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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

WOYWW #443

So here we are, at the last post before December-just- and is it me, or has this year suddenly flown in the last couple of months? I mean, the whole year has gone quite quickly, but these last few months it's been sort of blink and you missed it.
 Leaving our links over at Julias again, The Stamping Ground- I reckon there should be mince pies too soon, *wink, wink*.
Still not a lot of crafting being done, I have had some more practice time with the baubles, and I seemed to get a better result by outlining first, letting that set, then brushing on the ink. I think the nib of the pen was clogging on the ink. Might try doing the inking, then outlining a few hours later, see if that helps.

Tried  on the kraft card first- I've never really got into the whole kraft thing, the colour is just a bit to 'meh' for me, and although it inks nicely, the contrast just doesn't work for me.

Returned to black, and I'm much happier with the result, still not perfect, but much better.

I also decided to sort my UFO boxes- yes, I've now upgraded to Boxes 2.0-and I really need to get a grip and finish them all off, or get them made up, which is all a lot of them need.

 Exhibit A- and those piles all have 6-10 card fronts in them. At least. The one top right has closer to twenty.

 Masterboards bottom right, a couple of random card fronts above them, two Sweet Poppy Stencil fronts, done if I remember rightly with Imagination Starlights paints- a couple of stamped & heat embossed snowglobes, and the start of some sponged snowy scenes.

A random selection of stencilled backgrounds- all stencils are 7x7 from Clarity.

Another Sweet Poppy stencil, the cat on a wall, all done with stencil paste & glitter to get different coloured cats. I also varied the glitter on the walls on some, and two have been finished off with some foliage & tree stamping. Oh, and a masked off moon & sponged sky.

Doesn't look quite so bad when you hide them in plastic wallets!

There are also canvas UFO's- all are done with Sweet Poppy stencils & paste, a few have glitter flakes. Some backgrounds were swiped on with a baby wipe, some are Bleeding Art Tissue.  Bottom right with the Cat is Brushos straight onto the canvas.

Top right here is Bleeding Art Tissue, bottom right & centre are Brushos- centre one straight onto canvas, right hand one is a dried baby wipe from cleaning up.

Top left I have plans involving Bees- I have a Honeycomb stencil or three,😁, and the background is DI reinkers in Wild Honey & Carved Pumpkin, wiped on with a baby wipe. Bottom square has had ink brushed through a Clarity stencil, I think it needs more, and I think the other two are just random DI reinkers wiped on again with a baby wipe.

I actually found three finished cards- well, apart from the insert- these were done with the Laminator/Foil method, and a Sweet Poppy stencil.

These are again all done with a stencil- Top two are Dreamweaver ones- stencil paste and a Laminator & foil, matted onto silver glitter card, and blue. These came out fine.
 I was really disappointed  with the bottom two though. I was very happy when I foiled them, as they came out a treat- I loved the mulicoloured ribbons and baubles on the left one, and pleased I managed to get the green foil on the holly, and some assorted coloured foil on the baubles.
 I matted them onto Green glitter card, and that's when it went horribly wrong.

I always, always use Pinflair Glue Gel when matting onto glitter card- if it's not a smooth type- so that it grabs. This green glitter card has leached colour into the glue, and then through the cardstock. So, lesson here is that not all glitter card is created equal! I think that green will be consigned to die cutting trees or suchlike, where I can use DST/ sticky tabs. That may also be solution for this- foam tape on the back, then a little Silicone glue on the tape to stick it to the glitter, and the tape should- hopefully- provide a barrier.
 My problem is I love trying out new products/techniques, and get easily distracted by a new one.  So, no more experimenting till I finish these off!
 UTI seems to be clearing, now I've picked up a cough/cold, which seems to be resolving itself into a chest infection, so I'm back on Antibiotics, and extra use of the inhaler! My poor immune system just needs to catch a break so it can build itself up again after all the battering it's taken in recent weeks.  Running up to Christmas we have a few things going on- Wednesday (tonight) we are off  to Birmingham to see Stone Sour, then Friday night it's our works Christmas meal. Monday I have another works meal, for Long Service achievements, as I've been there for 15 years this year. Then next week we have a Marilyn Manson concert, and the week after, 5 Finger Death Punch, so it's all go, lol.
And now, it's time for And Finally.....


Helen said...

starting at the end first.. I've never had a clean house!! Love all your cards and exhibits. Yes, the year has just vanished. Helen #?

Annie said...

Loving all you’re sharing with us...haven’t you been busy? I’m seriously impressed. As to having a tidy house because of running out of glue? I’ve just bought two new tubes of Bostik so I’m not running out anytime soon.....enough said. Hope those antibiotics do their job and you can stay well.
Annie x #11

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I'm with you on the whole Kraft thing - it does nothing for me! I much prefer that payable on black. But my out and out favourites this week are the foiled dangly baubles - so gorgeous!!! What beautiful cards they'll make! Sorry to hear youv'e been feeling pants, let's hope the antibiotics and inhaler do the trick and you're well enough for all those fun commitments lined up for Dec.
And you're right, someone is stealing time!
Hugs LLJ 13 xxxx

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

What a fabulous selection of festive designs Shaz. All gorgeous. If you find out where this year went, let me know! Hope your immune system gets that break real soon xx

Fiona #16

donna garner said...

REST REST REST - no matter how bored you are every time you overdo it you stress your poor bod! I love you to pieces so please - I'm not nagging I'm reminding you of the need to pace yourself, STAY ( relatively) well and make a full recovery from all your infections ( even minor ones) - it take ages for your immune system to recuperate after it takes a hard knock - which sepsis does, in such circumstances the antibiotics ARE LIFE SAVING - so its to be expected that you will be vulnerable to infection for a while... much much love Donna 26 PS the desk is just sooo impressive!

Sarah Brennan said...

Wow Shaz, talk about prolific! Love all the different backgrounds and methods. Hope your cough clears up soon, it's so annoying and debilitating isn't it (knocked me sideways so you could really do without it). Happy WOYWW Sarah #9

Christine said...

Hope your cough clears up soon, it's a nasty one going the rounds - we have it here but the male kind!!!
What a superb selection of UFOs, I would just sit and look at them but I know where you are coming from saying you must do something with them ....especially with Christmas pressies coming up!!
Have a good week
Christine #19

Robyn said...

Love the outlining idea- and all the inspriation- hope it will jump start me!
robyn 3

Stacy Sheldon said...

So many fun things to see from your finish them up boxes Shaz. I just love Kraft cardstock and my friend at work who is all about the bling always cringes when I use it so much so I had to smile about that. and I love the drama of the stenciling on the black. and those foiled projects WOW :) ~Stacy #29

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

A wonderful array of UFOs and bits and pieces It's worth going through your scrap boxes once in a while cause you never know what you gonna find! I've the same recently and found all sorts of stuff that I never knew existed! Hope that nasty cough clears up quick - constant coughing is so exhausting and annoying! Thanks so much for visiting earlier! zsuzsa #24

Heather Marshall said...

Hi Shaz, I'm in agreement with you over the kraft card. The black card looks way better. Wow I am seriously impressed with your collection of UFOs! Can i just come and rummage in your craft room for a day- I would come away with dozens of ideas! Hope your cough clears up soon, and that you enjoy your works Christmas meal and long service meal not forgetting the concerts. Have a lovely week, Heather #30

Kim said...

Holy Camoly! Amazing crafting, and I'm envious of all the concerts your getting to! I hope you lick your cold soon and have a great rest of the week.


StampinCarol said...

Oh wow! You have been very busy! I sometimes can barely get 1 card made! And I love what you are doing~ So bright!!! I sure hope you get better soon, will be praying for you. Take care and don't over do! Thanks for stopping by and get some rest. Oh, your quote made me laugh!
Carol N #25

BJ said...

WOW so much to see. Love all your UFOs, all ready for cards at a snip. Great to find Christmas cards already made up too. I only had one left from last year and this year it is bought ones as I just couldn't handle it. Thanks for the visit BJ#4

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

No worries, here, Shaz bought two lots adhesive ont the way home, I foresee crafting tomorrow!!
Sorry you’re still poorly, with yet another infection... and amazed at your shared items loved the stampscapes too I spied.
Thanks for sharing your inspiration!
Shaz in Oz.x #1

{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

Neet said...

What a wealth of loveliness you have for us today. I wouldn't know where to begin as it all is absolutely gorgeous.
I do like the black card with the bauble on it and I would be well pleased if I was producing something like that.
As for you, what rotten luck you are having at the moment. I do hope you will soon be feeling much much better.
Hugs & Thanks for visiting me - Neet 8 xx

Aimeslee W. said...

Oh, that horrible glitter cardstock. I wouldn't waste that beautiful foiling job before grabbing my finger daubers and ink pads and trying a Bokeh technique all over, try to make the discoloration look like marbling or something.

Cara said...

Glad it's not just me that has a mountain of UFOs! What a shame about the evil glitter card, I think I would have cried at that point. Hope you continue to recover and enjoy all your outings x

Annie Claxton said...

Wow! what a lot of gorgeousness waiting to be finished off Shaz, so many inspiring ideas in there, I can see how much you love to try new techniques and I love your colour combos. Hope you get them all finished soon :o) Annie C #23

Marit said...

Oh wow, what a lot too see in your blogpost! I love the boubles (?) on the black paper, just wonderful! I came across a (real) snowball last week and I remembered how I loved those as a kid - this one wasn't that nice though... should go look for a beautiful one - and maybe make a 2D one like you! And yes, time flies by these last weeks - I'm late with my visit too! HAve a great weekend, hug from Holland, Marit #22

Lindart said...

Too bad about the last two cards - they are so beautiful - but lesson learned, as always in incidents like this! Hope you are feeling better for all those activities coming up! Thanks for sharing, Lindart #27

SusanLotus said...

Stunning cards! All of them.

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