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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

WOYWW #405

There is finally some crafting activity on my desk. I'd die cut all these pieces, using various Tim Holtz Mixed Media dies,back before I went into hospital, so I'd have something to help me get going again when I came out.
 It's almost 4 weeks now since I came out,and I'm finally starting to feel like doing something again.
Due in part to the fact that, as I said to Doug on Sunday, I felt like I'd finally turned a corner in so far as the pain was starting to recede. I'd been on slow release morphine for a week when I came out of hospital, then when that was finished my Doc gave me some Co-Codamol, but after a few days it was clear they weren't helping, so I went back and he gave me Tramadol, which I've been on for about 10 days, but they have helped.It's just been a constant nagging pain, and the only way I can describe it is if you've had on an underwired bra that's a little too tight- and as the day goes on it feels tighter and starts to really hurt across your ribs just below the breasts? That feeling. Constantly. The only help is lying down to take the pressure off, but then the Tramadol sends you to sleep? Anyway, Sunday  I had some Tramadol first thing, but the swapped back to Co-Codamol for the rest of the day, as I knew the pain had taken a definite backwards step, and I felt much better. And I've been improving ever since.And it's only when you start to get out the other side of this, that you realise how depressed you were becoming.
But, this Sunday I'm going to an Inky Workshop with Pauline Butcher ( DT for Lavinia Stamps, Visible Image and others) as I thought this may well help to give me a kickstart.
 My personal review of the Distress Oxides is below, and I will do another, getting a bit more use from them soon.
This is the first card from my die cut stash, I thought they lend themselves to something like a Sympathy card quite well.
I've just started a second one, but I needed to use a wet glue- which I hate doing, by the way- so it's been put to one side with some weight on top to dry.
So that's me done, I'll be visiting later, and getting round to packing the stuff I need for the workshop- last minute as always!


Helen said...

You have much better luck with those die cuts than I do... great card, hope the glue dries! I am sure I saw a comment on FB that you were starting packing early... guess the pain got in the way and stopped you - glad it is starting to get better now. Have a great day today, and at the workshop; you deserve some fun! Helen #??

misteejay said...

Glad to hear the pain is starting to reduce. Sounds like you will have lots of fun at the workshop.
A beautiful card Shaz - the die cut is lovely.
Toni xx

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi Shaz do love these dies, but haven't bought any yet though am watching this set you've made into a card... maybe one day...
I so love the sympathy card with it and must ad mot I wouldn't have thought of them.. its same design as Christmas card you sent me so just goes to show..
I have a very poor relationship with hot glue too, think I've used it once!

I loved the review of oxides and hope they dont take too long to appear downunder at a a price i can afford..

happy WOYWW
Shaz in Oz.x

PS who messed up her link, firs one is wrong, and is about no 7 or 8.. guessing still no results .. ever so glad you're feeling better re pain etc cant take either of the meds you were on.. i ended up using panadol and digesic. They dont like you taking the latter but works for me.

dutchess said...

So glad you are getting through that pain and beginning to feel a bit better Shaz...always a good sign when thecrafting beckons...love the die cuts I have looked at these and hankered but didn't know if I would use them enough to justify them...love what you are creating with them....take care,don't do too much.....health comes first xxxxx

Annie said...

So glad to hear things are finally improving for you. These things take their time.....all you can do is rest and let it heal in its own time. If you are able to enjoy a bit of crafting then that will help lift your spirits.
Annie x #13

lisa said...

Morning Shaz. It's good to hear you are improving. Pain can be very depressing can't it so it's good news to hear you are feeling like it's improving.
Those TH dies are lovely aren't they and I love your Oxides review. Did you see Tim Holtz on Utube demoing them. They looked stunning, but I've been finding them hard to get yet. Will keep my eyes open.
Enjoy your workshop and take care
Hugs Lisax #26

Angela Radford said...

Pleased to hear you are feeling a bit better and hope you enjoy the workshop. Gorgeous die cuts on your cards, need to pop back later to see what else you've been up to, just been a bit occupied recently. Have a great week and happy woyww crafting, Angela x 16 x

Diane Baker-Williams said...

I have those die cuts and absolutely love them! Your strength amazes and inspires me! Truly, I mean it. Do hope you are able to enjoy the workshop. I did buy the distress oxides after reading your previous post. I want to use them in the dylusions black journal. Be well. #24

Sarah Brennan said...

Glad to hear that the pain is gradually receding. I'm really jealous of your Distress Oxides. I've now been told that I won't get my order until the end of March and I pre ordered at the end of January. It will make them all the more worth playing with! Happy WOYWW Sarah #29

Julia Dunnit said...

You've done so well Shaz, and I agree that until you're through the door and looking back, you don't realise how low it makes you. I'm glad too that you've noticed a diminishing of pain, not least because it then helps you catalogue what you're taking and use it to the best advantage for your need. It's empowering. I've used one of those corner dies recently, will show it off at some point. Really liked it and wish I didn't!!

Sharon Koole said...

I'm sorry you've been feeling so poorly but glad the pain is getting better. It can really get you down. I hope you have fun at your workshop this weekend. Sounds like just the thing you need!

I'm off to read the post below as I've been curious about the differences between the two ink pads lol

Sharon K #36

BJ said...

Love Love Love what you have done with the TH MM dies and the sympathy card. I used up my last stock one last week so could do with making some more thanks for the idea. BJ#23 (currently into needlepoint!!!)

donna garner said...

That is a quite stunning sympathy card, beautiful,

since you mention it: Tramadol is a morphine equivalent so it should work, but has more nasty side effects than MST , glad you are reducing to paracetamol/codeine combo in the day . Codeine works the same way as morphine but not as strong nor lasts for as long.. it may be your surgically damaged soft tissues that are hurting? and breathing works the damaged bits, hence you get tired as you use all your muscles to stay upright AND breath in the daytime..., try supporting your ribs if you can - even a firm fitting vest will help so long as it does not constrict.

Unless you have a medical reason why not - you may find now that an anti inflammatory pain killer could help - they are used for soft tissue pain to very good effect...so long as you are not asthmatic or have gastric irritation etc......it takes 6 - 8 weeks for all the soft tissues to properly heal which is why you need to pace yourself, its easy to extend the recovery time by working the muscles too much too quick. But I am so glad you are well enough to feel bored enough that you want to do stuff.. you are doing so very very well...

Rita said...

Hi Shaz. Hope your progressing and starting to get a wee routine goin. Beautiful card. I have this die but for the life of me I can't seem to cut with anything. I have Big Shor, Grand Calibur and the Ebosser and they only cut at bits. Take Care Honey. Hugs Rita xxxx

Stacy Sheldon said...

ah, a kindred spirit :) I tend to avoid using the dies that need wet glue a lot too. (but, dang I like how they look)
YAY for seeing this pain start to recede too!!
Hope each day is even better than the last and Have a great time at the gathering! ~Stacy #39

lucy Knight said...

The more I stop by your desk, the more inspired I am to have a go. I shall look up a page or blog for tips/hints/techniques and tools now! I'm glad for you that your pain is being noticed to recede a bit. Good luck with the drugs. Have a lovely week and look forward to seeing you next week - EmbroidRage #5 x

Lindart said...

I love that green glue you have on your desk. I can't seem to find it at Michael's anymore, which is where I got it in the first place. frustrating! I'm so glad to see that you are starting to get interested in crafting again. I can empathise with your pain, as your analogy was very good. I can't wait to get my bra off at the end of a day! Hopefully you will be off pain meds soon, but in the meantime, I'm glad you are finding something that seems to be working. Your sympathy card is beautiful! Thanks for sharing, Lindart #43

Robyn said...

we're both into stencils today!
Robyn 10

cuilliesocks said...

Glad to hear that you are coming out the other end of the pain, sounds awful, and of course it drags you down emotionally.
Beautiful dies, Kate x

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Those diecuts are so nice and crisp! Glad to hear your pain has got more bearable, Shaz. It can't be fun living in constant, nagging pain. You're right, that would make anyone feel depressed. Lovely that you've been able to do some crafting. Upwards and onwards! Thanks for visiting earlier! Enjoy your week! zsuzsa #30

Carol Norby said...

Those are great looking die cuts, so clean. Your card is beautiful, too. Glad you're starting to feel better and can cut back on the meds. And I hope you have a fabulous time this weekend! God bless!
Carol N #38

Lunch Lady Jan said...

It's so frustrating when all you want to do is get back to normal NOW!!!! You have done so well though and I'm glad you feel as if you've turned the corner a bit. Doone's info was interesting, I didn't know much about Tramadol so that was useful.
Have sent you a text re the Crop....
Hugs, LLJ 4 xxx

Shoshi said...

I had no idea you had been in such constant pain since your recent operation, Shaz, and I'm really sorry to hear that. I am glad that the medication has now been adjusted and you are getting some relief. I took tramadol throughout, after I came off the morphine pump, and for a couple of weeks after coming out of hospital and found it excellent but some people can't tolerate it and get very nauseated with it. Funny how different drugs affect different people - I discovered the other day that it's a very rare side effect (less than 1% of people) to have hallucinations when taking cyclizine but you've guessed it, Shoshi got them! I shall NEVER take that stuff again - it made all the nurses grow beards!!!

Being in hospital and having surgery really takes it out of you and we have to be patient and let our recovery take its course, don't we. Having ME really doesn't help and it's taking me ages this time, esp. as it was emergency surgery and not planned, and I was so poorly by the time I actually had it. After managing to do that bit of painting yesterday, today I haven't managed to do anything and have felt exhausted and been on the recliner all day. Two steps forward, one step back. I'll get there in the end, hopefully long before the next operation is due - I want to get some things done before it all starts again!!

Thank you for your lovely comment and I'm glad you like what I've done. Your die cut cards are absolutely stunning and I love the simplicity of the sympathy one. I really must start doing some stuff like this as they are relatively simple to do and so effective.

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi x #41

Melissa said...

That's a wonderful bunch of die cut pieces all ready to help you get back to crafting. And the first card turned out so lovely. Glad to hear you are improving!

WOYWW#44 Melissa Gross

craftyani said...

Love the die cutting stash, good thinking to prepare in advance. Glad to hear you are improving. #2

RosA said...

Hi Shaz,
Those die cuts are fabulous! And I hate wet glue too! I tend to use Gel Medium, with a toothpick, for glueing fiddly bits. I'm interested to see what you think of those Distress Oxides. (Of course, they're scarce as hen's teeth here in Oz.)
Glad you are finding a little relief from the pain. Constant pain can certainly leave you feeling depressed, so it's good you feel up to some crafty play.

RosA said...

Oh and those Somerset mags are ridiculously expensive here too, and I haven't seen them anywhere for ages :(

Neet said...

Oh Shaz, I have not been through what you have but this back pain is driving me crazy. Am typing with one hand as the other is holding a hot water bottle to my back which alternates with an ice pack (actually rice in a pair of tights). I had two days last week where I was free from this pain that even co-codamol and oramorph does not seem to shift for hours. Took some at 6 tonight and it is now nearly 11 and the pain is still here. Unless you have experienced pain at high level I don't think you can comprehend it.
Sorry about the moan, just glad you are coming out of it, it must have been awful for you.
Your card is lovely, I do think those cut out sections lend themselves to beautiful cards and yours is a particularly beautiful one.
Will go and lie flat again and hope I do fall asleep.
You take care
Hugs, Neet xx.

Bernice said...

Glad to hear you are starting to feel a bit better. Hope you are pain free soon. What a lot of lovely die cuts you have there - great sympathy card.
Bernice #17

Dorlene Durham said...

Glad to see you're back to crafting. Constant pain is terrible to go through but there will be an end soon. Take care! Dorlene #42

sandra de said...

Sounds like you are doing amazingly well to even contemplate going for a workshop. But, sometimes getting out can be the best way to take your mind off the pain. I imagine you body has been through quite a bit of trauma from the surgery and well rightly complain. Take care of yourself and rest when you can. Loved the review of the Distress Oxides the effect on the dark cardstock is quite striking.
sandra de @19

janice stone said...

I'm so glad to have found you . Thanks so much for all your wonderful educational info . Joy now Jan

Kyla said...

Glad to hear you have started to turn a corner, tramadol really does create a head fog so pleased you have new able to mix it up a bit