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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Using those Shadow stamps.....

Three cards made with the Fun Foam shadow stamps, accompanied by some lovely sunshine coming through my blind!
Very easy Clean & Simple cards- shadow stamps, a post-it mask, Distress Inks, an image & a sentiment.

I moistened the foam stamp with a baby wipe before each inking- it gives a much more even ink coverage.

The first circle was stamped with Spiced Marmalade, and I stamped a mask onto post-its with the same inking. I cut out 3 or 4 post-its together to give me some spares. I also cut just inside the stamped shape, so I could position it without getting a 'halo' around them when I stamped the next one.

The second circle was coloured with Mustard Seed.

Mask removed- that worked quite well, lol.

Replaced the mask again to add the third circle, in Rusty Hinge.

 All three circles stamped.
 I found a Penny Black image to use as the focal point, and stamped this in Gathered Twigs.

Then added a sentiment at the bottom.

    Creating the second card- First (masked) circle was Barn Door, top one Rusty Hinge,Bottom one Spiced Marmalade.
Then I added a smaller circle at the bottom with Mustard Seed.    

 The same Penny Black image, this time curved slightly on the block, and another sentiment, using Gathered Twigs again.

  Something to be aware of with Fun Foam stamps- they have a VERY low profile on an acrylic block, and its way too easy to get ink on your block & not realise it. You can see the yellow on this one, which I tried- and failed- to hide with the sentiment.  I found it wisest to wipe all around your foam stamp with a baby wipe/piece of kitchen roll, then hold it over a white background to make sure you can't see any ink on it. And to wipe your fingers- DI is very wet, and transfers off them.

     The third card, using, from top to bottom, Mustard Seed, Scattered Straw, Spiced Marmalade & Rusty Hinge. Theres a bit of a smudge of darker ink on the second circle down. That was caused by re-using the post-it mask too many times! Even though I cut out 3 or 4, I used at least one of them too many times. I think this is a one time use situation.

I did try heating the larger foam circle first to see if it helped give a smoother surface,but not the smaller one. Looking at the circles, I can't see any difference. I found they started to curl a little, and pressed it flat with my fingers. Big mistake! The heat softens it, and your fingers leave indents. If you look at the second couple of pictures, you can see where I practised stamped first, and you can clearly see the dents left in the surface. I reheated it, and pressed it between two acrylic blocks to smooth & flatten it.                          

 Distress Inkpads
Fun Foam/ Shadow Stamps
Baby Wipes
 Penny Black 'Ascent' 3139K ( Link goes to Penny Black UK suppliers list)
Word stamps are VAP Stamps, I think via Dovecraft. I bought them as a box set of about 20, a few years ago.



Fandhmum said...

Hi Shaz,
These have turned out beautifully,
Rosie x

Winnie said...

Shaz, love your shadow stamps and cards you made. I never have done anything with craft foam really, so I have to pick some up and give it a try. Thanks for sharing the how to!!

Krisha said...

Hi Shaz,
These are stunning cards! LOVE the shadow stamping effect.

gardenpinks said...

Fab cards Shaz, just love the way these have turned out. Thanks for the tip too on watching ot for stray dabs of ink :)
Lynn xx

Queen Lightwell said...

Okay, I think I see what you're talking about now. I even think I have a set of those kinds of stamps, you can heat them up and mash impressions into them, right? I love the idea of using a mack to keep your colors pure, too. Looks to me like all your cards turned out very lovely, even the one with a bit of extra color! :) Thanks for letting me know about this post, now I'm off to see if you have another and then maybe go dig out my stamps and see what I can make with them, since you've inspired me and all! :) Deeyll

Rhonda H said...

Cool cards! Nice to see how the technique works! Thanks for stopping by my messy desk! Rhonda #120

Nan G said...

Love these! Something new to add to my list of 'I gotta try that'! Hugs