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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

WOYWW #442

Hi folks, Wednesday again, and stopping off at Julias, The Stamping Ground, to link up for our round the world Blog hop. Good job it's a virtual thing, it's gone darned cold out there!
 And there has been some crafting done, although not as much as I wanted, which I'll explain in a while.
You may remember seeing this after  my NEC post. A kit from Inkylicious, comes with everything you need, and after you've used up the 5 sheets of Kraft card, you just need your own to substitute.
 Anyway, I thought before I started on the Kraft card, I could use up some suitable sized pieces from my scraps folder of black card to practice on, and if they were OK, I could use them as card fronts.

Stencil taped in place, and some of the Brilliance white brushed in from the edges. I used a soft brush instead of the Inkylicious Colour Dusters. I'd splodged the ink onto a little Mylar mat, instead of trying to take it from the inkpad.

A bit further on, and I've taken a pale blue- I used Distress Oxide Broken China- over the white at the top.

Now to outline it with the white pen.

Outlined & stamped, and I'm not happy with the outlining, nor the stamping.They recommend using a Colourbox  White inkpad, as it's such a true white. And I agree that it is, but it's also so juicy, it loses the detail of a stamp too easily. But it's only a practice piece, so no loss.
This time I used the Colourbox Frost White to brush off the stencil,. then added Distress Oxide Broken China at the top, and Wilted Violet at the bottom.
  I stamped in Memento Luxe Wedding Dress, and the detail is much crisper.
Still not totally happy with the outlining, so more practice needed.

Now, more practice was interrupted by me not feeling well on Friday. I was freezing cold all day, and had no energy at all. I spent most of the day reading on the sofa. When I got up on Saturday, Doug said I'd been clammy all night, and I'd clearly been sweating, as my pillowcase was wet, as was the area on the sheet where my shoulders had been. Now this was exactly how the last UTI started, so we jumped on it straight away. Phoned the triple 1 NHS number, expecting to be told to go to the Out of Hours practice at the hospital. So I was a tad surprised when they said they were sending Paramedics to assess me.They did, and she said that as I was showing all the signs of an infection- raised temperature, blood pressure & heart rate (179 bpm, apparently!) and she could see me sweating, they wanted to take me in to A&E, as they had new guidance now on  suspected infections, and they were to be treated as potentially Sepsis until diagnosed otherwise with blood tests. I'd sort of expected it, and was glad about it, as after the last time I knew how bad it could get. I packed a bag as I fully expected to be staying in, at least overnight. Anyway, had blood tests, and was given IV antibiotics & fluids, then the Doc came back and said it was definitely a UTI, so he was happy for me to go home with Antibiotics.
I'll be having my catheter changed when I see the Nurse on Friday, as this one has let me leak urine on occasions, and I've not had that before. I've also now had two UTI's with this catheter, and I'm pretty sure that's the problem. Never had leaks before, and never had UTI's before either! Otherwise, I'm now feeling fine, I have antibiotics until Friday, and I'll be getting the nurse to check a sample and make sure it's clear of infection, if not she can get one of the Docs to get me more pills.
Right, thats my round up of the last week, I'll be getting back to my practice after visiting everyone. Have a good day folks.
Oh, the end of post funny....I nearly spat coffee all over the place when I saw this yesterday, so be warned!


Helen said...

I think your practice cards look fab, what a great kit that is...
Sorry you've had (got) another UTI and that you spotted the signs before it got too bad; and had such rapid response/assessment. our NHS gets lots of knocks but it can be fantastic. Hope the new catheter sorts the issue.

oh, and yes, good job you warned me to put my tea down! totally agree!! Helen #?

AliWade said...

Happy WOYWW. Glad to hear that the wonderful NHS sorted you out promptly and that you are feeling better. I love that kit. Think my hands are too shaky to tackle that outlining! Ali x #3

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Ditto on the funny, Shaz, thankfully I wasn’t drinking coffee. Glad the UTI sorted out immediately, and so trust new catheter solves the problem of issues. UTI do make you feel yuck.
Love the black ones too, I’ve done it with Kraft, with my Dies cut for a mask... worked a treat, and Christmas stamps ...
Thanks for sharing and happy WOyW,
Shaz in Oz.x #4

Crafty Little Miss K said...

Beautiful work on the sample card front. It looks so delicate ... Oh fear something else to add to my to-do list 😄
Sorry to hear you had to dash to hospital and hoping the antibiotics are doing their job.
Your funny at the end certainly made me laugh. Have a good week
Karen xx #8

BJ said...

Oh poor you but great that you both knew the signs and acted on them promptly. Love the practice samples they are lovely, what a great kit. As for the funny, yes I remember those days but I did that for the last time about 4 years ago and haven't looked back since. Even with a "C" cup I manage quite well without! BJ#9

Ellie said...

Aww no that's not good, I am glad you are feeling a little better now though. Fingers crossed it clears up completely soon. Hahahah! That is sooo true!
Have a good WOYWW
Ellie #13

Annie said...

Sorry to hear you’ve been unwell again and really hope they sort you out with a better catheter but I’m impressed with the quick treatment you were given. Get well soon my friend. I really love your card toppersand am certain you will perfect it all soon.
As for the funny well thanks for the warning....oh how I agree 😀😀😀😀
Annie x #12

Christine said...

Shaz.... that is not funny it is the TRUTH!!!
Thank goodness you caught that infection in time, well done to you both.
Love that kit, amazing effect on the bauble.
Have a good week
Christine #14

Neet said...

Bra comment - so true! Done it many a time.
Those baubles are utterly gorgeous! Wow, they are stunning.
Sorry to hear about the infection, do hope you are soon up and well.
Hugs, Neet 6 xx

Elizabeth said...

Morning Shaz, and happy WOYWW. Although I'd read through the week on Facebook that you weren't well, am stunned to hear the full story. MY, but you're going through the wars. My sister with her MS is having similar problems with her catheter too but sadly she is not receiving such first class treatment as you evidently are. Something for me to follow up on, I think. Glad to hear you are back home and on the mend. Your card trials are all lovely and it's interesting to read about the difference you found between the two white ink pads. I would hesitate to do the white outlining - my experiences with white pens leave a lot to be desired. Have a good and healthy week. Hugs, Elizabeth x #16

Cardarian said...

I loved your tutorial for that lovely card. Must try that myself. Sorry to hear about the infection but really happy you are feeling better. I had such a laugh reading that last bit. Made my day! ☺️ Love and hugs Cardarian

StampinCarol said...

I just love your practice card! Just stunning! Glad you caught the infection relatively early and are on the med. Hope you can get the catheter issue fixed. And your quote made me think of the movie, Crocodile Dundee, where Sue does that to use her bra as a "booby trap". What a hoot!
Have a great day! And heal quickly!
Carol N #19

Cara said...

I hope you're feeling better soon x

Marit said...

While reading your blogpost all kinds of things came to mind to respond (how lovely your card looks, although you find it a test and how I hope you feel better soon) but then I came to the end of the post and that quote had me in stitches!!! OhMy... thanks for the laught! Happy woyww, love from Holland, Marit #19

Anonymous said...

that is absolutely beautiful! I hope you continue to heal. Thank yu for sharing!

Stacy Sheldon said...

Hi Shaz,I am so glad they are staying on top of this, I hope the antibiotic's have kicked in and you are feeling better and I had you know tears leaking as I was reading along and then I get to the joke and I just laughed and laughed.
Thanks for that :) I think that what you are doing with the ornament shading looks totally awesome to me.
~Stacy #27

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Love the delicate lines and tones in your design, Shaz! Glad it was a false alarm - better to be on the safe side. I feel the same way about bras and only wear them if I have to. Thanks for visiting earlier! zsuzsa #20

Plush Possum Studio said...

I can see why you bought the kit. Lovely job too!
Rose #29

Anne said...

I like the practise pieces anyway :-) So sorry you've not been well again. Do take care. I had to laugh at that at bottom of you post - luckily I hadn't got a drink when I read it :-) Anne x #22

Angela Radford said...

loving your test piece, it looks really stylish. Ah! bras, it's not easy to find one that is really comfy but when you do....bliss! Happy woyww, Angela x10x

pearshapedcrafting said...

Glad you got sorted quickly! I love the card - you are going to have some classy cards! I love that quote - oh yeah! Hugs,Chrisx 33

sandra de said...

Oh ah.. your practice piece looks stunning. I think the edges might blend in better when you use a paper with less contrast. But truly it is stunning.
sandra de @11

Lindart said...

Your card is beautiful - we are our own worse critics! I was looking at the last one you showed, at the outline, trying to figure out what was wrong with it! Nothing that I could see! Glad you caught your UTI quickly, and that your'e on the mend! Keep up the good work! Thanks for your earlier visit, have a great week! Lindart #26

craftyani said...

Sorry to hear you have been bad again, hope all is sorted now. Really had to laugh at the bra thing, it is exactly what I do when I come home. Absolutely hate the things with living in a hot country. ANickoana 35

Heather Marshall said...

Hi Shaz, I like the stencil cards .... Not sure if I could get the outline as good as you! Sorry to hear abouf the UTI but glad you spotted the signs and got it sorted. I've not taken part in WOYWW this week, or last, as not felt 100% myself - home from work, had tea and off to bed! On the mend now, so I'll be back next week. Have a lovely week, Heather x

Sharon Madson said...

Hi Sjaz, and before I forget, thank you for stopping by earlier! I appreciate it, and your comments, I sure am glad they were able to take care of you quickly and that you feel better. That is a great funny, about the bra! I think that takes practice and I can’t do it! First time I saw it done was in the Dundee movie! Love those movies! LOL. I loved your projects, even the first true! Have a great week! #31

MaryH said...

Enjoyed reading this post and viewing all the steps of your work. Had a smile at the efforts you were dissatisfied with, as I thought they looked good! (but then I've not tried this technique either). It looked awesome to me. Sorry to read about the health problems, as UTI-s are never pleasant to suffer, so glad you were able to get some immediate care on this. Hope by now you are feeling a whole lot better, and I got a big chuckle from the end of post funny. Take care, and TFS. Good luck with your further endeavors with this pretty technique. How super that you got to meet with Eileen & Tim. Would love to take one of Eileen's classes, as I've enjoyed all her Youtube technique videos. Hugs

Shoshi said...

Sorry to be so long getting back to you, Shaz - been frantically knitting socks and sorting kitties and other stuff - got really behind with all my WOYWW comments! Thanks so much for yours - glad you like my Infusions stuff and thank you also for your good wishes for my upcoming appointments. I love your white bauble - it looks absolutely fine to me! Lovely subtle shading on it. I am so sorry to hear you've been so poorly and hope you are now feeling a lot better. It's great what a close eye they are continuing to keep on you. I didn't know you still had a catheter - it's been a long time, hasn't it. Will you eventually be able to manage without it or is the nerve damage permanent? Makes my minor bladder probs fade into insignificance and made me feel guilty for moaning about it earlier today lol lol! Mine is from nerve damage caused by the chemo. Take care of yourself!

Shoshi x #7

Kyla said...

Glad they sorted you out quickly this time and fingers crossed it sorts itself out.

LOVE the card, looks fine to me :-)
ps-any more gigs in the planning?

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