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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

WOYWW #348

Righty-o then, Wednesday again, and the link to our lovely Julias is in the right hand sidebar. Actually, I'm doing this on Tuesday afternoon, and scheduling. Usually I do it late on Tuesday night, just before I go to bed.. However, tonight we are heading into Birmingham for the Carnival Of Madness tour, to see Shinedown, Halestorm and Black Stone Cherry, names that I'm sure mean absolutely nothing to most, if not all, of you. Lol. Anyway, that will mean getting home late, and possibly a little the worse for wear, so it's now or never. Well, you are here to see my desk, not my social calendar, so here it is:
A Core-dinations pad, and a set of Dyan Reavely word stamps. You can't actually call them sentiments, but there are some really funny ones there to add to cards. Well, funny to our British sense of humour anyway.
Not a lot happened with the UFO box, but I did concentrate on another couple of half made Christmas designs, and they are in the posts below this one. 

Last week saw a couple of very strange coincidences, both featuring the same person. You may have seen on Zoe's blog(CraftygasheadZo), that she had had a new tattoo, and the wording read: She believed she could, so she did.
Well, the previous Saturday, Beloved Hubby took me up to Pink Tulip Crafts, near us, and I may have purchased a few items.(cough). One of them was an Impression Obsession stamp, pointed out by Beloved Hubby. Guess what it said?
How freaky was that? As if that was not enough, Zoe also posted on FB about buying a blender to increase her uptake of fruit & veg. By another freaky coincidence, she had bought exactly the same one that had arrived at ours from Amazon the day before! I too having decided it was the way to go, as due to my stoma, there are a number of things I'm advised not to eat, as they are hard to digest, and other veg that I can eat, but need to be boiled/steamed very soft such as broccoli/cauli stalks, but as we all know the longer they're cooked, the more goodness is lost. And because I  truly loathe most fruit-(unless it is closely involved with alcohol)  I seriously would not eat a banana/apple/orange unless my life depended on it, and even then the bananas doubtful. I can eat a kiwi-and I'm the only person I know who eats them with the skin on, but I can't eat the skin now- and will occasionally eat a pear, I like lemons & limes, used to like grapefruit but now they're banned due to Blood Pressure medication. One fruit I can actually say I like is Pineapple. It's a miracle if I eat 5 pieces of fruit a year,honestly. So blending & juicing may be the way forward. As long as there is no cucumber involved. They are right out! Well, I'll be seeing you all later, have a smashing Wednesday all.
One final pic, for those who didn't see it on FB on Monday.Doug happened to glance out of his window, and saw these. We thought at first it was the Northern Lights, but in fact it turned out to be something even rarer than that so far south (Midlands). They are Polar stratospheric clouds or PSCs, also known as nacreous clouds, and are normally only seen in the Antarctic, and occasionally in the Arctic. In the Northern hemisphere, usually only massive mountain ranges cause the low temperatures in the stratosphere required for the formation of these clouds-below −78 °C (−108 °F). It was a truly incredible sight to see in the evening sky.


Helen said...

Hope you had a great night out - you're right, I've never heard of any of them... great buys, and how great to have a stamp of Zoe's tattoo.... good luck with the juicing. Helen #?

Annie said...

I'm doing a whistle stop tour of all my fav blogs before the painter arrives this morning.
And if you want to feel really spooked we bought a Nutribullet this week because I decided I needed to eat more fruit/veg in my diet too :-)
Hope you have fun at the concert my friend......who ever they are lol
Annie x # 15

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Are your ears still ringing this morning??! Hope you enjoyed the gig :-)
Isn't that funny about the sentiment and juicer? The world is a very small place sometimes. A new lady joined my Oxfam shift last week, turns out she's a supporter of my band and I've written her name many times on the newsletters I send out!!
Those clouds were amazing, I've seen some beautiful pics of them.
Hugs, LLJ 17 xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Wow about the clouds, saw Maggies pics on FB too..amazing. I hope your ears aren't ringing this morning. I have never heard of the band names, you're right! Still, my musical ignorance is famous! I love the stamps, particularly the "Icant wait to regret this" one..something I've learned hard and fast! I hope you're having fun an success with your juicing. Jason Vale has turned Maggie into a right believer!

glitterandglue said...

Hi Shaz. Hope the evening was good, and you aren't too much the worse for wear...
You have no idea what a relief it is to read someone else isn't keen on fruit!! I'm actually allergic to fruit, so have to make my "5-a-day"(ha ha) in only veg. No problem as I like nothing better than a plate of roasted veg for a meal!.
Anyway - loved the stamps. They look great fun. Enjoy using them.
We, too, saw those clouds - but not in the evening. A couple of mornings they were straight outside our living room window. Glorious displays each day - went on for ages - I think I sat and watched for a full 15mins as the shapes kept moving and changing. Hadn't realised they were so rare up here in the Northern hemisphere, though.
Not playing today as I'm still trying to sort out a daily routine since John has come out of hospital Managed to keep him out of the place for nearly 6 weeks now - yippee!!!
Take care. God bless.

Neet said...

Right - I just leant across to the other half and showed him the nacreous clouds and he said, how strange I have just been reading about them here. He was reading a copy of The Times (we are in the Exec Lounge at Heathrow) so there you are. Love your picture and stories of all your coincidences. Enjoy your blended veggies.
Hugs, Neet 34 xx

Christine said...

Pink Tulip..... jut happens to be our nearest shop as well (I don't count Hobby wotsit as a shop) love the place.
Those stamps are brilliant - think I need them as well!!

Have a good week
Bishopsmate #31

Sandy Leigh said...

Love those stamps - you are having such fun. Yay! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #44

Shel C said...

Oh wow..I think those clouds are UFOs :) Very very cool and something I have never seen! Thanks for sharing that. We also have a very high powered blender for smoothies. I like fruit but do not take in enough greens. So blending up the greens into the fruit is how I like it! Banana, peanut butter, spinach and almond milk = YUM :) Shel C #47

Sharon said...

Cool picture!

I love the Dylusions stamps. She has such funny sayings. I've done a couple of Christmas ones and they make people laugh.

Sharon K #45

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Wow, that's quite a sight Shaz - lucky your hubby was able to take a photo! I first thought they were UFOs - the unidentified kind, not the unfinished variety! You're right, I don't know anyone else who eats kiwis with the skin! I even peel my apples! (I know I'm not supposed to) Funny coincidences, but I'm sure that's all they are! Good luck with your juicer - I want to get one too, but first I need a bigger kitchen!Thanks for visiting earlier! zsuzsa #32

Stacy Sheldon said...

Hee hee I love her sentiments they totally tickle my funny bone, and that sounds like a good thing to drink your fruits and veggies. :) Pineapple is way up on my list of favorites but my most favorites lean towards berries. like blueberries and raspberries can you have those? ( thinking they would be easy in a blender with yogurt) ~Stacy #54

Lisca Meijer said...

Hope you had a great night out and that the ahem headache has subsided. You are right. the names don't mean anything to me, but I'm suryou've enjoyed them.
Wow, that was a freaky coincident! I'm yet to see Zoe's tattoo. Have you made any smoothies yet? I'm the other way round: I love any kind of fruit, but I'm not so keen on smoothies.
Thanks for the visit, the hugs and the encouragement,,
Happy WOYWWednesday,

Robyn said...

Always a fun and informative visit to your desk/blog. Love the cloud photo- don't think we are friends on FB.
i've never been a big juice fan- yes hold the cucumber! think of you often and hold all your health concerns in the Light.
Robyn 58

trisha too said...

That's such a great quote, and it's very true. Sometimes just believing you can do it is enough to make it happen!

Good plan with the belnder--we have a smoothie full up of spinach, fruits, and yogurt ever morning--it's just the thing to squeeze more fruits and veg into your diet.

and WOW what a great sight, thank you so much for sharing the clouds, I'm a little ashamed to say I've never heard of such that before!

Happy WOYWW to you,
:)trisha too
#49 this week

Angela Radford said...

Hi Shaz, thanks for the photos. We saw something similar when we were away skiing but then forgot all about it. Love the Dylusions stamps such fun. Wishing you a great week and a happy woyww, Angela x 24

Ali H said...

Amazing clouds - you must have thought a UFO was on its way !
I can't imagine life without fruit - I eat 2 or 3 pieces a day !!
Love the quote too
Take care Love Ali #6

Lindart said...

Have you tried spiralizing? It makes long "noodles" from all kinds of veggies, which can then be quickly sauteed to cook up really fast! I bought my Sparalizer a few weeks ago, and it's awesome! Just don't get the hand held one, go for the one with the crank handle. There are tonnes of recipes on Pinterest!
The cloud formation you saw is awesome - a once in a lifetime thing and you even photographed it! How cool is that!
I have to get that Dylusions stamp set of words - perfect to go with my new Tim H birds!

Have a great week, Lindart #54

StampinCarol said...

Hope you had a wonderful evening! And those phrases, yes, some are hilarious! Made me laugh. And how cool those clouds are! I've seen northern lights when we lived in northwest Wyoming (we were just east of Yellowstone Park) but never anything like those clouds! Hope you have a great week!
Carol N #38

Peg Robinson said...

Hi Shaz, Great stamps. That is really quirky about you and Zoe. The light show is amazing.We don't usually see anything like that. Peg 66

Shoshi said...

What a great post, Shaz, and so interesting! You are right, I've never heard of those names before (bands? people? I am totally ignorant lol! I'm getting like those grumpy old judges in the 1960s who'd never heard of the Beatles lol lol!!)

I've never heard of nacreous clouds before, either! Aren't they beautiful - just like mother of pearl. Isn't WOYWW wonderful? You learn something new on here every week haha!

I'd no idea that you were such a fruitophobe. I am quite the reverse. I buy so much fruit each week that I have to get out extra bowls to put it all in! I can't eat the skins either, but have discovered that I can now eat oranges and grapefruits including all the membranes with no harm to Kermit - in fact there's very little the 2 of us (Kermit and me!) can't eat, and I eat lightly cooked veges with no problem at all. Kermit is obviously more accommodating than Sid! I have a high speed blender capable of blending rocks (I'm not joking - it's on their website) and I can make all sorts of smoothies and nut butters etc.

Love the "sentiments" - great fun, and right up your street I should think! I'm sure you'll have fun using them.

Thank you for your lovely comment and I'm glad you like my teabag project and my Florabunda paintings. I'm going to order some more Perfect Pearls soon to fill the gaps in my colour palette. I love painting with them. I think the UFOs will be interesting to resurrect! I've got far too much stuff up there and if I can finish those, it will clear quite a bit of space.

Had a brilliant girls' lunch out with the Allerton Three. Amazing how we were thrown together in hospital and became such firm friends. Like you and me, we share so much in common, all having had bowel cancer, even though I'm the only one with a stoma.

You have a great week too!

Happy WOYWW and hugs,
Shoshi #28

butterfliecrafter said...

thx for sharing that awesome nature phenoma, that would have been impressive to see it with your own eyes, lucky you.

sandra de said...

Something very cosmic was happening between you and Zoe but obviously if the PSC's were out there it could be even more freaky (good but freaky). Enjoy your night out and those names mean absolutely nothing to me and will send me off to google. I am still coming to terms with how few fruits you like ... I am a fruit bat and eat numerous pieces every day. Just discovered a pomelo at the grocer and can't wait to peel and eat. Have a lovely week and thank you for you lovely encouraging comments. You are a sweetie.
sandra de @27

Kyla said...

Love Dylusion sayings, as you say they are very English!!
Hope the blender works out ok for you too.

ps - loved seeing your FB photos of the northern lights, such a special event.
pps-bet the gig was loud! :-)

Anne said...

Hi Shaz - I tried to visit you on Wednesday but internet playing up!!! Hope you had a good time in B.ham - as you can probably imagine I've not heard of the bands you went to see / hear :-)
Had not heard of nacreous clouds till this week - then heard about them on three different sites - wish I 'd seen them . Anne x #19

okienurse said...

Pretending I am a pleasant person is exhausting! Is one of my favorite sentiments! I know what you mean about coincidental things happening and it seems there is a cosmic interactions between the two. I have had that happen a couple of times with WOYWW people in the UK and I am in the US...strange. I am a little late getting around but I made it! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great week. Vickie #71

Elizabeth said...

Hi Shaz, hope you had a great night out - well, with that line up I'm sure you did - and didn't feel too worse for wear Wednesday morning :) I see there's a Guns and Roses documentary on tonight which I'm recording it to watch at my leisure ... DH is more a Big Band fan! Love the coincidences - I think you and Zoe must be sisters under the skin. The Dyan Reavely stamps look like the type that would get a lot of use. Not liking fruit must make you a nutritionist's nightmare. I have a smoothie maker that rarely get's used. Fruit smoothies are too high in sugar and somehow pureed veggie drinks do no appeal. Hope you enjoy yours though. Have a good weekend. Hugs, Elizabeth x #39