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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

WOYWW #439

Not a lot of crafting this week, as Saturday was spent at a wedding and reception, then today at a follow up with the Radiology Oncologist, which was all ok, he'll be organising a CT scan in a few weeks to see how things have changed.
This is Tammy & Jake, Tammy being our niece, and their children Mckenzie & Evelyn.

What isn't apparent from this pic, is that Tammy was very close to giving birth to their next child! The wedding was booked a year ago, and then earlier this year, Tammy realised she was pregnant, and the due date she was given, you've probably guessed, was 28th of October- the date booked for the wedding.

This picture tells the story quite clearly, here she is with her Sister in law to be, Tara, also now expecting.
 The bouquet of paper roses she's carrying was made by my DIL Becky, along with all the corsages and the decorations for the reception hall.

However, despite having contractions 20 minutes apart during the wedding and reception, she hung on until Monday, when baby Skyler-Jaye finally made her appearance.

Monday night we were at the NEC Genting Arena for a Metallica concert, amazing as always.

At the check up I had last week with my QE surgeon, the result was as good as we hoped- he's perfectly happy with how things are healing, and sees no need for any intervention by them. I have another appointment in 3 weeks time just so they can be sure everything has healed.
 There will be a blog post tomorrow about some dies I bought from Aliexpress. They arrived during the week I was starting to feel poorly, so I've only just got them unpacked, and tried out for cutting.

 I'll leave you with another few shots from the wedding.

Me & Doug with the Bride, looking radiant & very happy.
 Me with Tracy, my Sister in law & the Brides Mom, along with her daughter in Law to be, Tara.

All those streamers of leaves around the wall were made by Becky, literally hundreds of leaves on string hung from sticks, as they had a woodland theme for the decorations.

Doug, his baby brother Tim, and their sister Ellie.

Me & Beloved Hubby.


Helen said...

Great photos - I was a bit surprised when I saw the pics on FB, this explains a lot!! The baby is gorgeous, kind of her to hold on just long enough!! Helen #?

Sarah Brennan said...

Great pictures. A double celebration! Glad the medical news is good. Happy WOYWW Sarah #?

BJ said...

Saw the photos on facebook but great to hear the story of contractions DURING the wedding, what timing! Gorgeous baby. Glad to hear things are going well for you now, hugs BJ#1

Annie said...

What a beautiful bride and what perfect timing. Welcome to the world to the new little family member...she’s beautiful.
You’re looking good too my friend...so glad Drs are pleased with you.
Annie x

Neet said...

WOW! How long did it take Becky to make all those flowers and leaves etc? What a wonderful gift.
I had no idea the bride was pregnant when I saw the photos on FB - amazing that such a bump was hidden like it was. And how nice that the bump has turned into Skyler-Jaye. What a lovely name and what a pretty baby.
Lovely wedding photos and nice to meet Doug's family.
Hugs, Neet 12 xx

glitterandglue said...

Morning Shaz. Goodness me - what a week!! So glad the medics are happy with your progress - and that the healing is all doing well. What a lovely treat as you approached the wedding. I don't think I have ever known a bride actually in labour at her celebrations! Gorgeous little one, though - and a great last photo of the pair of you.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #3

Diana Taylor said...

Wow, that was cutting it close, glad the little cutie waited before making her grand entrance to the world! I love the brides dress - those touches of red on it are spectacular, and the decorations are beautiful - such a lot of effort in all those leaves, but they are definitely worth it - what a great effect.
Glad your hospital news sounds good - such a lovely, happy blog post all round!
Have a great week,
Diana xx #14

lisa said...

What a lovely post, Shaz. I love the photo of the 2 expectant Mums. I'm glad baby Skler-Jaye, gorgeous name for a gorgeous little girl, managed to hold on just long enough.
I'm glad all is going well for you health wise, you are looking certainly looking well.
Have a good week
Hugs Lisax #18

sandra de said...

great pics of what looks to have been a wonderful day. Lovely to hear you are healing.
sandra de

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Lovely photos of a beautiful day - everyone looked so happy. And even better news about the arrival of Skyler Jaye, what a beautiful little girl! I have to say that Doug and his brother have magnificent beards!!! Fingers crossed your radiology appt goes well too...
Hugs LLJ 13 xxxx

craftyani said...

Love the brides dress the red breaks up the white perfectly. A story to tell when the baby grows up how she just missed the wedding.
My son love Metallica and he had One played at his funeral, we said he was telling us something. the words always make me cry.
Anickoana #8

Plush Possum Studio said...

Best wishes on the next CT scan. Adorable baby, happy wedding pics - you've been BUSY, haven't you? :)
Happy WOYWW!
Rose #31

Sue said...

Hi Shaz, Glad the bride was able to hang on till Monday. Looks like everyone had a fab time.

Glad your hospital appointments have gone well and may they continue to do so.

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Sue #15

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

A beautiful bride. Love the embroidery on her dress. My niece was "blooming" too when she walked down the aisle in September, having booked the wedding over a year before! Glad to hear things are as they should be on the medical front. Enjoy the rest of your week x

Fiona #34

Felicia Aaron said...

Shaz, I am so happy about your good news! You will be in my thoughts for COMPLETE recovery and healing! What a special wedding and the pictures are super! I love sister-in-law baby shot what a blessing to have that shot and just in time! Congratulations! What a beautiful baby! I hope the rest of your week is filled with peace. Strength to you! Blessings, Felicia #30

Ellie said...

Good evening!
They are such sweet photos from the wedding, the bride looks stunning. Awww their little one is adorable, pleased to hear she made it through the wedding okay. I am really enjoying getting TO KNOW you all a little.

Ellie #35

Stacy Sheldon said...

:) I am grinning from ear to ear as Monday was also my birthday. so, that is very cool that she waited for her parents to finish the wedding celebrations to have her own day. ~Stacy #29

Anne said...

Hi Shaz so pleased re your news from the hospital. Lovely photos of a lovely wedding. Congratulations to all . Thanks for popping by Anne x #16

Angela Radford said...

Hi Shaz, I thought you would be resting but it sounds as though you've been busy. Gorgeous baby, nice of her to hang on a bit. I saw you're note about the brass bullets for Neet. I've over there next so will leave her a message. Have a great week and happy woyww, Angela x11x

Heather Marshall said...

Hi Shaz, lovely photos. Glad you all had a lovely time. Skyler-Jaye is a cutie! Good news that the oncologist and surgeon are pleased with your progress. Fingers crossed the CT results are what they want to see. I will check back tomorrow, time permitting to check out your creations from the Aliexpress dies. Thanks for stopping by earlier, Heather #7

Lindart said...

Love your pics of the wedding, what a nice surprise to have the baby due on that day! And what a beautiful baby she is! Your hubby and brother look a lot alike! So nice to be in such a loving family! Take care! Thanks for sharing, have a great week! Lindart #36

Shoshi said...

Lovely wedding pics, Shaz, including great photos of you 2! I'm glad they are pleased with your progress but sorry to see you are still needing a stick to walk. Nerve damage does take a long time to clear up, doesn't it... Thank you for your lovely comment. I'm not too worried about the oncology appointment because the CT scan showed, yet again, no further evidence of cancer. I am more concerned to get the hernia fixed and really want an appointment with the surgeon sooner rather than later, and I hope he will decide to do something about it now, and not leave it and risk me getting another blockage. The ME is more of a nuisance than anything else really - frustrating to be incapacitated and feeling really brainfogged. Glad you enjoyed the kitten photos!

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #5

Twiglet said...

Aw - lovely photos Shaz. That new little poppet is gorgeous - thank goodness she managed to wait a day or two. xx Jo

CraftygasheadZo said...

What wonderful pictures Shaz. I have been thinking of you often and have been following how you are doing. Thank you for your kind words. Take care Zo xx 26

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

That's what they call a tight schedule LOL! What a cutie and so well-behaved for waiting until Monday! All the best to the happy couple and good news about your check-up. Thanks for visiting yesterday and so sorry I couldn't make it on Wednesday so happy day after WOYWW! zsuzsa #22

Monica said...

That's what is called an action packed wedding. great photos. happy to hear you are on the mend.
Monica #2

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