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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

More Birthday Cards!

Right, this is the last batch of Memory Box cards for a while.
 When I was doing the earlier ones, using some pre-embossed cardstock, I said it gave me another idea.

What I've done here is to divide the die cut in two, and emboss the plain half with various embossing folders.

This one uses an X-Cut folder called Cable Knit, on a background taken from a paper pack of Christmas Papers recently bought from The Works. They don't all have a Christmas image on them, this one is just a mottled blue .

This one used a Cuttlebug folder,Cogs & Wheels. No backing paper, and I think this is a sort of masculine looking card.

The next one has a sheet of backing paper from a pad called Far East, and the folder is Craft Concepts Weaving Blocks.
This had another sheet from the Far east Paper Stack, just a marbled green paper. The Folder is a Quickutz one, Diamonds and Dots.

 Next one in white, and the folder is called 'Lines & Dots', by Indentz. I backed it onto some circuit board looking backing paper. Another possible masculine card.

Final one isn't too easy to see the embossing, but I scored a straight line under the greeting, then diagonal lines using the Stampin' Up board below that.


Kyla said...

Deffo going to look out for the at the show!

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Shaz, thanks for your visit and comment, I do appreciate it.
Now I've had more time I've been cruising through your blog pages and been blown away with it. I absolutely love your wedding photos, what an unique style you both have, is that Steam Punk?? You both looked marvellous, whaterver it's called. Personally I love SP.
Your Cancer page is so informative, but really positive and upbeat, you are a very brave lady, and your BH is such a brilliant support for you. Makes my sore knee seem trivial.

Now for your cards, love them, your Stampscape cards are amazing, brilliant stamping. I see you are a lover of IC too going by some of your Christmas cards.
Your Birthday cards today are lovely, beautiful mix of embossing folders and colours.
I will be dropping by often to see what you are doing and how you are doing health wise. Hope you don't mind this long comment.
Have a great time at the NEC, Kate x

RosA said...

Hi Shaz

Those birthday cards are very nice! Very classically elegant, I think!

Now, I'm just wondering ... have you used those detailed snowflake dies (the cheap ones from China) and if so, how did you find them? I'd love to get some but I await your opinion :)


MaryH said...

Hi Shaz, after leaving a welcome message at The CCC, zipped over to enjoy your work, and planned to become a new follower. I'm seeing that I already follow you! (thought your name sounded familiar too!)
Love the different inspirations you've created using the same elements to create such beautiful cards that you've shared on this post. Very creative, and so striking. Hope you'll find time to visit me if you get a chance. Looking forward to having you join us in the CCC group. TFS

misteejay said...

Some lovely cards suitable for the guys Shaz. that cable-knit embossing.
Toni xx

Monica said...

Not doing WOYWW today. Computer problems.....Google fighting Microsoft!
Love the cards and read all your posts.

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