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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Distress Inkpads- Regular v the Oxides.

As I promised some results of me playing with the Oxides, and seeing how they differ from the regular ones, here it is. I'll start with a shot of the ones I'm going to compare- Fired Brick,Fossilized Amber, Wilted Violet Worn Lipstick and Spiced Marmalade.

The first colour is Fired Brick, and you can clearly see the difference in the two pads. The actual material the pad is made from is the same, but the colour is totally different.

Here they are sponged onto my journal- Oxides on the right, Original Distress on the left.

 On paper you can see the Oxides are slightly Opaque, while the Distress Pads are more transparent/translucent.
They also have a chalky looking finish, compared to the regulars.

 A view of a couple more pads so you can see how much they differ.

Swatches of the remaining three inkpads.

Now for something quite interesting.
 Apparently,the new inks will show up on black or dark cardstock, so,  to make the test as difficult as possible, I've picked Worn Lipstick and Fossilized Amber, as those are probably the lightest colours.

Just for fun, I sponged some regular Distress ink onto the black card. Apart from a patch that looks a bit wet, that's all you can see.

 But the Distress Oxide is another matter entirely. You can see the pale pink of Worn Lipstick against the black card clearly.

 The same with Fossilised Amber-The Distress Oxide shows clearly on the black card.

So that's it's first big difference to Original Distress inkpads.

Next up- sponging & blending onto white cardstock.
I'm going to use Fired Brick and Peeled Paint to do this with, and I know you are all thinking I'm crazy- thank you, I do appreciate compliments,lol- but bear with me  moment.

So as we all know, try to blend together red and green, and you'll get mud. Which is exactly what we have here, where I've sponged on the Original Distress inkpads.

Here you have the new Oxides sponged together- the same two colours, Peeled Paint and Fired Brick. But with these because they are slightly opaque, the red seems to sit on top of the green, so no mud.

                                                    Here they are, side by side. 
This does of course mean they are not going to blend in the same way as the Original Distress pads at all.

I did the same with these two- Wilted Violet & Fossilised Amber, the Oxides being the ones on the right. You can see the purple showing  through the yellow without mixing. I also spritzed it then with some water, and they still react as normal Distress does.

So thats as far as I've got at the moment. I will be playing and posting the results for them too if I get chance over the weekend. I'm curious to see just how much they can be used for, especially as they don't blend together in the same way. I'm also curious how well they will work with regular Distress inkpads, and what can be achieved there. Can they be blended together? I wonder.


SumBunneh said...

Thank you so much for sharing your research Shaz.. definitely need to invest in some oxides at Ally Pally :)

Barb said...

I really found your tests interesting Shaz. Thank you for sharing your results with us. I think I may have to get a few. Barbxx

Julia Dunnit said...

So far so fascinating, I like the look of the opacity, I must say. The reaction to black and dark card is interesting, but not, I think, a useful thing for me particularly. I wait to be convinced otherwise, I often am. Meanwhile, thanks for the research, you do a great job.

Heidi Stamps said...

Cool experimenting. While I have done a few experiments with them, I do have the same question about mixing with the regular distress line. I was blending with them today and they really are fun to work with.

Angela Radford said...

Great to see you working with these. I've been playing too and I love the way they apply to card so smoothly they seem to cover much easier than the old ones. If you dry them between layering colours they don't blend together and you can see the colours below whereas the old distress inks tended to blend together and you were limited to how many colours you could use before they went muddy. Have fun playing, Angela x

Stacy Sheldon said...

ah fun fun stuff :) Thanks for including so many mug shots too Shaz.

My name is Cindy said...

Brilliant Shaz. So helpful, as I had heard about these but not decided if I 'needed' them. I'm feeling the showing up on dark card might be interesting.......... Will await further experiments!!

Dorlene Durham said...

Thanks for the samples Shaz. It's nice to see the difference between the two before making a decision to invest in something new. I look forward to future samples. Happy WOYWW! Dorlene #41

Lynn Hardy said...

I'm loving all your research Shaz! I believe that the Oxides are very good for stamping too - a bit clearer than the original distress inks.

Helen said...

thanks for sharing your early play with these... still waiting for Oyster to send me mine...

Mary said...

Thank you for posting pictures and details. Very helpful.

Diane Baker-Williams said...

Thanks for this tutorial! I'm still on the fence about purchasing them. The color on the black paper is what draws me but can't afford to purchase them simply for that.

misteejay said...

Looks like you've been enjoying yourself - with great results.
I love the way the Oxides show up on dark card so will have to invest in a few of these.
Toni xx

Neet said...

Hope you got some enjoyment out of the exercise - we certainly enjoyed seeing your results. Thanks so ukch for doing this Shaz.
Hugs, Neet xx

Shoshi said...

A great series of experiments, Shaz. I've watched several Youtube vids on this, esp. the original TH one and he gets amazing effects by rubbing the pads on a craft sheet, spritzing with water and dragging the card through. Drying in between and repeating the process, you can build up layers getting a real mixed media effect. I love the chalky finish of them. And yes, you can certainly use them with regular DIs, and take advantage of the translucent nature of these layered on top, to give a different effect again. I agree with Lynn that they look better for stamping with too, although I've always used DIs for stamping, and look forward to experimenting with both, to see which I prefer. I think these new ink pads will definitely be worth the investment because of the different effects you can get. I want to try combining them with Infusions, too!! Can't wait for all this stuff to come, and for me to feel better enough to spend some serious playing time in the studio!

Loads of love,
Shoshi xx

cuilliesocks said...

Hello Shaz hope you are keeping well. What a very useful piece of research on these new inks. thank you for sharing your findings with us, Kate x

Andrea said...

Thank's Shaz,
very helpful results indeed.I was impressed by effect on black card, many thanks for this Andrea x

MaryH said...

Enjoyed seeing the results of your craft play with the oxides. So interesting. I've some ordered, but evidently these are so hot just now, there's a big back order. I hope mine arrive soon, because I like the results I'm seeing around Blogland! Glad you are feeling well enough to enjoy crafting just now too! Hugs & TFS

Joan said...

Interesting post. Seems like they are impossible to get hold of right now, watched a great youtube by Jennifer McGuire which convinced me I really needed some ! I'm enjoying your blog, used to watch you before but lost your blog, so pleased I've found it again.

Christine said...

Oh! what an interesting post! Thank you so much. I love all the ideas you have on how to compare them.
I would like to share your link with a friend on a Cardmaking yahell Group if you don't mind, one of the members was asking about the Oxides.

Sharon Koole said...

Thanks for sharing! I like the way the new ones look on black paper.

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

A nice comparison Shaz! It does look like the oxides are more opaque, which is probably why they show up on the black card better. It's funny how the colours on the pads are very different, but there's not that much difference otherwise on a white background. It will be interesting to see how they blend!

WOYWW #507- or the getting my act together edition.

Yep, because that's a thing. Of course, maybe if I did all the stamping/ putting in inserts to my cards  and sorted out the envelopes, ...