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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

WOYWW #252

Almost lost track of the days this week. We had a long weekend, booking last Thursday and Monday off work, and I've only just realised its Tuesday!We had a night out on Friday, to the O2 Academy in Birmingham, to see 5 Finger Death Punch- they were AWESOME!!!!
I do my post up on Tuesday afternoon, and schedule it, because we work nights, and getting in at 6.30ish on Wednesday morning, I'm just about capable of linking in with our head Desker, Julia, at The Stamping Ground, typing up a post would be beyond me, lol. And my desk won't change overnight, unless the fairies get to it.
So this is what it looks like- the ink palette and blender pen arrived, the palette now filled with alcohol inks, and the blender pen with blending solution on the left.More on that in a minute. Just had to order a second palette, as I have more inks than I had spaces for. Some trial stamping with Gothic Fragments stamps beneath that.A tub of stylus tools with some ink pads on top. Bits of waste from dst, and a lone stamp on its block. Nothing very exciting.
Speaking of ordering stuff, I have a few times complained that I could not find refills for my Adirondack pads in this country. You can order them from the USA, but the shipping (and what you would probably get charged for Import duty) is ridiculous. That happened to Beloved Hubby last week. He wanted a rugged case for his new phone, not available over here, only from USA. Card off the post office through the door- Import Duty of almost £3, which wasn't bad, BUT, the Post Office also charged £8 for ' Handling Costs' related to the Import Tax! Total cost £11- how can they justify that? So I try not to order too much from the USA cost wise, just because of that Handling Charge. Anyway, back to what I was about to say-the site I found my palette and pen on, Country View Crafts, well, I was browsing, as you do, and what did I find? Adirondack pad refills! She must be the only place in the country that carries them. And, best of all, she has free shipping, with no minimum spend, which is always good, its quick too, my order turned up in a couple of days. So I shall be gradually getting refills for all my pads, some of them I've had for a few years now, and could do with a refresh.Final pic, and I had to put it at the bottom, so the pic doesn't show on FB, with RSS feed, is a Wedding Card for some friends getting married in a weeks time.
The embossed background is the Couture Creations Tied Together folder- love that one, its probably my most used. Little half pearls were added to the joins in the embossed design.The stamp is At the Altar, by Stampendous,stamped a second time onto a red vellum, and just the overdress cut out and added on top with Pinflair glue.Its a useful way of bringing the wedding colours into the card, I find. The message was printed on my pc, onto white pearl card. I chose the Ultra Glossy Photopaper setting in the printer, and the ink was wet enough for me to be able to sprinkle with Silver Detail embossing powder and heat set.


Andrea said...

well done for your perseverance and supplier, must check out the site. the card is stunning love the use of the vellum and great tip re embossing with printer ink I didn't know you could do that have fab week ahead crafty hugs Andrea#45

Elaine Hughes said...

Lovely card! Don't get me started on the £8 handling fee...grrrr.

Those Gothic Fragments stamps may just have to find their way into my basket... :D

~Elaine #71 http://quixoticcards.com/

Anonymous said...

Crazy the fees. DH was 50 this year and got a HUGE box of assorted joke stuff from his Aunt and Uncle. Cost THEM $60 to mail it, then cost US £17 in fees. The darn box was PLASTERED with birthday related stickers all customized with DHs name, with stamps and drawings etc (ie clearly NOT sent by some shady character trying to slip something under the radar, it must have taken them HOURS to do) and all marked GIFT and still the shipping and the fees FAR outweighed the cost of the jokey items.

Oh but I do love CVC. She is so helpful and has great stock, often stuff you can't find elsewhere, like the re-inkers. Why every Thursday do I end up shopping from a WOYWW list.....???

Happy WOYWW!

Mary Anne (11)

Anonymous said...

Ooops. Totally forgot to say how much I like the card :o DOH!


Lunch Lady Jan said...

I LOVE that wedding card, especially the embossed background. Beautiful!
And I'm guessing 5 Finger Death Punch weren't doing Easy Listening then?? ;-)
hugs, LLJ 8 xx

CraftygasheadZo said...

Wowzers that is some charge. I've ordered stuff from Country view too. Good service. Enjoy your day. Take care Zo xx 83

Kyla said...

Lovely card and good supplier find.....off to check out their site.

Import fees are a scandle, but sometimes our hands are tied as you say, the UK often doesn't stick what we need!
Kyla #2

BJ said...

Loving your gothic windows but not too sure about your headless people! BJ#76

StampinCarol said...

Glad you found your inks! Your wedding card is beautiful but I seem to have problems seeing people-less clothing. Sometimes they look eerie but these do look pretty good. Happy WOYWW!
Carol N #25

Krisha said...

Beautiful card Shaz.

no # this week, just couldn't get it together with this head cold.

Monica said...

That is incredible that they can charge so much. Like you I write post on Tuesday and I am just flat out by then and usually hadve worn myself out getting mad at Google and Blogger.
Monica 43

Monica said...
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Chrysalis said...

What a truly beautiful card, Shaz! And thanks for the heads up re purchases. Have a great week. x

pearshapedcrafting said...

Love your card.....and your handwriting! I don't order from US as I'd heard a similar tale! Chris#96

fairy thoughts said...

Hi shaz
yep don't get me started on the VAT and handling fee we were charged for gift that some friends sent us from the US and the handling charge to.... what a rip off.
great card.
Happy anniversary for the other day
janet #7

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

oh Shaz well done on getting re-inkers love the Adiro. pads too but dont have that many.. have few of lots of different pads.. ie about 8 DI about 6 Adirondack, SU, etc... and use any colour where needed.. :D
LOVE the card below clever printing too well done,a great card. happy WOYWW, Shaz in Oz.x #47

sandra de said...

Beautiful card and I can see why you would use the embossing folder over and over. The gothic fragment stamps a beautiful ... something really special about a Gothic arch.
Sandra @79

Ann B said...

Thanks for the tip on the re-inkers. Coincidentally I had something in my post about not being able to get them. Can see then selling out before I get the chance to do a bit of shopping. Love the card
Ann B

BJ said...

Too right about the magnolia mess it in the bane of our life, bud cases, sickly petals, seed pods, and finally yukky brown leaves, simply horrid, BJ

my cup of tea said...

Such a pretty card! Hope you have a relaxing weekend! Thanks for the visit!

glitterandglue said...

Hello Shaz. What a week you've had one way and another. Huge amount to have to pay for something which has already been paid for!!! Keep hunting the UK - sounds like you've found a great company who stocks unusual things - well done.
Thanks for visiting - it's taking me ages this week to get round - yes, that green is something else, isn't it - but it's the cheapest satin based fabric I could find to make the mock dress for the bride. Still not satisfied I have it right - thought I was getting there, but not sure.... The creamy yellow fabric I started with got so exhausted having been taken apart and put back together so many times I gave up and started again - this time in that green!!!
Glad you like our views - we are rather partial to them as well. We are VERY blessed to live in such a great place.
Have a good week.
Margaret #22

MaggieC said...

Thanks Shaz, some of the thyme would be great. I am trying to fill in any spaces in the beds with things like thymes and things that will fill out, suppress weeds, but encourage good insects of any kind. I am very tempted by that Gothic fragments stamp set, but the fact that it is rubber does put me off a little. I seem to be on top of the potting on at the moment, but I still have more to come, but I do intend to get some crafting done next week. Speak to you soon. xx Maggie

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Beautiful wedding card Shaz. I admire your patience sticking on all those pearls. You might have lost Wednesday, but I think I lost Thursday too! Yes, I'm going to the woyww crop. Are you?

Christine said...

I didn't realise that RM did the charging, I thought that it was just Customs - defo have to rethink ordering form over there.
I am still rushing around like a headless chicken, taking time out to visit (thanks for your earlier one) no-one will notice how late I am, will they?!?!?!
Bishopsmate #74

ALI said...

Hi Shaz

I have just found your gorgeous wedding card and really wanted permission to copy it, if you would allow me to.
Have added you to my fav's as well

Thanks again

Ali x

nightingalehoop said...

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