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Tuesday 30 October 2018

More cards with off cuts

Yep, back to that again. Probably because I have so many off cuts that never get used otherwise, they're always the wrong size or colour for what I'm doing.Right up front, this idea wasn't one of mine. I saw Jennifer McGuire do this in a couple of videos,HERE & HERE, and loved it, not only for the fact it used up leftovers, but has so many potential designs too.
 This is the latest pair of cards I've done with the technique.
 The pink one, as anyone who knows me will understand, is WAY outside my comfort zone! I really don't do pink, ever. I can probably count on my fingers how many times I've done pink cards in the 15 or so years I've been cardmaking.
 To start, the card bases are topfold, more or less standard notecard size- 4¼x 5¾.

 I made two panels roughly 4½x 3½, so I had  extra for trimming to neaten.
 Double sided adhesive sheet is added to some copy paper- you could also use patterned paper you don't use- then the strips of cardstock are added over that. It's easier to work on a diagonal, Jennifer said, and she's right. It's not easy to keep vertical lines perfectly straight, as can be seen in the lower edge of the pink one. Yeah, I had to go there!

  For the purple one- and that took a lot of photographing, my camera wanted it to be blue, lol- I used the 'offcut'  to add to the lower half of the card.
 For the pink one, I made a new panel of vertical stripes. Won't be trying that again. I neatened the top edge with a strip of glitter card.
 On the purple card, I used foam tape behind the panels, and I did the same for the top pink panel. The bottom panel is added straight to the card front.

So far I've made these using this technique, as well as a couple of Christmas cards.

I'm going to enter this over at Pixies Crafty Workshop, for her Snippets challenge, as all the cards are totally made from snippets!


Di said...

Hi Shaz! Good grief - you gave me quite a turn appearing like that - what a super surprise! LOVE your cards and such a great way to use up snippets. JM really does come up with some great ideas doesn't she - but it's also how you then follow them through that counts! I'm going to check out the links you kindly added. Oh, and I redid your link as it was showing your profile piccie rather than your cards.

If you're playing for the prize I now ask folk to say so in a comment - had a couple of folk who were chosen say they hadn't been in for a prize after all and it's a 'reet faff' doing a fresh draw etc.

Hope you're keeping well - you certainly look on top form! Maybe I can send little Dudley up to you for some tlc whilst we catch up on our sleep. In fairness, he's getting to be much more settled and each day sees a difference.

Do come back and play again soon - you quite made my day here!


Di xx

Di said...

You got a Gold Star in the Snippets Playground - people, as well as me, love this idea and your cards.

Di x

Jeanne H said...

Love your cards 'specially the purples one! Congrats on the Gold Star.

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