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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

WOYWW #251

Gooood Morning WOYWWers! All happily linked up over at The Stamping Ground, with our Chief Desker, Julia? Good, then we'll begin. Not a huge amount on my desk this week, some new stamps from Chocolate Baroque- I've been coveting the Fragments one for ever, with all those delicious Gothic Arches. And the borders-I can see a lot of uses for those.
Other than these, just some experiments with inking card with Distress re-inkers and water.
I love the Spiced Marmalade DI- such a glorious colour- I think I got a bit carried away, it was supposed to be more subtle than that! I have a problem with subtlety, you may have noticed.

This was how I started, and was more what I was aiming for- I didn't allow for how strong the Spiced Marmalade colour is. So it'll be back to the drawing board- or the inking mat- this weekend, Less ink and water this time.
Seen on top of my 'craft mat'- £1 heat resistant baking sheet from Poundland, sorry Tim.

   Some cards made over the weekend in the previous post,  triple time stamping, mainly thanks to Julias experiments recently with the Brilliance pads- I'd forgotten how wonderful they are.
Speaking of Tim, thats something I am waiting to arrive. I saw one of his CHA videos about his Blending Solution pen, for Alcohol inks, and also the palette for the inks. Looks good to me, so found both online.  You can put a few drops of alcohol ink into the palette, let them dry for a few minutes, then pick them up with the blending pen for colouring.


Julia Dunnit said...

Oh me too, spiced marmalade, then salty ocean! Like what you're working Oman very much, will be watching with interest as always....meanwhile, LOVe the borders, I can see me being able to use them too.....I fear you should not let me in your stash room...I may become a pilferer!

okienurse said...

beautiful colors you have on the card! I enjoy playing with the Wild Honey and the Ocean one also! Have fun playing with those new stamps they look awesome! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a crafty week! Vickie #49

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Cor, I LOVE those new stamps! Anything Gothicky is ok by me and those borders are lush!
I think Julia could have definite stampy kleptomaniac tendencies you know!!
Hugs, LLJ 27 xx

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Love all those new stamps and look forward to seeing what gothicky projects you come up with xx

Fiona #47

JoZart said...

Super new stamps and interesting seeing your colour experiments too. I get my mats from Home Bargains and it's good to beat the prices of the brand names, isn't it?
Jo x No50

Neet said...

I have one of those palettes and I put sticky dots on the cover over each palette and write down what the colour of ink is. I just mix in any that are left over or on old bits of plastic.
You enjoy!
Hugs, Neet (who loves Spiced Marmalade too) x

jenbar said...


I found you on Split cost stampers. I bought a children's paint box intending to empty it and use for the alcohol inks - then I discovered that the paints are quite good for colouring! (Slightly sparkly) So I guess I'll have to wait....

Anonymous said...

Oh yum. I love the stamps - not sure I have any CB stamps but look like the fragments need adding to my wish list :) I LIKE the intense colour but then I'm like you - more is more LOL! And yep, £1 craft mat for me too.

Happy WOYWW!

Mary Anne (22)

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Shaz,

I do love the marmalade color! Your new stamps look great - definitely your style!

I looked at the previous post on your mosaic cards - they all are great. I love the idea.

I'm not participating with WOYWW this week but HAD to visit a few desks anyway.


MaggieC said...

If those Gothic Arches had been see through stamps, I would have been seriously tempted by those. I could see loads of uses for them. I reckon that bright colours like the spiced Marmalade should not be subtle. They are "in your face" colours, the sort that really smack you round the face. How is your water leak now? Is it fixed yet? I am just waiting to double check before I get the bits put back together again. xx Maggie#8

Shoshi said...

Oh Shaz, those stamps are just gorgeous... Think I'm suffering from Gothic Envy lol!! What a great post this week! I love what you are doing with the inks. I have problems with subtle too! I got 2 of TH's palettes and made one up with the alcohol ink for use with the blender pen (I love the control you get with that, rather than dabbing the stuff on with a felt pad) and one for Perfect Pearls, which can then be used with a brush like watercolours. I did a blog post about this, and how I made the label to go inside the lid, with details of the colours.

Thanks for your visit and comment - Tyvek is a breathable membrane used in the construction industry, e.g. over the roof timbers before the tiles are laid. It is also used to manufacture really tough envelopes, sports shoes and protective clothing, and is used for packaging oriental rugs in transit. It doesn't have a different name from craft suppliers, but they just package a few A4 sheets for an exorbitant price! Bulk buying is obviously more economical, but not if you have to buy a whole roll for several hundred pounds. There must be a middle path somewhere.

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #48

glitterandglue said...

Hello Shaz. Hey - who needs subtle?? Spiced marmalade certainly doesn't! Great fun been had in your neck of the woods this week. Have fun, and a great week ahead.
Margaret #85

Andrea said...

great new stamps and spiced marmalade is a a fab colour and love the bold bright backgrounds you have created .. I'm still a novice with distress inks but love to see what others create ...one day I will master the art !...have a fab week Andrea#20

fairy thoughts said...

Spiced marmalade is one of my faves too along with peacock feathers. Like you I use a matt from pound land..... so cheap I can afford to have several in varying degrees of painted.
Janet ...from a VERY chilly seaside

BJ said...

Oh I love the colours in your backgrounds, yep I'm a bit of a colour freak these days you'd never think I was a Goth 1/4 of a century ago! LOL Thanks for the visit yesterday BJ#70

BJ said...

Oh just clicked on your stamp photo, now those are certainly goth - yummy. BJ#70

peggy apl said...

Beautiful stamps! Those images remind me of the illustrations in my book on the history of Architecture during my college days.
Great idea to use a baking sheet. Thanks for sharing! Happy WOYWW!
Hugs, peggy aplSEEDS @3

Kyla said...

Ooh some lovely backgrounds.....thinking they would look lovely on fabric

Tertia said...

Those backgrounds look good enough to eat! Makes me happy just looking at them.
Happy very belated WOYWW!
Tertia #67