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Monday, 17 March 2014

Cat and Butterfly Scene


   I have made a very similar scene before, and to be honest,
this one was intended to be pretty much exactly the same. I also forgot to take pictures till half way through, so this wasn't going well.  I started off by sponging a sheet of card with purples and browns.Adirondack Cool Peri, then DI Shaded Lilac, then Adirondack Eggplant. The browns were Adirondacks, Lake Mist, Latte and Hazelnut.

I followed that by stamping the Inkylicious cat in Versafine Onyx Black, and also the Oak Branch, Stampscapes.

Having got the tree and cat in place, I used a couple of stamps from the Inkylicious 'Essential Grasses' set along the bottom, using first and second generation stamping.
 I also added a butterfly, which comes with the cats on the Inkylicious set.

 Now this was where things began to go downhill. I decided it needed something on the right for balance, and thought I would go with some bushes, made by stamping with the tops of trees over a post-it mask.

That worked ok, it was when I decided that they needed 'grounding' that it all began to go wrong.

 I think if I'd stopped at the edge of the bushes, it would have worked. But I'd put my post-it mask across the whole scene, and sponged over the edge to create a hilly landscape.  Complete disaster- way too dark on the side by the tree. So I attempted to remove some of the ink- that actually made matters even worse, removing paper as well as ink.

 So I'm sat there, really annoyed at myself, and tossing up whether to bin it, or can I retrieve this unmitigated disaster? When I remembered a set of Hobby Art stamps I'd last used ages ago, which had a hedgerow and a stone wall in it. Found the set, and spotted the fence stamp, which by an amazing fluke was facing in the direction that would best hide my mistake.

Funny thing is, I think it actually makes the scene work better- and I'd never have thought about it, if I hadn't made such a pigs ear of the scene.

 Adirondack inks in Cool Peri,Eggplant, Lake Mist, Latte and Hazelnut
 DI in Shaded Lilac
Versafine Onyx Black
 Inkylicious stamps, Playful Cats (2cats & 3 Butterflies)
Inkylicious Essential Grasses set
Stampscapes Oak Branch also available on Nature Sheet 8
Hobby Art In The Country set


Monica said...

Love hearing how people cope with disasters. It is an essential part of my existence hiding mistakes!

Anonymous said...

You do these scenes so beautifully and congrats on hiding the mistake, now if you hadn't told us you had made a mistake and used the fence to rectify it we would never have known :) Love that cat image.
Lynn x