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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

WOYWW #389

Yep, thats another week gone, we're hurtling madly towards the Big C word! Link up at Julia's place as always, The Stamping Ground, for all the desks of delight.
A batch of stamped images on my desk, on Tuesday night, and they will still be there on Wednesday, as I'll explain in a while.

 The other half of my desk contains these- I decided, as you can see in the picture, to cut out a couple of the images with Hexagon dies- the Crealies XXL ones. I used the largest die to cut them out, then decided I needed to cut some hexagon shaped cards to use them on.

 Hence the templates on my desk, so I can just draw around and cut to size the relevant card base. For how often I'm likely to do that, I wasn't going to the expense of even larger dies.

 Speaking of dies, Angela Radford, you naughty little enabler you!
 I saw some cards Angela had made with this die, and decided I NEEDED it!


 I'll be doing a post with the cards I've been making, but thought I'd show you these. Some old friends I haven't played with for a while.
 Encore Metallic Pigment ink pads. I got them out to use for the stamping, so I could heat emboss. I bought these at least 10 years ago, when I first got into stamping, and everything was heat embossed. And they are as juicy now as when I bought them! Excellent value, they were.

All those flowers I punched out a couple of weeks ago? They were for this canvas Calendar I made for a FB friend, Erika. (Full post below this one.)Who, all being well, is coming to the crop. As are we now,
for definite.
My Colorectal surgeon we saw just over a week ago, said he'd try chasing up my appointments. Result? I have one today at 9.30, a Nuclear Lung Scan. You have to breathe in a radioactive gas, which shows how your lungs are absorbing oxygen, then they inject you with a radioactive dye, which shows them what the blood supply to your lungs is. Then on Friday, I have a CT scan, so he can have an up to date image. Then on the 28th, I have the other Lung Function test. So I'm good to go for the crop! Looks to me that it's unlikely I'll get the surgery before Christmas, to be honest.
Said to Doug earlier, I'm in that weird place- on one hand, I want them to hurry up and get it done, on the other hand, the longer it takes, the better.
 So I'll be around later to visit, after we get back. Being done at a Birmingham hospital,as it's a specialised test.


Helen said...

glad you have finally got some dates for your tests, hope they all go well. I love the encore inks, they were gorgeous...do sometimes get my silver one out.... Great pile of stamped images, too. Happy WOYWW - and see you at crop! Helen #??

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Ah Shaz so glad there is some movement at the station or medical appointments anyway, pray surgery will come at right time fur you ....
Mmm love the look of your encore pads too, they look yummy! And the stamped images too ... a lovely desky share!!
Happy WOYWW! Thanks for sharing,
Shaz in Oz.x #9

{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

Anne said...

Hi Shaz good to hear you've got some appointments - at last. Like the stamped images - look forward to seeing what you do with those. The canvas is fabulous. Anne x#14

Jackie Mackay said...

I'm interested to see what you will do with the hexagons. Hope it goes well today with your nuclear thingy - will you be glowing and folk need to check you with a Geiger counter before approaching? Seriously I'll be thinking about you today. Lots of hugs xxx Jackie #20

Annie said...

So glad to hear you've finally got some dates for your tests Shaz. Really hoping it all goes well.
Annie x #10

dutchess said...

Hi Shaz hope all goes well with the test...will be thinking about you,sounds like a long day.....xxxx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Breathing in radioactive gas sounds a bit radical to me, but if that's how the test works, then you have no option really. Good luck, lovely gal, hope it all goes well.
I can see why you had to have that Christmas die, it's fab - you could have a myriad of different colours behind the cut out bit. I love it too! And those stamped images are beautiful, I thought they were tags at first.
I'm really looking forward to seeing you - I didn't realised Erika was coming to the Crop, is she local to you?
Hugs, LLJ 8 xxx

glitterandglue said...

Hi Shaz. I'm so glad the specialist got things moving for you and the tests are to be done. Hope all has gone well today. Does this mean you will glow in the dark when you get to the crop???!!! Those stamped images are lovely - well done you. Used some inks not recently out of the box too. Sometimes it's good to go back to the simple start we all had, isn't it.
Take care, dear girl.
God bless.
Margaret #1

sandra de said...

Wishing you all the best with those appointments. Love what you have created for your friend.Have not even thought of making cards for Xmas. But starting to get inspired by lovely projects on everyones desk.
sandra de @26

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Angela has a habit of making us all buy things LOL! She's responsible for several of my stencils. Lots going on your desk and loving that finished calendar - looks very shimmery! Good luck with your medical appointments. It's probably for the best to have that operation after Christmas, if you can put it out of your mind for now. Enjoy your week! zsuzsa #28

pearshapedcrafting said...

So pleased you got your appointments and that you will be at the crop! I must say that today's test sounds a bit 'unusual' to say the least! The canvas calendar is stunning! Look forward to seeing the hexagon cards! Hugs, Chrisx32

Sharon Koole said...

Love the calendar - it looks beautiful!

Glad you finally got some appointments. I do hope they go well. At least some peace of mind that you finally got them after all the chasing around you seem to have done.

The Christmas die looks great. I can see why you gave in and bought it.

Sharon K #35

lilian said...

Loving your stamped images,

I really hope your test go ok,

Lilian B #22

Lynne Mizera said...

wonderful stamped images... I cannot wait to see what you create with all of them. Lovely that you have specific dates and can now organize a bit of your life... sending positive thoughts and lots of warm wishes. Thanks for the visit and lovely comment you left me earlier and Happy WOYWW from Lynne in Canada #2

Sharon Madson said...

Shaz, have I ever told you that I love your header photo! Everytime I click on you and then see that, I just wish I was there! :)
I love the Encore metalic inks for heat embossing. I have Enchanted Evening tltimate metallic with 4 colors in it. Everytime I use it, my gf says where did you get that. I have had it for 15 years at least and it is still juicy!
I wish you the best on your tests and surgery! I am glad you get to go to a crop, first. Prayers! #40 (I think) :)

Lindart said...

Glad to hear that things are working gout for you! I agree that surgery after Christmas would be best - hopefully soon after Christmas! I love that Christmas die too, I might just have to see if Michaels has it! Thanks for sharing! Lindart #41

Anne L said...

Hello Shaz. So glad to hear that the test are happening for you and yes the waiting game always to get in for surgery. I am in love with those stamped images on your desk and the new die is trully super cute. I have been seeing so much and buying here and there myself lately...lol. More Cricut cartridges and a gypsy I need to learn how to use. Glad you are able to go to the crop with friends how fun it will be. Have a fantastic week and thanks for visiting me earlier. Hugs Always ~Anne L#19

StampinCarol said...

I've been working like crazy getting Christmas card sets made to sell. Got a few made for me, too! I used to have some Encore inks but got rid of them as I haven't used them in years. And that die from Memory Box! Wow! Thanks for the visit! Hope all is going well!
Carol N #30

505whimsygirl said...

Hello Shaz,

I hope your tests today weren't too difficult for you. I can understand wanting to hurry with the whole thing and then being a bit apprehensive about it too. Medical issues are always tough and I must say you and Doug have been troopers through all of this.

Glad you are making the Crop - is this the WOYWW crop? It's on my Bucket List!!

Yes, the photo is from FB. I figured most of the WOYWWers aren't friends of mine of FB so thought I'd get away with it! Nothing more has been done in the room. The house is too dark and I'm too tired to get anything done after work. I don't even have any knitting going at the moment.

Good luck to you and I'll keep you in my heart.

Kay (33)

Julia Dunnit said...

I saw the calendar on Erika's FB post, I do hope she'll come over to meet you - really glad you're able to come. Also a bit pissed about the old boy network type coincidence involved in your appointments. Although I'm glad you've got them now, no argument there! hope today went well, the nuclear and radioactive thing...now that sure I specialised. Me too - still a big Encore! Ink pad fan, particularly love the silver when embossing with silver, gives a real good finish. Like you, I've just 'inherited' a few, and they are as good as new. Amazeballs.

Heather said...

I look forward to seeing what you end up making with all those great pieces! I hope your tests run smoothly and the docs get the info they need. ❤️ Have a great week! ~Heather~ #47

Angie said...

ahhh, now I've got to go find that die and I haven't even seen the cards! I love what you did with the flowers, absolutely lovely and what a lucky friend.
Thanks for popping by!
Angie #47

okienurse said...

glad to hear you have your tests scheduled and you can find out what is going on. scary part is all the waiting...I always say I can handle anything that I know what I am dealing with. Love the stamped images and the cards. You know this group is good for enabling one another! Have a great week! Vickie #52

Angela Radford said...

Hi Sweet Thing, I'm a bit late tonight. I've been a bit busy and ended up dropping off to sleep on the sofa but I'm here now. Sorry to tempt you with the die but they do make Christmas cards quickly without too much effort. Do you know I think I have some of those inks somewhere, will have to look for them. If they keep giving you the radioactive stuff Doug will be able to use you as a glow in the dark Christmas decoration Lol! so there are advantages to this. I really do hope it all goes well for you. Have a great woyww and happy crafty week, Angela x 14

StampedbyChris said...

Hi Shaz! I'm happy to hear your tests have been scheduled. I'm praying for you! I love the Merry Christmas die and can't wait to see what you create with it.
Chris # 30

Cardarian said...

You are a busy bee making all those cards and also I love that Merry Christmas die - I have one that is similar - but prefer the one you have!
I hope all went well at the hospital and am glad you have further appointments - Alan has been waiting for his knee operation since last October so more then a year now and still no sign of getting it done!
I am looking forward to seeing you at the crop!
Lots of hugs,

misteejay said...

Lots of fab stuff on your desk Shaz.
Hope the first of your tests went well and good news that you have dates for the others - thinking of you.
Toni xx

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

I'm a fan of Encore! metallic pads too. I only have silver and gold, but both going strong after 10 years plus. Great news that your appts have fallen into place so that you can come to the crop. Look forward to seeing you there x

Shoshi said...

My goodness you are so productive, Shaz! Several years ago I gave up doing Christmas cards at all, and probably wouldn't have the time or energy these days anyway!! I know what you mean about running out of energy but I've been dealing with that for years... I'm much better, though, now I'm over the cancer and I think the fatigue I suffer is purely ME now, but it's hard to tell! Had my pre-oncology blood test this a.m. I'm glad to hear that they are at last getting on with your scans etc. pre-surgery but you've had to wait a long time, and now having to wait till after Christmas is a bit much - you'd think they'd want to get on with it. Thanks for your visit and the hugs which we return with gusto! Loads of love to you both.

Shoshi #38

Christine said...

Thanks for your visit earlier - gradually getting sorted out here, the cooker's cooking well.
Love that tree, had to go back and read your post about it.
Look forward to meeting up with you both soon .... not that I'm counting the days!!!
have a good week
Christine #21

Neet said...

I had that Nuclear Lung Scan about 4 years ago they were lovely in that department (just been for a nuclear bone scan to the same one) so I must assure you it is nothing to worry about Shaz.
Love those Crealies cards you have been doing - must go to your post above and make a comment.
Hugs - a very very late - Neet xx