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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

WOYWW #206

Not a huge difference to last week, to be fair. A few of the stamped images have been used up in the previous posts, a few more at the back waiting to get used.
Some shadow stamps I've dug out, I thought I'd give that a go at some point this week. I'm also going to have a go at making some out of fun foam, rather than buying any more.
On the left, a really exciting find in The Works!
 That mask shape is awesome, lol.
I love masks, I really do, and these decorate yourself ones are only 99p.
I also thought I could use it as a template to make some more, maybe papier mache, or with polymer clay or air drying clay. We shall see,my craftroom is stuffed to the gills with good intentions.
The reason I was in The Works- Tell the truth, why don't I, I'm always popping in there, no excuse needed,- is that its Mikeys girlfriends birthday today, so I needed a pressie. She loves drawing, and The Works always has loads of good art stuff. I got her a fold-up easel/art stand and one of those mini-mannequins I had on my desk a couple of weeks ago. Then spotted those masks.Seemed rude not to bring one home.

This is the corner of my desk, artfully overflowing onto my rubbish bin.Makes a useful stand for trays of stuff, I've discovered.
Actually there are two bins, a rubbish one & a recycling one, so in an emergency I have two stands!
You can see my box of embossing folders on top of a drawer unit, I thought I would actually use them more if they were in my line of sight, and it does seem to be working. Now all I need to do is put everything in my room in arms reach, and I'll be using all sorts of forgotten treasures.
Well, it might work.
The tray on the desk has some sheets of cardstock I've sprayed with mica mists, and the one on the bin is full of alcohol inked sheets.Those little DL document pockets are ace for keeping scraps in.

I said Mikeys girlfriend, Katy, likes to draw. This is a piece she did for me back last year.
 Mikey commented to me last night, that he and Katy were talking the other day about this drawing she did me, a cat with one eye hidden.
And what did they end up adopting? A one eyed cat- how weird is that?
If you've got this far, and wonder what on earth I'm waffling about my mess for, go visit our Leader of the Pack, Julia Dunnit at The Stamping Ground, and show us what you got!

Going back to the ATC swap- if anyone wants to swap with a first--timer, you can email me with your addy via the link on the sidebar. I have no idea what you might end up with, lol, so be prepared!


sandra de said...

Always lots of interesting things on your desk and it will lovely to see what you do to the mask. The story about the one eyed cat is weird but also quite apt. If you are open to swapping an ATC for the anniversary send me an email I would love to swap if you are keen. Have a lovely week.
Sandra @93

Helen said...

I love the Works! always some bargains there... have a good day. Helen16

Diana Taylor said...

That mask is a great find - I haven't been to The Works for a long time but I feel a trip coming on!
Have a great week
Diana #79

House of Bears said...

We love The Works too, and our craft room is also stuffed with good intentions.

Waving hi from the bears @#97 this week

Joynana said...

Hi Shaz, thanks for stopping by so early. Love the drawing that was done for you. So, they got a one eyed cat. Every living thing needs some love. #100

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Looks like a fun desk!

Happy WOYWW.

Sarn #80

famfa said...

Look forward to seeing what you do with your mask. Great desk. Lovely picture of one eyed cat
Famfa 105

Morti said...

Doh.... why haven't I thought of having a separate recycling bin in my craft room? I'll be changing THAT tonight!

Looking forward to actually meeting you in two and a half weeks!

Thanks for stopping by....

Hettie said...

I am a fan of The Works too and Hubby makes a point of meeting me in there every time we go to Hereford. Laura Ashley is opposite!
We have a one eyed dog too!
Shall we swap ATCs? But at the Crop would be quicker than Royal Mail do you think? I know you are going to be there!

Krisha said...

Hi Shaz, The mask is a great find, and your desk looks as though you have been busy. I have everything at arm's reach, but my arm are just too short.....LOL
Krisha #113

craftydebs said...

Good idea about having your folders out where you can see them Shaz I keep mine in a drawer & don't seem to use them much. Better fetch them out!

Monica said...

That is such a good idea to put the garbage cans to work. Love the cat drawing.
Monica 65

Gibby Frogett said...

Hi Shaz love the one eyed cat drawing and the mask - looking forward to seeing what you create with that too. Happy WOYWW Gill x #117

Anonymous said...

Happy woyww :)
lots of cool stuff on your desk! always nice to find bargains, isn't it?!
Cheers, Jana #30
Thanks for stopping by my desk too!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I'll swap an ATC with you! I made 12 at Julia's the other day...no time to sew any so stamping was much quicker. I enjoyed it but don't think I'll be taking up paper crafting any time soon, lol!!
I'm looking forward to the crop too, am starting to plan the lunch menu and create the raffle etc etc! Soon be here :-)
Hugs, LLJ 29 xxxx

Regina Hamilton said...

Love that mask. Happy crafting #4

Liz Black said...

I look forward to seeing what you do with the mask. Thanks for sharing and Happy Woyww Liz@130

Ria Gall said...

oh wow all I could focus on on your desk was that mask what a pretty shaped mask I bet you will do some wonderful things with it. Love the picture of the one eyed cat she is a good drawer
Have a great WOYWW today and a fabby week
Ria #21

fairy thoughts said...

great desk again shaz the mask was a bargain, How will you decorate it I wonder? when will you get the time if you are anything like me.... room full of good intentions hehe. If you want to swap ATC i will bring some to the crop .... I think you said you were going
janet #29

Elizabeth said...

Hi Shaz, great post and I've just had a lovely time rolling down and catching up with what you've been up to. Have noted the tip on using cheap photo paper - will have to give that a try. I find it hard to keep out of The Works too - like you say there are lots of great art stuff in stock. Have a good week, Elizabeth x #36

Craftychris said...

Cool mask - what a fab find! Lots of other craftyness going on and Katy's picture is brilliant! Thank you for visiting me and have a fab week xx #95

Caro said...

What a fun looking desk. I love the works and that mask is stunning. Thanks for sharing. Happy belated WOYWW. Caro x (#61)

Fandhmum said...

Hi Shaz,
I love forward to seeing that mask decorated,
Rosie x

Marit said...

Aaargghhh, bummer... I just typed a real long comment, hit 'publish' and blogger threw it away.. what did I say? In short: thanks for stopping by my blog this morning. The mask is awesome. Katy has talent. Yep, that's what I all said... have a great and creative day! Hugs from Holland, Marit #110

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Great desk as always Shaz and am with you in having things in reach today decided to go back to resorting my stamps and cataloguing them .. half way or bit more so that sounds good.. but think am kidding :D happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #45 thanks for popping over too getting better as you can see :D

pearshapedcrafting said...

Ah! The Works - always have to call in when I'm near one (love pound shops too!) I've had to move my rubbish bin - too many things kept falling in!LOL! Chris145

Queen Lightwell said...

Masks really do snag the imagination, don't they? But what is a shadow stamp? I don't think I'm familiar with those. And you are right, the more stuff you put within your line of sight or arms reach the more often you'll use it...you've seen my craft cave/desk, right? lol It's my working theory anyways! I only hide stuff away that well, like you said, is for my good intentions projects. And I'm a wee bit stuffed to the gills with those, too! :) Thanks for stopping by my desk and leaving me a comment. I just noticed your Pinning Rebel sign...I hate pinning and rarely do it so I'm thinking I must be a Pinning Rebel, too! lol Take care and enjoy the rest of WOYWW~Deeyll #72

Bobby said...

You have a lot of interesting things on your desk. Way above my head but it's fun to look.

Sue from Oregon said...

Oh I have tons of shadow stamps-might just have to give them a go again! Happy WOYWW!

Cazzy said...

I love your messy desk! I collect odd things to alter in future, I have a couple or three "feet" out of shoes and boots.
Loved your masking, shadow stamps tutorial after this too.
I love the cat drawing, so spooky about the adopted cat!

Happy late WOYWW, migraine stopped play.

Cazzy x #152/153