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Saturday, 18 March 2017

White Inkpads- The never ending search!

Right, so I know I did this sort of thing a while ago, probably a couple of years now, and since then I've acquired a few new whites. As you do.
 This is by the way of a bit of a side project, as it started out that I was going to recreate the card I made with Pauline last week, then I looked into the Black Magic technique  on Pinterest, and realised that it can also be done with White Pigment Ink, so I thought I'd do a side by side comparison, to see which gave the best effect, Gesso v Pigment Ink.
 Then I needed to see which of my whites would give the best coverage on black, and here we are with a blog post!
When I did the last try out, I think the only pads I had were the Hampton Arts, Studio G and Brilliance, besides the despised Staz-On White Opaque, and I believe I also embossed them with white detail powder. These ones are not heat embossed, so the colour is as it comes from the inkpad.

So here they are, and I've made the image extra large, so you can see them clearly. I've also split them down into rows, with a few words for each.
Tims Picket Fence shows up remarkably well I thought, but the middle two, Do-Crafts Artiste Palette and Ink It Up left a very pale imprint. The Adirondack Snowcap also produced a good print- when I realised it had a plastic cover over the inkpad!😀😀
 On the next row, I thought only the Versacolor White gave a poor image. By the way, the Colourbox Frost White is a VERY juicy pad- I had to clean off the stamp and try again, so a very light hand when inking up with this one.😁
The final two, and I did squeeze these on to the bottom of the card, as I'd used an offcut, but wanted to get them all on the same base, for comparison.
 Both these inkpads produced a good image, in my opinion. I'd be happy with either one.
 Could well be a case here of getting what you pay for, as the two worst performing were also both at the bottom end of the price range on inkpads, just a couple of pounds each.
My top three would be Memento Luxe, Brilliance Moonlight White and Colorbox Frost White,followed by Picket Fence,Hampton Arts & Studio G. Snowcap from Adirondack would be next, along with Versacolor, and finally Artists Palette and Ink It Up.

 By the way, a tip I picked up from a forum: When using a White inkpad for something like the Bokeh technique, where you are adding white ink to a still damp inked background- smoosh your white inkpad onto your craft mat, or put a little reinker on your mat, if you have it. Then work from that, thus saving your precious white inkpad from getting stained.


SumBunneh said...

Great comparison Shaz.. thank you for the tip too.
Now that I don't push the stamp too hard my Wedding Dress Memento Luxe works Great:)

Lynn Hardy said...

Thanks for a very informative blog post Shaz!

Helen said...

great update to your original comparison... what a lot of white inkpads you have accumulated!! (in the search of the perfect one, I realise)

Elizabeth said...

Hi Shaz, thanks for this very informative post. I only have two white pads, Versacolor White and ColourBox Frost White and my preference is for the last. The Versacolor was a big disappointment. I don't think I will ever have the collection you have but then I don't need it ... you've done all the research for me :) Hope you are enjoying the weekend. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

Rita said...

Hi Shaz. What an interesting topic. Your top 3 I have, but don't use them very often. Like your tip at the foot of the page for keeping your ink pad clean. Thanks for this. Hugs Rita xxx

Lisca Meijer said...

Thanks Shaz, that is very informative and useful.
I have the two worst ones. No wonder i am not happy about stamping in white.

Julia Dunnit said...

I have discovered that despite being a little too wet, the best whit inkpad ive ever had is from stampin' Up!, colour me surprised. I , links you own a white pad from every marque and I value your research and samples...never done it like this before, am too lazy.

misteejay said...

Super comparison Shaz. The topic of good white ink pads is rather like the search for the perfect white pen, isn't it. Thank you for sharing your results, the info is really useful.
Toni xx

Krisha said...

Great post Shaz, full of lots of info on those white ink pads. Seems like I'm always searching for a white that will work on black.............I also own a lot of white pens for the same reason...LOL!

MaryH said...

Hi Shaz, thanks for this most informative post on the white inks (and for reminding me about this technique. It was one of the first I tried to learn when I started stamping and it's so pretty). I've only ever used the Brilliance white, so good to know some of the other inks in the stash will work. Hope you're doing well, and it's lovely to see you blogging too! Hugs & have a wonderful day.

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

I think Staz On was the first white I tried.....and loathed! I was recommended the Brilliance Moonlight which I was happy enough with. Then tried the Stampin' Up and have stuck with that. The Colorbox looks very good from your samples. Interesting that you find it very juicy. The SU is the same and you need a light touch. I've only used it once in class as a result!

Monica said...

just catchin up on Blogger! I use ranger Glacier white. it seems OK. I buy when i see in a store.

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