.
Margaret #6

Neet said...

Thanks for the reminder about Happy Stampers tickets - must get mine ordered.
Good news about the cancer, that must make for a celebration with you two - cocktails all round please. Such news has brightened my day never mind what it did to yours.
Love the views of the pads, mine are in a drawer (or two) and the big ones - well, some are ... and some are ... wonder if `I will ever find them all? The first picture? Is that a Lavinia stamp - love the white on black.
Take care dear one
Hugs, Neet 8 xx

AliWade said...

Happy WOYWW. I should be distressed by the sight of Christmas cards - but strangely it all seems totally ok to be festive crafting in March! I love the tags - and I think I have all of those paper pads in my Christmas stash box. Which reminds me that I need to sort through that as well this week, as I am sure probably about 80% of it could go to the charity group too. I hope that your diabetes can be managed with tablets/sensible diet, and that your ongoing monitoring continues to be just monitoring. Ali x #10

craftyani said...

Very organised with your RUB tubs. Yes start now for Christmas I have. Glad all your health problems are getting sort.ANickoana #7

Kathyk said...

Great news from your consultant and diabetic nurse too - hope all continues to improve with you generally.

Yes, like you, I have a small truck load of patterned papers that I TRY to work my way through every so often ... its just that I prefer to make my own these days!

Thanks for sharing the pix, happy WOYWW


Annie said...

Hi Shaz. I have lots of RUB for all my crafty stuff and love them. I like how you can put the lid on and lock it so they can be filled to the limits as most of mine have to be lol. The news from the hospital sounds good....I'm thrilled for you. Have a great week.
Annie x #13

lilian said...


I have lots of pattered paper but do not use them very often but somehow cannot get rid of them just in case i need them.

Lilian B #17

Judys Lace Creations said...

I love going through paper stacks, and discovering things I'd forgotten I had. I am so glad you had some good health news.What a worrying time you have had.
Have a great week.
Judy # 18

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ahhh Shaz popped over to you first to see if you'd had good news and yes you had what a great answer to prayer and a really great blessing all around for you.. praying for ongoing mercies too, in healing etc.

....and you are very right in what you say about diabetes... a sensible daily makes all the difference to it..

Well done on using those really useful boxes for storage and sorting oh how I ne-eeeed to do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy WOYWW, Shaz.x about 20 I think haven't looked but will put my link :D

{Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

PPS had a chuckle ... why I am my age of course!!! #21 :D

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Happy Dance about the medical news...Gordon still has the odd piece of cake etc and his sugars are well under control. As your Mum said (and mine!) Moderation is everything. So, you don't need any more patterned papers then? Lol. Bit like me and my yarn/fabric...cough. You'd better not buy any at Happy Stampers....jealous that you're going to see Neet again!
Hugs, LLJ 3 xxx

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

I was puzzled about RUB at first but I managed to figure it out in the end! I love RUBs too and have several of them. I don't buy any other plastic boxes now as everything else is inferior in quality to RUBs. Good news about the nodule. I've heard that type 2 diabetes can be reversed with healthy eating. I'm convinced that I'm pre-diabetic (though undiagnosed) but I try to eat sensibly. I can easily resist sweets and biscuits, but not bread! That's my downfall! Have fun this week, Shaz! zsuzsa #22

Sarah Brennan said...

So glad to hear that things are going in the right direction medically. I've just sent off for my Port Sunlight tickets too; we'll have to meet up! I don't dare share my patterned paper collection; there would be too many boxes to get into one photo lol. Sarah #26

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

A little bit of what you fancy and all that. My husband has MODY diabetes due to a mutated gene and it's fully under control with diet. In fact the diabetes nurse said to him we should all be on a similar diet, for good health, and that was long before we were told sugar is our enemy, not fat. I'm off to read your white inkpad review now.

Fiona #27

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Shaz, just wanted to say how pleased I am about your health news, sounding all good to me. How wonderful that your mum controls her diabetes so well, you'll do well to I'm sure, Kate x

Diana Taylor said...

I've just been and read your white ink pad review - thank you so much for that, I've always found it tricky getting a really good solid white - I have the Brilliance one but it's pearlised. The Colorbox looks the best and I'm going to give that one a go.
I'm really looking forward to getting the TH stamp platform, I've held off getting the Misti as the price seemed prohibitive, but I'm excited about Tim's one, it's ordered and hopefully arriving around my birthday!
I hope your news continues to be good and the scan is all OK.
Diana x #19

Sharon Koole said...

Really good medical news! I'm so glad.

Your paper organisation is so....organised. Mine is sort of haphazardly tucked away. I seem to have a thing for pretty paper packs. I can't resist them though I never seem to have the 'right' one when I'm working on a project.

Sharon k#34

Heidi Stamps said...

I always like seeing what other crafters desks look like. I love paper pads and have to resist buying more. I am starting to completely finish up some pads and then maybe i can get more.

I am glad that your medical stuff is looking positive but I hope you are feeling well too! Plenty of thoughts and prayers coming your way.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Shaz, I like the white toadstools on black - very nice. I'm sure most of us have more than enough patterned paper to keep us going for a very long time too. So glad to hear the good news and that your surgeon is happy to discharge you into the care of your local specialists. The sudden onset of your diabetes is a bit of a mystery indeed but hopefully it will be easily managed. Who knows, it might go just as suddenly as it came! Have a great week. Hugs, Elizabeth x #30

Stacy Sheldon said...

every single person I know who has had that type 2 diagnosis are all doing just fine with the moderation for portions and or added pills. the hard part is they are sneaky about what they add to processed foods ( even things that should be "whole" foods sometimes get things that contain sugar/gluten/ other chemicals added to them) to be able to leave them sit in the grocery stores for longer so, if its at all possible to travel to some farmers markets try that too? (and see what you can get your hands on that is not so processed) ~Stacy #42

Carol Norby said...

Hope you continue to improve to full recovery! And I, too, have oodles of pattern paper! Been taking it to classes for people to use up. Nice busy desk! Hope you have a fabulous week!
Carol N #36

donna garner said...

Yeah, you could pop yourself a hernia just trying to select two sheets of paper right? There is such a thing as over blessed in the paper department?

Regarding October - as per convo in the week - I afterwards in discussing with MR D, realised at some point early inthe month, I am in the uK for Addies graduation ceremony - he is just doing his dissertation at the moment and refuses to be specific about dates ( MOOOOM don't talk to me right now kinda thing) , If you let me know when you are in Paris by Private Message I am sure we can work out a meet up either at the most fabulous Pompedou book shop on my way home vis Paris, or you can follow me home on the tail end of your trip... or something, it would be fab to see you (again), dxxx Dx @43

Bernice said...

Your paper organisation is coming along well. We must be in spring cleaning mode at the minute - I've been trying to organise my stamps this week.
Bernice #17

Angela Radford said...

Pleased to hear that your health issues are getting sorted. Your desk looks busy and you're doing well with the organising too. Thanks for the visit to mine and happy woyww, Angela x16x

Shoshi said...

Hi Shaz, I'm so glad they got that met out of your lung, and that they are not worried about it - isn't it wonderful these days that Stage IV colorectal cancer is no longer the death sentence that it was? I have a stoma forum friend in the USA who's also a Stage IV survivor (or victor, as we like to say!) - we go through a lot to win our victor's crown and some go through even more. It's onwards and upwards for you now, I am sure, and I am quite sure you'll get the diabetes under control. My hubby is pre-diabetic and controlling it with diet (at least, I think he is although I have my suspicions that when I'm not around he eats a lot more sweet stuff than he should lol!!). You are certainly having a blitz getting your stash organised these days. I am a RUB addict and have loads - mostly the 9L ones that fit so well in my shelves. I have a really tiny one to keep my cutting machine blades in and it's really dinky!

Have a great week. If you pop over to my blog you'll see that despite my feeling so much better we're facing a few issues atm which are rather worrying - not my health, but one of our kitties and the house.

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi x #44

April Story said...

I'm glad you are doing well. Everything in moderation.
April #32

lisa said...

Morning Shaz. That sounds like good news, I'm so pleased for you. Hope the scan goes well too. You always sound so positive, a real inspiration in how life's trials should be dealt with.
Christmas cards already, Well done you. I can't think about them until November, I think it's got something to do with having to do Christmas in June and July when it's sweltering when I was on Sheena's DT. I never enjoyed that!
Thanks for popping by already.
Hugs Lisax #24

Mrs.D said...

Shaz, glad you are getting some good news from the medics, I hope you are being gentle on yourself and not expecting full recovery too fast.
That Christmas card challenge sound fun, I have so much Christmas paper, maybe I should be doing a challenge like that.
Thanks for your nice comments on my desk, and hope you get your mother's day and Birthday cards finished in time.
Chris #9

Sue said...

Hi Shaz, Like your organised papers/card.

So glad you got good news from the hospital. I am Type 2 Diabetic. The main advice I'd give is to stay off insulin for as long as possible. I gained three stone in my first year on it.

Enjoy Happy Stampers.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Happy WOYWW.

Sue #14

Shoshi said...

Thank you for your return visit, Shaz, and your supportive comment. The damp expert came this a.m. and the news is not good. I phoned the insurance company and they confirmed what he said, that unless the damp is caused by a leaking pipe or something like that, we are not covered. He will give us an estimate and depending on what he finds, it could cost between £1200 and £5000. I'm not panicking as we've just got to face this and take it one stage at a time. Pacing... it's an ongoing lesson, as I have learnt over 10 years! I'm still not very good at it. Amazing how much these operations take out of us, isn't it. I'm 7 weeks on, too. Hope you get some Infusions! They are really fun. Phoebe has eaten again today - not a lot, but at least things seem to be moving and she seems quite happy, so we are hoping all is well. Loads of love to you both.

Shoshi x

Dorlene Durham said...

Take care.

BJ said...

Good news from the specialist and eating sensibly, phew!
Love the mushroom houses. Thanks for visiting me BJ#29

Bubbles said...

Oh - "Jingle All The Way" - possibly my very favourite christmas paper pads :) I love a busy desk with lots going on. Unless it's my own - then I just get drowned in it all lol